Magistrate Anthony Murray – An Act of Perjury While on His Bench

In court on 6 April, I described the following document as a fabrication, which didn’t reflect the true proceedings of that day. I’d only read it once, after returning home from the corrupted dealings on 13 February 2017, and only thought about the biggest errors in it.

In looking again though, it does actually still show Magistrate Murray committing perjury, from his bench, to protect his co-conspirator, the court house mediator.

He asserts he doesn’t know her, on the first page, but by page 5, has to admit that he works with her at the Albury Court House on a regular basis. On the day in question, he even smiled broadly as he spoke of her. However, at least one person was unable to stop himself from laughing out loud, when he did so.

Then he tries his usual game of belittling me, and pretending that I’m not following, and unable to follow, the proceedings.

Yet it was all simple to me. I’d lodged one application for motion the moth before, which was listed for hearing by Magistrate Cromptom on 11 November 2016, for 12 December 2016.

On 12 December, I arrived with a second Notice of Motion, and tried to lodge it at hearing, but then did as he said, and lodged it at the office. He then made me wait until the end of the day to deal with that one.

The office had changed that one notice of motion, into five, because it related to all matters before the court relating to one ADVO. They had to create a pile of paperwork, by insisting they make a different application relating to each charge. Each was a reproduction of my original. Only Murray pretends that there is just too many matters, and too much paperwork before the court, from him to be able to understand it all.

He most certainly did, and so did I.

On 6 April 2017, Magistrate Cromptom listed the first of the illegal breach charges for hearing again, with the others to be listed one by one after that, at the Albury Local Court, with himself as the presiding Magistrate, or an assortment of others who would be flown down at the tax payer’s expense, to cover for Murray. Meaning, Murray has agreed to be allowed to be disqualified from matters relating to the second set of applications, but still wants Albury Court House and a Magistrate he can control, to convict me of all five false charges, and against the evidence that would exonerate me.







From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 23 January 2017 11:43 PM
Subject: The Never Ending Acts of Corruption by Magistrate Tony Murray, Albury Local Court

Dear Mr Schmatt

Please find attached, as promised, complaint number 5 about Tony Murray.

Maybe its time you did something about him. Finally. As previously advised, I will be seeking a review of all of your decisions in the Federal Circuit Court next month, in yet another attempt to end the miscarriages of justice being committed against me, by your corrupt employees at the Albury Court House.

I will also be complaining to Mr Brandis about it all. He will really appreciate having me filling up his email inbox each day, until something is done about XXXXXX AND TONY MURRAY WORKING TOGETHER TO CONVICT INNOCENT PEOPLE OF CRIMES WHICH DID NOT OCCUR.

See you in the federal court, you condoner of injustice and unlawful court dealings.


I don’t seem to have a scan of the signed copy of this, posted to the Judicial Commision in January 2017.

Complaint Against a Judicial Officer

To — The Judicial Commission of NSW

I, Karma, of XXXXXX, West Albury NSW 2640, wish to complain against ­­­­­­­­­­­­ Magistrate Murray of the Albury Local Court.

My complaint is as follows:

At hearing in November 2016, Magistrate Cromptom listed an application for motion for decision on 12 December 2016. Magistrate stated at that hearing, on 12 December 2016, that he would disqualify himself from being able to hear it, but did not rule on whether or not he would agree to a change of venue. I planned to appeal any denial of the application for a change of venue, to the District Court.

At same hearing on 12 December 2016, I lodged a second application for motion, regarding five illegal breach charges, stemming from an unserved ADVO. Magistrate Murray stated that he would hand down a decision on that Application for Motion on 9 February 2017.

Against my wishes, he asked to be allowed to list one of the breach charges for mention on that same date, being 9 February 2017. I stated that none of those five allegations of breach should be listed for hearing until police have provided a signed statement of service.

In checking the court listings online, I found on 20 January 2017, that he has instead listed one breach charge for hearing, and the other four for mention on 9 February 2017. He has not listed the Application for Motion for decision, at all.

Office staff from the court house advised via email dated 23 January 2017, that Magistrate Murray has recorded that he dismissed that application for motion on 12 December 2017. That opposes my recollections of the events and decisions made at that same hearing. I believe this is yet another instance of corruption by Magistrate Murray, to protect his colleague XXXXXX.

I also do not consent to the first application for motion, having been settled without myself having the chance to argue that I had changed my mind about allowing a different Magistrate to hear it at Albury Court House, due to involvement of all staff there, in these conspiracies to bring false allegations against myself. Magistrate Murray will be seeking to cover up once again for his own illegal involvement in XXXXXX’s conspiracy to bring false allegations against myself, and will instruct the replacement Magistrate to rule in a way that brings that about.

When listening to the verbal transcript of the two separate hearings held on 12 December 2016, one in the morning and the other very late in the afternoon, you will hear Magistrate Murray denying knowing XXXXXX at all, and deny that she works at the Albury Court House. A few minutes later, he had to change his own words, and confirm that he does work with her nearly every day, and that she does in fact contract to Albury Court House through the CJC.

Magistrate Murray is now guilty himself of perjury, in his continued attempts to protect XXXXXX from being held accountable for perverting the course of justice in relation to matters involving her personal friends and intimidation of a witness for the defence in those same matters.

Albury Police, who illegally searched my possessions, put me on very questionable bail and once again lie in all of their statement of facts, will be seeking to have me convicted of all of these false charges to conceal their own unlawful actions. Therefore, there will no impartiality in the mind of the prosecutor, who will be seeking to cover up for these unlawful police actions, and to protect the person who instructed them to all act in that manner, being XXXXXX.

I will be once again seeking to take the NSW Judicial Commission to the Federal Circuit Court next month, by way of appeal against the last decision letter sent to me, exonerating Tony Murray of misconduct on 29 February 2016, when he granted two false ADVO applications, which had both been disproven by evidence, and by way of using a false allegation of breach, created by a police officer who was sent to deliberately frame me for same, and then by way of denying the accused access to the evidence police fabricated and then to used in court against me.

