The Targeted Individuals Program

People do not ask to join this program. People are referred to it, by government, covertly. It is a program designed to destroy the health, personality and life of the targeted person. These people are usually whistle-blowers.

This is your government in action, waging war against its own citizens. This is your tax paid dollars, being used to vilify and incarcerate innocent people, who have lodged a complaint about government corruption, and especially those who have blogged or published that information.

I was put on this program in around 2010, for threatening to sue a disability employment agency. They had deliberately sabotaged my application for a temporary disability pension, knowing that I would be unable to support myself and family during the illness I was experiencing. They had arranged for job capacity assessment officers to write untrue accounts of my interviews with them.

When things had gotten out of hand, I made an FOI request to that company, being On-Que Human Resources. They responded by telling me not to contact the company again, or they would take legal action. I made another request, as it was my legal right to look at the records they had kept on myself. They applied for an AVO against me.

I advised the court that I couldn’t attend on the day in question. It coincided with an appeal on the denial of that disability pension. I asked for an adjournment to give me time to get legal representation, as per my legal right. The company’s solicitor agreed to the adjournment and stated that they would agree to it at the hearing in my absence, and my request that no orders be made on that day. They walked out with an AVO.

Police are using that today, as an ‘antecedent’. Since I’ve had an AVO on me before, that means I am disorderly. Yet it was that company who were in breach of federal law, and were eventually directed by the Office of the Information Commissioner to supply a copy of same records. Turns out, they also claimed payment for handling my search for employment, while I was banned from attending their office, and received it.

I was then targeted by all Centrelink employees, and those of all other welfare agencies. I appealed the denial of my dsp application all of the way up to the AAT. Government officers acted corruptly all the way through, to cover up for the corrupt dealings I was being dealt, and which were designed to punish me for appealing in the first place. Deliberate attempts were made to render me homeless, and all of which I had to rectify myself, while suffering an illness myself and my son had a bone tumor.

Bond loan applications were sabotaged, rent certificates removed after having been lodged, payments constantly cancelled, etc, etc.

Once I’d been referred to the targeted individuals programs, things only got worse. My computer was hacked, and all of my dealings on the internet were monitored and analyzed. An attack on my life was planned, and some people from my past enlisted to help. One of whom happened to be employed by an employment agency at that time, and I was told that the other one associates with members of a pedophile ring. There is strong evidence to suggest that is true.

I survived that attack. I had to send the child I had been able to keep during the assault on my life and finances by Centrelink, to live elsewhere for his own safety, and I’ve been on the road since.

A big part of the plan is to drive the victim into acting crazy in public, so the government can seize on that, deem the person to be insane, and discredit and hopefully silence or destroy them once and for all.

The person who now has me in a position of being jailed, on the 20th of next month (June), is an employee of the NSW Community Justice Centre, which is a direct division of the NSW Attorney General’s Department.

Being a targeted individual, meant that when the situation started, none of my complaints were dealt with by the NSW government. It was the government and its employees who were out to get me the most, so they had no problems about government employees making life hard for me.

This has mean the situation has continued for over a year now, with more and more public servants joining in on the assault on myself,  and by allowing it to continue.

Gabrielle Upton appears to be complicit in an physical assault on myself, carried out by Albury police officers Minehand, Mifsud, Quiring and Bosch. She is aware that her employee ordered it, after I had written some very nasty comments about her on the Attorney General’s facebook page.

However, had the NSW Department of ‘justice’ not ignored my complaints, and the illegal behaviour of this employee, and which continued to escalate, those nasty comments would never have been written.

Now I am going to be sentenced to jail, for offending the person who, after three years of evading being captured by the controllers of this game of ‘gang stalking’, perverted the course of justice against me, and had me convicted of false allegations.

Yet none of the public servants who engage in this program, or the corruption which is being reported originally, suffer any consequences for their actions.

Complaints to the Ombudsman and other departments, merely set off a new round of attacks from the people being complained about, while those agencies treat the whistle-blowers with contempt and send letters explaining why there will be no investigation.

This is your government.

Don’t forget to pay your parking fine, while these people are allowed to break federal laws, be protected while doing it, and use your tax dollars to play sick games against the public.

