BDS Huon & Lack of Client Confidentiality

Just remember folks, this whole blog came about because the owner/managers of BDS Huon, taxation accountants in Lavington,  Albury, DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY OF YOUR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL INFORMATION.

When BDS Huon became aware that I had a complaint to make, about one of their employees gossiping about their clients information, obtained through working with their files and records, BDS Huon sent corrupt Albury police at me, to protect her.

They have put me up on five false charges of harassment, when all I did was to try to advise them that they have a situation going on there, which is violation of the Federal Regulations which protect their clients, and their information.

I was convicted of three of those false charges, by the corrupt Magistrate at the Albury Court House, Magistrate Tony Murray. All of those convictions were handed down in my absence. When I attend court, armed with proof that BDS Huon is covering up for their own misconduct and false allegations, while I have done nothing but state the truth, the Magistrate cannot find a way to convict me.

When I have health issues, and don’t make it to a hearing, then I am convicted in my absence, against all evidence which shows that I am not the one who is guilty of misconduct. I have been heavily fined, by the Magistrate who is aware that he willingly convicted me of false allegations, to cover up for BDS Huon.

Yet BDS Huon were posting to their google review last year, that people should not listen to my warnings about that company, because I have been convicted of harassing them and a member of their staff.

But it was BDS Huon who arranged those convictions against me by way of their connection to corrupt members of the local police force, and corrupt staff working at the Albury court house. All of those allegations of criminal actions towards BDS Huon were later overturned, and will be re-heard this year in the Albury Corrupt Local Court.

At the first of those hearings, two weeks ago, one of the owners of BDS Huon committed acts of perjury while in the witness box, being cross examined by the defence.

Jon Williams claims that he is not familiar with the Codes and Regulations which require him to make sure any information given to staff at that company, remains inside the walls of that company.

Mr Williams also claimed that he was not aware that he and Ross Griffin have an obligation to enforce confidentiality at the workplace, to try to prevent leaks, and deal with any person which has taken it upon themselves to not respect that requirement.


Don’t get your tax done at BDS Huon, unless you don’t mind everyone else in town knowing how much money you earn, and what you do with it all.


Also bear in mind that a there has been almost 30 hearings, at the local court house, all designed to punish me for bringing this breach of clients’ right to privacy to
the attention of the owners of BDS Huon, and to keep that situation quiet.

All paid for by the NSW tax payer, as BDS Huon have never taken a civil case against me, for true ‘libel’, because they had a way to do that for free,
using their connection at the court house.

So both you, unconcerned people and their clients, have footed the bill
to cover up for BDS Huon’s dirty little secret.

In fact, you also paid for the Tax Practitioners’ Board to cover it up as well,
and for the Inspector General of Taxation to do the same.
At the suggestion of BDS Huon’s management.




2 thoughts on “BDS Huon & Lack of Client Confidentiality

  1. So, BDS Huon, you can lie locally to all of your clients, over the phone, about these matters, but just over 800 people from all around the world have read all about what you did to me, to cover up for your own illegal actions, and those of your staff.

    I’ll be checking on the complaints I lodged with the TPB back in June, shortly, to see how they are going with those, and ensuring that I take those to the Federal Court this time, and have you convicted of the crimes you are guilty of.

    That’s Karma for you. When you seek to convict an innocent person, you only end up convicting yourselves, of professional misconduct.


    • And one day soon, I might just find the time to take you to the civil courts myself, charging you with slander and libel. One more court case, won’t hurt, after all that you have forced me to attend. Your presence will be required at that hearing as well though. Want to inconvenience and harass me? Well that works both ways.


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