Email to George Brandis, Attorney General of Australia

From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 10 April 2017 12:28 PM
Subject: Corrupt Magistrate at Albury Local Court – Magistrate Anthony Murray

Dear Mr Brandis

Please find attached link to where I have put on public display, on the internet, proof that Magistrate Anthony Murray committed perjury, more than once, while carrying out his duties in the Albury Local Court. Within a few minutes, when confronted with evidence of his own untruthful statements, he then had to admit that what he has been saying prior to that, was completely untrue. In front of the whole court room full of witnesses, one of whom could help but laugh out loud.

I have been updating the NSW Attorney General, about his misconduct, ever since he took over that role from Gabrielle Upton. I had also been letting her know that all of the corrupt proceedings against me at the Albury Local Court, and which have dragged on for nearly 18 months now, was instigated by an employee of her own agency, the Community Justice.

This woman is employed by that agency, as a mediator, and has used her position at the court house where she is regularly employed, to bring false complaints against, and false judgements against an innocent person, as a favour to two of her personal friends.

Defence evidence has proven that I am innocent of every false allegation, but that has all been deliverately discounted by Magistrate Murray, and now Magistrate Cromptom as well, to cover up for their colleague.

The Albury Local court and Albury Police, are trying to use a restriction from an unserved ADVO to force me to take the evidence of their own corruption off the internet. They are trying to jail myself, of crimes they are aware I am innocent of, to protect themselves from my own truthful complaints about them, lodged with a variety of agencies, including the ICAC, the NSW Ombudsman, Office of Public Prosecutions, Police Commissioner’s Office and the NSW Attorney General’s own office.

To conform with a corrupt ruling handed down last week, which continues that restriction, I have removed the names of the ADVO holders, and myself, from all of the documents on display on the blog called “Framed in the Albury Local Court”. However, their ADVO does not prevent me from writing about what has happened, proving I’ve been harassed and falsely convicted for defending the matters in the first place, and continuing to name all state employees involved in this mess.

I will not be tricked into removing the blog from the internet, and from public view, by an gag order issued by Magistrate Murray, when he had not even read the blog the complainants’ had named as being offensive and threatening. It was not threatening, was in no way untrue, and was legal for those reasons, and was justified. I was gagged for having a legal blog on the internet, and which would have been removed voluntarily had it not become the basis of these court dramas, by a Magistrate who had never been given a copy of it to read, and who claimed at hearing in January 2016, to have never read much of the defence evidence either.

However, a Magistrate who did read all of the defence evidence, and most of the blog itself, as tendered into evidence by the defence, did not rule it to be criminal, offensive or in any way threatening. In fact, he dismissed the complainants case against it to mediation.

Once matters then fell right into theĀ hands of the complainants good friend at the court house, she was then easily able to pervert the course of justice, and had the gag order made by having the ADVO’s granted, and myself convicted and fined for another false allegation, to punish me for having made fools of them all, by tendering the truth into evidence on 11 and 12 January 2016.

These matters will continue before the local court for all of this year, if no one steps in to stop it, and end the injustices being committed against me. However, I will not allow them to continue in that corrupt court house, and under the management of Magistrate Tony Murray.

On 6 April 2017, Magistrate Cromptom dismissed my three applications for a change in venue, and which cover all false charges and allegations, and began to relist all of those for hearing in the Albury Local Court.

The ADVO I am charged five times for breaching, was never served on me, rendering all of those charges illegal. The sixth charge was bought against me by the employee of the CJC herself, for lodging more complaints about the police misconduct she instigated towards me, with the Attorney General’s Department and the Ombudsman. You would be aware that it is illegal for her to have done that. Her employers have been advised, but have done nothing to force her to drop the charge, and it has once against been listed for hearing, in June 2017.

I will be appealing Cromptom’s decision, to relist any matters involving these people against myself, at the Albury Local Court.

