Pedophile Rings in Australia

tyrell report

Lodged on 13 September 2016.

Assaulted by Albury Police on 22 October 2016.

Arresting officer charges me for blogging about pedophile rings, and emailing defence information to Albury Police, regarding the 5 false charges they have me up on. He adds a new one too it.

His Sargent lies in the bail documentation, claims I have an extensive criminal history, and will certainly be going to jail for sending two emails to an employee of the NSW Community Justice Centre, an agency of the NSW Attorney’s General’s Department.

I used to have my contacts with him on display here, and will re-instate those after I edit out the name of the employee involved.

As part of my bail conditions, I can be instantly jailed if I offend that employee, who works at the Albury Court House, and other courts around NSW. She’s off on personal stress leave at the moment, it appears.

The police added in two charges, for things that didn’t even happen. One is an extra charge of resist arrest, on a date that not only wasn’t I arrested, I didn’t even see a cop.

The date of the real arrest, has been incorrectly stated on the arrest documentation, and a decent lawyer would have had that charge dismissed at its first mention.

Along with the two resist arrest charges, that other one was actually the cops assaulting me on the footpath outside my residence, I am charged with telecommunications crimes/offences. Those are what I apparently will be jailed over. Sending two emails, to the court employee, who’d been winding me up via email a weekend or so earlier, forwarding two complaints to her which I had lodged with the NSW Attorney General’s Department and the Ombudsman about three Albury Police Officers.

Its of course illegal for her to use her position in the justice department, to bring a charge against someone for lodging official complaints about her. Its illegal for her to have conspired with police, to bring that charge against me, for lodging those same complaints, and others, against them.

They arrested me unlawfully, bought false charges against me and assaulted me in the street. Not to mention unlawful detention and illegal search. Yet I am the one who will be sentenced to jail, in the Albury Court House, by a Magistrate who Tony Murrray can talk into convicting me for him, to ease a bit of the suspicion around his own actions in all of this.

Police also cannot charge me for that crime, because they know they must prove IP and the account details registered with the carriage provider. Yet they have not given those in the arrest documentation. Again, a decent lawyer would have had the charge dismissed at first mention, on that point as well.

However, police did show up at the home of the owner of the IP and account details registered with the carriage provider of the sim card I am running off, shortly after I’d lodged the above report with crime stoppers, online.

If they were there in relation to who was emailing defence documents to the Albury Police station, and who wrote nasty things on the NSW Attorney General’s page about corruption with her staff member, and the rest of all of the staff at the Albury Local Court, why don’t they use it, so they can actually prosecute me for that charge?

The Attorney General at that stage was Gabrielle Upton. When I was threatening to sue her department over it all, she was replaced with Mark Speakman. He has been ignoring all contacts from myself, since he took over that position.

I am now calling for his dismissal.

A couple of months before William Tyrell was taken from his grandmother’s home on the north coast of NSW, I lodged a report with crime stoppers that there seemed to be a pedophile cult staying at a commune in Mullumbimby, and that they had tried to entice my son away from me.

Tweed Heads police, phoned me up and asked if I would like them to check for aliens while they were down there.

Maybe I came into some information about William while I was in Albury. Maybe that information was not able to be checked out, and the source maybe not all that reliable, but then maybe it is. I don’t know the person well enough to say.

So I thought about it all. Should I lodge an unsubstantiated complaint. I decided that since his disappearance might have been prevented, had the police acted on my other report, maybe it was my destiny to do so. So I did.

Now I’m a criminal, who’s going to jail as soon as they hear the charge bought against me, by the employee of the CJC.

Strange that.

I did lodge a second complaint with crime stoppers, using a direct link again from the William Tyrell website, and told them that they appear to have given my IP to the people who are implicated, because cops showed up at a house looking for me.

It could of course just be that the Albury Police don’t give those IP and carriage provider details to the local court, because then it would be noticed that they have charged the wrong person, and it is my son who has to be charged instead.

He can then blame me in court if he wants, and I will admit to it. Quite happily, to get him off the hook and not saddle him with a criminal record. Just like some people are trying to do to me at the moment.

There is nothing at all sinister about why I don’t have a sim card in my name at the moment. When I had to flee my last residence, due to some dramas that were starting up, I didn’t have a TV at the new place. For the first three months in fact, so blogging etc, and the internet filled my time, and listening to music of course.

But that used up my data. I had free internet at the residence before that, plus more available on my phone. All of a sudden, I needed more. So my son, who’d just signed up for a new phone plan, was able to get me a sim card, on a special offer, for $20 for the first two months. But him doing that, gave us combined data of 20 gig for the first two months as well. Later it dropped back, but will still share data. And he still owns my sim card.

