Magistrate Murray Has Commenced an ADVO Hearing Against me, As an Act of Parliament

Collected some mail tonight. Some incriminating evidence against police, which had been put in an enveloped marked as being from the desk of the Area Commander, was amongst it.

The other notices are from the Albury Local Court, that Magistrate Murray has started a hearing against me, in my absence, and during its continuation, I will be charged by police with more false allegations, and convicted for them by the corrupt Magistrates at the Albury local court house, seeking to cover up for their own misconduct.

It is noted on the paperwork that Magistrate Cromptom will continue the hearing.

Now back in April of this year, when dismissing my applications for motion, Magistrate Cromptom assured me that while Murray had already disqualified himself from hearing the charge against me bought by his colleague at the court house, he would also now be excluded from hearing any of the criminal charges bought against me, by her friend, the BDS Huon employee.

However, a month later, Magistrate Murray was conducting the hearing, that I chose not to attend, since it involved civil matters only. My spidey senses were also picking up on lots of foul play being put in place, to be sprung on me when I did appear. So I didn’t bother dragging myself out of my sick bed to do so.

So Murray is not allowed to hear any criminal charges against me. But he can issue two ADVO orders, personally vouched for by himself and which then makes them an Act of Parliament, due to his ‘authority’.

However, he will also be summoned as a witness, albeit a hostile one, by the defence against those same criminal charges, which are to be heard on the same day. Magistrate Cromptom will also be summoned by the defence, and asked to explain why he is not mentioning any of their behavioural misconduct towards myself, at the court house during the past two years that he personally observed from his bench, but is now hearing a case against me for false allegations that I was the one doing that to them? Looks like we are going to need another Magistrate.

I’d already been petitioning parliament for Murray’s removal, due to him perverting the course of justice against me last year, other assorted acts of illegal misconduct, perjury and because he has been nominated as having been involved in the murder of William Tyrrell.

So now he goes an advises parliament that I am such a bad person, that he has acted as the judicial officer to personally accept two ADVO applications on behalf of his buddy’s personal friends, and ensure they are granted by way of more false allegations by way of the NSW Police force.

Way to go Murray. Might have been easier to just drop all this bullshit, and vexatious proceedings.

Good thing I found that last piece of evidence which convicts you all of colluding with the complainants, including NSW police, and which will finally give me grounds for motion to be granted. I will be making that application to the NSW Supreme Court, and the additional grounds for same, will be the transcript displayed on this blog, which shows perjury on the part of Magistrate Murray.

The new matter of fraud by NSW police?

They have issued a hand written document claiming that I was facing a charge of common assault on 20 June 2017, and that the witnesses for that were Jon Williams, Constable Rowan Weekley, and Susan Ward.

Yet I prepared a brief against an allegation of writing a letter to Jon Williams, part-owner of BDS Huon, and delivering it to any empty house. All the paperwork I received last year, in relation to the charge reference number they use, stated that arrest was for that letter.

I was convicted for writing that letter on 29 February 2016. I appealed that decision in April 2016, and that was denied. However, in the district court, on appeal in August 2016, it was ruled that the case had never actually been heard in the local court in the first place. Just myself convicted on the word of a police officer, who was refusing to produce any evidence at all to the court, or willing to show any to the accused.

And by a Magistrate who was already aware that it was a false charge, and that he was being asked to hand down a conviction that would enable his colleague’s personal friends, to win their false cases against me. The defence evidence which had disproven them both, was arranged to have been dismissed by the Maggot Murray.

The conviction was set aside in the District Court and the matter sent back to the local court. As I said, I prepared a defence against that allegation and original conviction.

Police should have had to rely on the only evidence they used last time to have me convicted. A three page statement written by a crooked cop. He didn’t even tender the letter he charged me for writing, to the court. It is supposed to be a re-hearing, of the same allegations, but this time in  my presence.

Yet the constable got busy running around gathering up witness statements, and having to write his own one long after he had obtained conviction without doing any of that. The arrangement had been in place, ‘she gets convicted, regardless of the facts, so don’t both too much with it’.

Police had changed the date of the offence, in their new paperwork issued in November of last year. However, that was understandable, since I was at home that night they orignally alleged that the ‘crime’ took place, and I have witnesses to prove that I was. So now they nominate a new time and date of the ‘crime’ against BDS Huon.

