Demonstrating Against Judicial Corruption


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Day Two

Maggot Murray- Your name, your corruption and your misconduct, was mentioned a few times today, outside the High Court, when I had control of the megaphone.

As was Mark Speakmann, corrupt Attorney General of NSW and Troy Grant, corrupt police minister of NSW.

I also mentioned your LAW ENFORCEMENT CONDUCT COVER UP COMMISSION, and what a waste of tax payer’s money it is, when they are doing the same as the Ombudsman and PIC did before them, cover up all proven instances of illegal actions by NSW police, towards members of the public.

This afternoon we will be out the front of George Brandis’ office, in Canberra.

Again, demanding that all court hearings be recorded by video, so that the verbal and written transcripts cannot be altered by any court house, seeking to cover up for its own misconduct.

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Next time I go to the High Court, it will be to go inside and make application, at hearing, for the Writ of Mandums, to force the NSW Attorney General to discipline Gwen Bradley of the CJC, and have all of the corrupt decisions she had Maggot Murray hand down against me, and all of the false charges she arranged for corrupt Albury police to bring against me, dismissed, once and for all.

She is responsible for all of this. She perverted the course of justice against me, on behalf of her two lying friends, who’s allegations had been disproven by evidence, and perjury on their part proven beyond a shadow of doubt.

She enlisted the corrupt Maggot Murray to convict an innocent person, as a favour to herself, and to save herself and her friends the embarrassment of having been shown to have made false allegations to a court of law.

Yet it was illegal for her to be having anything to do with her personal friends’ matters before a court house where she was employed.

Now she wants me jailed, as does Maggot Murray, to cover up for what those two corrupt and dishonest maggots did to me.

The Writ of Mandamus will force her employer, the NSW Attorney General and his agency the Community Justice Centre of NSW, to do the right thing. Fire her, and exonerate myself.

If they don’t do that soon, I will be calling for her to be charged, and jailed. Along with her lying buddies.

I will continue to promote and seek out publicity about what was done to me, until the day it is all undone.

We had a journalist from News Corp stop and take out photos today, our contact details, and a brief description of what we were demonstrating about. If her employers decide to do a story, they will get back to us, for more details.


And … as I have written previously … if I have to go to the High Court of Australia, then I will not seek just one Writ of Mandamus, I will be seeking three.

One for the NSW Minister for Police, directing him to charge Con Rowan Weekley, and discipline assorted other members of the Albury police force, including Superintendent Quarmby.

And one for the Inspector General of Taxation, instructing him to deregister BDS Huon, and take away Ross Griffin and Jon Williams licence to operate an accounting firm.





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NSW Justice – Guilty, But Won’t Accept LawfuPunishment

It occurs to me this morning how funny it is that NSW Justice, and their staff, are guilty of criminal actions, but they refuse to plead guilty, and accept their punishment.

But that’s what they do every day of their lives, punish people who have broken the law.

I didn’t break any laws, yet I am facing six false criminal charges. The court intends to convict me of same, based on what they know are lies and false allegations, purjery in fact.

The actions for which I have been charged for police, are not criminal acts in their own right. They only become that when applied to the ADVO which prevented me from contacting BDS Huon and advising them that their staff member is breaking her legally binding agreement with that company, not to gossip about their staff’s personal and financial affairs, with people who are not employed at BDS Huon.

Yet the BDS Huon employee committed perjury in her application to the court. The BDS Huon has committed more perjury, verbally, each time she appears there. The BDS Huon employee applied for her ADVO under a false name, to cover up for the fact that she was keeping her car registered interstate, to save on registration transfer costs.

The BDS Huon was relying heavily on assistance at the court house, from her friend who is employed there. Again, that was illegal, on both of their parts.

The Registrar committed crimes when she advised me that I would not be allowed to defend the matters, because the court house mediator was pushing for them, on behalf of her personal friends, and that if I tried to defend them I would be convicted, fined and charged all of the court costs.

The mediator broke the law again, when she appeared in court with her two personal friends, at the hearing after the defence evidence had been lodged. She was desperate to make it appear that her friends weren’t lying.

The Magistrate addressed his remarks to the court mediator that day, when he told her that he couldn’t grant her friends’ applications, due to problems with their evidence, but that he would not be the Magistrate who would be presiding over the hearing of those applications.

The court mediator had me framed the next morning, by police. Arrested in an unlawful manner, and the police officer not only broke the rules which govern his actions during arrests, but all sorts of criminal laws as well.

That was illegal conduct on the part of the police ‘officer’ and the court mediator, because it is against the law to bring a false charge against someone, just to affect the outcome of a hearing. The arrest was designed to trigger the granting of the ADVO’s, before the then impartial Magistrate.

When that didn’t work, and that Magistrate sent the matters to mediation, because no threats had been made, and it was apparent that the applicants were lying, the mediator told another lie to her corrupt Magistrate friend – that an incidence of violence had occurred.

Mediation was cancelled and I was summoned, or rather tricked, into attending the court house, to be convicted of yet another allegation which was a complete lie, and never happened.

Its illegal for a court house to summon someone to court, without telling them why. In fact, the court house went to great lengths to ensure that I did not understand that I was being summoned to court to face a criminal charge. They allowed me to believe that I was going there for mediation that day.

The Magistrate then convicted me of writing a letter to BDS Huon, advising that that their staff member not only was gossiping about their clients’ affairs, but was seeking an ADVO in the local court preventing me from telling them about that.

I was convicted of course, in an unlawful manner, by a Magistrate who was breaking the law, in every possible way.

So the BDS Huon employee is guilty of making false allegations, purjery, attempted assault and gossiping about BDS Huon’s clients financial affairs.

The Registrar is guilty of not providing any fair dealings, and having already been enlisted into joining in on the conspiracy to bring false charges against me, and advised that she would be playing her part in that. She later allowed mediation to be cancelled based on a false allegation, and then pretended to have kept no record of why that was done.

The Magistrate is guilty of knowingly and willingly perverting the course of justice against me, and convicting me of allegations he was fully aware that I was innocent of. He did that to protect the reputation of his colleague who was guilty of assisting her personal friends with their matters before the court, and who were then found to be liars, which made the mediator look a real fool.

She later had me assaulted by three police officers, for making her look like the fool that she is. She had me put on more false charges, and bail this time, to force me to appear for her friends illegal charges, or be jailed.

The BDS Huon employee had her mother make false allegations against me as well, in her illegal efforts to save her own job, after trying to physically assault me, and before applying for an anti-violence order. Her mother is also guilty of making false allegations to a court of law, perjury and conspiracy to bring false allegations.