After the first two months, it went up to $40 a month, but since I was planning on leaving town, we left the arrangement in place, until I left. That left us with massive data for me, at the same price any other plan would have given me about 2 gig.

Poor boy got stuck with my bill a few times for the month, due to court costs, etc, not being in receipt of rent assistance, blah, blah. But he didn’t mind, in the long run.

When the cops went to his previous address, and asked for him by name, it was confirmed that he was living there when he registered that account.

The cops just laughed it off apparently, and stating that they thought it was a fake name, because it was a bit unusual.

Yet they know you cannot buy a sim card in Australia, without showing your driver’s licence.

And they know they cannot charge me with telecommunications offences, when I don’t have a sim card registered in my name.

Who answered the door to them, that day they traced the IP? Well the good friends of the CJC court mediator. Friends of the person who had bought the charge against me, are the occupants of the address the sim card is physically registered to, lol.

Or were they tracing a crime stoppers report, as wondered above?


Another weird thing I observed one day at the Albury Local Court, on 18 January 2016 in fact, was this.

I’m sitting in the court room, early on in my dramas, and this girl is bought into the room, in chains and prison overalls. The two cops who bought her in were huge. They chained her to the witness box.

The corrupt Magistrate asked if there was anyone in the room who was there for her. The two giant cops actually paraded in front of the audience, glaring at us all, and daring anyone to speak up. No one did.

The Magistrate then convicted her of being mentally ill, and they took her away again.

The girl on the other hand, had terror in her eyes as she looked at the audience begging for someone to help her. She had been screaming a bit, but in fear. She had intelligent eyes, so didn’t look mentally ill to me. She had clear skin and a nice haircut, so didn’t appear to be an ice addict.

Nothing was said about what she had been charged with. If she was mentally ill, there should have been some kind of social worker there to assist her, or even legal aid. She obviously had no family in the area to support her.

I’ll never forget the terror in her eyes, and had I been aware of the corruption going on at that court house, I would have stood up and tried to save her.

I’ve been told by one person in this town, that there is a house somewhere where women are being held captive, and prostituted out to local business men. Masons again, I’d say. I was told cops get to use their services for free.

Can’t help but wonder if that is where she ended up.

Another thing I learned about while in Albury, and which is very sus, is this:

I met a girl who went on to tell me that her sister had just had a mental breakdown. The sister had recently returned from being in Thailand or the Phillipines, working to help stop human trafficking in that part of the world.

Soon after returning home, she became convinced that the CIA was stalking her, in this regional Australian town, and trying to kill her. People thought that she had lost her mind, and she ended up doing a bit of time in a mental home, for being ‘paranoid’ and thinking crazy thoughts.

She was still ‘recovering’ when I was told the story. I met her briefly too one day.

I had planned to fill her sister in on what I believe had really happened to her. She did not have a mental breakdown, she was gang stalked, and tricked into thinking that the CIA was after her. What she was thinking was real, the death threats were real, even though they probably would not have been enacted. The threats also would have been disguised so that only she got the messages, that no one else would see.

I wanted to get to know them a bit more, before I tried to explain it all to them, but then fell out of touch.

While she continues to believe she had a mental breakdown, she is in danger of them driving her to suicide or back into an institution. Knowing that it was real, would equip her to take steps to protect herself, and get through it, if they start on her again.

End result: one less volunteer worker assisting in the fight to stop human trafficking.


Another instance of corrupt doings by Albury Police and the Albury court house is this:

A young friend of my son’s who I’d met was charged with assault, and was innocent of the charge. She’d merely swung a punch at a male who was about to hit her. His mate tackled him so that he could not, but her return punch grazed the side of his face as he went down. He had her charged, but later wanted to withdraw his complaint.

Police went ahead with it anyway. On the day that she was to appear in court, the father of her children had not returned them the night before. So she spent the day meeting with social workers and lawyers, to have them returned to her. Therefore, she could have easily proven that she had a valid reason to have failed to appear that day.

Early that evening, police went to her home and took her into custody. The handled her roughly while throwing her into the back of their van, and held her in custody over night.

When she was taken to the court house the next morning, Magistrate Murray informed her that he would have found her innocent, but because she did not bother to appear in court, he was instead finding her guilty and fined her $1,000 plus costs.

I urged her to appeal. She was too scared to because of the way police had treated her. They had denied her food and her right to make a phone call. Sometime around 11pm an officer took her a pie to eat, and told her ‘you’ll be all right, you are just here at a bad time’.

Yes, it is a bad time here in Albury at the moment, with corrupt police running out of control and being supported by a corrupt Magistrate, and other assorted corrupt court employees.

Its also worth noting that she had told me prior to that, that the father of her childrens parents are rich, and cause her lots of trouble. Did they arrange for all that to be done to her.

