Hiding out from Corrupt Albury Police

As commented elsewhere on this blog, I had to vacate the flat I’d been renting for the whole of these court dramas, being over 18 months now.

For the first time, in that same amount of time, I have not been harassed by corrupt Albury police, nor put up on any new false charges, designed to punish me for lodging valid complaints about their initial actions towards me, and that of staff at the Albury court house.

Somewhere in this blog is also an allegation that Magistrate Anthony Murray and at least one corrupt Albury police officer, were involved in the murder of William Tyrrell. I bet police are not investigating that. No one has contacted me about the matter either. However, it does leave me living in fear of what police would do to me now, if they got hold of me.

The only information I have about that potential murder of the missing toddler, was given to me by a man I met at the Albury court house. He told me that it is the word on the street here, in the housing commission area where he lives. I have no proof of what he says, nor has Magistrate Murray ever given me any reason to believe that he might be innocent.

One could accuse me of libel, in making that post to the internet. However, if it is the truth, the rumour needs to come up off the street, and into being officially investigated.

Magistrate Murray deliberately and unlawfully convicted me of false allegations on 29 February 2016, by perverting the course of justice against me. This resulted in large amounts of defamation of character, and slander and libel.

Maybe it is his own karma to have now been shamed on the internet, and not just for that issue, but for his corruption of court proceedings and unprofessional conduct while on his bench. He has held me up for ridicule and openly mocked and berated me in a public court room, while he was the one acting corruptly at the time. Now he is being subject to the same treatment.

However, he appears to not be interested in taking a civil case against me. Instead, he is preferring to use the previous false convictions that he handed down against me, to silence and punish me. And to put me into the hands of Albury police, once again.

Albury court house continues to insist on hearing a charge bought against me, by one of their own employees, at that same court house. It was to be heard before Magistrate Murray, and police had already advised him that he would be handing down a jail sentence upon myself.

For causing offence to the person who arranged for Murray to pervert the course of justice against me in the first place, in February of last year.

Police assaulted me during the arrest for that charge, and charged me with resist arrest. They added in a second charge of resist arrest on a day that I was not arrested, and hadn’t seen a cop for over a month.

The charge is illegal, due to it involving a legal complaint to the Ombudsman and NSW Attorney General, about police corruption in Albury, as organized by staff of the court house.

The charge also cannot be proven against me in a court of law, because police have failed to match the email address of the ‘offensive’ emails to an IP address or a valid telecommunications account.

Yet Murray plans to use this charge, to silence and punish me. That was put in place, before I made the information public, regarding the allegation of his involvement in this unsolved crime. He might have been aware that I had made the report, and I did go on to advise the Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission that I had done so, but no one else was aware of that ‘grudge’ he might hold against me. Which is why I posted it here, and to another location on the internet.

Slander and libel, against someone who had done the same to me? No, I made the post to protect myself.

After making a report about same to crime stoppers, Albury police showed up at the house the sim card I’d used to send the emails from, was registered to. They laughed off their visit, when it didn’t lead them to myself, but to another person involved in the matters before the court.

As stated elsewhere on the blog, if police had gone there in relation to the charge of ‘offence’ via internet, then they would have included that information in their charge sheet, and pointed out my relationship to the owner of the sim card, to the court.

Instead, they choose to keep that visit very quiet. They don’t seem to want anyone to know that my IP was in fact traced.

But maybe not from emails sent to a private email address, but from the IP that connected to the crime stoppers website, and nominated Murray and an Albury police officer as having been involved in the murder of William Tyrrell, after he had been abducted from the north coast of NSW.

I guess Murray can’t afford to have a conviction by himself handed down against the owner of the IP who made that report about him, on the record, in light of future appeals made against the sentence.

Which I guess is why he was happy to disqualify himself in the end, and rely instead upon another Magistrate to enact his revenge for me.

Again, I make this post as an act of self protection and self preservation. The police have not known where I have been staying for the past 6 weeks or so, nor been able to easily trace my mobile phone, as I have limited reception, made worse recently by clouds and rain.

They have had no way to punish me, or silence me, for making that post here on the blog since the time that I made it. I have stayed home, out of town, to avoid being detected by them, so that I could remain free to prepare for their upcoming cases against myself.