The Superintendent of police acted unlawfully when he refused to investigate the cop who framed me. The superintendent was aware that order had come from the court house itself, so had to protect the cop. The superintendent of police then instructed other police to harass me and try to intimidate me into not pleading innocent to the false charge.

When that didn’t work, and I continued to defend it, and lodge complaints about his actions, more local cops were sent to harass and bring more false charges against me.

Yet none of them want to get in trouble for what they have done. They are all crying in their milk each time they hear that I have lodged a new complaint, about their illegal actions.

Their bosses refuses to reprimand or punish them, mainly because that would open up the way for a compensation claim from myself, for all that has been done to me, by employees of NSW Justice.

Hey assholes, do the crime, do the time! Don’t break the law, if you are not prepared to face the consequences, and punishments, for doing so.

What hypocrites they all are. NSW Law Enforcement and Punishment.

Yet they are the ones who have defiled all of those ideals, when they refuse to be held accountable for their own illegal actions towards myself, and the offices that they hold.

No, they think that I should just allow myself to be convicted of non-crimes, and no real criminal actions, so they can pretend to all of their employers, that I somehow deserved all of this.

No, I didn’t, I was merely standing up for myself to an abusive family of liars, who I had the misfortune to come to visit. Boy do I regret that.

If you come from an abusive family, just walk away. The problems and the abuse will never end. People like that are unable to stop themselves, they need to hurt other people to feel good.

I know its sick, but that’s how it is. Walk away, before they destroy you completely, just like my abusive family is trying to do to me, for simply calling them out on their perverted and disgusting behaviour, not only towards each other, but everyone around them.

BDS Huon, don’t want to get in trouble, or be held accountable, for their acts of professional misconduct and indulging in conspiracy to bring false allegation, to cover up for their own staff member’s illegal conduct.

The BDS Huon employee, wants me jailed for advising her employers that she gossips about their clients affairs, two years after I told them that she does that. Yet she never lost her job, and is still working there.

And now Magistrate Cromptom. Knowingly breaking the law, to cover up for his own colleagues’ misconduct.

It just never ends. The only innocent person, is being illegally charged and held accountable for false allegations, while the real criminals continue with their crimes against justice.

What’s worse, perjury in court or writing a letter to an accountant advising of misconduct stemming from their own office? Really?

And poor little Con Rowan Weekley, doesn’t want to loose his badge and his income, when he has four children to support, for creating an illegal recording, writing a false statement of facts of behalf of the NSW police force, and conspiracy to bring false allegation and which resulted in two three false convictions, and attempting to affect the outcome of a hearing. Also, for illegally using his position to bring a second charge against me to punish me for lodging complaints about his initial conduct, and to get himself off the hook for that once and for all.

Yet he has no regard for what this has done to my children, the suffering being inflicted on them watching me go through this, the embarrassment it has caused to them that their extended family is showing just how sick it really is, in public, and the emotional pain of learning just how vile and evil their aunt and grandmother really area.

Nor the defamation of character, loss of accommodation, having to live in fear and hiding from his corrupt collegues, or the expense of continuing to try to have his illegal actions overturned, along with the unlawful judgements they triggered.

Poor boy. Shouldn’t be wearing a uniform if he doesn’t have the balls to admit when he has crossed the line, and acted illegally. Yet he continues to be allowed to do so. By his even more corrupt ‘superiors’.


I downloaded some information the other day, about how to have people charged with perjury, and how to petition the AG to step in and overturn all these illegal proceedings.

But I think I will start my civil actions, with Gary Burt. Criminal defamation of character and libel, by way of the internet, in January and June 2016, all while inciting other people to have me convicted of that same charge, when I was not guilty of it and they all were.

$10,000. Plus I think I have a good chance of winning my case against local courts NSW, based on the sworn claim in court that ‘a woman from the court house’ wrote that first libelous and untruthful application for an ADVO against me. Then wrote the second one as well, which again, was full of untruths, that the Registrar was very aware were untrue, when she was feeding them to the applicant, with an assurance that the court house staff would back her up in her new lies too.

Then police. Then the CJC. Then BDS Huon, but that one will be in the Federal Court.










Shame on Cromptom and Albury Police

The man in this story, who’s’ life was destroyed for telling the truth, and expecting criminals to be charged, has more integrity than Magistrate Michael Cromptom.

I have always believed that Cromptom was being pressured into acting corruptly towards myself, but told that it was the right thing to do, so that I would not escape ‘justice’, after disproving the evidence presented against me, at all times.

However, the actions of Magistrate Cromptom on 14 September 2017, when he refused to call matters which were listed for mention, then refused to verbally acknowledge those when I bought them up to him, yet convicted me of all of them after I’d walked out of the court room, shows very clearly, that when faced with exonerating the innocent and ending all of this torture for myself, he chose to protect Magistrate Murray, corrupt court staff and corrupt local police instead.

Shame on him. His career will continue, as will those of the police who like to engage in unlawful actions, due to the cowards at Albury police station who refuse to come forward and identify their commanding officers as being corrupt. Also for refusing to point the finger at their fellow officers who break the law, and are dealing in drugs.

Yet the truth always finds it way out in the end. And your careers and conciences will all suffer in the long run, for allowing yourselves to be roped into engaging in dishonerable and illegal conduct, when you could have stopped it in its tracks.

The following article is a very interesting read, and shows just how corrupt the police, the church, and the government in this country, really are.


They destroyed Denis Ryan’s police career. Now they admit he was right all along

John Silvester

On the ground floor of the Victoria Police Centre is the Honour Board For Courage that lists the names of nearly 500 police who risked their lives in the line of duty.
But in policing there are two types of courage.

There is the instinctive act of physical bravery and the moral type that requires the strength of character to uphold the law when pressured to compromise.

When former policeman Denis Ryan walked in to meet present Chief Commissioner, Graham Ashton, he knew his name would never appear on the honour board, although he is a hero who was prepared to sacrifice his career on a point of principle.

He refused to buckle when his bosses wanted him to ignore a paedophile priest and then was hounded from the job in a conspiracy that many believe went all the way to the chief commissioner’s office.

Now, 44 years after he was forced to resign because he cared more for children than his professional future, he has been vindicated in the very office where his career was destroyed.

It was only a few words and a handshake but when Ashton formally apologised on behalf of the police force it was the final vindication for a man who refused to be crushed by two powerful institutions.


