More Dodgy Dealings in the Albury Local Court

From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 26 June 2017 3:40 PM
To: Local Court Albury;; Premier;;

Subject: Illegal Bail Hearing

Dear Mr Howard

At hearing on 20 June 2017, the charge bought against me by your employee, XXXX XXXXXXX of the CJC, was not mentioned in court. It was listed to be mentioned, for a new date for hearing to be set. You might recall that I lodged my defence brief with the office that morning, and with the police prosecutor in between hearings. However, the charge was not mentioned at all, and no date was set.

In fact, the Magistrate was quite clear that we would only be dealing with one charge on that day, being one of breach of ADVO bought against me by your pal, xxxxxx xxxx.

I believe we have not only had police change the date of the offence on their paperwork, but submit evidence that is not admissible, since this is the re-hearing of the charge, and not the first hearing of the charge, where all of that information should have been submitted. Since it wasn’t, I fail to see how it is admissible now.

However, I have allowed it all to be introduced, because it convicts both of the arresting officers of lying, but also because I intend to address XXXX’s witness statements during my cross examination of her, at the hearing’s continuation in mid September. However, I believe that changing the charge from contravene ADVO to Common Assault is simply not acceptable.

After that hearing had ended and the Magistrate had left the court room for the day, the prosecutor sent a clerk to instruct him to come back to his bench, to hear my bail application. I had mentioned earlier that I did want that addressed at hearing, along with XXXX’s false allegation of XXXXXX her.

Magistrate Cromptom returned to the bench and made an order that bail would continue until a date in mid September 2017. I can’t find my paperwork at the moment, due to have to relocate in my living arrangements late last week. However, that hearing in mid September relates to XXXX’s charge, and to Magistrate Murray’s ADVO applications were are being bought against me as an Act of Parliament.

I hardly think that it would be legal for the Magistrate to bail me until the next hearing of someone else’s complaint to police about me. Especially when it is the same party who’s previous collusions with xxxxxxx were the basis of my applications for motion.

Therefore, he has continued this bail indefinitely, due to not setting a new date for the hearing of the charge I am actually on bail for. I believe it is not legal to put someone on bail indefinitely.

I will be defending Murray’s new false allegations, due to the fact that Magistrate Cromptom assured me at hearing on 6 April 2017, that Magistrate Murray would no longer be involved in any matters involving myself at your court house, before dismissing my three applications for motion, as a compromise. I would have appealed his decision in the district court, but took him for his word that Murray would be kept out of proceedings from here on in. My time period to appeal that decision, has now expired.

Therefore, I will defend those new applications for ADVO’s, and which are an Act of Parliament, by submitting the transcript which shows that Magistrate Murray committed perjury on his bench on 12 December 2016, to cover up for the same collusions between XXXXXXX, XXXX and XXXXXX, when he was originally refusing to grant motion. Something I am long past being legally due, due to the amounts of corruptions in these proceedings, and which began at the outset.

Therefore, you better change the transcript when you prepare it this week. Make sure you add in remarks pretending to be from the mouth of the Magistrate, that a date was set for the hearing of (your employee)’s charge, or all of the above becomes very questionable.

I’m sure you will be able to fix that error, before it comes back to haunt you all, and to cover up for unlawful and illegal actions by both of your Magistrates.




2 thoughts on “More Dodgy Dealings in the Albury Local Court

  1. Yes, the court house is now pretending that the charge bought against me by their own employee, and during which I was assaulted, before being ordered to leave town by more corrupt Albury police officers, was relisted at the last hearing on 20 June 2017.

    It was not, because that matter was not mentioned at all. Made me wonder if they just want it to go away, especially now that I have discovered more evidence of collusion between that woman and the original false complainants, and lodged that with the court and prosecutor, in the form of my defence brief before proceedings started.

    However, that would negate the bail the police have falsely put me on, and rob them of the chance to enact that plan to jail me over nothing more than getting the word from the corrupt employee of the Albury court house, who contracts to them through the Attorney General’s own department, the CJC.

    However, after admitting that the matter was once again listed on the same day as that of the people the court house employee colluded with to bring false allegations against me, they then try to pretend that the matters are not linked, by removing the comment which does connect them, from the email.

    What a joke Albury court house has become. I would wager the rot set in about 15 years earlier, when they employed an embezzler to work there.