Staff at that court house have also been doctoring transcripts, all of the way through this, to cover up for their own misconduct, and to hide key points of defence, which I have mentioned in the court room. I advised the OPP of that in July last year.

I have since taken to lodging complaints with the Federal Police, since the state agencies which should have intervened and ended what was being done to me, have consistently failed to act. While that remains the case, I will continue to publicize just how much corruption can go on in one court house in Australia, and not only not be halted by the state, but condoned and assisted by it instead. All at the expense of the tax payer.

The following links will take you to my blog about it. The blog is getting lots of traffick and interest. It is disgracing not only the NSW Justice Department, but also the whole concept of Australians having the right to fair and impartial dealings, when summoned to attend court.

Yours sincerely




4 thoughts on “Email to George Brandis, Attorney General of Australia

  1. Same email, which included as attachments all six of the complaints I lodged with the Judicial Commission about Magistrate Murray, and the one about Magistrate Cromptom last year, and the Statutory Declaration stating the reasons why I won’t appear in that court house any more, was sent to some other politicians and agencies.

    It has also been posted to a facebook group, which exposes government corruption.

    I notice when skimming through that transcript again last night, while editing it, that it appears that Maggot Murray actually directs me to take matters to the NSW Supreme Court, and makes a ruling that a decision should be made by that court, into whatever we were talking about at that stage. If that’s how you wanna roll, lets rock.

    Since the local news didn’t want to expose any of this, I guess I’ll have to try national media outlets. Especially since all of my complaints will be lodged Federally this year, national news is more appropriate anyway.

    I have no fear of exposure. I am innocent. Always was.


  2. From: Karma
    Sent: Thursday, 18 May 2017

    Subject: Fw: Magistrate Anthony Murray – Perjury while on his bench

    Dear Mr Brandis

    Magistrate Murray needs to be removed from duty as a Magistrate in the state of NSW. He is guilty of denying me my common law right to fair and impartial hearings on several occassions, has deliberately perverted the course of justice against me to find me guilty of allegations which he was fully aware had been disproven by evidence, as a favour to (mediator), an employee of the CJC, who contracts to Albury Court House.

    (mediator) was seeking to protect her own daughter’s rental income, by way of two false ADVO applications, by assisting (edited for public display and reasons of illegal and false gag orders).

    Yet on Monday 22 May 2017, both of these ADVO’s will be extended for another two years, and myself defamed and humiliated by Albury court house once again, and set up for more false charges of breach to be bought against me for the same amount of time.

    (mediator)’s (edit) applied for her ADVO under a false name, to cover up for the fact that she kept her driver’s licence and car registered to an address in Victoria, despite having lived in NSW for 5 years, to save herself the costs of having to take that car over the pits to transfer the registration.

    Her application is not legal, since she applied under the name ofXXXXXX, but signed it in the name she has used for the past 30 years, XXXXXX. The final order was never served on me by police, therefore never came into affect. On Monday 22 May 2017, in yet another act of corrupt dealings, the Albury Local Court will extend her ADVO, preventing me from contacting BDS Huon about her illegal behaviour, for another two years. Yet they had already been advised of that, before the original ADVO was granted. In fact, they worked with her and police to have it implemented, so that they could be excused from investigating her by assisting her to vilify me.

    I believe this is being done, so police and the court can continue to seek to convict me of the five false charges of breach, which police had to act corruptly and illegally to bring against me, but which were rendered invalid by lack of service, by continuing to pretend that her ADVO was in force all along.

    Employees of Albury court house had no legal right to summon me to court for a hearing to extend the ADVO’s they know they awarded to the complainants by way of acts of misconduct and deliberate perversions of the course of justice. Especially at a time that I had two applications for motion going through the court, seeking a change in venue, due to those same perversions, collusions and acts of misconduct.