“Denis wouldn’t look the other way. He acted with propriety and courage and it is a testament to his character. We can’t right the wrongs of history but we can acknowledge and learn from them,” Ashton said last week.

So why was an honest cop hounded from office for trying to do his job? First we must look back to a time where the police force was poisoned by secular interests and some cops put church before duty.






BDS Huon – A Private Firm Using Police and Court to Protect their own Reputation

I noticed recently that this blog does not come up when someone searches BDS Huon’s name. So I have created a new blog, in the hope that will once again occur, and allow their clients and potential clients to get a glimpse of how corrupt the owners of this company are.

And what liars they are, when you read the lies they posted to their google review page, compared with the truth contained in the blog, then that fact becomes very apparent.
Also, that they were able to enlist all of the government agencies which should have forced them to end this mess in January of last year, to cover up for them and allow them to not only retain the employee who was shitting on their clients, but to escape disciplinary actions against themselves, for the role they have played in all of these dramas.

They had an innocent person assaulted by police, to cover up for the fact that one of their staff members was using their clients’ personal and financial information as fodder for her gossip fests.

Not only did BDS Huon not ask her to stop doing that, and threaten her with being fired if she did not agree to, they assisted her to obtain a court order, preventing me from advising them about her misconduct.

However, they had already been advised, and the court order was no longer needed. They helped her to pursue it, so that there would be no blogs about it on the internet. Well, that didn’t work out too well for them in the long run.

Since their staff member is still seeking to have me convicted of contacting her employers about her illegal activities as a criminal offence, I guess I need to take civil action against BDS Huon, in the Federal Court, and be awarded enough compensation for damages caused by BDS Huon’s actions, so that I can afford to pay all the fines the corrupt Magistrates at the Albury court house will impose on me.

The owners and staff of BDS Huon are all scheduled to give evidence at those hearings, where I am facing false allegations which have been made by employees/owners of BDS Huon themselves.

I have tidied up this blog again last night, and removed from view some of the more personal posts which relate to the aggressors and liars in these matters. The people who had a buddy at the court house who could turn it all around onto myself, and sting me, with their unlawful use of the court and local police.

They have taken full advantage of her ability to direct corrupt police to act inappropriately and illegally, and she ability to influence and already known to be corrupt Magistrate, being Tony Murray.

Jon Williams of BDS Huon also seems to have some control over local corrupt police, and the court house, and has used it to assist their employee from being found to be in contempt of the court, and its procedures.

Apparently Ross Griffin’s big brother also used to be a high up cop, in the NSW Police force, and that might also explain BDS Huon’s ability to use police to put people on false charges, to protect their own business reputation and credibility. Would have just been easier to tell her to drop the AVO applications, and shut her mouth, to comply with the federal regulations which require her to do so.


The company mentioned in the comment below might be interested to see the latest stats.

Yes, the internet does reach more people faster than word of mouth. Yet transmission that way is not a crime in itself, nor is truth.

Stats Oct 2017


Current State of Play

I’ve been advised by the Albury court house this afternoon that the ADVO’s applied for by two women the court know are telling lies, were granted on 14 September 2017, minutes after I walked out of the court room and court house.

I am advised that an appeal has been lodged, in relation to one of those. I am told the hearing for that is already booked in the district court. Yet I have not lodged any appeal.

The appeal I did try to lodge a couple of weeks ago, was in relation to the charge of breach of an unlawfully gained and illegal ADVO.

It seems to me that since I did not lodge this ‘appeal’, then the ADVO holder must have done so. That would also mean that it is not an appeal at all, but will be the hearing of a charge of breach, for mentioning the person concerned on this blog.

So once again, no desire to end matters amicably, and especially not to concede, just a determination to continue these corrupt proceedings, but only at the venue where they have all of the staff in their pockets, but because of the determination of that staff to protect their corrupt lord and master, the corrupt Magistrate Murray.

The Registrar deliberate ignores my statements about the charge bought against me by the court house mediator who perverts the course of justice in favour of her personal friends, and pretends that I ask her about the status the case I walked out on last month, due to misconduct by Magistrate Cromptom and police prosecutor Lewis.

The Registrar then plays nice, and pretends that they might allow me access to the court room security footage, for the hearing of 14 September 2017, if the District Court Judge thinks its appropriate.

The Registrar prentends that she might book an appeal for me, in relation to the other ADVO extension of the original illegal order. However, she wants me to believe that I have plenty of time in which to do so.

Yet , I noticed on the weekend that the District Court is sitting in Albury for all of this month, and the date she nominates will probably be its final week here. So why doesn’t she offer me a date for this month?

Either way, I will be applying for motion, before any more hearings occur at that corrupt venue.

Its also interesting that it took the Registrar all day to think up her answers, and might have only done so after enquiries were made by the online registry as to the status of all of those matters.

Also bear in mind, that Elizabeth Leathbridge was the Registrar of the Albury court house when I first approached that place about the false allegations that had been made against me. Apart from trying to refuse to accept counter allegations against her new buddies, her staff tried to make me miss the appointment to apply for  those, by forcing me to wait in the wrong area, until the Registrar had closed her office, knowing that she had an appointment, and that the person was waiting in the foyer of the court house.

Ms Leathbridge then informed me that I would not be allowed to defend the matters, because they were being vouched for by their employee, Gwen Bradley of the CJC, and if I tried to defend them, I would be found guilty anyway, fined and charged all of the court costs.

So it was Ms Leathbridge herself who allowed the court’s mediator to represent her personal friends matters before the court. That was illegal, Leathbridge should have instructed her to disqualify herself, and keep out of it.

Ms Leathbridge also oversaw their matters being revoke from mediation, based on a false allegation for which she verifies there is no paperwork for, when Gwen Bradley’s friends were not winning with their lies, and had been made fools of when their lies were all thoroughly disproven by evidence.

She was aware that Ms Bradley had represented them in the court room on one occasion. Again, despite being fully aware that was illegal.

Ms Leathbridge would have also been aware that it was Gwen Bradley who arranged for me to be put up on a second false charge, to destroy the appeal I had booked with the court house. Ms Bradley had been advised by way of a letter, and a few days later, the police charged me, but never told me that they had that, nor why. But they did inform the court house, just in time to destroy my appeal.

Ms Leathbridge then disappeared for a while, only to be replaced by the just as corrupt Ms Belinda Brady. It appears Ms Leathbridge was doing a course to become a Coroner. Now she is back at the Albury Local Court. Now we no longer have a corrupt Magistrate and a corrupt Registrar, but we also have a corrupt coroner.