I have since become aware of evidence that Con Weekly did not submit to the court on that same date, which would have exonerated me, and therefore is again guilty of tampering with evidence, along with creating a false and tampered with recording of an unlawful interview with myself. I will submit that new evidence to the Federal Circuit Court, in an attempt to have all decisions made by Tony Murray on 29 February 2016, overturned due to corruption of processes.

I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believe the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths Act 1900.

Declared at: Albury on 24 January 2017                      


From: Karma
Sent: Thursday, 2 February 2017 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: The Never Ending Acts of Corruption by Magistrate Tony Murray, Albury Local Court

Dear Mr Schmatt

I have been forgetting to post the signed copy of this complaint to you. Rest assured though that it will be posted before the end of this week. And this time, I will be seeking true justice, if not from you, but through the Federal Court.

Might I also remind you of the following statements taken from your own website.

Judicial officers

In a case of attempting to pervert the course of justice, a custodial sentence will be imposed where the offender is a judicial officer: R v Farquhar (unrep, 29/5/85, NSWCCA). The court stated at pp 30–31:

Where, as here, the offence is committed by a person holding judicial office in the judicial hierarchy of the State the attempt to commit the offence strikes at the very core of the integrity of the administration of justice. Such a person is in a commanding position to attempt to pervert the course of justice and when he seeks to abuse his position to achieve that end, public confidence in the judicial system will be lost unless it is made clear that such conduct will bring a prison sentence.

The court made clear that since the public is entitled to expect a judicial officer will be of good character and integrity, previous good character or reputation of a judge convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice will be of far less weight than in a different type of offence: R v Farquhar at p 31. In Einfeld v R (2010) 200 A Crim R 1 at [81], Basten JA said:

… it is beyond question that for a senior legal practitioner and former judge of a superior court to commit offences against the administration of justice is apt to give rise to public disquiet about the integrity of the judicial system. These were offences to which the present status of, and the offices formerly held by, the applicant were of great significance.

There is “a risk that judges will deal more harshly than some would think appropriate with those from within their own ranks”: Einfeld v R at [82]. Notwithstanding that danger, it is accepted that an offender’s status as a senior legal practitioner and former judge rendered perjury and perverting the course of justice more serious than they would otherwise have been: Einfeld v R at [82]. Basten JA also stated at [83] (Latham J agreeing at [196]; RS Hulme J agreeing at [195]) that the applicant’s former positions removed:

… an element of ignorance which might otherwise have diminished the degree of culpability. It was not merely a matter of knowing that it is a crime to lie on oath or seek to pervert the course of justice: it was a matter of understanding the significance accorded to such conduct by the law and the heightened seriousness of offences when committed by a person with the applicant’s background and experience.


From: Karma
Sent: Wednesday, 22 February 2017 2:00 PM
Subject: Complaint against Tony Murray of the Albury Local Court No. 6

Dear Mr Schmatt

Please find attached complaint number six, against Tony Murray of the Albury Court House. I refuse to address him using the term Magistrate, because he does not conduct himself with honour, or with any respect to the laws of Australia.

I will be seeking a permanent stay in all proceedings against me, at the Albury Local court, due to his misconduct, that of XXXXXX of the CJC and Constable Rowan Weekley, who arrested me in an unlawful manner and fabricated evidence, which was denied to the defendant in a deliberate ruse to have ADVO applications made by XXXXXX’s personal friends, awarded, without the defence evidence which had disproven both of those, being considered.

Yours in disgust of NSW Justice


From: Karma
Sent: Wednesday, 22 February 2017 3:49 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint against Tony Murray of the Albury Local Court No. 6

Dear Mr Schmatt

I realized after sending this that I had not attached any supporting evidence. I will scan the 14 pages of lies which have been written up, purporting to be a transcript of the hearings on 12 December 2016, and email those later tonight, along with the new applications from the ADVO holders. You will have it all by morning, along with a scan of the signed complaints, which I will post on Friday.


Murray 6 p 1 editMurray 6


I don’t have anything to hide, yet I am the one who has been found ‘guilty’.

I’m quite happy to have myself and my actions exposed on the internet. But only the truthful version of same, not the one others have been seeking to impose onto me.


You wonder why the other people involved in all this, seem desperate to seek some in appropriate gag orders, to cover it all up?


Justice in the Albury Court House?
– proven to be contrary to what they work towards there –


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    Sent: Monday, 10 April 2017 12:44 PM
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    Subject: Your email to the Premier

    Your message is important to the Premier.

    You can send questions, comments, concerns or well-wishes simply by filling out the email contact form.

    Please click on the following link to re-submit your message to the Premier’s email contact form

    Above email resubmitted via contact form, 10.00 am 11 April 2017.


  2. Another great article from Shane Dowling, and the Kangaroo Court website. Corruption runs all of the way to the top, in the Australian legal system.

    Gag orders being used to silence private citizens reporting about corruption. The media doesn’t report on it, since they like to stay in the politician’s good books. So it becomes up to the people. The ones who have experienced corruption, write/expose what’s been done to them. The state comes back at them with more corruption, and now order to officially silence them.

    If you have nothing to hide, then you wouldn’t be afraid of bloggers.


  3. Looks like the next step in the process of holding Maggot Murray accountable for his crimes against justice, is to petition parliament for his removal.

    I’ll also contact the Chief Magistrate of NSW, since the Judicial Commission failed to send the details, and proof of my complaints about Murray, to that office.


