To the Chinese Embassy

From: Karma
Sent: Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:34 AM


Dear Sir

I would like to come to your embassy in Canberra, to be given political asylum by your country.

The Australian government is trying to jail me for publishing information about their attacks on the sick and injured people in this country, by way of welfare agencies.

Also, for publishing information on a pedophile ring, which operates in NSW, and involves NSW police and other government officials.

I have recently been blogging about unlawful and criminal actions within the NSW Department of Justice. All of these things combined, mean that the government of Australia wants to put me behind bars.

Which is hypocritical of them, when they criticize your country for violations of human rights against your citizens. My human rights have been violated by way of being denied fair and impartial hearings, and which is a common law right guaranteed to me by having been born an Australian citizen.

NSW Police currently have  me facing six false charges, and intend to jail me on Tuesday of next week, without any evidence of any crimes having been committed. A corrupt Magistrate is ready to hand down that conviction against me.

I would like to come to your embassy this weekend, before that can happen.

I would like to shame our government about the fact that one of their citizens has had to take this step, to protect themselves from corruption within the NSW government, and to show they they do not value human rights either, nor respect those awarded by birth right to the citizens of Australia.

I would also like to publicize the corrupt actions of the NSW Judiciary and of NSW police, towards an innocent person, who they were aware was innocent, but framed for crimes as a favour to (edit). Her actions were illegal, and to cover that up, police have instead charged me, to silence me about it.

Please advise if you would consider allowing me to come to the embassy, and provide me with refuge.

Yours sincerely



I will be sending this to all of the embassies in Australia, today, to see if I can find somewhere safe to be on Tuesday of next week, when the whole staff of the Albury court house tries to sentence me to jail, to cover up for their own illegal actions.

Also posted to the Australian Police Watch Facebook Group.

With all the illness and computer problems I’ve had lately, I haven’t had a chance to send out articles that I am to be jailed by Albury Court House, to cover up for the crimes committed against me by their staff.

Maybe doing the above, will get the publicity I need, to have these matters seriously investigated, for the first time since they started.

I also have been too ill to prepare any official document to lodge at court next week to end this, but the court would just find ways to ignore that anyway.

Seeking protection from NSW police and the corrupt department of NSW Justice, which has the power to jail me, is the only option I have left now. I cannot rely on any Australian government department to act fairly towards me, so I can only appeal to foreign powers now.

However, I have just made it hard for myself, to head up the highway from Albury, and to try to get to Canberra on the weekend. The highway patrols will be given my car registration details, to prevent me from getting there. Which is why I have posted this information here.

If I don’t post on Monday of next week,  you will know that I have already been jailed.

Also just cc’d the above email to the Premier and Shadow Premier of NSW, so they are aware of the situation, and to the ABC.




2 thoughts on “To the Chinese Embassy

  1. I have also just sent a statement of claim to Local Courts of NSW, and advising that I will be taking civil action against them in 21 days time, if they go ahead with hearing any of these charges next week.

    I might have to take that matter to a civil court from a jail cell, but in the end, it will be proven that I was innocent all along, and the course of justice was perverted against me by three employees of the Albury court house, being the Registrar, the Magistrate and a person who I am not allowed to mention.


  2. I will now advise the police commissioner’s office of the same thing.

    The hearing next week revolves around an arrest that was completely unlawful. A complaint was lodged with the police commissioner’s office about same. That complaint was sent to Albury to be investigated down here. It never was. When police contacted me, they talked about other officers named in other complaints lodged about that same arrest, but claimed they have no record of a complaint about Constable Rowan Weekley.

    When I insisted that an investigation should happen, Superintendent Quarmby wrote to me denying me access to the false evidence that Weekley claimed to have in his possession and threatened to charge me with lodging false complaints about him.

    Again, at the appeal into that conviction, both the police prosecutor and Maggot Murray denied me access to the information that Weekley claimed to have obtained during a lawful formal interview. Formal interview my ass.

    Superintendent Quarmby, or other officers at Albury police station, then tampered with the illegal recording made by Con Weekley on the day he arrested me, without informing that I was being arrested and charged, ready to be presented into evidence next week.

    I will advise the commissioners’ office before hand, that I will be taking a civil complaint against NSW police, to the civil court, over the actions of Weekley and Quarmby if this charge is allowed to be heard in the corrupt Albury Local Court, and before the corrupt Magistrate who is seeking to jail me, to protect himself from allegations of unlawful actions and decisions, and that of his little buddy, and the Registrar.


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