I guess that will be handy for their little satanic club of human traffickers. They will be able to cover up the murder of any one who seeks to expose them all.

I actually felt fear yesterday, while corresponding with this woman, via email. Her air of evil is quite palpable. Her aura is full of the remnants of dark deeds she has been involved in. That will only get worse, while she is allowed to operate, unchecked, to pervert the course of justice, and send innocent women into their web of abuse.


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 9 October 2017 10:03 AM
To:; Local Court Albury

Subject: ADVO Applications for Extensions – Ward and O’Bryan

Dear Registrar

You might be aware that my 28 day period in which to appeal the granting of the above ADVO applications for extensions, ends this week.

  • You have not yet confirmed if the ADVO’s were granted, as per Susan Ward’s claim that they were, nor on what date that hearing occurred.
  • You have not confirmed if you have revoked those as per my request, due to misconduct on the part of Susan Ward and the fact that I will take counter legal action against yourselves, and Ward, if you do not.
  • You have not acknowledged my request for a copy of, or access to, the security video recordings from the court room, and court house foyer, on the morning of 14 September 2017.
  • It is also my understanding that the court has not relisted Gwen Bradley’s telecommunications charge against me, therefore bail is now negated. I have emailed a request to the Supreme Court for a hearing to have that officially recognized and recorded.

Are you going to finally drop this charade, before I take you to higher courts, and demonstrate that you forced me to wait in Albury for all of this year to defend the first charge of breach, and then still refused me a fair and impartial hearing, while in the meantime, all of your staff were conspiring with, and assisting, Ward and O’Bryan to bring more false allegations against myself?

Are you aware that if I bring a charge of conspiracy to bring false allegation against those two women, and Gwen Bradley, that everyone who assisted them to enact it, becomes guilty of the same charge for the original conspiracy? How many more people do you want to rope into this?

Tracey Burt


From: Local Court Albury
Sent: Monday, 9 October 2017 4:05 PM
To: ‘Tracey Burt’

Subject: RE: ADVO Applications for Extensions – Ward and O’Bryan

Dear Ms Burt,

I refer to your requests below and answer them in order.

Both AVOs were extended for a period of 2 years on 14 September 2017, in your absence, between 11:11am and 11:15am.

That is, cases 2015/00337884 (commenced by S. Ward)  and 2015/337982 (commenced by J. O’Bryan).

Case 2015/337982 (O’Bryan) has had an Appeal filed, and has been listed for “Appeal First Mention” at Albury District Court on 6 November 2017.

If you also intended to appeal the extension on case 2015/00337884 (Ward), you have until Thursday 12 October 2017 to lodge an appeal and any related application for fee waiver.

*Please note that there is a provision for an additional two months time to be allowed with leave from the District Court Judge – you apply for this by lodging your Appeal together with an Application for Leave in the Local Court as soon as you can. The form for “Application for Leave” is directly under the “Appeal to District Court” form on our website.

Neither ADVO has been revoked.

Application for security video recordings can be made pursuant to the Government Information Public Access Act Office (GIPA Act) and I attach a  form to assist you with that process.

Alternatively, you may wish to subpoena the footage for your current Appeal case.

I have asked the Sherriff to make arrangements to retain the footage to assist in prompt supply, should the Judge deem it relevant to your case and allow you to view it.

I am not clear as to which of your cases you refer to in your last point, but I advise that case 2016/0020395 is listed for video link-up at 2pm on 16 November 2017 – from Albury Local Court – for decision by Magistrate Crompton. This is the case with the Police reference number H 60077075 at the top right hand corner of the court attendance notice.

All your other pending Local Court  cases are listed for 22 January 2018.

For your  assistance, I advise that the transcript of court proceedings (the audio recording) has been ordered for all of  the matters on 14 September 2017.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact LawAccess on 1300 888 529

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Leathbridge | Relieving Registrar & Assistant Coroner | Court Services | Department of Justice
| Phone: 02 6023 8555 | Fax: 02 6023 8585
Albury Local Court, 515 Olive St, ALBURY NSW 2640  Mail to: PO Box 64, ALBURY 2640


Based on the above, I will reinstate the page which shows the original lies which will be appealed in the district court, next month. Offers to end matters withdrawn, I will now be seeking that she be charged by the district court, for perjury, both of them.


Two different replies received today, from one tech support request:

From: []
Sent: Saturday, 7 October 2017 10:17 PM
To: Legal eServices

Subject: [Contact Us
(not verified) () sent a message using the contact form at



                  I’ve been trying to call up the cases I am facing, because I am my own solicitor and would like to be able to lodge applications and appeals online. The site recognizes the case numbers I have entered, but then says that I have entered the wrong residential address for myself. I have tried the address I was living at when charged and appearing in court and my most recent residential address. Plus the one I was staying at when I registered to use this site. Are you able to clear the address somehow, so that I can enter a new one? Or how do I get your records to match with the new address I have just moved to?

The case I’ve been trying is 2016/00315621


Hello Trace

Please note that your case is a criminal case and that the Online Registry is specifically for Civil Matters.

Therefore you will not be able to lodge any forms online re the case. Please contact the relevant Registry

for further information.

Kind Regards



Courts & Tribunal Services, Business Information Services

|Department of Justice  Lvl 3 Justice Precinct Offices, 160 Marsden St, Parramatta; Locked Bag 5111 Parramatta NSW 2124   

( 1300 679 272 fax +612 8688 9678|   *


Good morning Tracey,

Are you using the add your case feature and able to get through with your barcode?

If so, are you able to provide a screenshot of the error message?

Yours faithfully,


Business Information Services | Courts & Tribunal Services | NSW Department of Justice
Email: | Phone: 1300 679 272 | Fax: 02 8688 9678



—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Saturday, 7 October 2017 10:17 PM
To: Legal eServices
Subject: [Contact Us]



From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 9 October 2017 3:31 PM
To: Legal eServices

Subject: RE: [Contact Us]

Hi Sahir

Sorry I’ve not been online for most of today. I’ll take the screen shots in a short while, and email them to you.

Two of the cases I used the ‘search cases’ function for were criminal cases, and both came up and acknowledged myself as the accused person. It asked me to enter my birthday and address to verify that. It accepted my birthdate, but then not the address.

One of the cases I searched was a civil matter.

I did receive two different error messages, one saying that I was not able to access information about the case, and to contact the registry about it and I can’t recall what the other was. Apart from it claiming that my address details did not match the sites records for same.

I’ll have to refresh my memory, when I go through the process again for you. Thanks for your assistance.

