BDS Huon, Taxation Accountants, Lavington

Because I am gagged from mentioning the original circumstances which provided the reason and contents of this blog, it is not shown here that BDS Huon, a firm of taxation accountants based in Lavington, a suburb of Albury, took a couple of civil matters, and turned them into police matters, which resulted in myself now facing 6 false charges, and a jail term. I had defended the civil matters, and proven myself to be innocent of any wrong doing, but in that process, had shown corruption and misconduct within that company.

I have recently learned that Ross Griffin, the partner/manager of BDS Huon, has a brother is was high up in the NSW Police Force. He might be retired by now, but was an Area Commander. His area of command just happens to adjoin with that run by Superintendent Evan Quarmby, now of Albury Command.

I think I now know for certain who has been behind the false charges, the framing of myself by Albury Police, and the fact that the Police Commissioner’s Office will not deal with any of my complaints about same, nor ask Albury Police to stop acting illegally towards me.

I’ve had to move house recently, which is why I haven’t been blogging. I’ll update the blog once I get some free time.

I have also lodged a complaint with the Information and Privacy Commissioner about BDS Huon and the role they have taken in these corrupted court dealings, in front of the totally corrupt Magistrates Anthony Murray and his understudy in under-handedness Magistrate Cromptom, both on state and federal levels. The federal branch of that office states it will be four months before they can get to my complaint.

This year I will be taking all of my complaints to the federal level, to avoid the corrupt NSW Attorney General, the corrupt NSW Police Minister and the totally useless ICAC.

Hopefully one of those agencies will step in and ask BDS Huon to stop trying to convict an innocent person, to cover up for their own illegal conduct and/or finally hold them accountable for the steps they have already taken towards achieving that.

In the meantime, I hope they continue to enjoy the negative publicity this has generated for them.

Looks like maybe the should have stopped these proceedings earlier. In the six weeks inbetween these blog statistics being recorded, readership has increased by about 250 people. One hundred people in the past 10 days, have viewed this blog. None of them would be from Albury, as the blog is not being promoted locally, just nationally and world wide. 

The blog will of course remain on the net, during my incarceration for creating its predecessor, and criminal charges stemming from other contacts with or regarding BDS Huon, and their illegal court actions against me. 


5 thoughts on “BDS Huon, Taxation Accountants, Lavington

  1. I had been unable to blog recently due to having had to change location, and now my laptop has died. I still have computer access, but finding the time and privacy to blog on it, has just not happened.

    I also now have to prepare for my next appearance in the Albury local court, seeking to protect myself from more corrupt dealings by that court house, who are trying to silence and jail me, to cover up for the NSW government-run pedophile and human trafficking ring, and their own other nefarious dealings with the public.

    BDS Huon will of course have an employee representing their company, and their role in it all of this, in attendance at that hearing.


  2. The NSW Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has advised that a person at the NSW Department of Justice is now investigating my complaint about the Registrar of Albury Court House colluding with people who are making false complaints, and assisting them to gain advantage by way of changing decisions after hearings.

    Not the result I wanted, since the NSW Department of Justice has not only ignored this miscarriage of justice from the outset, but have participated in covering up for it all, including by way of a physical assault carried out by corrupt Albury Police, as ordered by the then NSW Attorney General, Gabrielle Upton.

    However, I will continue to follow through with that complaint, and the one I lodged with that same office asking why the Tax Practitioners’ Board was allowed to ignore all complaints about misconduct by the owners of BDS Huon, being Ross Griffin and Jon Williams.

    As mentioned in another post or comment, I also have a few months to wait, before the Federal Office of the Privacy and Information Commissioner gets around to dealing with my complaint to them about BDS Huon. Any refusal to act, or make a reasonable decision in that matter, should once again open up a doorway to take matters to the Federal Court, by way of an Administrative Review of their decision.

    By the way, I checked changes to legislation regarding the right to appeal decisions by the NSW Judicial Commission to the Federal Court. No changes to that legislation have been made. Yet that department has changed their website, stating that changes have been made to that process. Yeah, right. Lol.

    Is the department of Justice one of the most corrupt government departments in NSW? Its really starting to seem that way. What a hypocritical joke that is, on the people of Australia.

    However, I would still suggest that the person who runs the Department of Human Services, federally, is the top dog in this satanic network, which is dealing in human misery, trafficking, and sexual offences.


  3. Ah, maybe this explains why BDS Huon and its owners have been allowed to escape any investigation into their professional misconduct, and breach of the federal regulations which govern their industry. Because the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation appears to have been indulging in acts of corruption and dishonesty himself recently.

    ATO Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston has been summonsed to appear in court after his son was charged for his role in defrauding the government of $165 million in taxes.


  4. So … it was finally nice to see you in person Mr Williams, even if we weren’t officially introduced.

    Did I look like a lying mentally ill drug addict, stinging for a fix, when I was cross examining you in the witness box?

    Because lets not forget, you had me convicted of being of that, in February of last year, among other things (false allegations).

    Have you ever met a junkie who is so well organized with their paperwork, appearance and determination to defend themselves from false allegations? Maybe that’s because I am not one. Nor mentally ill.

    However, you really shot me a dirty look, when advised your company is under investigation again by the Tax Practitioners’ Board this year, and that I had recently forwarded them copies of all of your staff’s witness statements to police to that same Board.

    Well you might escape a proper investigation again this year, and you might avoid having sanctions imposed against your company again this year, when the TPB is merely confirming receipt of all of my documents and that they all pertain to the latest complaint I lodged, and to the same reference number assigned to that complaint.

    But will you, and your company, ever live all this down? I hope not. Because you don’t deserve to. Because you have failed to protect your clients, while thinking merely of yourselves.


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