  4. From: karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 1:10 PM
    To: Premier
    Cc: (Shadow Attorney General for NSW)

    Subject: Magistrate Anthony Murray – Perjury while on his bench

    Dear Premier

    I believe that having evidence of Magistrate Anthony Murray committing acts of perjury while on duty, sitting on his bench in the Albury Local Court, gives me grounds to insist that the man be charged for that crime. Also for perverting the course of justice against me.

    During the course of the six complaints that I have lodged with the Judicial Commission about him, I have been forced to continue to appear before, been severely fined by him out of spite for those complaints, and he has been allowed to continue with illegal proceedings against me.

    He is fully aware that he perverted the course of justice against me, on 15 February 2016, yet continues to pretend that he did not, and that I was guilty all along. The main way he, the court mediator and local police try to achieve is, is to continue to bring false charges against me.

    When I was going to take his decisions of 15 and 29 February 2016, to be examined and overturned in the Federal Court, XXXXXX of the CJC arranged for local police to physically assault me, put me up on another false charge bought against me by her personally, add in extra charges for things that did not occur and then threatend me to leave town before the hearing of her, and her XXXXXX’s false charges.

    XXXXXX, a mediator employed by the CJC, is who arranged the perversion of justice, with Magistrate Murray, and he enacted it for her.

    Then, eleven months later, he states in the court room that he does not even know her, and that she does not work at his court house. This was because I had applied for a change of venue, due to the collusion between himself, her and her XXXXXX . The Registrar of same court house is guilty of the same collusions and illegal actions towards myself.

    Then, five minutes after denying the woman, he had to admit that he works with her nearly every Monday and that she does indeed work at the Albury court house, employed through the CJC.

    While this transcript demonstrates that quite clearly, it has also been tampered with in other sections. It pretends that Murray dismissed both of my applications for motion on that date, when verbally he did not.

    Magistrate Murray and the Registrar have also changed decisions made at hearing, after they have ended. This has been done twice with decisions made by visiting Magistrates and once in relation to Murray’s own orders.

    This misconduct by all three involved, being (mediator), Belinda Brady and Magistrate Murray cannot be allowed to continue.

    During his time in Albury, Magistrate Murray has created a reputation for himself as being completely corrupt. So severely corrupt that reputation for it has spread to, and is a joke, in the towns surrounding Albury. It is time this man is stopped from disgracing the word justice any longer.

    The NSW Judicial Commission had the opportunity and reason to shift him to a new town, and start again. And to separate him from his co-conspirators. They chose not to. They also had the power to make him do some courses to refresh his memory on how the justice system is supposed to work, and change his ways. They chose not to do that.

    So now, it is up to me to rectify this situation by insisting that he be removed from his bench completely, and should be charged with crimes against justice.

    Here is a link to the proof.

    Please remove this criminal from the bench in Albury. Please remove Belinda Brady from the NSW Justice Department. And most of all, please remove Gwen Bradley from duty in any court house in NSW, before you are on the receiving end of some very large compensation claims and court cases.

    A copy of my complaint to Federal Police about illegal actions of Belinda Brady, registrar, Albury Court House.

    Yours sincerely


    From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 1:13 PM
    To: (NSW Attorney General – Mark Speakman)

    Subject: Fw: Magistrate Anthony Murray – Perjury while on his bench



  5. From: Karma
    Sent: Monday, 20 March 2017 1:54 PM
    To:; Local Court Albury

    Subject: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am emailing a copy of this complaint to the Information and Privacy Commission because knowing how corrupt Belinda Brady and other staff at the Albury court house are, I can be certain that they will throw it in the bin, once they receive their copy in the mail, rather than pass it on to the Chief Executive of the court house.

    I would appreciate it if you could follow up on it, and ensure that it is being acted on.

    Yours sincerely

    From: Karma
    Sent: Wednesday, 10 May 2017 8:47 AM
    To: ipcinfo

    Subject: Re: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Sir/Madam

    How are you going with this complaint. I have not heard anything back from your office, apart from an automated acknowledgement.

    In the meantime, Belinda Brady continues to threaten me with jail, for lodging complaints about her own illegal conduct, that of the corrupt Magistrate at Albury Court House, and the employee of the CJC who started this whole mess of corruption and perversions of justice.

    I would like to have this matter looked at, before I appear in court again in June.

    Yours sincerely

    From: ipcinfo
    Sent: Thursday, 11 May 2017 1:35 PM
    To: Karma

    Subject: RE: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Karma

    We refer to the email sent of 20 March 2017 that you sent to Albury Local Court and to our office. Privacy Complaints regarding the Department of Justice are handled by that Department’s Information Access and Privacy Unit. For an update as to the progress you may contact the manager of that unit at

    Kind Regards

    Roxanne Ellis
    Privacy Administrator

    Office of the Privacy Commissioner NSW | PO Box R232, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225
    phone: (02) 9258 0923 | free call: 1800 472 679 | fax: (02) 8114 3756

    From: Karma
    Sent: Monday, 15 May 2017 10:46 PM
    To: ipcinfo
    Subject: Re: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Ms Elis

    I must advise you that the NSW Department of Justice certainly does not investigate any complaints about their own staff members.

    Which is why I have had to finally contact your office. Please be advised that I do not consent to the investigation being transfered to that department. I would appreciate it if you would do your job, and investigate the matter, as per your complaints process, and which relates to all government employees who have breached regulations and laws which prevent them from passing on information to private citizens, all while refusing to acknowledge proof of those same private citizens guilt in the same matters.


    From: ipcinfo
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 10:50 AM
    To: Karma
    Subject: RE: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Karma

    We note your email of 20/03/2017 was also sent to the Department of Justice (at Albury Court).

    As we advised, privacy complaints are handled by the Information Access and Privacy Unit.

    Our previous email had a typing error in the name of the manager.

    The correct email is Rebecca Jeyasingam –

    You may liaise directly with that unit. Our office will not take further action at this time.

