I Affirm to The Supreme Court of NSW

I rescheduled this article to publish immediately, when I got home from the court house today, 14 September 2017.

On display below is the application as it appeared when I was going to make it to the Supreme Court of NSW. After realizing I can make application to them to hear a case for motion, or change in venue, from something the registry of that court had said in email, made me realize they probably won’t hear an AVO application there.

So I redid the cover pages, to submit the same affidavits, to the Albury Local court this morning. I’ll scan a copy of those new covers later, to show they were marked to be lodged there, today. I would have explained to the Magistrate that I was no longer seeking motion to the Supreme court, but to any other court in NSW, other than the Albury Corrupt Court.

I never got to lodge those. I think because they were forewarned, possibly from this blog that I had them with me, and so had removed the matters they applied to, from the list, when they opened shop this morning.


Original Post below created a few days ago:

Regardless of whether or not I managed to get this lodged, before police and Magistrate Murray jail me, I have set this post to automatically publish itself, if I don’t arrive home to delete it before it does so.

I have left the names of the original complainants in it, firstly because I didn’t want to waste hours of my time blanking the instances of those, and then I thought, that no, it is time again to identify them, if I am sitting in a jail cell due to what they know, are their lies.

Also, because when Murray terminated the extensions for ADVO’s in may, he negated the interim order in place which related to it. I don’t see mention of him imposing a new interim one, but I could be wrong. I’ll have to check the paperwork. So no breach to identify the narcissistic one and the one damaged from the many mental illnesses caused by incest.

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