Tracey Burt


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Tuesday, 10 October 2017 8:38 AM
To: Local Court Albury
Cc:;;;; Office of the General Counsel;;;; Premier;

Subject: FW: ADVO Applications for Extensions – Ward and O’Bryan

Dear Registrar

Your reply makes no sense in your references to an appeal in the district court, in relation to Janice O’Bryan’s ADVO application, and the illegal granting of same.

You would be aware that I have not lodged any appeal in relation to that matter. If there is a hearing booked, then it is of her own making. Therefore I would have to wonder if you are being truthful about the real reason for that hearing.

Has Mrs O’Bryan herself appealed something to do with the illegal granting of that ADVO, on a day the Magistrate refused to acknowledge it in my presence, when he went through the list between the hours of 9.30am and 10.30 am. I will also need that segment of the visual and audio recording isolated, for use at a hearing. Or is it that I was not convicted of a breach when it was awarded, that she is objecting to?

However, as you are aware, it is Susan Ward’s ADVO that I am most wanting to appeal, especially in light of her misconduct a few days following having that granted. The audio and visual evidence from the hearing on 14 September 2017 is in relation to that matter. Therefore, the district court judge has nothing to rule on in relation to that at any hearing to do with O’Bryan’s lies, unless it is to confirm why I did walk out on proceedings.

I will be seeking to have O’Bryan charged with perjury at any appeal that occurs, and conspiring with Gwen Bradley and Magistrate Murray to bring false allegation, but will continue to do my best to achieve a change in venue before any more hearings can occur in your corrupted arena.

You have issued no summons to myself in relation to this hearing on 6 November 2017, in the Albury District Court, so I have been deprived the right to see any official description of the matters.

Please supply me with a copy of the transcript of the hearing on 14 September 2017, long before that day occurs, in both typed and audio form.

Why would I want to delay the hearing of Ward’s ADVO in the district court, when it will be sitting in Albury for the whole of November 2017?

Is that so that you can convict me of that first allegation of breach, for which I was framed by Con Weekley, before the district court examines Ward’s initial application, and how it was granted?

Once again I am stunned that you have all chosen to continue this charade. Not just your own staff, seeking to protect both Magistrate Murray and Gwen Bradley of being found guilty of illegal conduct, but the whole of the NSW department of ‘justice’, and associated ministers. However, I am also not surprised. The depths of your corruption runs so deep, that you just can’t help but to continue to operate in the same manner.

I advice again that I refuse to appear in a court house which has lost the right to hear any matters against me, and all of your past and present orders have no credibility or legality attached to them, due to the continued corrupt ways you have to go about convicting me, against all of the evidence, and all of the evidence which proves O’Bryan and Ward are liars, who started all of the hostilities and continue to refuse to let them end.

I believe I will have to pursue the Writ of Mandamus, in relation to the various violations of my constitutional rights, by yourself, and your Magistrates, being my common law right to fair dealings and impartial hearings. Also the right to lodge a defence, and have that considered, at all times. Plus the right to cross examine the complainants, all of which you are fully aware your court house has violated on many different instances.

Tracey Burt


From: Local Court Albury
Sent: Tuesday, 10 October 2017 9:39 AM
To: ‘Tracey Burt’

Subject: RE: ADVO Applications for Extensions – Ward and O’Bryan

Dear Ms Burt,

Please find attached the Notice of Appeal which was filed by yourself by email on 19 September 2017.

I refer you to Registrar Howard’s email of Wednesday 20th September 2017 for directions as to the correct court process to be followed in regard to service of this Notice.

Please understand that failure to comply with Section 149 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 may result in undesirable legal consequences to you, such as adjournment or dismissal of your appeal.

Again, I suggest that you seek professional  legal advice.

Yours faithfully

Elizabeth Leathbridge | Relieving Registrar & Assistant Coroner | Court Services | Department of Justice
From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Tuesday, 10 October 2017 11:33 AM
To: Local Court Albury

Subject: RE: ADVO Applications for Extensions – Ward and O’Bryan

Dear Corrupt Registrar Leathbridge

I remind you of the reply which you quote, from Registrar Howard on 20 September 2017:

Dear Ms Burt

I refer to all your correspondence received 18th and  19th September 2017. I wish to advise the following relevant information

Your Notice to Appeal does not contain an address. I draw your attention to the Criminal Procedure Act 1986, that  provides, in section 149, an address for service in criminal matters cannot be electronic, unless you are an Australian Legal Practitioner.

Further, your Bail acknowledgment, continued by the Court provides that you must notify the court of your address changes (as attached).  Could you please provide your address by close of business Friday 22nd September 2017, so that I may provide copies of your appeal notice, or I shall advise NSW Police that I no longer hold an address to forward such documents

Finally, I advise that I am unable to correspond with you any further whilst your emails continue to be offensive.  I will act upon any request or process should you provide a polite/respectful and professional request, whilst you continue to address the staff and Registry in the manner that you do, no action is able to be taken

Yours Faithfull

Wendy Howard |  Registrar | Court Services | Department of Justice 


It was my opinion that Ms Howard declined to lodge the appeal application, due to my inability to provide you with an address at that stage, due to myself being about to vacate the premises I had rented to be in Albury to attend the sham of a ‘hearing’ on 14 September 2017.

With that in mind, I tried to prepare new notices of motion, to replace those which Magistrate Cromptom refused to let me lodge on 14 September 2017, at that same ‘sham’ of a hearing. I have tried to lodge those online, but was unable to afford to pay the full price for same, at the Supreme Court.

I have been too ill to travel to Sydney to lodge those, nor to complete them. There was one for each charge of breach, Bradley’s illegal charge and assault upon myself, and the ADVO appeals.

You have left me with little time in which to do that now, having refused to confirm for the past 25 or so days whether the ADVO’s were granted on 14 September 2017, despite a request to your office asking you to do so. In fact, Ms Howard fails to confirm nor deny the granting of the ADVO’s in her correspondence of 20 September 2017.

I also draw your attention to this paragraph of my email of 19 September 2017, and which had those appeal applications attached, stating that I wanted the appeals listed at the Dowling Centre in Sydney, given that I refuse to appear in your corrupt establishment any more.

Please list them to be heard in Sydney, at the Dowling Centre.

Ward and O’Bryan have no right to claim they can’t travel to there. They can afford it, and will be able to afford a couple of nice motel rooms to stay in.