Albury Local Court serves the local business owners, and women and people on welfare seem to be their favourite targets.


Another ‘story’ that the same person who told me that they murdered young William Tyrell had also told me something else that day.

He said that there is a house here in Albury somewhere, where women are being held against their will. They are being forced to act as prostitutes for local wealthy businessman, and that local cops get to ride for free.

That seems a lot more believable now too.


I think they were very worried about how much research I had been doing about Murray, and my casual and often sarcastic references to them running a human trafficking ring through the court house.

They would have downloaded everything from my phone, while they searched my bag, and looked at my contacts and internet history. Someone told me recently that they just plug it into a computer and download all of its contents within minutes, when they take you to the station.

I don’t do anything on my phone, except make a few calls and send a few text messages. What they really would have wanted to look through, was my computer. Although, I guess my internet history does show up there, due to using the phone as my modem, and found nothing they could pin on me, or prove I was part of Anonymous.

However, I hadn’t been doing any serious research about it. All that I had gleaned had come from educated observation, of their actions and something else I’d seen a year earlier which I haven’t mentioned on the thread.

Its their actions which now appear to prove that I am on the right track here.


I made a meme a few months ago, an Anonymous one, directed at BDS Huon, saying ‘expect us’. Again, that was not long before I was assaulted and accused of being an internet criminal. Yet I have no association with that group, apart from supporting and reposting some of their actions and informations.

Seems people with things to hide, don’t mind being hacked.

The government can monitor my internet dealings all they want, and have done so for years. It must be really boring for them.


21 thoughts on “Pedophile Rings in Australia

  1. This page, and blog, is now linked to a conspiracy website in the USA. There is already a thread about all of these issues, on that site, made just over a week ago, for my self protection. I hadn’t linked the blog, because I didn’t want my real identity splashed all over a website that has lots of visitors. Now that I have had to remove the names of all civilians involved in these ‘police and criminal’ matters, that is no longer an issue.

    I have also tweeted links to all of the pages to the WikiLeaks party.


  2. This is the father of the boy who infiltrated our home. They’d started giving him acid, which he’d never tried before, while he was living at the commune, and later appear to have turned him into a drug mule. Selling their imports at hippie festivals. Both he and Jon Fae had to disable comments on their youtube videos, or remove them, due to the warnings that Caped Crusader had posted to them.

    The cult was counting on the fact that they were aware I was sick, exhausted and he was well old enough to take care of himself, and would readily let him go. However, he never wanted to, and I never wanted him to move out of home until he was ready and wanting to.

    I sent my son to where he would be safe, and went on the run …


  3. Now the old blog, government run pedophile rings, by a different alias, comes into play as an exhibit in the charge bought against me by the employee of the NSW Attorney General’s department, for a reason other than Constable Minehan being offended by its content.

    It contains a screen shot of the person who left a message on an anti-centrelink facebook page I’d been posting on, stating “Tracey, I am going to kill you and fuck your corpse.” That was just before a cult started trying to take my son. The cult had gotten more demanding, after I became suspicious of everything that was suddenly going on and was taking steps to get my son away from them, and their recruiter.

    That first threat, was the first of several. The others were made on the conspiracy site in the USA I spend a time of time reading, researching and posting.

    A year later, I took that screen shot, of that threat, into Albury police station. While I was down here house sitting.

    While being free and on the run, and living and creating the blog ‘government run pedophile rings’, I was also continuing to try to work out just who was after me. Turned out to be quite a lot of people. Some from my past who seemed to have teamed up with the bad guys who had taken over the consipracy site. Most of the people who posted there, became targets, if they weren’t already the government employees from the NSA who lurked on the site, and trolled the truth seekers. .

    So, I’d gatheedr enough intel, including internet IP’s and account details. In particular, that of my daughter’s father. However, that account was running off a sim card which belonged to his younger brother’s business, in Bathurst.

    I’d emailed Bathurst police, knowing that they are part of the Bathurst pedophile ring though. They replied they couldn’t question him, because I couldn’t lodge a crime report via their page. They advised me to go to Albury police station, since I was in Albury. I also lodged the same type of complaint with the Mornington Police Station, in Victoria, sending them a copy of the screen shot of the first death threat. They replied go to Albury station. I was also aware that particular police station had been named as being part of the Victorian pedophile ring, but again, tried to approach the police in the areas where the people resided.

    A constable at Albury police station told me to go away, when I showed him, in August 2014. He said that’s just two people having an argument over social media, bugger off. I said, I don’t know this man, and he makes other statements which suggest he has intel on me that he has gather from other sites I go to. He still shrugged it off. I tried to show him the other evidence, of another old friend being involved as well, and one of the main ‘attackers’. A bloke I’d lived with in a Masonic Hall in Sydney years before.