    Employees of Albury court house have never recognized my common law right to fair and impartial hearings, and the previous Registrar, Elizabeth Leathbridge, informed me when I approached her about the falsities contained in those ADVO applications, that if I tried to defend them, I would be convicted anyway, fined and stuck with all of the court costs. This is exactly what occurred, during the illegal and underhanded ways the court found to convict me of those. This is exactly what will occur again next week. And all because (mediator) fixed the result for the complainants, before they had even set foot in the building to fill out the application forms.

    There is no point me attending the hearing, nor in lodging any defence documents. In fact, if I did the latter, the court would then go through that information and try to find a way to disregard the defence, and charge me with some imagined crime, before the hearing. Which is exactly what they have done, to even find an excuse to extend one of the offending orders. Two charges of breach are already pending, although not been made an official police matter, as an excuse to extend the original purjerous ADVO application. For one of which, staff at the Albury Local Court will be called as witnesses and will have to confirm acts of misconduct towards the accused for months before the accused finally gave them the finger in reply. The other charge of breach will be easily disproven by way of evidence that the complainant and her family had attacked myself via the internet for a period of weeks, before I committed an act which is now alleged to have been in breach.

    What a joke the employees of Albury Court House have made of themselves, and the word justice. All of them should be investigated by the ICAC, for doctoring court transcripts, supporting the XXXX of (mediator) in their lies, and conspiring to bring false allegations and convictions against a person who was innocent of any wrong doing, apart from defending my own reputation, by continue to assert on the internet that I have been framed, by corrupt employees of the NSW Justice Department.

    I have read that if the NSW Judicial Commission refuses to discipline a Magistrate who is guilty of misconduct, the next step I have to take is to lobby politicians to have him dismissed from his bench, by parliament itself. I hereby ask that be done, to protect innocent people, from his future corruptions.

    I also believe that the ICAC should be instructed to review all ADVO applications and mediations handled by(mediator) of the CJC. I believe that her and Magistrate Murray are running some sort of ADVO scam out of that court house, at the very least.

    The current Registrar of Albury Court House, being Belinda Brady, has ignored all advice of misconduct towards myself by the complainants, during this 18 month long ordeal, including proof of perjury and attempts to intimidate an important witness by both the complainants, and the court mediator who was illegally representing them and their complaints at the Albury court house. I have evidence now of the same having been done to two other key witnesses, one early last year, and one later on in the year. I will be bringing that up at the hearing next week, if I decide to bother even attending it, and submitting any more proof of their lies.

    Is this the face of justice in Australia these days? A corrupt Magistrate sitting on his bench, flouting all of the rules of court procedure and law, to bring false charges against someone, to cover up for corruption within their own court building?

    It seems to be, since all of these false charges remain in place, and I will be convicted of all of them over the course of the next six months, by way of Magistrate Murray influencing whatever Magistrate is on the bench, to continue with his assault upon myself, to protect his good friend, (mediator) of the CJC.

    Then on 20 June 2017, I will be sentenced to jail, for calling (mediator) a ‘lying c*unt’ via email, twice.

    So she is allowed to pervert the course of justice against me, have me convicted of allegations I was innocent of, bring five false charges of breach against me for an unlawfully gained ADVO which had been disproven by evidence and then never served, and then have me assaulted by police and put up on more false charges. Yet if I describe what sort of person would do that to another human being, I am labelled a criminal, charged, put on bail, and as I say, according to police will be jailed next month for daring to call their corrupt mediator buddy a nasty name.

    What a disgrace. An even bigger disgrace is the fact that it has been allowed to continue for so long, and not one government agency has investigated the actions of the court mediator, the police she enlisted corruptly against me, the corrupt Registrars at Albury Court House and a Magistrate who has now stooped to acts of purjery while on his bench, to protect Gwen Bradley of the CJC and her XXXXXX.

    I will continue to publicize this, from my jail cell, until it is rectified and the real guilty people held accountable for their actions, the staff of Albury Court House who are guilty of perverting the course of justice, perjury, criminal defamation and conspiring to bring false allegations.