But changing the offence completely. I don’t think that’s allowed.

I guess that’s also due to the fact that they had originally imposed a levy on the fine for that conviction, for having committed a violence crime, and which I later appealed. There had been no violence, nor threats of same, made by myself towards anyone.

So now we have changed the offence, so that the levy applies?!?

NSW Justice. More corrupt than one could ever imagine. And continuing to get away with it all.

I don’t have my printer set up at the moment to scan the document. I’ve taken a photo of it though.


Update: I was reconvicted of this common assault on an envelop and a garage door, on 14 September 2017, in my absence, when I abandoned the hearing due to misconduct by Magistrate Cromptom, and am awaiting sentencing this month, via video link.



I’ll have to edit the arrest documents, and which show the same reference number quoted in the top photo, to remove any identifying names, before I can post it here.

Back soon with that.

Police have changed the date of the offence, and I have allowed that. The cop deliberately framed me, made an illegal recording of a conversation with myself then claimed I had confessed in a formal interview. The court and the police area commander both denied me access to their evidence against me, which flies in the face of Australian Law. However, I have allowed his false statement of facts to be admitted, at this stage.

But changing the offence, I don’t think I should have to put up with this shit any longer.

I had taken the arrest documents off the blog, to ensure that the blog cannot be seen to be in breach of the gag order placed on me by Murray originally, to cover up the truth.

However, in light of this new disgraceful example of corruption between both police and the court, I now repost the arrest documentation for the charge which is now being classed as ‘common assault’ – Charge No: H60077075.

So … will Jon Williams be appearing court to bear witness that I physically assaulted his employee, or is his employee person the witness in a charge that I have assaulted Jon Williams?

The transcript for the hearing, which went on to convict me, clearly shows that Magistrate Murray had somehow become aware that someone had been assaulted in February of last year. But he wasn’t sure who was the victim was, and who was the accused was. The prosecutor had no idea that any assault had occurred, and later describes same as one email and one phone call.

Rather than sort that issue out, the Magistrate was merely told that I was the one charged for a breach … therefore I must be the one who assaulted someone. Therefore I was convicted and fined, with a levy added for having committed a violent crime.

Mr Williams was excused from cross examination this week, by the Magistrate who accused me of berating him, and asking him questions that he shouldn’t have to answer. The same favour was done for the lying Cop, Framer Weekley.

I’m thinking of asking to be allowed to recall both of them, just for the last few questions I had to put to them. I could also ask them about this ‘common assault’. Also funny that I’d advised the police commissioner’s office that I will be taking a civil matter to court, for common assault, against three of his police officers not long ago, so again, they are just playing games.

So now we have a police officer pretending that I am being charged with common assault instead, for writing a letter to Jon Williams, of BDS Huon, and advising him that his employee is mentally ill, out of control, and is about to disgrace his company’s name even further by way of her actions in the local court house.

Jon had me arrested for delivering that bit of advice to him. See you in the Federal Court Mr Williams, shortly after we take this charge to the NSW Supreme Court.


arrest 1 p2 - Copy

arrest 1 p3

arrest 1 p 4

Senior Cunstable Rowan Weekley, Albury Police (not his real photo ;p) was promoted after framing me twice, making an illegal recording, tampering with evidence and perjury to the court. No wonder the police force is being held in such disdain by the people these days, because of rampant corruption.



IMG_20170624_105148 EDITIMG_20170624_105200 EDITIMG_20170624_105226 EDITIMG_20170624_105250 EDIT


The blog post on this site, which clearly shows Murray committing perjury while on his bench, seeking to protect the court house ‘mediator’ in December of last year, was published on 9 April 2017. The above court order is dated 22 May 2017. Now who appears to be seeking revenge?

I made the post, because the court refused to grant motion, after 4 or 5 months of jerking me around. It was made to prove that my application for motion, was valid, and should have been granted.

How can you rely on a Magistrate who lies to your face in court, and then gets laughed at by people in the audience when he has to admit to your face, that he was lying just now?

Why has Maggot Murray made this order 6 weeks afterwards?