    I had enough evidence to take out the two main instigators, in the domestic arm of the assault on my life. Police couldn’t even been bother looking at it, even though it was only about 20 pages, of concrete evidence, and which would have led to a wider network.

    I was never able to prove that my son’s father was involved, but I know that he was. I took a few months before I found out for sure that the muso from the hall, was friends with the weird cult guy, and together they had sent his son from Melbourne to befriend my son. They already knew each other from an internet game, but he said he was being moved north, by his father, and would need a friend up that way.

    We were infiltrated. I was attacked, in many ways, and from many different directions. So I blogged and researched, and took steps to avoid capture. But I did also run.

    My son still tells himself that it was not real. And it was all done in such a comprehensive and sneeky fashion, that it does sound too crazy to be true. But that’s what they plan it to look like, so their victims look silly if they try to report what’s happening to them.


  4. This is the other demon infested “Illuminati Wannabe” who tried to take my child to use as a chick magnet to attract unsuspecting backpackers into their weird cult, and to distribute drugs for the organizations they are associated with. Many of which are of course government departments and their employees.

    A person I used to live with in a group house, decades ago. Suffering from delusions of granduer these days, and a Messiah complex that just doesn’t end. Wanker, is a better description.


  5. Search the term gangstalking. This is being done to Australian citizens, with the assistance and support of government employees and public servants. Your tax dollars being used to track, hunt and eliminate anyone who doesn’t tow the party line. Sounds like Nazi Germany? Well, that is where they got the ideology from that they follow.


  6. Actually, I’ll put this comment on both of the posts.

    About five months after fleeing my home, after being gang stalked by Tweed Heads police and their pedophile gang members, I arrived in Albury to visit my son, who’d I sent here after a cult tried to lure him away from me. The cult appears to have links to welfare services in Brisbane. We had nothing to do with that area, where they had come from.

    I’d been staying in a cheap motel on the Gold Coast, after giving away all of my furniture and going on the run. The first two weeks were subsidised by Centrelink, in the form of ‘crisis accommodation’. After that I was offered a permanent room by the owner, for as long as I needed, in a cheaper shared section.

    Centrelink should have cut off my rent assistance payments, as soon as I went into that situation. That is the process. I also met with two Centrelink workers at a shelter for homeless people, shortly before moving into there, who told me they would advise the office to cut off my rent assistance. I was sleeping in my car, because Housing wouldn’t give me crisis accommodation for the first four nights I had nowhere to live and that was all they offered to do for me.

    The office chose not to cut it off. However, I was by then paying rent on a fortnightly basis to the owner of the motel, who told me more than once to get a rent certificate form, and she would sign it for me. I advised her that I was banned from going into any centrelink office in Australia, at that time, by way of false reports of abuse, and could not do so, but that I was getting the assistance anyway. She was always confused that I was still getting it, and that anyone would say that I was aggressive or abusive.

    When I came to Albury, I wasn’t paying rent for the first time, and that went on for a few weeks. I needed to fix it, but hated going into the Centrelink office. However, I also needed a new concession card, and had made plans with my son to travel to Tweed for his 21st birthday. I needed the card to get a cheaper ticket to Sydney on the train. Mine had expired, and I had not been at my old address, to receive the new one.

    So I went to Centrelink. The ban I had been under, had expired by that time. The woman listened to my story that I hadn’t been at my old address for a few months, but had kept receipts from the motel where I’d been staying, to show I was eligible for rent assistance during that whole time, and that I needed to advise I was not paying rent now, but also needed a temporary concession card.

    She looked at her computer, and had seen the pile of receipts, and then said she needed to go and told to someone else about it. She came back a few minutes later with two other people, one of who ordered me to leave, stating that I was not allowed in there. I replied that I thought the ban had ended. He replied that they had extended it for another year. I left. They asked for my phone number. I told them I don’t do business with them via phone, only in person, to avoid corrupt dealings. I left.

    I went down to the train station next, to buy the train tickets. I’d booked them that morning, and explained that my concession card had expired on the phone, but they’d said I’d have to get a new one, or would have to pay full price.

    As I was standing there, paying full price for the ticket for, two ambulance officers rushed in. Police were arriving outside, two in a car, who also casually walked in.

    ‘We were told that a crazy person attacked someone up the road a bit, and that they were coming here to the train station’.

    Everyone looked blank. The ambo stood looking at the clerks, and around the ticket room. There were only two of us in there, and neither of us was crazy. I noticed one of the clerks roll their eyes towards me. But I wasn’t going off, about having to pay full price, as Centrelink staff were hoping that I would be. I was paying full price for my ticket.