My case is now proof of the targeted individuals program. Under examination by an impartial Magistrate, it would be shown that I have committed no crimes at all. Yet I am facing jail.

Yet I have appeared in court around 25 times over the past 18 months, commencing with attempting to defend false allegations, to now facing six false criminal charges.

A police sargent who has fabricated my ‘criminal history’ in a bail report he completed after his officers falsely arrested, falsely charged and assaulted me, that I will be going to jail over their charges against me. Those charges merely involving lodging complaints about three Albury police officers, to the Ombudman and Attorney General’s department, and all of which involved the employee of the CJC.

I did have an angry reaction to 11 months of having been defamed by the false convictions this person arranged against me, because originally, I had been summoned to court house as an innocent person, but left framed, charged, convicted, fined and stuck with the court costs.

Albury court house. Signing the paperwork to convict an innocent person of non-crimes, and to punish me for going on to write about pedophile rings in Australia, after it appeared that the government had sent in officers from that organization, to enact the program they had tailed to suit the attack on myself and my life.

It would be interesting to know what the overall bill for it all was.

BDS Huon, voluntarily chose to involve themselves in assisting to bring five of those false charges against me, to protect an employee who was being accused of illegal conduct towards their own clients.

Once NSW police had been bought into civil matters, the game of gang stalking was bought right back under the umbrella of the higher players.

The NSW Justice system also seems to play a very big part in it all.

How do whistle-blowers get convicted of false allegations and wind up in jail or mental health establishments? Staff at the justice system allow and support it. It now appears to me, that they also help to enact it.

The current NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman, is aware of the truth of the whole situation, yet refuses to act.

Partly because it would be shown that the offending staff member from his own agency, the CJC, should have been removed from the picture before she perverted the course of justice against me, and once exposed, should have been directed to have those false convictions overturned.

Why did the Attorney General’s employee try to frame me in the first place? Because her daughter’s tenant had been threatened with exposure for corrupt behaviour, which might have resulted in the termination of her employment. She sought to protect that person’s employment, and in the same process, her own daughter’s ability to continue to receive rent payments.

But … a whistle-blower has been trapped, due to acts of misconduct arising from the CJC and staff at Albury court house, and is now caught in the justice system.

They can’t let me escape without a conviction, or they let the whole government gang stalking game down.


4 thoughts on “The Targeted Individuals Program

  1. Once I had started to make FOI requests, and appeal Centrelink decisions, back in 2010, Centrelink staff suddenly began to create false entries in my records. Some of those were sheer criminal, writing that my son didn’t attend an interview and his payment cancelled when we had attended. Other times it was, after creating an argument, wrote that I had gone in there being aggressive and abusive.

    Sometimes their lies would sit right alongside my complaint about their underhanded behaviours in those records, and the discrepancies never questioned, even when complaints were lodged about those. I lodged complaints with the Ombudsman about issues like that, and they later claimed that someone from Centrelink phoned them up and cancelled all of my complaints, stating that I had asked them to do so.

    When I began to make application to have annotations, of the truth, added to those records, since in NSW we have no legal right to have false records created by public servants removed from our files.

    Which brings me to another story I will tell on one of the other posts, about how Centrelink staff sent mental health workers and a police car after me, when I had merely gone in the to change my address. That was before these false legal actions started, but demonstrates that the government was already out to get me, and are using this drama to try to get me where they want me. Silenced. Discredited. Dead?


  2. Albury court house and Albury police are now doing the same thing. When I complained to the Ombudsman about their decision not to investigate Con Weekley, they replied that was because Albury police claimed to be holding vast amounts of information on me. Yet I had not been in any trouble with the law for over 30 years.

    When I went into the police station and asked to be allowed to see some of that information, or complaints, I was told to make an FOI request. When I stated that I should be allowed to see anything they were using in court against me, especially this ficticious allegation of an incidence of violence, I was told to piss off.

    The court is also changing things in the transcripts. As noted on another page on this blog, where I state no incidences of violence have occurred at anytime in these matters, new words are put into my mouth on paper, claiming that I admitted that violence had occurred.

    The Magistrate is pretending to read documents, and states for the record that he has done so, but all of those contain nothing but false allegations made by police, and presented without any supporting evidence, witness statements, cross examination, or any kind of real hearing.