    Kind Regards

    Roxanne Ellis
    Privacy Administrator

    From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:25 PM
    Cc: Premier

    Subject: Fw: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Ms Jeyasingham

    I am attaching a copy of the complaint to the Information Commissioner about the Registrar at Albury Court House to this email, in case you have not been provided with a copy of it. Also attached is the covering letter which was emailed to Albury Court House in March 2017, and which gives more details of the complaint.

    I will forward you next a copy of a complaint I lodged last night with the NSW Ombudsman about the mediator at Albury court house, being XXXXXX of the CJC. She is who implemented all of the corrupt dealings at the court house her XXXXX have enjoyed, and perverted the course of justice against me when I had made fools of both her and her XXXXXX, by disproving their complaints and proving that they had lodged purjerous statements with the court house, and made false allegations against me.

    The Registrar at the outset of this corrupt which began 18 months ago, was Elizabeth Leathbridge. It is all of this that Belinda Brady is seeking to cover up for, by now personally assisting XXXX’s XXXX to make new applications, in yet another attempt to pretend that I have acted in a criminal fashion towards my family, when they have had the proof since 11 and 12 January 2016 thatXXXX’s XXXXXX friends were lying and still are.

    Belinda Brady has personally been made aware of that fact in June 2016, by way of a witness statement by my son, which proves that XXXXXX and XXXXXX are lying, simply to protect the XXXXX’s employment at BDS Huon, and that they started the hostilities towards myself.

    Please advise as to how this investigation into the actions of Belinda Brady is going.

    Yours sincerely

    From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 1:17 PM

    Subject: Fw: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady


    From: Microsoft Outlook
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:25 PM

    Subject: Undeliverable: Fw: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: (

    From: Microsoft Outlook
    Sent: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:26 PM

    Subject: Undeliverable: XXXXXX, CJC – Illegal conduct and perverting the course of justice

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: (


    • Seems to me that the idiot keeps typing a ‘-‘ where there should be a ‘.’.

      Your tax paying dollars at work, paying these fools a salary.

      I won’t bother trying to fix the address myself, as this is all a ruse to pretend that the Justice Department has taken over the investigation, when readers of this blog know that I’ve been asking for one for 18 months now, and still the corruption continues.

      Instead I have started to forward all of these complaints to the Shadow Attorney General for NSW, and have two names of other politicians to contact about the doctoring of court transcripts from Independent Parties. I’ll be contacting both of those people today, and the Shadow Premier of NSW.


      • Yep, once the hyphen, which is never used in that standard government address of was changed to the dot, three complaints were able to be emailed to Ms JEYASINGAM.

        I wonder if I get her reply before I am sentenced to jail on 20 June 2017, by Magistrate Crompton, charged with sending two emails to the person who perverted the course of justice against me, and which were copies of complaints I’d just lodged about the corrupt police actions she had instigated against me.

        Its illegal for her to have me charged for lodging complaints about her own actions, but no one wants to talk about that. So the jail sentence is actually for calling her a lying cunt. One swear word. Oh I did it twice, two emails forwarded, two swear words.

        Police state in the bail form I am going to jail for sure for that crime, and if I offend her once more in the meantime, I’ll get sent away earlier.

        Justice NSW. Lol. All being fully endorsed and supported by the current NSW Attorney General, Mr Mark Speakman of Cronulla.


  6. I won’t repost the emails about BDS Huon I have forwarded to the Premier and Shadow Attorney General this morning to the blog, because Rossy Griffin will ring the corrupt Albury Police station and ask his brother’s buddy to send some corrupt police to silence me once and for all.

    However, they have been sent, and cc’d to the IGT and TPB. BDS Huon don’t know who those agencies are, they claimed on their google review website, but those agencies sure are familiar with the name BDS Huon these days.


  7. From: ipcinfo
    Sent: Wednesday, 17 May 2017 2:29 PM
    To: Karma
    Cc: Premier

    Subject: RE: Complaint about the Registrar of Albury court house – Belinda Brady

    Dear Ms Karma,

    We apologise for the typing error in the email address. The full email address

    Ms Jeyasingam is dealing with the privacy related issues for the Department of Justice.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards
    Roxanne Ellis
    Privacy Administrator


    Office of the Privacy Commissioner NSW | PO Box R232, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225
    phone: (02) 9258 0923 | free call: 1800 472 679 | fax: (02) 8114 3756


  8. And if Magistrate Anthony Murray has any problems with me naming him as a predator and pedophile on a public blog, then he should bear in mind that he convicted me of allegations he knew I was innocent of, in a public court room.

    That would be my defence, if he was man enough to take civil action against me. Instead, he hides behind his robes and his bench, and tries to use his ‘position of power’ to try convict me of further false allegations, to punish me for exposing his corruption, and the evil person that he is.


    • I also still have the name and phone number of the man who passed that information on to me, and who would verify that I did not make it up to spite Murray. I hope that man is telling other people about this, so that word is getting around Albury about it, and not just around the internet. He claimed to have heard the story from people who had it told to them, by one of the police officers involved.

      Murray went on to convict him of false allegations, but then didn’t fine him, since he knew the police and the court was in the wrong. He should have taken the same approach with myself, and he would not have found himself facing all these allegations of misconduct.

      It is the financial penalties for having proven I was innocent, which offend me the most, and I will not allow them to be imposed on me. I will not be robbed of income, due to lies and false allegations, and I will not give up the right to apply for, and receive, an advance on my pension when I need money to re-register or buy a car. Paying off fines to the corrupt government of NSW, would mean that I am no longer eligible for that advance on my payment, and which I do use on a regular basis.


  9. I found another nice little example of perjury by Murray, and deliberate harrassment of the defendant, when looking at the transcripts again recently.

    The only way I can prove transcripts are being changed, is to be granted access to the original sound recordings. However, I’ve read that that audio system is designed to operate in a way in which they can easily edit parts out later, when need be. It is legally near impossible to obtain those recordings, I would guess.