    Had I not read, “Escape from Australia: A Gangstalking Primer”, I would not have also realized that clerk was nominating me as the person they were supposed to take away in a straight jacket that day.

    So Centrelink staff made a false report to police and an ambulance, in an attempt to grab me, because I was on their ‘wanted and wanted silenced’ list. What a waste of tax payer’s money. What a nazi state, and criminal organization – the NSW government.


    • Centrelink are probably already auditing me based on the above comment. However, I left Albury soon after that incident, after being offered a rental property in northern NSW. The owner of that house was going to Darwin. She asked me if I needed her to organize anything up there with Centrelink before I moved in. Without telling her that I was banned from their offices, I asked her to call into the local branch and ask for a rent certificate. I told her to explain she was about to rent her property to a person on welfare, and needed to sign the form before departing. They told her they were not allowed to give it to her, that the tenant must come into the office and get one.

      I only saw the landlady once while organizing that tenancy. The day before she left. She could have handed me a copy of a signed rent certificate. I could have completed my details in her presence, and later uploaded it to the Centrelink website. Their system ensured that I could not do that, but I was once again entitled to what I was receiving from them, and in all the time since then.

      I believe when Centrelink deliberately did not cancel my rent assistance, back in 2013, they were trying to create a debt, and then used that to harass me later and defame me. I kept the motel receipts, so they could not.

      However, just for the record, for the whole of the past 18 months that I have been being framed in the Albury local court, I have voluntarily forgone the money I am entitled to from Centrelink for rent assistance, being the amount of approx $120 a fortnight, to be able to stay here and continue to defend the charges.

      That situation has created a level of real poverty for me, while Murray thinks its hilarious to keep up his charade, and the all of the other expenses it creates for me. Yet they wonder why I sometimes threaten to sue them for compensation for it.

      If I had a lawyer, nsw justice would have agreed to settle out of court a long time ago, and imposed a legal confidentiality agreement onto me, which prevented me from discussing these proceedings in public.

      Instead, they try to rely on ones illegally awarded to other people, that do not cover themselves.


  7. It seems the Albury court house has bought three new charges against me, ready for the hearing on 20 June. I can’t believe that they have the audacity to do that, when I have exposed so much corruption at that place, that the smell has actually started to stick to them all.

    I guess I’m charged again, for having this blog here, declaring and proving my innocence, and their illegal and corrupt behaviour.

    Department of joke justice, the joke on the people, no justice on them.


    • Or maybe I just got a shock when I looked at the court lists the other night, and saw multiple charges against me, listed for mention, when the hearings for that day should have involved just two hearings, of two very separate false charges.

      When I looked again the following afternoon, I realized it was just again, all of the false charges of breach which were not even to be mentioned on that day, nor listed for hearing until the hearing for the charge ahead of them had already occurred, put up on the list to distract from the real issues.

      However, there is one new police complaint against me. In the meantime, I have uncovered more evidence of collusion and conspiracy, within the other case against me, which was to be heard on that same date. I will be reapplying for motion, based on that new evidence.

      Seems the police still aren’t ready to go ahead with the charge bought against me by the court house itself, by way of a complaint made by one of their staff members. I believe that is grounds for me to have it dismissed, because the court and police are obliged to keep me informed as to why there are any delays in bringing a matter to hearing.


  8. From: Karma
    Sent: Thursday, 14 August 2014 11:04 PM

    Subject: Wanting an Investigation into Scott RXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Even though it is now around a year since the following threat was made to me via facebook, I want to press charges of internet stalking and harrassment against Scott RXXXXXXXXXXXX, of XXXXXX Street, Mornington, Vic.

    I had been posting on a facebook page, which is anti-centrelink. He came along and started insulting me. When I challenged him, he replied “Karma, I am going to kill you and fuck your corpse”. He also makes a comment to a person who defended me, that ‘he must be on mushrooms too’.

    I can see when re-reading that comment, that I was already under attack by then, by people who were hacking my computer and spying on me.

    I was shortly afterwards attacked on a forum I frequent, by anonymous trolls, whose IP’s I was never given by the owners of the forums, without a court order demanding they supply them.

    On one of those forums, where I was trolled for no reason, someone had commented about magic mushrooms. Another person commented that they were not in season in their country. I posted that they were in season in my area, and a smilie face. I don’t take magic mushrooms, I did in my younger years, but stopped taking drugs when I became pregnant over 20 years ago.

    So it is interesting that Mr RXXXXXXXXXXXX seems to think that me and my friends do take them. That links him to the forum, where I was trolled.

    This matter on its own, doesn’t seem very serious. However, things escalated after that, and I was sent more death threats, anonymously, which I don’t have copies of.

