Premier of NSW Condoning Corruption at Albury Court House and the CJC

I have been contacting the Premier’s office about all of the issues described in this blog for the past couple of weeks now.

The initial reply I received from her office, was that they had forwarded my contact with them to the NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman.

I replied that he has ignored all of my direct contacts with that office, and in recent times his staff at his Cronulla office have told me to stop emailing him through that portal instead.

The Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, is fully aware of what I am being put through by corrupt staff, and corrupt officers of the NSW police force, and is allowing it to continue. Troy Grant has been aware of it since the outset, and that his police are guilty of misconduct, including the Area Commander, Evan Quarmby.

She is aware that I have been framed in court, by employees of the NSW ‘justice’ department, on order of an employee of the CJC. Which is an agency of the NSW Attorney General’s office.

That employee is guilty of committing crimes against justice, and against myself. That employee used her role at the Albury court house, to have me convicted of false allegations, and continues to do so. She has not been reprimanded, she has not been investigated, she has not been forced to stop.

Now I am facing more false charges, bought against me all while complaining to the AG and the Premier about what is being done to me, at the corrupt hands and unlawful actions of Magistrate Tony Murray of the Albury Local Court.

Bought against me even after I had made application for a change in venue, due to continued corruption, and which was proven by the evidence presented within that application. That application was deliberately denied, so that Magistrate Murray can continue to inflict more charges and penalties onto myself, for daring to lodge complaints about his illegal conduct to the NSW Judicial Commission. Who then stood back and allowed him and his goons to have me physically assaulted, put on more false charges and bail, so that they could jail me anytime they wanted, and without any kind of hearing into that.

This is not justice. This is an attack on an innocent person, by the whole of the NSW government, for simply lodging complaints about their own misconduct.

What a rotten joke they are, on the people of NSW.

Jailing me, will only expose your conduct more fully, once there is finally an investigation into it all. That day will come, even if it is after I have been murdered.

While I wait for that to occur, I will be seeking a permanent stay in all proceedings, at the NSW Supreme Court. And for my ‘bail’ to be removed.

Misuse of process, and a very questionable to decision to grant the first convictions, and from which all other charges stem.

I have just emailed the draft of an ‘order to produce and give evidence’ to the Registrar of Albury court house.

Apart from being summoned to be cross examined by the defence evidence in relation to all of the matters before the local court next month (June 2017), the court is now being asked to produce evidence of the incidence of violence which saw myself convicted of other false allegations in February 2016, and again, from which all other false allegations and charges now stem.

I have cc’d a copy of that subpoena to produce to the Premer and the Shadow Attorney General, along with the ICAC and Ombudsman and other assorted agencies, who all do nothing to stop corrupt dealings by NSW public servants.


One thought on “Premier of NSW Condoning Corruption at Albury Court House and the CJC

  1. So … we will give up on emailing the Premier of NSW about the continued corruption and illegal acts occurring at the Albury court house. She is not at all interested in stopping them, nor in having those allegations investigated and addressed. She is taking a leaf from the book of the corrupt Attorney General and remaining silent, to protect the guilty employees who are on her state payroll.

    This week, we start emailing the Shadow Premier instead. His Shadow Attorney General was bought into the loop of emailed complaints recently, and so is already aware of the situation and that the current government of NSW is in full support of corrupt Magistrates and corrupt court proceedings in NSW.

    I bet he will thank his counter part for inflicting this onto his office now. 😉


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