Revenge and a strong desire to clear his own name, by having me convicted of more false allegations, even if he has to use one of his buddies to do it for him this time.


Murray also goes on to dictate some additional conditions on the back of the paperwork. He writes that from that point on, no one will be excused from hearings, unless they can provide a valid medical certificate.

Yet when I tendered a legal letter from my GP to explain my absence on the day that I was convicted, he simply refused to accept it. On appeal months later, the District Court Judge couldn’t see what his problem was, and ruled the letter to have been acceptable.

Murray knows that I am on disability pension, and suffer an ongoing illness. So these remarks being recorded now, are so he can make it hard for me to appeal, if I miss a hearing.

Yet when one of the complainants failed to attend a hearing last year, and without giving any valid reason why, he allowed that, and adjourned me until it was convenient for her to attend. She does work for BDS Huon afterall, and their staff do whatever they want, at the Albury local court, with the support of NSW Police.

He is also very aware that I set him up one day last year, by failing to appear. I emailed the court that morning, explained why I was ill, asked them not to hear the cases in my absence or to make any rulings while I was not there. I also offered a short defence, just in case, for two of them, but also pointed out that I assume the hearing that day would have to be postponed, until another application going through the court had been decided. If that had been decided in my favour, then the charges I was facing on the day I didn’t attend, wouldn’t not have gone ahead.

Murray used it as an opportunity to convict me of two charges, and fined me outrageously for same. So I lodged a complaint with the Judicial Commission about his actions that day. I knew he would do that, and the idiot took the bait, lol.

The convictions were easily overturned, during an appeal which they didn’t let go through to the district court, which was the other thing I was aiming for. Instead, the other Magistrate overturned them, after reading the email I had sent to the court but didn’t appear to have been put on file, or in the record. What a joke Murray is. So full of himself.

Actually I heard he was looking pretty sick and hung over one day a couple of weeks ago. Apparently years ago he was an alcoholic and would show up for court hung over and nasty. Then apparently he got his act together a bit, and appeared to have stopped drinking. Seems he slipped off the wagon recently. Maybe too much stress to deal with, coming at him through this blog.

What sort of image is that for the Queen to have representing her? A very ugly looking man, all sweaty and hung over, berating people from his bench, because he isn’t able to keep control of his temper, especially when he has a hangover.

On the days that he is in a foul mood, the sheriffs move around the foyer, quietly telling everyone to turn off their mobile phone. There are signs on display to do so, but after recesses or lunch, people often forget to turn them off, or didn’t see the sign. Any person who’s phone makes a noise in his court room is instantly berated, and moved to be last in line for the day.

I think the Queen needs to take a good hard look at some of these people sitting on ‘her’ benches in courts in Australia, and ask herself if she would like to be judged by one of them. Maybe she should have a good long look around parliament house too, and weed out some of the more corrupt politicians.

I’m going to write her a funny letter about Murray. I hope she enjoys reading it 😉

I’ll be sure to post it to the blog.




















8 thoughts on “Magistrate Murray Has Commenced an ADVO Hearing Against me, As an Act of Parliament

  1. So I guess I have to contact the Queen of England, and advise her that her representative at the Albury Local Court is not only a common crook, but might just be a pedophile and an accomplice to a murder.

    I will advise her not to listen to anything he says about me, especially when I was lodging complaints for a year about him, before he created these new false charges against me, on behalf of the Parliament of Australia and the Crown, and its pedophile ring.


  2. From:
    Sent: Monday, 26 June 2017 9:33 AM
    To: Karma

    Subject: Receipt – NSW Police Force Complaint Form


    Thank you for your submission of a complaint to NSW Police Force. We successfully received your complaint as follows:

    You are entitled to remain anonymous however you should be aware the NSW Police’s ability to respond effectively to your complaint could be hindered if we are unable to seek further detail or clarification from you.

