Private Prosecution

Prior to having to remove some pages of this blog, it had on display some information about conducting a private prosecution against someone, in a criminal court room.

Its different to civil action, in that the person is actually convicted of a crime, in the same way as if police had taken the matter to court.

In fact, once the hearing is underway, and the proof is flying that the accused is guilty, then the police prosecutor would be expected to pick up the cause, and bring the matter to conviction himself or herself, on behalf of the state.

I have just prepared the paperwork to make application to the Albury local court, to conduct one of these.

I have also just had to advise the NSW Attorney General that I will be making that application, which is funny when he hasn’t wanted to hear about any of this corruption or perversions of justice, and false police charges, since taking that office.

I’ll try to lodge that application online, on the weekend, to avoid having to approach the corrupt Registrar at Albury Court House with it. It will cost me $120 apparently, to get it started, but that will be money well spent.

Looks like its shaping up to be another year spent at the court house again this year. What a bummer, I’d been hoping to be free to go home soon.

It will also be interesting to see what happens in the next few days, prior to that application being mentioned in court.

Will the AG instruct Albury police to revoke my bail and put me in jail, before I can lodge the application?

Will the Albury local court suddenly issue a warrant for my arrest this afternoon, for some kind of false allegation?

Will Albury police track me down and assault me again, and drive me out of town themselves, in the boot of one of their highway patrol cars?

Anything can happen, here in Albury, where corrupt police run the streets, and a corrupt court house covers up for them by convicting the innocent.

I’d republish the document here, but can’t afford to offend anyone, now that they have been trying to put pressure on me for the past week. I have reacted to that pressure behind the scenes, with my approach to the Chinese embassy, and now this decision to finally go ahead with this private prosecution.

I’ve also sent the Local Courts of NSW a statement of claim this week. Asking that they cease and desist all of this corruption and illegal court bullshit, or I will take them to the civil court charged with failing to uphold my common law right to fair and impartial dealings, when summoned to any court house in Australia, next month.

Here comes da judge. 😉




One thought on “Private Prosecution

  1. Had a migraine on the weekend, so I didn’t get this application finalized. However, I’ve decided this morning, that due to all the illegal actions Albury Court House has already been allowed to get away with, I don’t think I will lodge it there afterall.

    I had intended to do so, to be able to call upon staff of that court house to be cross examined.

    However, I think I’d be better off without that, in a different venue, where the application might have a chance of being taken seriously.

    I’ll deal with that after the hearing tomorrow.


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