I did not appear in court the last time I was supposed to, on 22 May 2017, for the same reasons.

That hearing was for civil matters, and I’d been having such bad vibes in the lead up to that hearing, that I chose not to attend. I was also suffering a migraine headache from the stress of it all.

Whatever trap they tried to spring on me that day, was thwarted. I believe I have been sent some mail, relating to that day, but I have not yet been able to pick that up.

Now I find that an officer from the Albury police station phoned me a few days ago. I guess they are calling to instruct me to hand myself in, because they are revoking my bail. Her voice mail message was breaking up constantly, when I tried to listen to it. I couldn’t try again, as I lost reception completely after that.

I have lodged further complaints about staff of the Albury court house during the weeks that I have been in hiding, including concrete proof of the conspiracy to frame me for false allegations initially, and which involved a staff member at same court house.

I guess I have caused offence.

Yet I am the one who has evidence of Magistrate Murray deliberately perverting the course of justice against me, committing perjury during a hearing he was presiding over, changing decisions after hearings and listing criminal charges that are not even valid, and were bought against me illegally, by corrupt police working on instruction from his court house.

But yes, it appears I will be in jail before being able to finish preparing my defence, for any of these charges, because this blog, outlining corruption in a state run revenue raising business, is offensive to all of the people involved in it.

Yet it is my common law right to do so.

Maybe the cop is just phoning to say why the hearing of the charge at which I was to be sentenced to that jail term, has been delayed. I’d mentioned in a complaint the other day, that I might seek a permanent stay in that hearing, due to the delays being experienced and that I have not been notified as to why they are occurring.

However, its best to assume the worst when dealing with Albury police and court house.

I have to appear in the Albury court again next wee. I was originally facing two criminal charges, both of which just happened to be illegal.

One has been relisted for mention only, to set a new date for its hearing. Which also means the NSW Attorney General has still not acted to direct his employee to drop her illegal charge against me.

The other charge, is for writing to BDS Huon, in December 2015. If I can defend that successfully this time, and having been provided with the police brief has certainly increased my ability to do so this time, then all of the other charges stemming from it will just fall away, and I will finally be free of this shit.

I wouldn’t even bother attending that hearing, since it is an invalid charge which cannot be legally heard in court, due to lack of service of a final order, but they have me on bail for the one that has been postponed, so that I have to attend.

I need to go to where it is warm, for winter. I am sick, with other issues which have arisen during these proceedings, apart from my usual slipped discs and arthritic pain. I need some rest, and to recover from this 18 month long ordeal, and to find the strength to continue to fight it. I might have to ask for a three month adjournment.

While I have destroyed the melanoma, or potentially cancerous ulcer, which had formed on my chest last August, by using a natural remedy, the hole it has created in my skin will simply not heal and close up. It’s time I consulted a GP. However, I would have liked more time to continue to treat it naturally, before agreeing to having it treated with life threatening cancer treatments.

A bit less stress would go a long way to helping it heal. I have a different kind of skin cancer on my face, which appeared at the height of these proceedings last August, and which is also refusing to clear up.

(BDS Huon have been advised by way of a previous blog that they should drop all of these ‘SLAP’* cases against me, because I need to attend to these medical conditions. They declined to allow that, and instead chose once against to continue with them, even though that constantly becomes to their own detriments.

Murray was advised at the hearing on 12 December 2016 that I was trying to have the melanoma treated. It is shown in the transcript on display here. I was also asking for a few months off, from their assault on me, due to that and the health issues which were still affecting me after the assault by police on 22 October 2016.

He is once again completely ignoring those two issues, plus the issues which put me on dsp in the first place, and making rulings in May 2017 that I am not allowed advise that I am too sick to attend a hearing, and setting it up that I cannot appeal on the basis of not being present. Yet when I was present in court in the lead up to all of this drama, he couldn’t convict me when I was there to argue the truth, only when I was too sick to attend, or setting him up to disgrace himself. Which is why I really didn’t appear in May this year, so that they could convict me of the new allegations, and then I could just appeal it up to the District court and out of Murray’s cesspit of a court room. Instead, they only part heard it, when they had every legal excuse to grant it without hearing it in my presence, so that they could continue it later on, and again, prevent me from stepping up to the higher court. More waste of tax payer’s funds, and themselves keeping themselves in work, even if that is by criminal actions against a person who was innocent when first summoned there, and still is innocent of any act that could be defined as criminal, in its own right?)