    My 19 year old son was being manipulated into coming to live with a cult, at Mullumbimby, by a kid who had moved to our area from Melbourne. Jackson MXXXXX was his name. He later went on to tell my son that I was an evil liar, and he was better off living with his cult buddies. They purchased my son a ticket to Cairns, without advising me first. When I refused to let him go with them, the death threats become less veiled, and more intense

    I checked out Jackson MXXXXX’s father on youtube, and he had videos of himself running around the outback, dressed in a gold evening gown, asking people to come join him and his hippie way of life.

    I have found out since then, that some people I lived with in Sydney years ago, were also involved in this, the fathers of my children and another mutal friend of mine and theirs.

    No one on that forum knew my real name, except for one person in New Zealand, who I later put in a report to their police, about him trolling me from another member’s account, after deliberately chatting me up. He had kept wanting me to tell all my friends that I had a boyfriend, but I didn’t. It was like he was deliberately setting me up to humiliate me on the forum, or in my personal life. When I kept our friendship out of the public eye, he dumped me, then trolled me anonymously, along with his brother to force me out of there. Some people say that particular forum has links to international pedophile rings. In fact someone in NZ with the same surname as him, was arrested for distributing child porn, and photos of beastiality and torture.

    So, for this Scott RXXXXXXXXXXXX to have tracked down my facebook page, and my comments to the Centrelink page, someone would have had to given him my real name. Either the people in NZ, or my old friends in Sydney, that they seem to have roped into supplying them with personal information about me, to use to try to humiliate me in public.

    They have slandered and defiled me on both forums, using fake accounts, and proxies to cover their real locations. They hack into my friend’s facebook accounts, and post weird messages.

    At the beginning of this year, I was sent insulting messages to my email address, from a mobile phone. I recently traced that phone number as to belonging to the brother of the father of one of my children. Same person who seems to be helping the trolls in NZ with personal information about me. I have lodged a complaint about that tonight, with the Bathurst police, where he resides.

    I have also had insults sent to me via email, from the friend of my child’s father, who has attempted to play mind games with me. In an email forwarded to myself, the man claims that he hardly knows me, and that I am stalking him. Everything in the email is a proveable lie, as we had lived together in a share house for 11 months. He has contacted me several times since we parted company 22 years ago, but now asserts that I stalk him. He claimed that I had texted him, inviting him to come and see me, then started accusing him of being part of a satanic cult who tried to take my son, for no reason. Yet it was him who had contacted me, and come to my home. After his visit, was when the trolling, hacking and stalking of me really started to take off, and my son ‘taken by the cult’ at the same time.

    I have records of most of these things. In the end, I want Scott RXXXXXXXX to be forced to admit who put him up to doing this to me, so that I can bring charges against those who came up with the idea in the first place, and set it into motion.

    I am happy to lay an official charge, if there is an appropriate one for making death threats to strangers online. If there is not, then I would appreciate knowing how he explains himself and his actions, in this matter. I am wanting to identify a lot of people who acted anonymously, or through fake accounts, which will be a long process. However, Scott made the first death threat, so I will start with him.

    My complaint to Bathurst police involves Reyne and Dwayne HXXX.

    Attached is a screen shot of the message waiting for me to find, on that Centrelink page.

    Dwayne HXXXX told me that an old friend from Sydney had links to a pedophile Ring. That same friend then came to my house, offering to mentor my son, and take him to Mullumbimby to meet all his teenage friends there. This man is in his 40’s. When I posted that conversation on the net, HXXX then denied saying it, and the person claims that HXXXX will attest to that in court. However, I have the record of the conversation via facebook, where he said it.

    These people are playing mind games with me, and trying to destroy my life, possibly so that they can take my children from me. Gaslighting it is called.

    So again, this might seem like an insignificant complaint, but when put together with the rest of the information and evidence I have gathered, it shows a bigger picture of deliberate abuse and intimidation. For what purpose, I am still unsure. Taking my children does seem to be the only answer.

    I was living in Murwillumbah, NSW, when all this happened. I have been homeless and drifting since then. I sent my son to live with my parents in Albury, which is where I am now. I can come to Melbourne, if need be, to make a formal charge, if you are able to make a charge him formally for this threat.

    I know I have taken a long time to act, but these people are still stalking and attacking me, via the internet, and nuisance phone calls, etc. I want to end it all, once and for all. I am also afraid of what they really would do to me, if they caught up with me, after first assuming it was all just false threats. As mentioned, they also might be part of the an online pedophile ring.

    Thanks for your assistance in this matter.


