Blog Adjourned for Two Months

I plan to head north for some warmer weather during the adjournment of the hearing of the first ‘criminal’ charge bought against me by the real criminals in these matters, and who happen to work at the local court house and Albury police station.

I’m still considering my next options in taking these matters to a higher court, or at least a more honest venue. We’ll see what happens along the way. My departure was delayed, due to some issues with my car, and which also meant I haven’t had the time and space to prepare new court submissions.

So I won’t be updating this blog much, during this two month recess.

I’ve created a new blog, which will be about the adventures I have as I travel up the roads through New South Wales, with corrupt NSW police out to get me.

I was hoping to spend a few days just north of Sydney, to further explore the aboriginal carvings and myths which abound in that area, but the car repairs have eaten up my accommodation funds. Again, we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get away from boring court matters for a while, and write about the spiritual experiences I have, as I go about my life.

Hopefully police won’t find a way to detain me in some remote area, and spirit me off into their human trafficking ring.

I’ll leave you with a clip from David Icke, explaining how and why pedophile rings continue to operate. What were originally written off as the rantings of a ‘crazy’ person decades ago, have continued to be proven by victim testimony, and now by way of some high profile charges and/or arrests.

Open your eyes, society is being destroyed by these people. Not your hippies, your dole bludgers, or even your ordinary criminals. It is being destroyed by the people who seek to destroy the youth, of each continuing generation. Let it end in ours.




Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s highest ranking Catholic, has been charged with historical sex offences.












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