That will also give some government agencies and the Tax Practitioners’ Board time to finally investigate all of the allegations of corruption I have been making since January 2016, and maybe end proceedings before any more injustices occur.

I can’t rely on the local court to do that, because it is the local court who is covering up for itself, and won’t let me out of its arena. Murray continues to try to convict me, to protect himself, and his colleagues, of allegations of proven misconduct.

I was also told in the final days of last year, that a person had called his connection at the Albury police station, to make enquiries about all of the charges I am facing. He was told that police were not aware of me, or any other charges. My friend was advised that the police are not putting them on the books, or the record.

I noticed with the very first charge, they had logged it with a police officer in Griffith, and two were later logged with an officer in Holbrook. One place I have never been to, and the second, I do drive through whenever I travel between here and Sydney, which hasn’t been often.

So once I am sentenced by Murray, and if those charges don’t actually appear in any real police records, where do I end up? Do the court records then simply disappear as well?

I did have all the transcripts published here previously, and which prove this all happened, along with all of the police arrest documents and defence statements, but had to take them out when threatened with a new gag order.

Also, police assaulted me once they’d read the defence documents, and knew they would lose all of their cases. If I get the matters before an honest Magistrate that is.

Is there one of those in NSW? Please advise me if you know of one, and I will apply for a change of venue to his court, and have all this shit overturned, due to its corrupted processes.

There is also an investigation finally starting now, into the Registrar and matters of collusion. I’ll be asking the matters involved in that investigation be postponed from being heard until after that has been finalized.



I might also do some research into what Shane Dowling from Kangaroo Court is doing, and start advising all of the Attorney Generals, in each state, that violations of common law rights, and therefore federal law, is going on at the Albury local court and needs to be stopped.

Removing Murray from the bench would go a long way to fixing the problem. I’d already started petitioning politicians to remove him from the bench, so going through the AG’s might be a way of bringing that about.

Can I get him investigated, and/or fired, before he can jail me of false accusations and false charges? The race is on.


Its a shame he has implicated Magistrate Cromptom in this as well, and stained his career, at it outset, just to keep his own corrupt decisions in play.


The level of corruption on at the Albury court house, cannot be allowed to continue, if anyone is to have any faith in law enforcement in this area.

Law enforcement will not be honest, unless the staff of same are kept honest, by open investigations into allegations of corruption, and disciplinary acts being affected.

The NSW Ombudsman, ICAC and Police Commissioners Office all dropped the ball on this one and allowed it to continue, for reasons of their own.

Yet it has not yet gone away, it continues to throw itself in their faces, and will do so until they resolve it in a legal and honest fashion.

Not by throwing me in a jail cell, to silence me about their own illegal behaviours.


At least I can say I didn’t go quietly ;D

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Nearly 100 new blog viewers, within just the past 9 days. I bet we make it to 700 today, due to the links I have placed on some facebook groups.

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6 thoughts on “Hiding out from Corrupt Albury Police

  1. By the way, Albury Police:

    My car died when I arrived home the other night and then received my voice mail messages. So I can’t drive to look for signal, to try to replay them. Its just the battery, dying in the cold weather, I think. Being a long weekend, I haven’t been able to do anything about fixing it yet. I’ll try to recharge the battery today, but it might turn out that the alternator has died as well. It will be off the road for a few days longer, if that is the case.

    On the other hand, I have no intention of turning myself in, for you to incarcerate me until the hearing of your last false charge against me, or any new ones you have helped to generate. I’ve had the flue, am run down, and as I said above, trying to clear up two skin cancers at the moment, before they spread. Stress can cause a flare up in cancers, I have read.

    Therefore, I need access to medication and the alternative remedies I’ve been employing. I won’t let you kill me by destroying the rest of my health. I continue trying to end this mess instead, and in leiu of that, or in the meantime, I will continue to blog for my own safety. So that questions are asked, when I have been made to disappear.