    However, I’ll post later what I have found, and it is something which is quite damning. Paperwork was switched, in relation to myself being summoned to the hearing on 15 February 2016, where Murray was going to quietly convict me of a false allegation of ‘an incidence of violence’, without any evidence of same, nor myself being given a chance to defend it.

    I walked out of the hearing before it could begin.

    At appeal, Murray berates me for doing so, claiming that I was aware I was facing a criminal charge that day, and showed me his copy of the summons. I stated that it was not the same summons I was sent in the mail, as his copy only showed the criminal charge, while mine had shown the ADVO matters, but had included the criminal charge as well. I’d thought I was being summoned for mediation.

    However, I see that on 15 February 2016, Murray himself states that I might not have been aware that I was facing a criminal charge, as the summons only listed the ADVO matters. He makes that statement, and adds that the criminal charge was probably not shown on that summons at all. Yet a couple of months later, he has a summons on his records, which shows I was summoned to appear for one criminal charge.

    I’d burnt my copy of that summons. I have never been able to prove it, although being aware that the court employee obviously printed out a copy for myself, then removed the ADVO matters, and saved it leaving only the criminal charge. Then printed a copy of that document for themselves. Either the Registrar did that, or the court mediator herself, when booking the hearing into the computer. I burnt it at the time, due to the evil energy which had come with it in the mail. I didn’t realize it would turn out to be a vital document, in proving the corruption which is occurring at the Albury court house.

    A simple FOI request, would reveal the answer, as the employee would have had to log in first. I’ve often considered making that FOI request, to be allowed to know the name of the employee who booked that hearing for 15 February 2016, but also knew it would not be granted. However, I no longer need to. Murray himself has confirmed that is what happened, and it is recorded in two different transcripts, by his own words.

    I’ll also be emailing a notice to produce a signed record of service of the ADVO final order, before the next hearing can commence. I have read recently that police no longer need to provide one, so I have asked that in lieu of the police supplying one, the officers who failed to serve it on the day they claim to have done so, will be asked to swear to that, in the witness box and under cross examination, at the first breach hearing.

    I noticed at the elodgement site yesterday, that the district court has an option on its menu to lodge orders to produce and give testimony. If the Albury local court ignores the one I have already sent yesterday, and the one I will prepare today, then I will lodge the request with the district court in Wagga Wagga next week.

    In the meantime, I’m awaiting delivery of the new computer I’ve just bought for myself, and will soon have all my documents transferred onto it, and be ready to roll in court for the next few months.

    I’ll try to finish restoring this blog after its last hit by the court, so that it thoroughly documents all of the illegal actions and misconduct by employees of the state of NSW, ready to promote my cries of being jailed for being innocent of false allegations, due to BDS Huon, corrupt Albury Police, and several corrupt employees of the Albury court house, including the Magistrate.


    15 FEBRUARY 2016

    HIS HONOUR: –KA-R-M-A. Quite clearly in respect of those I was advised that one of the people – I can’t remember who – has been charged with a criminal offence of a breach; I just want to find out what’s happening in respect of those matters because quite clearly the criminal charge should be dealt with before the other DVOs that’s all.

    PROSECUTOR: Oh right, yes your Honour.

    HIS HONOUR: It’s not in the list today but I had requested the – well not I had requested, directed that the charge be restored to the list as well. So we’re just having an inquiry made. (snip)

    As I understand it one of the parties sergeant has been charged with a criminal offence and quite clearly the criminal offence should be dealt with before the AVO is dealt with, that’s all.

    PROSECUTOR: Yes your Honour.

    HIS HONOUR: If that’s the case the papers for 18 March need to be restored to the list today. I just wish to explain to Karma, who’s one of the people involved in the matters now before the court, that quite clearly if the lady’s been charged with a criminal offence regarding a breach of the order the court would deal with that matter before dealing with the private applications. That’s the reason the matter’s been referred (as said) to the list and if there’s breaches, or alleged breaches of orders it’s not appropriate if they’re acts of violence for the matters to be referred

    HIS HONOUR: Next matter please? Sergeant in respect of the matter of Karma, there was related charge matters in respect of an alleged breach by Ms Karma, and I’m not certain who the protected person was, but quite clearly the matters – that matter should be dealt with before the other related domestic violence applications are dealt with. And unfortunately the notice that was sent out to the lady only indicated the domestic violence matters, it did not refer to the charge. Now even if the lady was here – if she’s not here I’m going to adjourn it for a period of two weeks, and, if the lady is not here on the next occasion, the court may even deal with all these matters in her absence.

    The criminal charge he refers to, is for writing a letter to BDS Huon, and then leaving it to be found at an empty house, owned by one of the owners of that company.

    18 APRIL 2016



    Murray: On the 5/2 you were before the Court self represented and the matter was adjourned to 18 March.
    ACCUSED: No. It was sent to mediation, your Honour, and then I was told I could leave the courthouse, and after it was sent to mediation these people reversed the magistrate’s decision.

    Murray: That’s an order made by the Court because quite clearly the power in the Court to refer that matter to arbitration, in my view, does not exist. The matter was then adjourned to be restored to the list on 29 February 2016.

    ACCUSED: The next hearing that you mentioned on the 15th, I did come to the Court that day and I thought it was for mediation, and when I got here and found that I was on trial again I left. Then it was adjourned to the 29th and that was the one I couldn’t attend.

    Murray: On the 15/2 you were aware that the matter was before the Court and you left before the Court dealt with the matter.
    ACCUSED: Last I’d heard I was to go mediation so I thought the letter was (a summons) for mediation.

    Murray: Listen carefully to the question. You came to the Court on the 15th.
    ACCUSED: Yes, to attend mediation.

