BDS Huon Owns the Magistrates at Albury Court House

All of the clients of BDS Huon are entitled to $225,000 each in compensation from that company, for failing to protect their personal and financial information.

Ordinarily a person would have to prove that their information was being leaked by that company or one of their employees. However, since the owner of BDS Huon has stated in court, under oath, that he is not aware of any regulations or laws which require him not only to ask his staff not to talk about what they learn about people while preparing their tax or BAS, but to discipline anyone who is accused of doing so.

Jon  Williams appeared in court on 20 June 2017, trying to have me convicted of advising him that a member of his staff was gossiping about their clients affairs nearly every day after work. Yet my actions were not against the law, and it is those of himself and his staff member which are in violation of the federal regulations which control the taxation industry.

What’s even worse, is the arrogance of this man, and the way he acted in relation to that hearing.

He showed total contempt of the process, didn’t show up on time, lied under oath, and expected to not have to stand in line to wait for his employees charge against me to be heard.

Below is a post I made to a facebook group about what happened that day at the court house, and which again demonstrates that the owners of BDS Huon have some kind of unnatural hold over the staff and police prosecutor at the local court house, and which might explain for the fact that the real criminals in this saga continue to go unpunished, while this innocent person has been given a flogging by the court and police, for merely bringing misconduct at BDS Huon to the attention of the Tax Practitioners’ Board.


One of the part owners of BDS Huon, taxation accountants based in a suburb of Albury, put on an awesome display of his control over the police prosecutor at the Albury court house, and even the Magistrate himself, earlier this week.

Jon Williams had been aware since late last year that he was going to be summoned for cross examination by myself, in relation to false allegations made against me by an employee of BDS Huon, at the rehearing of the first of those false charges.

Everyone involved in the case was at the court house at 9.30 am. The Magistrate was late, and court didn’t start until 10am. Shortly after 11, our case was called. Mr Williams was still not present. When going over the list of police witnesses, the prosecutor and the Magistrate, tried not to let me have any input into that discussion. I pulled them up, and asked if Mr Williams was present, because I would be seeking an adjournment, until he made himself available. The court advised he was definitely going to be there.

Our hearing moved along, dealing with other sundry matters, and then we were finally ready to start. The Prosecutor wanted to call Jon Williams, of BDS Huon, as their first witness. However, he was still not there. The Magistrate advised that someone had just phoned him, and he would be arriving in about 20 minutes. He had to adjourn our case until the star witness could arrive.

Mr Williams arrived about 11.50. The case which had been next in line, had been started during our adjournment. It was still going at 1pm when we all went to lunch. Upon arriving back at the court house at 2pm, the other case was still in progress, and another one was now waiting in line before my own matter.

At about 2.15 the police prosecutor interrupted the other case, and advised that she wanted to arrange for my matter to be dealt with next, even though that would mean adjourning the next case in line completely for the day, and for which two witnesses had driven up from Melbourne to appear.

The Magistrate pointed that out to the prosecutor, to which she replied that she was very aware of that, but Mr Williams, a local businessman, needed to get back to his office. The Magistrate argued again, that while that is understandable, inconveniencing two other people for him, wasn’t real cool. However, the prosecutor again argued that Mr Williams should not have to sit around the Albury court house all day, when he is such a busy and important man.

The Magistrate agreed. He called the solicitor for that case into the room, and advised her what the court wanted to do. She was annoyed. She asked to speak to her clients. She came back and again argued that they too had waited all day for their hearing, and did not want to be adjourned to another date, and have to travel 300 km back to Albury, for that. She asked if the court would at least agree to try to hear their case, after mine had ended. The Magistrate informed her that there would not be enough time left.

Their case was adjourned, and my own was called. I finally got to cross examine Jon Williams on the stand, during which he pretty much told lies and committed acts of perjury. I got to cross examine the cop who had framed me for an allegation of having committed a crime against BDS Huon, when all I had done was send the company a letter advising that one of their staff members was breaking federal relations and had some matters running through the local court which might become embarrassing his company.

The cop was surly, and tried not to answer questions, by shrugging his shoulders instead. It was obvious who had acted illegally was on the day he had framed and ‘arrested’ me, and it was not me, it was the cop, and he now was very unhappy about being forced to answer questions about that day.