    From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 1:10 PM
    To: Premier

    Subject: Magistrate Anthony Murray – Perjury while on his bench

    Dear Premier

    I believe that having evidence of Magistrate Anthony Murray committing acts of perjury while on duty, sitting on his bench in the Albury Local Court, gives me grounds to insist that the man be charged for that crime. Also for perverting the course of justice against me.

    etc, etc, etc, as per the email displayed on the page which shows Magistrate Murray commit perjury on his bench. More than a few members of the audience picked up on it at the time, with one not being able to stop himself from laughing out loud. He actually congratulated me during recess for the way I was standing up to Murray, and being game enough to tease him at the same time. The transcript does not quite reflect that. In fact at one point it claims that Murray stated to me that I had no credibility with him. When in fact, what he had said was that he would ‘look at the issue of non service of the ADVO I’d been charged with breaching, and if that issue had an credibility, then it would have to be considered before he listed the first breach charge for hearing again’.

    Murray, you have no credibility with me, nor with other people who go through your court house. You created that, for yourself. And you created this blog, about it, and your own corruption.


    I would tell you all of this to your face in the court room, but no, I don’t want to spend a week in jail charged with being unable to conceal the contempt I feel for you, and all of the other corrupt staff you have working there. You are a disgrace, to justice, the law, the court system, and mostly, to your own self.

    Defamation of character? How can you defame a person who has a reputation as being a corrupt joke, and especially when that is absolutely true?


  3. From: Karma
    Sent: Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:54 AM

    Subject: Fw: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Belinda Brady, still perverting the course of justice, and concealing the criminal actions of (CJC mediator), even after I had lodged this complaint with her employer and the Office of the Privacy and Information Commission.

    Why is it that these justice department employees simply have no fear of reprisals or being held accountable for illegal conduct, while carrying out their roles at the Albury Court House?

    From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:25 PM
    Cc: Premier

    Subject: Fw: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Ms Jeyasingham

    I am attaching a copy of the complaint to the Information Commissioner about the Registrar at Albury Court House to this email, in case you have not been provided with a copy of it. Also attached is the covering letter which was emailed to Albury Court House in March 2017, and which gives more details of the complaint.

    etc, etc, as displayed elsewhere on the blog, being the page showing Magistrate Murray commit perjury to protect the employee of the CJC, who is now actively being protected by her direct employer, the NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman of Cronulla.


  4. From: Karma
    Sent: Friday, 23 June 2017 4:03 PM

    Subject: Misconduct by employees at Albury Court House

    Dear Mr Brandis

    Could you have one of your staff members run their eyes over these two defence briefs, and then get back to me explaining why it is being said that I am being paranoid and delusional for believing that I have been framed in the Albury local court by way of Magistrate Murray perverting the course of justice against me, as a favour to the court house’s XXXXXX and XXXXXX.

    I really feel in need of a clear explanation about why I am wrong in those beliefs, as I am having trouble putting them aside and believing that I am guilty of all of these allegations of criminal actions.

    Yours sincerely


    Oh, by the way, I will be making a civil case against Local Courts of NSW, in relation to it all. Which again is why I need to understand the laws better, and if I am in any way wrong in my beliefs. I have already been seeking the dismissal of Magistrate Murray over these same matters, as you would also already be aware.

    However, I will be taking an appeal to the NSW Supreme court about that as well. On a question of law, and who interpreted the law correctly. Was it Magistrate Cromptom on 5 February 2016, or was it Magistrate Murray on 15 and 29 February 2016. They both have opposing views about their interpretation of the laws surrounding mediation, and alleged breaches.

    I will ask the NSW Supreme Court judges to make a ruling on that issue. If Cromptom was correct, then I have been put through a 16 month ordeal, and been falsely convicted at hearings which never should have occurred.

    If Murray was correct, I was still convicted of false allegations, by way of more false allegations, and so still have a case against Local Courts of NSW.




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