On the other hand, I will probably have to find a YMCA type hostel, or backpackers place, to find affordable accommodation. Therefore, it is more difficult for me to appear there, then it is for them.You created the need for a change in venue. If you don’t list them in Sydney, I will simply lodge applications for motion, before their hearing, and have them moved to there myself.

If your Registry is truly willing to book those appeals in the district court, and agree to do so at the Dowling Centre, then I will come in and complete the necessary fee waiver forms.

If not, then I will continue to pursue other avenues, and which enable me to have deal with any of your corrupt clerks, and yourself included. Those other avenues, as stated above, will include notices of motions for all hearings.

I also wish to advise that I do not wish to appear via video link in November, in relation to the ‘finalization’ of the hearing of the charge of breach, for which your staff member had me framed by NSW police, and be denied the chance to be able to hand up new documents to the presiding Magistrate. Please advise Magistrate Cromptom that I am happy to travel up to Sydney on that day, and appear before him in person. The complainants need not attend, and so should have input into that decision.

I would also like to remind you of the following information about cross examination of witnesses, as per the law you quoted in your correspondence. When the court room is a battle field, and you have all used your positions of ‘power’ to wage war on myself, why is it that I am not allowed to counter attack, during the battle of trial? Oh, that’s right, because you all know Ward is a liar, who will blow it when confronted with the truth, and ruin all of your war games, and games of illegal misconduct and crimes against justice.

Right to confront witnesses and test evidence

10.81 The High Court has said that ‘confrontation and the opportunity for cross examination is of central significance to the common law adversarial system of trial’.93

The right to confront an adverse witness has been said to be ‘basic to any civilised notion of a fair trial’.94 In R v Davis, Lord Bingham said:

It is a long-established principle of the English common law that, subject to certain exceptions and statutory qualifications, the defendant in a criminal trial should be confronted by his accusers in order that he may cross-examine them and challenge their evidence.95

10.82 This principle, Lord Bingham said, originated in ancient Rome, and was later recognised by such authorities as Sir Matthew Hale, Blackstone and Bentham.

I also note that you sent a copy of my application form, and not a summons. You had the address of the person who was to be summoned, being Janice O’Bryan, on your records. You did not need to issue a summons to myself, because I was the one initiating the application. Yes, a copy of it would have been in order, but I doubt I was technically summoning myself to the court house.

You say that summonses cannot be issued via electronic form, in relation to criminal matters, yet your own office did that. I note that legal practitioners are allowed to do so, but one could hardly use that term when describing yourself, or any of your colleagues.

However, the lack of any real summons suggests to me that the hearing is not actually lodged, and that you are once again trying to deceive me, until the 28 day appeal period expires. I was unable to check that far ahead last night, on the online court lists, and won’t be able to do so until next week.

Therefore, at this stage, the situation is that I do not wish to continue with lodging that appeal application, unless you agree to list it in Sydney.

With sincere disgust

Tracey Burt


Sent 11 October 2017:

Dear Ms Corrupt and Vile Registrar

I phoned the number you provided yesterday, and the confirmed that the appeal hearing is booked for the date that you nominated.

They advised to hand in my notice of motion, at the first mention of the appeal. I will certainly be doing that.

Had your staff member accepted the appeal applications when I first sent them to your office, instead of trying to set me up to be arrested by police, this confusion would not have occurred.

In relation to your constant requests to speak to your and your staff nicely, again, I would remind you all that you are fully aware that you had me convicted of allegations I was innocent of, to protect the credibility of Gwen Bradley, who had sworn to you all that her friends were telling the truth.

You also had me convicted to save the employment of Susan Ward, so that she could continue to pay rent to Gwen Bradley’s daughter, and to save Janice O’Bryan from looking like the lying fool that she is, to have made false allegations to cover up for their own attacks on myself, and to save her gossiping daughter’s job.

As you are aware, you personally oversaw having their matters revoked from mediation, based on yet another false allegation, this time that there had been an incidence of violence. You allowed me to face court for that false allegation, and were fully aware that I was then convicted of the false charge of breach instead. Because there was no incidence of violence, I guess it was too hard for you to convict me of that, on your second attempt to do so.

You were also fully aware that it was illegal for Gwen Bradley to play the role that she did in all of these matters, and it was your responsibility to ensure that she stayed out of her personal friends matters before the court.

You are also fully aware that I have had more and more false charges heaped onto me, all to try to destroy my ability to defend any of them, and for which your court plans to convict me, despite the evidence, again to cover up for what Gwen Bradley and her two poisonous buddies did.

You have retained Gwen Bradley in the court’s employ, after she had me assaulted by police and put on more false charges, which she is now too much of a coward to appear in court over, as she is the one who might walk out of that hearing convicted of misconduct, and not myself.

Your actions have destroyed a lot of my personal relationships, and the new home business I was trying to start at the outset of these matters. You have wasted two years of my life, and caused me further ill health, apart from that created by the assault.

And you just won’t stop. You are relishing the thought of having me come in there for another appearance, so that your corrupt staff can arrest me on trumped up charges, and throw me in jail. But that won’t really cover up the stench of corruption of all that you have done to me. It will only make you all more guilty of further instances of illegal conduct, for which one day you will be held accountable, by a higher authority.

Yet you think I should address you with some respect. Get over yourself, and admit the truth. That you are all corrupt little while collar criminals, using your positions at the court house to attack, harm and hinder innocent people, on behalf of people who are engaging in criminal activity.  

Have a nice day now, you corrupt and vile less than human being.

Tracey Burt


From: Tracey Burt Sent: Wednesday, 11 October 2017 9:46 AM To:; Local Court Albury Cc:;;;;; Office of the General Counsel;;;;;; Premier; Rebecca Jeyasingam;;; Subject: Recusal of Magistrates Cromptom and Murray


Sent: 11 October 2017 to Albury Court House

Dear Corrupt and Evil Registrar

You might also recall that I emailed Ms Howard about the disqualification of Magistrate Cromptom, from sitting ‘in judgement’ of myself last month.

I made an informal request that you disqualify him, and officially recognize that Murray should also be disqualified from having anything to do with my matters before your corrupt court.

You have ignored that informal request. A change in venue would have rectified that situation,  yet you refuse to grant that as well.

I believe the next step in that process is to make application for recusal. I will prepare one of those and lodge it with the District court judge on 6 November 2017.

I also hardly think it is appropriate that Magistrate Cromptom be allowed to sentence me for that first false charge of breach, not just because it is the police officer who should be convicted for illegal and criminal actions, but due to the fact that I currently have a complaint before the Judicial Commission about Cromptom’s behaviour and illegal conduct on 14 September 2017, and which saw me have to abandoned trying to defend the charge.