I have appeared in court at least 26 times in relation to the six false charges BDS Huon have assisted their staff member to bring against me, to cover up for her illegal actions, and which related to the clients of BDS Huon. When she appears in court, Magistrate Murray would call the matter as early as he could, so that she could get back to the office. On days that she was not required to be present, Maggot Murray would leave my case until second last of the day, and make me sit there until after 4pm.

I arrive at the court house at 9.30. On most occasions I don’t get out of there until late afternoon. I might be on disability pension, so have the free time, but the hard seats, the cold and the stress, cause me all sort of health problems. .

Yet Jon Williams, resented having to leave his office, for just a couple of hours, and which included a one hour lunch break, to try to have me again convicted of the false allegations they have made against me, to protect their employee.

What a crock of shit. Now we know for sure, who has been controlling the Albury Police, when they bought these charges against me, and all of which were designed to protect BDS Huon’s business reputation, in the face of one of their employee’s being accused of misconduct.

For the record, Mr Williams stated under oath, that he is not aware of the Federal Regulations which make it an offence for any of his employees to leak information about their clients, to outside parties. He is not aware of the regulations which require that he protect his clients’ information at all times from being leaked.

Yet, I do believe he is very aware that his company could be stripped of their licence to operate a tax accountancy firm, if they fail to comply with both of those regulations. I believe the minimum penalty is $225,000 that they would have to pay to their clients, in automatic compensation, if any of them can prove that things they told that staff if that company, ended up becoming known by unconcerned parties.

And they wonder why put warnings on the internet to the people of Albury, ‘don’t get your tax done at BDS Huon, or your financial and personal information, will end up all over town, in the form of gossip’.

My case could not be finished of course, once we resumed at about 3.30pm. It had to be adjourned to be finished on another date. So, after waiting at the court house all day, I now have to go back again, and do the same again. As will the three cops who had to sit there all day, waiting to be called to give their evidence.

But Mr Williams part in the hearing, is over now. He doesn’t have to come back. He just made sure that a whole heap of other people do though, because he had work to do. F**k you, Jon Williams, corrupt business owner, controlling Albury Court House.

When Mr Williams arrived at the court house, he sat with the cop who’d arrested me, rather than with his own employee. He and the cop were very friendly. When I questioned the cop about that briefly, he stated that he has known Mr Williams for over a year, and they did not meet through these police matters.

Mr Williams stated that he thinks it is appropriate for his staff to give false statements to the police, to ensure that I am convicted of crimes against his staff member. However, I should have been protected by the public disclosure act, or whistle blowers legislation, from reprisals by that staff member and the company who sought to protect her.

Mr Williams also claims that to this very day, he has never finished reading the letter I wrote and delivered to his home address. Yet he wants me reconvicted and refined, for writing it.

This was the re-hearing of the charge, after the district court ruled in August last year, that it hadn’t even been heard in the local court. That I had just been convicted, without any kind of hearing, or chance to defend myself. That had been deliberate, and arranged by the Magistrate himself. For the re-hearing of the same charge, for which I had been paying off a fine of $560 for a couple of months last year, until it was set aside, the cop has changed the date of the offence. I was convicted and fined for having committed that ‘offence’ on 13 January 2016. For the rehearing of the same charge, it is now alleged that the offence took place on 4 December 2015. Is that even legal?


I personally am able to assist three individuals to claim this compensation for damages against BDS Huon. Two of whom are the people who I gave as case examples when advising Jon Williams that a person who is not employed by that company knew all about those two clients financial affairs.

The third person is someone who’s businesses’ financial status was told to me directly by the employee who continually chooses to flaunt the information she learns about people, while working with BDS Huon’s files.

There are many more victims in this matter, but I didn’t ever choose to sit around listening to the gossip fests this employee has about BDS Huon’s clients personal and financial affairs.

However, I can assure you, that this is what is happening and Jon Williams, Ross Griffin and Leasa Brown all chose to attack the whistle blower, rather than to protect their clients. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the employee is still doing this gossiping, on a regular basis, and with the blessing of her employers and ‘managers’.



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