  3. Actually, I’ll put this comment on both of the posts.

    About five months after fleeing my home, after being gang stalked by Tweed Heads police and their pedophile gang members, I arrived in Albury to visit my son, who’d I sent here after a cult tried to lure him away from me. The cult appears to have links to welfare services in Brisbane. We had nothing to do with that area, where they had come from.

    I’d been staying in a cheap motel on the Gold Coast, after giving away all of my furniture and going on the run. The first two weeks were subsidised by Centrelink, in the form of ‘crisis accommodation’. After that I was offered a permanent room by the owner, for as long as I needed, in a cheaper shared section.

    Centrelink should have cut off my rent assistance payments, as soon as I went into that situation. That is the process. I also met with two Centrelink workers at a shelter for homeless people, shortly before moving into there, who told me they would advise the office to cut off my rent assistance. I was sleeping in my car, because Housing wouldn’t give me crisis accommodation for the first four nights I had nowhere to live and that was all they offered to do for me.

    The office chose not to cut it off. However, I was by then paying rent on a fortnightly basis to the owner of the motel, who told me more than once to get a rent certificate form, and she would sign it for me. I advised her that I was banned from going into any centrelink office in Australia, at that time, by way of false reports of abuse, and could not do so, but that I was getting the assistance anyway. She was always confused that I was still getting it, and that anyone would say that I was aggressive or abusive.

    When I came to Albury, I wasn’t paying rent for the first time, and that went on for a few weeks. I needed to fix it, but hated going into the Centrelink office. However, I also needed a new concession card, and had made plans with my son to travel to Tweed for his 21st birthday. I needed the card to get a cheaper ticket to Sydney on the train. Mine had expired, and I had not been at my old address, to receive the new one.

    So I went to Centrelink. The ban I had been under, had expired by that time. The woman listened to my story that I hadn’t been at my old address for a few months, but had kept receipts from the motel where I’d been staying, to show I was eligible for rent assistance during that whole time, and that I needed to advise I was not paying rent now, but also needed a temporary concession card.

    She looked at her computer, and had seen the pile of receipts, and then said she needed to go and told to someone else about it. She came back a few minutes later with two other people, one of who ordered me to leave, stating that I was not allowed in there. I replied that I thought the ban had ended. He replied that they had extended it for another year. I left. They asked for my phone number. I told them I don’t do business with them via phone, only in person, to avoid corrupt dealings. I left.

    I went down to the train station next, to buy the train tickets. I’d booked them that morning, and explained that my concession card had expired on the phone, but they’d said I’d have to get a new one, or would have to pay full price.

    As I was standing there, paying full price for the ticket for, two ambulance officers rushed in. Police were arriving outside, two in a car, who also casually walked in.

    ‘We were told that a crazy person attacked someone up the road a bit, and that they were coming here to the train station’.

    Everyone looked blank. The ambo stood looking at the clerks, and around the ticket room. There were only two of us in there, and neither of us was crazy. I noticed one of the clerks roll their eyes towards me. But I wasn’t going off, about having to pay full price, as Centrelink staff were hoping that I would be. I was paying full price for my ticket.

    Had I not read, “Escape from Australia: A Gangstalking Primer”, I would not have also realized that clerk was nominating me as the person they were supposed to take away in a straight jacket that day.

    So Centrelink staff made a false report to police and an ambulance, in an attempt to grab me, because I was on their ‘wanted and wanted silenced’ list. What a waste of tax payer’s money. What a nazi state, and criminal organization – the NSW government.


  4. Mark Tromp is a fine example of a victim of the targeted individuals program. Not having any knowledge of this new weapon being used in Australia, he is still not aware that he did not suffer a mental breakdown, but that his actions were prompted by an indescribable attack, from an unseen and unknown enemy.

    Mark Tromp sorry for ‘hurt and concern’ caused by bizarre family road trip

    ‘My family and I need time to recover and receive appropriate assistance,’ father says after trip which resulted in criminal charges and hospital stays

    You have to ask how a mental breakdown could be triggered in three of four people at once, counting Mr and Mrs Tromp and their two girls …


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