I believe that is my third complaint about Cromptom to the Judicial Commission.

Since you won’t agree to a change in venue, nor the informal removal of Cromptom and Murray from my matters, I will have to make application to force that upon you. As well as a change in venue.

Tracey Burt







A Promising Young Magistrate Pressured into Misconduct

I used to give Magistrate Cromptom the benefit of the doubt, at the outset of these proceedings. That he sent matters to mediation, knowing that I was innocent of any wrong doing, back in February of last year. Was he aware that he had just passed the ball to the very person seeking to have me convicted of a criminal offence, to cover up for her own illegal role in those matters?

Later on in the year, it was apparent that he was not just asking on instructions to overturn nothing that Murray had piled onto me, but had been bought up to speed in the game itself. He was shocked to see me after I’d been assaulted by police, but that wasn’t enough to chance his mind, and help me to overturn and end it all.

He continued to play for their team, right up until last month, when he refused to allow the witness for the police to be cross examined, and in not acknowledging any of the charges I wanted to lodge Applications for Motions against.

In reading his resume this morning, I find he does have lots of experience, and was the Registrar at the Supreme Court for a few years, receiving the same kind of applications he is now named on, which I submitted last week. It is stated that he has used bail illegally and inappropriately, while refusing to release me from it.

This is what happens when you act on lies, and which are not able to be substantiated.

You bring disrepute on yourselves, as well as your own profession.

Magistrate Michael Crompton

His Honour studied Arts at the University of Queensland. He went on to study law at Queensland University of Technology, from which he graduated in 2000. As a student, he was an associate to his Honour Judge Neil McLauchlan QC of the Queensland District Court.
In August 2000 he began work as a solicitor with Legal Aid Queensland, working as a youth advocate who represented juveniles charged with serious criminal offences. During this time he appeared as duty lawyer in the District Court, the Children’s Court and regional Magistrates courts. Following a year spent as a legal officer at the Queensland DPP, he travelled to London, where he was admitted as a solicitor in the High Court of England and Wales. From 2002 to 2004 he worked for the firm of Reynolds Porter Chamberlain managing Hague Convention child abduction cases, domestic and international adoption proceedings and guardianship matters. Upon his return to Australia in 2005 he came to Sydney and worked as a legal officer and advocate at the Commonwealth DPP and the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office. He acquired extensive experience in a wide range of complex federal criminal matters involving, among other things, people smuggling, sex tourism, terrorism and other offences against the Customs Act, the Migration Act and the Criminal Code. In October 2010 his Honour was appointed as a registrar of the Supreme Court of NSW, where he remained until his appointment to the Local Court. By his Honour’s own tally, he was responsible for managing more than 470 Court of Criminal Appeal hearings and in excess of 4,000 Supreme Court bail applications per year.


Bar News : The Journal of the New South Wales Bar Association
[2015] (Autumn) Bar News


First Approach to the High Court of Australia

From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Tuesday, 26 September 2017 10:51 AM

Subject: Public Disclosure, Illegal Conduct at Albury Local Court


Dear Mr Wickham

I noticed your name and the division you head when looking at the High Court website yesterday. I am looking into applying for two Writs of Mandamus, forcing the NSW Attorney and NSW Police Commissioner, to act in accordance with the law.

However, a lot of what those writs will involve, is forcing those officials to act on the valid and proven complaints I have lodged, about their employees, and which fall under the Public Disclosure Legislation.

Ordinarily one would just drop the matter, when the state government chooses to protect public servants who are guilty of misconduct, but the positions these people hold, and the people they have been able to influence to also act illegally towards me, have the power to fine and jail me. Therefore, I find I have to continue to fight back, and the Writ of Mandamus appears to be my only option of halting what is being done to me.

I have been subject to improper dealings at the Albury Local Court, and its Magistrates Anthony Murray and Michael Cromptom, at the direction of an employee of the NSW Attorney General’s own agency, the Community Justice Centre NSW for the past 22 months.

Not only has this CJC employee, being Mrs Gwen Bradley of Albury, not been investigated for illegal conduct, her employers and the Local Court she contracts to, have allowed her to continue with it, to the point where she had me assaulted by police for continuing to lodge complaints about her and members of the NSW Police force she used to also act illegally towards me, and is now attempting to have me jailed by way of more illegal acts of fraud and illegal collusion.

The assault occurred in October 2016, and coincided with my advice to Albury police that I would be taking matters to the Federal Court by way of an Administrative Review of decisions being made by the NSW Judicial Commission to exonerate Magistrate Murray of wrong doing, and to overturn his corrupt and illegal judgements made against myself.

The defence brief attached relates to the criminal charges the CJC mediator, Mrs Bradley bought against me on the night she instructed police to put me up on more false charges and rough me up. She’d already had police bring five false charges of breach ADVO against me, on behalf of her neighbour and friend Susan Ward, and the assault by police was in retaliation for myself continuing to defend those, and I had the evidence to prove they were all malicious charges and that every all of the arresting officers were guilty of illegal conduct.

Which brings me to why I would also be seeking a Writ of Mandamus against NSW Police, for also not only allowing the offending officers to go unpunished, but to continue with their charade that I am a criminal, and they are protecting certain people from me.

Yet they have to rely on false and perjurous statements of facts submitted to the court, and tampering with evidence, to even bring those charges against me.

Please see the second brief attached with relates to the firsts one of those charges, and which also shows the course of justice being perverted by Magistrate Anthony Murray personally, on 15 and 29 February 2016.

He awards two ADVO applications which had been disproven by defence evidence, lodged on 11 and 12 January 2016, and which also proved that the applicants had committed many acts of perjury, and tampered with evidence, in all of their submissions to the court.

This same Magistrate is now trying to jail me, and by way of further acts of misconduct, to cover up for what he did to me, on request of Gwen Bradley of the CJC. Also, because I also now have evidence of the Magistrate committing an act of perjury himself, in attempting to cover up his own association and relationship with her.

Finally, this all comes back to being matters involving public disclosure, but which relate to misconduct by an accountancy and taxation firm in Lavington, Albury, being BDS Huon.

The complainants in the original matters against me, and who are both long time friends of Gwen Bradley, as I was until my family lied to her and turned her against me, but who now also bears grudges due to the continued complaints I have lodged against her, trying to stop the miscarriages of justice that were occurring, at her hand.

One of the complainants is Mrs Bradley’s neighbour, Susan Ward, who is also my sister. She pays her rent to Mrs Bradley’s daughter.