    Murray: You knew
    ACCUSED: No, I did not know. (This line has been altered to not make any sense, so I will edit it out, but states that I knew that I was to be convicted that day, when I was clearly arguing the opposite at the time)

    MURRAY: Just wait one minute. Have a look at that document for me, did you receive that document and for the purpose of the record there it’s a notice of listing addressed to Ms Karma at ..(not transcribable).. Street, Albury. Just have a look at that document for me, did you receive that document?
    ACCUSED: No, my copy was not the same as that. I thought it was for meditation.

    MURRAY: Just wait one minute. Did you receive that document?
    ACCUSED: No, no. What I received was something else and ..(not transcribable – listed all of the ADVO matters and the charge).. but it wasn’t the same as what you are showing me, (edited by myself because it had been tampered with) because like I say, when I came here I thought it was for mediation. When I found out that it wasn’t for mediation I left that day, and then I was going to attend the next hearing. I was advised that it was adjourned to the 29th and then that was the one I couldn’t come to because I was sick, I’ve got the medical (confirmation) for that.

    MURRAY: You accept that you were supposed to be before the Court on 29 February, that’s correct?
    ACCUSED: Yes.

    MURRAY: How did you know that you had to come back to court on the 29 February if you didn’t receive any notification?
    ACCUSED: I got that in the mail.

    MURRAY: The document you were just shown that is the document you’re talking about. What document are you referring that you received. Sit down, ma’am.
    ACCUSED: It was advice the matters were adjourned on the 15th until the 29th.

    MURRAY: Do you have a copy of the document that indicated that to you please?
    ACCUSED: No, I don’t.

    MURRAY: Did you keep all your court material in one bundle?
    ACCUSED: Yes, I’ve got a big bundle at home but I don’t bring it all (today). I did have all of my papers with me the day I came for mediation.

    MURRAY: But you were aware that you had to come back to court and received an advice from the Court for you to be here on 29 February?
    ACCUSED: Yes.

    MURRAY: Why didn’t you come to court on that day?
    ACCUSED: I was at the doctor’s (on the Friday before), and I’d been to the emergency room the night before.

    MURRAY: Do you have any evidence ma’am of the fact that you were unwell and unable to attend court on that day?
    ACCUSED: I beg your pardon?

    MURRAY: Do you have any evidence of the fact that you one, either told the Court that you were unable to come to court or the fact that you had a medical condition which allowed you not to attend court because you basically just couldn’t do it?
    ACCUSED: I told the magistrate that last week, that that’s why I couldn’t come. I had to go to the doctor on Friday, I had fluid on the knee, I was ordered to bed rest. I
    got up on the Monday morning to come to court and I was

    MURRAY: Ms Karma, stop. Do you have any medical evidence, ma’am, which supports the fact that as at 29 February you were unwell and so unwell that you could not attend court?
    ACCUSED: Yes.

    MURRAY: Please produce that to the Court. Show that to the Sergeant.
    ACCUSED: May I speak for a moment though?

    got up on the Monday morning to come to court and I was

    MURRAY: Ms Karma, stop. Do you have any medical evidence, ma’am, which supports the fact that as at 29 February you were unwell and so unwell that you could not attend court?
    ACCUSED: Yes.

    MURRAY: Please produce that to the Court. Show that to the Sergeant.
    ACCUSED: May I speak for a moment though?


    MURRAY: This is a document under the hand of Dr Thavakumaran which says this:

    “This letter is written on the request of Ms Karma, that she attended our clinic with tender distal medial thigh, close to left knee joint, on 26/02/2016. Then was investigated and treated, probable diagnosis was soft tissue injury and a natural history. Her pain was expected to last a few days.”

    Then, after all of his carrying on about how the criminal charge of breach had to be heard before the ADVO’s, he goes and does the opposite. Pretends to hear the ADVO’s, by pretending to re-read the initial application form for them both. He is deliberately ignoring the cases and evidence they were legally required to lodge against me after lodging those initial applications, and the defence evidence which had also been lodged, disproving those applications and cases.

    If those matters had been restored to the list, vacated from 18 March to 15 February 2016, then all of the cases and supporting evidence should have also been bought back into play. Not just the two original application forms.

    Then he convicts me of the charge of breach, still pretending that it involved an incidence of violence and which elevated the applications to be police matters, and without even reading the letter to BDS Huon – the evidence for the charge. Just the cops statement that I had confessed to him in a formal recorded interview that I had written the letter, and lodged a copy of it along with my defence statements, at the court house the week before. He even quotes my defence statements in his charge sheet. So he arrested me, for lodging my defence. And not at the suggestion of the court, but at the insistence of one of the parties involved.

    29 FEBRUARY 2016

    HIS HONOUR: I note she is present, and again there’s no appearance of Karma at 10.30. Again there’s no reason placed before the court for the lady’s non-attendance, and, again, that matter is dealt with ex parte.

    I note the evidence relied upon by the applicant and the lady is, as I said, not here. That matter is dealt with ex parte.


    HIS HONOUR: That completes the three domestic violence matters, and in respect of the charge matter I note there’s no appearance of the defendant today as well. And I do note that some private DVOs were referred by another magistrate for mediation. These are charge matters and I had requested that the matters be – or directed rather the matters be returned to court on the 15/2 because quite clearly these are not suitable matters for referral to the CJC as quite clearly they are police prosecutions, they are not private matters.

    In respect of that I also requested the court to notify the lady if she failed to attend the matter may be dealt with in her absence So far as that there’s no appearance of that defendant again at 10.30.

    Matter dealt with pursuant to s 196. Statement of facts please?

    PROSECUTOR: Your Honour I hand up the facts and record.

    HIS HONOUR: Yes in respect of the matter now before the court I do note the breach has been established and the antecedents. There’s no other prior matters of a similar type.


    That completes the matter. Thank you, you’re both free to go.