    Scott RXXXXXX facebook page:


  9. From: McRae, Steven
    Sent: Friday, 15 August 2014 9:22 AM
    To: Karma
    Cc: Burt, Stephen
    Subject: RE: Wanting an Investigation into Scott RXXXXXXX

    Good Morning Karma,

    Thankyou for your e-mail.

    Even though this complaint is over 12 months old, there may be whole range of Stalking or Internet offences that may require investigation by you local NSW police or detectives. In Victoria, you may also be able to take your complaint to the Magistrates Court and apply for an intervention order to stop Scott from contacting you.

    I have spoken to my local Detectevies here at Morngton Criminal Investigation Unit in realtion to you complaint and they have suggested that you take this complaint to your local police station in NSW and see if the offences in NSW law are applicable to your complaint.
    If they determine to investigate further and you still want to go ahead with the complaint they may choose to send the file down to Mornington to have RXXXXXXXX interviewed.

    I hope this helps
    Kind Regards

    Steve McRAE
    Acting Senior Sergeant
    Mornington Police Station
    Southern Metro Region | Division 4 | Mornington Peninsula

    I only just noticed the CC on this email. I wonder who Stephen Burt is, and why he would have been cc’d a copy of the reply to the complaint I’d lodged online.


  10. From: Karma
    Sent: Friday, 15 August 2014 9:37 AM
    To: McRae, Steven
    Subject: RE: Wanting an Investigation into Scott RXXXXXXXX

    Dear Sgt McRae

    Thanks very much for your advice. I will do that, go and see the Albury police. I had tried to make reports to Tweed Heads police at the time, but they refused to listen.

    Thanking you.



  11. From: Karma
    Sent: Friday, 22 August 2014 1:52 AM

    Subject: Police Charges

    Dear Irresponsible Idiot

    Please provide me with your name, and location, as I intend to make a complaint with the police about your tracking software.

    We will see if you can or cannot be held accountable for what people do with it.

    Yours sincerely

    This email was sent to the author of the software which was being used to the movements of ordinary citizens, by way of their mobile phone and google earth live.

    On the site where the link to the software was offered for free, and which one merely had to place on a message post in a forum to then be offered up the IP details of everyone who went onto that message thread, and call up their exact location at any time of the day, by way of google earth live, the author of the software stated that he was offering it to the public ‘to go and do evil with’. He also stated that he would not be held accountable for the evil that people did, using his tracking software.

    He didn’t reply to my email. A coward by nature, I would guess.


  12. From: Karma
    Sent: Friday, 22 August 2014 5:46 PM
    To: McRae, Steven
    Subject: RE: Wanting an Investigation into Scott RXXXXXXXX

    Dear Sgt McRae

    I have just spent the day printing out evidence, and an affidavit that I wrote about all of the events that occurred, after that initial threat to ‘kill me and fuck my corpse”.

    I took it all to the Albury police station, and they will not let me make a complaint. They claim it is a civil matter. They also claim that internet stalking and harrassment of someone for 15 months, again, is a civil matter.

    They also will not let me lay any charges on the man from Bathurst who was texting abuse and insults to me, and involved in the plot to drive me out of my home, and onto the streets. Civil matter.

    Out of all the people who gang stalked and intimidated and threatened me for all this time, I can only prove the involvement of three people. Now I am told I cannot press charges on any of them.

    I don’t know what to do next. Could you please give me some advice.

    I attach the affidavit for your information.




  13. From: McRae, Steven
    Sent: Monday, 1 September 2014 10:39 AM
    To: Karma
    Subject: RE: Wanting an Investigation into Scott RXXXXXXXX

    Good Morning Karma,

    I have passed this information onto to our Criminal Investigation Unit at Mornington and they have advised me of the following.

    “There is insufficient evidence to warrant a successful prosecution in the affidavit.

    Also due to the lack of immediate action by Karma there are some offences that may be considered that are now outside the statute of limitations.

    As a result we concur with Albury Police and there will be no further investigation in relation to Scott RXXXXXXXXX.”

    This information will be filed away pending any further evidence and no further investigation will be occurring at this stage.

    The only other piece of advice I can give you at this stage is to maybe stay away from chat rooms or at least limit the amount of people you can talk to so you know who you are dealing with.

    Kind Regards

    Steve McRAE | Acting Senior Sergeant 28076
    Frankston Police Station |
    phone: 9784 5518 fax: 9781 2754
    address: 15 Fletcher Road Frankston DX: 211790


  14. From: Fiona Barnett
    Sent: Friday, 3 October 2014 1:43 PM
    To: Karma

    Subject: Bathurst

    Hi Karma,

    I was given your email a while back but I’ve been somewhat preoccupied.

    XXXXXXXX said you had some info re the Bathurst pedo ring.

    As I indicate in my articles, that was one of my abuse locations.
    It appears my experiences there were similar to Tor Nielsen’s.