    Your Details


    Name(s) of Police Officer(s) Involved:

    Snr Con Mills or Milne

    Where officer(s) stationed::


    Name(s) of other people involved::

    Commander of Police, Albury

    Incident Date (Format DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM am/pm)::

    2017-05-19 15:20 pm

    Place of Incident::

    Albury Police Station

    Details of Incident(s)::

    I received a letter being held for me on Friday, sent to my previous address. The envelope states that it is from the Commander of Police, NSW Police Force, Albury Station. The document contained in contains an instance of fraud. One document was ok, but neither needed to be posted to me. The other is a list of witnesses police planned to call at hearing on 20 June 2016, where I was charged with breach ADVO. The charge was bought against me by Con Rowan Weekley on 19 January 2016, and was for writing a letter to an accountant. However, on the page sent to me by police on 19 May 2017, they list the charge as common assault.

    Are you able to identify witness or provide other evidence of the matter you are complaining of? If so please provide details.:

    Yes, I have kept the envelop which pretends the letter was sent by the Police Commander, or maybe it was Superintendent Quarmby who wrote the document and posted it to me, as an act of intimidation. However, Snr Con Mills (or Milne) had been phoning me prior to that hearing, and when I caught up with her at same, she didn’t seem to have any reason to have been phoning me. I was convicted of a false allegation of an incidence of violence, instead of Weekley’s false charge, so I guess Albury police are trying to make the paperwork match the conviction. However, the charge always was for writing a letter and delivering it to any empty house. No contact with anyone, therefore, it involved no assault. I will be seeking a change in venue for the continuation of that hearing, based on this new act of fraud, and attempted intimidation.

    What outcome do you want to see, or believe would be appropriate, as a result of your complaint.:

    Albury police need to stop telling lies, stop acting unlawfully, and stop framing people for crimes that did not occur. They need to stop acting unlawfully and illegally, on behalf of court house staff and their personal friends, and they need to stop bullying people who lodge valid complaints about their corrupt behaviour.

    Please confirm the details you entered are accurate. Making a false complaint about the conduct of a police officer is an offence. Providing false or misleading information during the course of an investigation into a complaint is also an offence.



  3. I’ll repost this comment to this thread, so that if I end up in jail, the illegality of that is shown on this blog.
    Gwen Bradley’s charge against me, and for which I have been on bail, does not appear to have been re-listed for mention nor hearing. Therefore all the bail conditions which related to it are all negated.

    Susan Ward/BDS Huon’s four charges of breach, which the court was going to use to jail me next month, and which would have seen me appearing on camera live from jail, for the ‘finalization’ of the hearing which had to be abandoned on 14 September 2017, due to the Magistrate and prosecutor protecting the complainant from having to be cross examined about any of her lies, have been listed for their next mention in January 2018, and hearing on 15 February 2018.

    Therefore, the only thing which I can be arrested, and detained, in relation to at the moment is the new court orders Janice O’Bryan and Susan Ward claim were approved last week, and issued this week.

    Those orders were obtained after I was driven from the court house, by continued acts of corruption, so that I could not defend them, nor the case that was in motion. Because the court is fully aware that these two women are lying, and have been since the defence evidence was lodged on 11 and 12 January 2016. Also, because the court is fully aware that the hearing of any charges of breach are illegal, and the police cannot win them, if the court proceeds with hearing them, but in a fair and lawful manner.

    I was also denied the right, and the opportunity to lodge notices of motion against all hearings, before they could occur on 14 September 2017.

    Any judgements handed down after I left the court house shortly after 11m on Thursday 14 September 2017, are in violation of all common law rights to fair and impartial hearings, and in violation of the criminal and civil laws of NSW, and the court processes which apply to the hearing of same.

    I will be challenging those in a local court very soon, since trying to take things to a higher court, gets you assaulted, or jailed, if they relate to previous dealings at the Albury Local Corrupt Court house.


  4. Its interesting and ironic to note, that when seeking an order on behalf of the NSW government, and which is his employer, Murray was still unable to allow the hearing to be conducted in a fair, impartial and legal manner.

    The hearing which it is claimed to have occurred, granted the orders without any due consideration being given, and in my absence after I had once again walked out of that court house, and yet another corrupt farce of a ‘hearing’.

    In controlling Magistrate Cromptom from behind the scenes to grant the order, Murray again has disgraced this other person, and marred his potential career, to cover up for his own acts of misconduct.

    I see from the local news site, that neither of them was on the bench last week, at the local corrupt court house. I hope that’s a permanent thing.

    I also hope that I am absent from that corrupt court house too, from hereon. 🙂


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