    Too many high up people became embroiled in this, to protect the court workers. Which again, puts me in danger, for knowing too much, and being able to prove my complaints.


  2. In going through paper work in preparation for the next hearing though, I see nothing in this blog which could constitute an offence against the new pending gag orders. There is nothing in that document which states I cannot mention BDS Huon on the internet, and no law yet, which prevents me from blogging about corruption in government agencies.


  3. A list of corrupt police in Albury, who are happy to frame people on behalf of staff of the court house, and local business owners.

    Con Rowan Weekley, framed me twice for allegations which were not crimes. Made an illegal recording of an ‘informal’ conversation with myself, then claimed he had a confession recorded in a formal interview. Both he, the court and the local police Superintendent then refused me access to that recording, before the hearing, after hearing, and in court at the appeal. Months later, Weekley edited and tampered with same recording and now plans to submit it to the court.

    Months later, after I’d lodged several complaints about him, and been convicted of the charge he framed me for, he did the same again. This time he didn’t get a recording, or even a chat with me. He was just told to go away from my front door. He went back to the station and wrote a charge sheet claiming that I had instructed him to go away and charge me for two crimes, both of which I had no idea could even be construed as a criminal act.

    I was convicted in my absence of that charge to, in my absence. I had entered a plea of innocent at the first mention of that charge, but was convicted before I could lodge any kind of defence. For his first conviction, I was not even given the chance to enter a plea. Just convicted on the word of a dishonest cop – Rowan Weekley.

    Con Jasmine Lamont. Bought a charge against me for a phone call made months earlier, just to destroy my appeal against Weekley’s conviction. Advised the court the charge had been logged on the police computer, on the day of the appeal, yet didn’t finalize that charge until later in the month, and which was when the court should have been advised about it. They were in a hurry though, to destroy the appeal.

    Constable Mary Ann Walker, not only had to ignore verbal information that her complainant was lying, but then had to tamper with evidence in the case against me, and remove approximately 20 pages of evidence which showed that the complainant was lying, and had made a false complaint and false allegation, to bring a charge against me.

    Con James Evans. Told to his face by an impartial person that the complainant had committed purjery in all of her previous statements to the court, and about the current situation. Evans charged me anyway.

    Con Jonathan Minehan. A real psychopath. Was in the company of Evans on the day that they were told the complainants just hadn’t stopped lying from the outset of proceedings. Arrested me on yet another false charge, when the friends of the court employee were in danger of loosing all of their false charges against me, in court. Assaulted me, attempted to scare and intimidate me, wrote untruthful statements in his account of the situation, kept me in a jail cell for nearly 4 hours, and then ordered me to leave town before the hearing of his charge, and that of the court employee’s friends.

    On the day that Minehand delivered the brief for his false charges, I remarked that he had assaulted me the last time he had come to my house. He acted like that was not the truth. Only a true psychopath could stand there and deny assaulting me, knowing full well that he and two other officers, had done just that, after coming to my house to arrest me on a false charge, and as yet another act of harassment, designed to protect the corrupt court employee, and his corrupt buddies named above.


  4. Just about finished my brief for Tuesday’s hearing Weekley, and the other boys at the station who are reading the blog.

    Its nearly 100 pages long. Sorry that I didn’t get to lodge it 7 days prior to the hearing, but I’ve had some set backs lately, due to having to had to move house. Hope you have time to prepare your case against it. By the way, I’ve changed my defence statements, since you’ve had months to ponder those after downloading them from this site. So, I wrote some new ones, just to make things more interesting and fun.

    I’ll email it to you on Monday, and to the court house. I’m not paying to print it out, by two copies. This crap has cost me enough already.

    I’ll also lodge my brief about the other separate charge which is to be mentioned on that day, and my brief for my private prosecution. So that a date can be set for its hearing, on the same day as its counter-part.


    • Lol, that brief sure does make a fool of Murray’s new Acts of Parliament against me. LMAO. In that it disproves all of the allegations against me, and proves misconduct on the part of court house staff. Yet he is now acting to protect the people who’s original complaints have once against been disproven. By evidence.


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