    Let me know if you’re interested in chatting.

    Fiona (Barnett)
    Campaigner against the Australian Nazi Pedophile Ring


  15. From: Fiona Barnett
    To: Karma
    Subject: Re: Bathurst

    Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2014 1

    What a nightmare.

    If you’re still in the Tweed area, perhaps we could meet up for coffee.



  16. Search Mornington Peninsular Pedophile Ring and Victorian Police. You will find they have been accused of sexual assaults of minors themselves, as have Bathurst police.


    • I don’t publish my copy of the email sent to Bathurst police, asking them to interview two of my online stalkers. However, they advised as well that I had to make the complaint in Albury. So two visits to Albury police station, four months apart, and told to go away again. The second time I was armed with IP addresses, telecommunications account details and more evidence that the attack was continuing, and part of the reason I had just quarreled with my landlord in Sydney, and fled that city.

      I went to see a social worker at Centrelink about what was happening, and asked for help with accommodation so I could address the issues. She phoned Housing and told them not to let me into crisis accommodation, but to keep me on the streets. I paid for a motel room for two nights, then the owner offered me a room in a permanent accommodation section.

      I was starting to prepare civil cases against them, but after phoning the parent of one of the people involved, decided to let it drop. The stalkers who knew me personally, knew I had the goods on them. They’d threatened to sue me for slander at one stage, but never did. Because they knew that everything I had written about what was going on, was true, and I was now in possession of all of the proof I needed to have them charged for it.

      The government employed gang stalkers continue though, from behind the scenes. Early on these proceedings I could feel them in the background, thinking they finally had me in their claws. They didn’t bank of the original complaints having been made against me being false, and have continued to try to use them anyway. Murray tries to use them to exonerate himself and his collegues from truthful accusations of misconduct. It hasn’t worked out for them so far.

      But my point was, that Albury police told a female to go away, who’d been being stalked, threatened and harassed over the internet, and in real life, and had all of the proof police needed to prove that in a court of law, and I am told to go away. Civil matter, deal with it yourself.

      Yet, BDS Huon can have me charged with writing a letter, making a phone call, leaving a negative review for their business practices, writing a blog about being framed in the local court to keep their secret, and finally for sending them a few links to that same blog. And all of those actions are being classed as threatening and menacing internet crimes, for which they think I should be put in jail.

      Again, I think the Magistrate at the Albury Local Court might have some mental health issues going on, and be in need of a good long rest, and some medication.


  17. So … a couple of months passed, after I lodged the report about Murray and the cop, I begin to wonder if the cop did really exist. I’d never seen his name in the paper, nor heard it mentioned by anyone else. I began to question the information I’d been given.

    Then I was online at a facebook goup called Australian Police Watch, and a person from Albury came and made a post, looking for me. She’d just googled corrupt police in Albury and came across my posts.

    She told us what was going on. She ran a facebook group about crime in the area. She tried to help police. If people supplied her with information about drug dealers, she sent that onto police. She also offered other information from emergency services, etc, and was trying to do a community service.

    She’d published a story one night that a man had been stabbed and killed. It was all over drugs. Anyway, the police started hassling her, wanting access to her page, so they could look at where her information about the murder had come from. They told her they would be charging her with obstructing justice. They were alarmed that she had written that the man had been killed, long before that information had been given to the press.

    She told me that the cop had been stalking for her days, at this point. Parked outside her house, and trying to put pressure on her to give up the password to her site. I advised her to lodge a complaint with the police commissioner about what was going on. She did, and a week later got a phone call saying that a Superintendent was coming to see her about it all. That meeting went well. He told her that she was not in any trouble, and that the police were ok with her site.

    Weeks later I saw in the local paper that her site had been shut down. I contacted her via facebook and she was in a state. The police had forced her to shut down the page, by continuing with their threats to charge her, and harassing her. She was unable to tell me any details of what went on, because they had forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, to get herself out of trouble.

    She told me that they nearly drove her to suicide and a nervous breakdown. That was all she could say.

    On the day she first came to the group, she mentioned the name of the cop who was sitting outside her house and stalking her. It was the same name I had been given in relation to the murder of William Tyrrell.

    So the cop does exist, he does work out of Albury Station, and apparently is the biggest supplier of ICE in this town.

    He also don’t appear to like people talking about drug dealers being murdered, for some reason. Maybe he also doesn’t like her sending reports to police, about drug dealers, because they are working for him.


    • Superintendent Sorenson was the person who called her, and went to see her. I have also had dealings with this man. He refused to investigate Con Rowan Weekley, for framing me, making an illegal recording, purjery and tampering with evidence, nor any of the other Albury police officers who put me up on false charges to cover up for him.


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