    At another hearing, I bought up his statement that the three private matters had all been adjourned by him and replaced by the police ADVO applications. He refuted that, stating that had never happened, and we were still dealing with the original applications (but just ignoring all of the evidence which had disproven them, and were now ignoring all legal protocols too).


    • I did email the court house, and ask for a copy of the summons to court they issued, for 15 February 2016. They supplied a copy of a summons, which only mentioned one criminal charge, and no ADVO matters. The charge sheet attached to that summons, and which I was not sent a copy of, related to the charge of writing to BDS Huon.

      So I do have a copy of it now, anytime I want to print out the attachments from that email. Just the fact that I had to email the court house and ask what I was charged for, in court that day, is proof enough that foul play was afoot.

      As per previous posts to the blogs about these matters, when I could find no signs to mediation rooms, I asked in the office where I was to go. The lady at the desk told me to go into the criminal court room. I explained that I was there for mediation, not a hearing. She again directed me to go and sit in the court room. I did so. Sat there for five minutes or so, and saw all the normal proceedings occuring. Murray saw me and was ready to enact his plot, to call the case at the next chance he got.

      However, I had gone back to the office, and, after looking at the list outside of the court room as I left it, and again stated that I was there for mediation. I was again told to go and sit in the court room and wait to be called. Once again, no mention that mediation had been cancelled, nor that a criminal charge had been listed against me, to be heard that day.

      That same employee, deliberately made me miss my appointment, on the day I tried to lodge counter actions against the complainants, a few months prior.


      • Appeal Decison? That being on medication for fluid on the knee is no reason to miss court on a day that Murray intends to convict you of false allegations.

        Q. Ma’am, listen carefully to what I’m saying to you. If I ask you to stop, stop. There is no point in rambling on like this, it has to be relevant evidence. Any other relevant evidence that you wish to place before the Court?
        A. No, but it’s been four months of appearing here in trials and never being allowed to say a word in my own defence, and all of the defence evidence that I submitted

        Q. Thank you, stop.
        A. was ignored.

        HIS HONOUR: Thank you, stop or you will charged, you will be charged if you continue to disregard what I have to say to you.



        HIS HONOUR: , I'll hear your submissions as to why you should have the application granted. Yes, what would you like to say?

        ACCUSED: I was always innocent, it was an unintentional breach, your Honour, and so therefore I feel that the fine of $560 in total is a bit excessive for a breach that was unintentional. I was arrested in an unlawful manner and then not given the chance to defend myself in court.

        HIS HONOUR: Ma'am, just so I understand it. You say that you accept that it was a breach, what occurred was a breach.

        ACCUSED: No, I don't accept that it is. A breach would have been to approach XXXXXX at her workplace. I approached her boss at his home address on a Saturday morning and he didn't even live there, and he didn't get the letter till six weeks later when she rang him up and told him it was sitting there, and took him around to it. (This assertion is no longer valid, now that Con Weekley has finally provided the truth about how the police came into possession of that letter, it had been taken from my defence documents).

        HIS HONOUR: Anything else you wish to say?

        ACCUSED: No.

        HIS HONOUR: There is an application been brought by the defendant that pursuant to s 4 of the Act. So far as that is concerned I do note that it is a very broad interpretation of the remedial provisions that are contained in that part of the legislation. Insofar as that is concerned I do note that it is the same test that applies in domestic violence matters as it does for criminal proceedings but this is in fact a criminal proceeding brought quite properly pursuant to s 4 of the relevant Act.

        Quite clearly the evidence which is undisputed before the Court is that the lady was aware of 29 February as being the date upon which she had to come to court. Certainly insofar as that is concerned the lady was found guilty in her absence, there was no appearance of her at 10.30. Importantly, the application indicates in simple terms that she was on medication, had an order to rest up and diagnosed with fluid on the knee three days prior, and the arrest was questionable, (and that she will) lodge a claim for compensation. (against the complainants)

        So far as that is concerned there is ample evidence to indicate that the lady had received and was aware that she was supposed on 29 February 2016. It is clearly clear as at 10.30 on that particular date the lady had not attended court. I also note insofar as that is concerned that the lady was aware that if she failed to attend court, in my view, on that date she had received notification from the Court that final orders may be made in her absence.

        Quite clearly the evidence before the Court, exhibit 2, the letter from Dr Thavakumaran is woefully inadequate. I do note that the Court indicated to the applicant, Ms Karma, that it would afford her the opportunity of addressing the deficiencies in the medical evidence before it. The Court had indicated that, and I quote the orders that I had intended to make the defendant’s inability to attend court due to medical reasons should be supported by a medical certificate which includes the following the information:

        (1) The medical certificate must specifically indicate that the person was not fit to attend court rather than she was merely unwell

        (2) The medical certificate must specifically address the nature of the illness and injury suffered by the person the reason why she could not attend court on 29 February 2016.

        (3) The medical certificate must specifically address when the person will be able to attend court in future including the reasons or rationale for this opinion.

        (4) The medical certificate must address the issue, if applicable, as to why she was not able to come to court on 29 February s 16 even for a very short period of time.

        (5) Whether or not she was fit enough to travel to some other location for evidence to be given by some other means, via audio visual.

        (6) I also note the Court would have reminded the medical practitioner of the public guidelines regarding the issuing of such certificates.

        I specially note insofar as that is concerned the observations made by Barrak J in the decision of Alija Magjarraj v Asteron Life Ltd [2009], a decision of the Supreme Court. His Honour said this at para 22 and 23:

        “All too frequently judges see cryptic written statements from medical practitioners referring to some undisclosed and undiagnosed medical condition culminating in the assertion that a person is unfit to attend court or unfit to attend a court hearing. To the extent that such statements are put forward as evidence about the state of the person’s health and the extent to which impaired health may incapacitate a person from participating in court proceedings the statements fail the most fundamental test for the reception of expert evidence. All unexplained and unfathomable statements of that kind must be simply rejected out of hand as evidence of anything.”