My sister had been threatening me with verbal and physical abuse the whole time that I had been in Albury, visiting my son, and staying in paid accommodation to avoid my mother and sister. Finally, I threatened that if she did not stop doing that, and committing acts of slander against me, that I would contact her employers, being BDS Huon, and advise them that she regularly gossips about their clients’ personal and financial affairs outside work hours, with her mother.

This is of course against the Federal client confidentiality regulations which govern taxation accountants and their staff.

Not long after being advised of my threat to her, Susan Ward and her mother came to my rental property, with the intention of assaulting me. They were unsuccessful and my landlady was a witness to that. They applied for ADVO’s against me, eleven days later, and after having to continue to threaten me during that period.

Susan realized I would carry out my threat to contact BDS Huon. She arranged for Gwen Bradley to assist her to gain a court order forbidding me to contact the company, and about the subject of her misconduct towards their own clients.

By way of deceit, Bradley also arranged for an interim ADVO be granted to her. Ward’s mother also made application for an ADVO against me, which was full of lies and manipulations, to try to give Ward’s own one some credibility. Yet O’Bryan is accused of being the receiver of the information Ward shares, and so is a party to that federal offence. Her ADVO was awarded, due to allegations of a breach of her daughter’s one, again, in an act of misconduct by Magistrate Murray.

Upon being told by the Registrar that I would not be allowed to defend the matters (because Gwen Bradley was personally endorsing them), and would be convicted, fined and charged the court costs if I tried, I decided to contact BDS Huon. I did so in a way which I thought avoided the restraints of the ADVO, I did not approach her employer at his work place, and did so via a letter delivered to a house he owned, but was not residing in at the time.

I advised BDS Huon about the breaching of client confidentiality and the ADVO application their employee had going through the Local Court. I advised that might become embarrassing for them, once the pubic in the court room realized what the matters were about. Magistrate Murray always took care to ensure those details never came out.

Magistrate Murray would hear the case early, on days their staff member was present for a mention, but on days it was just myself appealing, or making applications for motion, etc, he would leave me until the second last hearing for the day.

In fact, I’ve had to appear in court 30 times over the course of these 22 months, and have not had one fair hearing, and been denied all of my common law rights to fair dealings, impartial hearings, the right to cross examine the complainants and even the right to see evidence being used against me. While the complainants themselves have never had to prove their complaints at all, nor be questioned by myself on the record.

Transcripts are being changed, by staff at the court house, to cover up some of the corruption, but it is still apparent in those. Recently the Office of the General Counsel reviewed a couple of instances of those, due to a complaint I had lodged, confirmed the errors, and claimed to have rectified them. However, again, they entered misleading information, which still did not reflect the truth of what I had said in court that day.

BDS Huon, upon receipt of my letter, contacted their solicitor who advised them that I would not be able to prove my allegations against their employee in court, and therefore they gave her a copy of the letter and allowed her to go to police and have me charged with breach of the ADVO. That is the brief attached, as mentioned above.

I could have proved those allegations, and had given them to proveable examples. However, my son has also been a witness to the gossip fests, and is always told by his grandmother not to repeat a word he might overhear, or his aunt would loose her job. Both complainants intimidated him into not testify against them in court, and Bradley herself went to his workplace to intimidate him into not signing a witness statement, and which proves his aunt and grandmother commited perjury when they made those ADVO applications against me.

BDS Huon later made statements to police, trying to assist their employee to have the ADVO granted, which prevented me from contacting them about her misconduct, long after I had aready done so. This amounts to professional misconduct on the part of the owners of that company, and again, is in violation of the federal regulations which govern them.

Therefore, not only have I been charged by the employee of the company who I blew the whistle on, the company itself has assisted her to bring criminal charges against me for doing so. I believe this also is in violation of the Public Disclosure Act.

The Tax Practitioners’ Board and the Inspector General of Taxation’s offices both covered up for BDS Huon, when I lodged complaints with those agencies, and allowed BDS Huon to continue on their path of punishing me.

The five charges of breach ADVO are, ‘harrass the protected person’ by way of:

  • Writing to BDS Huon advising of the situation
  • Phoning BDS Huon to ask if they were really going to allow me to be charged by police for that
  • Giving BDS Huon a one star rating on google review, and putting a warning to their clients about the situation
  • Writing a blog called “Framed by Albury Police in the Local Court” which displayed all of the corrupt court and police actions
  • Emailing a link to the blog to the owners of BDS Huon, being Jon Williams, Ross Griffin and Larry Coates.

All of those charges are still awaiting hearing, or rehearing, in the Albury Local Court.

I have made applications for motion, and those have been denied. Yet the corruption and protection of the complainants, who the court is fully aware are guilty of having made false allegations and perjury, continues.

I was reconvicted of the charge of writing to Jon Williams, brief attached, again on 14 September 2017, in the Albury Local Court and am now awaiting sentencing.

The conviction had been set aside in the district court, in August 2016, with the Judge stating that he could not overturn it, because it had never been heard at all properly in the local court originally, therefore all he could do was to send it back to that same court, for a proper hearing. That was to occur this year. The hearing commenced in June, and had to be carried over until September, party due to the fact that Magistrate Murray was supposedly disqualified from being involved in any matters against myself, in that court. He defied that agreement a month after it was made.

The court also acted in direct contravention of orders made by a visiting Magistrate on 24 January 2016, who stated that the court must hear my applications for motion, not list any existing charges against me until it had done so, and not to list any new charges either. The Albury local court defied those rulings, by not only listing all of the criminal charges for mention of the day the hearing of the applications for motion were to occur, but listed new ADVO applications against me, on behalf of the same complainant. The court then failed to hear my applications on that day, and dismissed them formally at hearing month later.

I walked out on the continuation of the hearing of the charge of writing to Jon Williams, on 14 September 2017, when both Magistrate Cromptom and the police prosecutor were openly and actively protecting the BDS Huon employee from answering questions under cross examination. I was advised by her later, that I was convicted after I had left the building.

Please advise if your office would like to assist me to rectify all of the above matters, without me taking that next step of seeking Writs of Mandalas against the superiors of all concerned.

I have also attached two notice of motion applications I was hoping to make in the Supreme Court of NSW, to prevent the Albury Local Court hearing the new ADVO applications/extensions for the complainants. I was unable to lodge those online, but will use them as evidence in matters against the Local Courts of NSW, and as you can see, both affidavits convict Magistrate Anthony Murray of criminal misconduct.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Burt