    From: Karma
    Sent: Wednesday, 5 July 2017 10:40 AM
    To: Local Court Albury; Local Court Albury; Premier; Rebecca Jeyasingam;

    Subject: Hearing Date – Charge Number H62294944


    Hearing Date – Charge Number H62294944

    Please confirm that this charge was listed for mention, or hearing, on the same date in September that XXXX and XXXXXX’s new applications for ADVO’s were listed, alongside the continuation of the hearing for charge number H60077075.

    I plan to make an application for motion in the NSW Supreme Court regarding this charge bought against me by the same staff member of your court house who used her position last year, and influence over Magistrate’ Murray, to have me falsely convicted of what you are all aware were false allegations.


    From: Local Court Albury
    Sent: Wednesday, 5 July 2017 11:40 AM
    To: Karma

    Subject: RE: Hearing Date – Charge Number H62294944

    Hi Karma

    please note that in relation to the matter H62294944 this matter has been listed for mention on the 14/09/2017 from 9.30am as are the other matters

    Regards Bruce

    Sent 5 minutes later:

    From: Local Court Albury
    Sent: Wednesday, 5 July 2017 11:45 AM
    To: Karma

    Subject: RE: Hearing Date – Charge Number H62294944

    Please disregard the previous email. The matter in relation to your enquiry H 62294944 is set down for mention on the 14th September 2017 from 9.30am

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The charge was bought against me on 21 October 2016, by the staff member of the Albury Court House, seeking to punish me for continuing to successfully defend all of the false charges she had corrupt Albury police bring against me. I was arrested, assaulted, illegally detained and my documents illegally searched on 22 October 2016.

    I have appeared in court 6 times in relation to this matter. The court employee avoided all of the earlier hearings, and now refuses to appear at all. I believe she is using the excuse that her husband had a heart attack back near the start of the year. The fact that I have not been informed what is causing the delay in hearing the charge, is also illegal and gives me grounds to seeks to have it dismissed.

    So I have remained on bail for 11 months now, for an illegal charge. The court employee doesn’t want to appear, ever since the court saw my brief which shows I intend to ask her, during cross examination, about a form she illegally signed in 2014, without having the correct authority to do so. Admitting that she did that, will put her in line to be fined $7,000 for having done that. So she refuses to appear at all.

    Also, I have asked in my brief that she be given the same punishment I receive, as she committed the same crime against me in the lead up to my ‘offensive’ emails to her, and again afterwards. She committed a telecommunications offence, by creating an account on this very blog, to be able to send a threatening, mocking and menacing message to me, instructing me to plead guilty to all of her personal friends charges, and her own one.

    Not gonna happen, bitch. Also, I will be seeking to be awarded compensation at same hearing, for the assault, and other assorted acts of misconduct the arresting officers indulged in on that same evening. Again, which is why they don’t want it to be heard, but also don’t want to then be sued for setting up the false bail situations, because they were still hoping to use it as an excuse to jail me, and rob me of the chance to continue to defend myself.


  2. If NSW did what Victoria is about to do, and actually investigate complaints about Magistrates, then Magistrate Anthony Kevin Murray would be convicted of everything that this blog is about, along with his court house mediator, registrar and the clerks who doctor transcripts on their behalf.

    However, we are in NSW, where even the department of Justice is just so corrupt, that it is a joke on its own name.

    New Body To Investigate Judicial Complaints
    Attorney-General of Victoria
    3 July 2017 – Justice – Media Release

    A new independent body established by the Andrews Labor Government to investigate complaints and concerns about the conduct of judicial officers and VCAT members began work today.

    The Judicial Commission allows members of the public or the legal profession to make complaints about a range of issues, including excessive delays in delivering judgments, courtroom behaviour, and judicial health issues.

    In a Victorian first, the Commission has the authority to hear complaints about judicial officers – including judges, magistrates, judicial registrars and members of the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

    The most serious complaints will be referred to a specially convened Investigating Panel, with powers to compel witnesses to attend and produce documents, and make orders that a judicial officer undergo a medical examination.

    Judges facing serious allegations can also be stood down from some or all of their duties while an investigation is underway.

    The Board of the Commission includes the heads of jurisdiction of each of the state’s courts and VCAT, and four eminent Victorians – Ms Claire Keating, Mr Graham Atkinson, Ms Helen Silver and Mr Ross Herron.

    Information about how to make a complaint to the Commission is available at

    Quotes attributable to Attorney-General Martin Pakula

    “The Government established the Judicial Commission to preserve the integrity and independence of our judiciary, and to provide Victorians with a fair and accessible process for raising complaints about the judiciary.”

    “The new Commission gives Victorians an independent, modern and transparent system for handling complaints for the first time.”


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