        He continued on para 23:

        “Doctors probably do not realise they are engaged in an exercise in futility when they issue such certificates and expect courts to treat them as evidence, if indeed that is what the doctors do expect. These are matters about which professional organisations within the medical profession really ought to consider informing their members.”

        As I indicated, the shortcomings in the report under the hand of the doctor which is exhibit 2, I have highlighted to the defendant the evidentiary insufficiencies of the medical certificate was explained to the applicant, also the fact of the absence of that material which I had requested would substantially, and to her detriment, operate against the defendant because there was, on that material, insufficient evidence to ascertain any proper reason why she was unable to attend court.

        The defendant elected not to seek the adjournment that she was going to be granted and quite clearly insofar as that is concerned wished the matter dealt with today.





      • Also, why did the police prosecutor have no idea about what was gong on, when my name was called in court that day. I have left that part out of the transcript, as shown above, but Murray had to explain to him that a charge was about to be heard, against me, for a breach.

        The prosecutor had no knowledge of it. Yet if the hearing had been booked correctly, the arresting officer should have been made aware, and been in attendance on the day. The prosecutor would have had their case notes and arrest sheets with them, ready to seek a conviction. Myself and the witness, being Jom Williams from BDS Huon, should have been advised that the hearing on 5 February 2016, had now been shifted to 15 February2016, and that we all needed to be in attendance for it.

        Instead, there was some huge mix up in the paperwork, involving the summonses and the allegation, instead. ;p

        HIS HONOUR: Sergeant the matters of Karma have been restored to the list but only the applications.

        PROSECUTOR: The matter of–

        HIS HONOUR: Karma–

        PROSECUTOR: –Karma?

        HIS HONOUR: –K-A-R-M-A. Quite clearly in respect of those I was advised that one of the people – I can’t remember who – has been charged with a criminal offence of a breach; I just want to find out what’s happening in respect of those matters because quite clearly the criminal charge should be dealt with before the other DVOs that’s all.

        PROSECUTOR: Oh right, yes your Honour.


  11. I saw on facebook yesterday, that a man who had posted the transcript of a hearing where three police officers had given different accounts about his arrest and circumstances, because they were lying, has been ordered by the Office of the General of Counsel to remove it from the internet.

    That office claims they own the copyright of the court transcript and that he has no right to put it on public display.

    I have emailed a direct link to this page, and this blog, to that same office. Apparently I had some mail delivered to my last rented property, after myself and the landlady had moved out of there. I haven’t bothered to pick it up yet. I wonder if it is a letter directing me to do the same thing?

    However, I would argue that I never gave my permission for my voice to be recorded in the court room, via a microphone. I never gave permission for them to then take those recordings and turn it into a typed up document. I never gave them permission to change my words, nor that of the Magistrate, and then file it away as having been a true record of proceedings that day.

    I would also argue that I own half of the copyright to the above, since half of the words it contains were my own and describes my own circumstances.

    What I would also like to bring up to the General Counsel, if they do approach me over this matter, is that they are ignoring the contents of the transcript. They are ignoring the fact that a Magistrate committed perjury on the bench, to cover up for his previous perversions of the course of justice against me, and at the instruction of another employee of the NSW Justice System.

    Other court transcripts which used to be on display on this site, also showed perjury by the complainants, and that the court had convicted me of a false allegation, simply to convict me of other matters. One also shows that I was tricked into coming to court, without being made aware I was about to be put on trial, for an allegation for which there is no record, and I was not going to be given the chance to defend.

    In fact, I was robbed of the chance to defend any of the false allegatios levelled against me, because Maggot Murray found a way to ensure that the defence evidence was dismissed, after it had disproven the complaints.

    Yet does the General Counsel notice those things when he is looking for violations of their copyright? I’d be tempted to allow them to take me to court over it, based on the above reasons; that I am simply reasserting my innocence, after having been falsely convicted, and against all of the evidence presented.


    • Its also worth noting that they changed my words to make it appear that I confessed to a crime, to having committed an act of violence towards someone. Yet I never said that, and have never done that.

      So they own the copyright to a lie they have attributed to myself. I think I would have to question ownership of that, and whether or not it amounts to libel, even if only to be put on a record and stored away in a dark place.


  12. While we are at it in court, I would bring up the subject that the crown has changed my words on many occassions, when typing up transcripts of proceedings in the Albury Local Court, but mainly those of the actor on the bench, the Magistrate.

    So I took part in an involuntary recording, and then the script was changed afterwards, around the words that I spoke. Plus key parts of my defence were always covered up, marked ‘unable to be heard’.

    And the government has copyrighted that script?

    Yet I have no right to put those documents on display, and point out those discrepancies to the general public, because I have been denied justice, and been denied any investigation into, or cessation of, the continued injustices and illegal actions towards myself, at the hands of the Albury local court.


  13. Reposting a comment from a facebook page and website I follow, Kangaroo Court of Australia, regarding the judiciary trying to charge people to cover up for their illegal actions.

    Kangaroo Court of Australia: In Nationwide News Pty Ltd v. Wills, Mason CJ described scandalising as a ‘well recognised form of criminal contempt’ (at para 21) but suggested there was no contempt at common law ‘if all that the defendant does is to exercise his or her ordinary right to criticise, in good faith, the conduct of the court or the judge’ (at para 21).

    He stated the judiciary should be open to criticism and cited US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black stating in Bridges v. California in 1941:

    The assumption that respect for the judiciary can be won by shielding judges from published criticism wrongly appraises the character of American public opinion. … an enforced silence, however limited, solely in the name of preserving the dignity of the bench, would probably engender resentment, suspicion, and contempt much more than it would enhance respect (pp. 270-271).


    Thanks Shane Dowling, for that research and post.


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