Pedophile Rings in Australia

tyrell report

Lodged on 13 September 2016.

Assaulted by Albury Police on 22 October 2016.

Arresting officer charges me for blogging about pedophile rings, and emailing defence information to Albury Police, regarding the 5 false charges they have me up on. He adds a new one too it.

His Sargent lies in the bail documentation, claims I have an extensive criminal history, and will certainly be going to jail for sending two emails to an employee of the NSW Community Justice Centre, an agency of the NSW Attorney’s General’s Department.

I used to have my contacts with him on display here, and will re-instate those after I edit out the name of the employee involved.

As part of my bail conditions, I can be instantly jailed if I offend that employee, who works at the Albury Court House, and other courts around NSW. She’s off on personal stress leave at the moment, it appears.

The police added in two charges, for things that didn’t even happen. One is an extra charge of resist arrest, on a date that not only wasn’t I arrested, I didn’t even see a cop.

The date of the real arrest, has been incorrectly stated on the arrest documentation, and a decent lawyer would have had that charge dismissed at its first mention.

Along with the two resist arrest charges, that other one was actually the cops assaulting me on the footpath outside my residence, I am charged with telecommunications crimes/offences. Those are what I apparently will be jailed over. Sending two emails, to the court employee, who’d been winding me up via email a weekend or so earlier, forwarding two complaints to her which I had lodged with the NSW Attorney General’s Department and the Ombudsman about three Albury Police Officers.

Its of course illegal for her to use her position in the justice department, to bring a charge against someone for lodging official complaints about her. Its illegal for her to have conspired with police, to bring that charge against me, for lodging those same complaints, and others, against them.

They arrested me unlawfully, bought false charges against me and assaulted me in the street. Not to mention unlawful detention and illegal search. Yet I am the one who will be sentenced to jail, in the Albury Court House, by a Magistrate who Tony Murrray can talk into convicting me for him, to ease a bit of the suspicion around his own actions in all of this.

Police also cannot charge me for that crime, because they know they must prove IP and the account details registered with the carriage provider. Yet they have not given those in the arrest documentation. Again, a decent lawyer would have had the charge dismissed at first mention, on that point as well.

However, police did show up at the home of the owner of the IP and account details registered with the carriage provider of the sim card I am running off, shortly after I’d lodged the above report with crime stoppers, online.

If they were there in relation to who was emailing defence documents to the Albury Police station, and who wrote nasty things on the NSW Attorney General’s page about corruption with her staff member, and the rest of all of the staff at the Albury Local Court, why don’t they use it, so they can actually prosecute me for that charge?

The Attorney General at that stage was Gabrielle Upton. When I was threatening to sue her department over it all, she was replaced with Mark Speakman. He has been ignoring all contacts from myself, since he took over that position.

I am now calling for his dismissal.

A couple of months before William Tyrell was taken from his grandmother’s home on the north coast of NSW, I lodged a report with crime stoppers that there seemed to be a pedophile cult staying at a commune in Mullumbimby, and that they had tried to entice my son away from me.

Tweed Heads police, phoned me up and asked if I would like them to check for aliens while they were down there.

Maybe I came into some information about William while I was in Albury. Maybe that information was not able to be checked out, and the source maybe not all that reliable, but then maybe it is. I don’t know the person well enough to say.

So I thought about it all. Should I lodge an unsubstantiated complaint. I decided that since his disappearance might have been prevented, had the police acted on my other report, maybe it was my destiny to do so. So I did.

Now I’m a criminal, who’s going to jail as soon as they hear the charge bought against me, by the employee of the CJC.

Strange that.

I did lodge a second complaint with crime stoppers, using a direct link again from the William Tyrell website, and told them that they appear to have given my IP to the people who are implicated, because cops showed up at a house looking for me.

It could of course just be that the Albury Police don’t give those IP and carriage provider details to the local court, because then it would be noticed that they have charged the wrong person, and it is my son who has to be charged instead.

He can then blame me in court if he wants, and I will admit to it. Quite happily, to get him off the hook and not saddle him with a criminal record. Just like some people are trying to do to me at the moment.

There is nothing at all sinister about why I don’t have a sim card in my name at the moment. When I had to flee my last residence, due to some dramas that were starting up, I didn’t have a TV at the new place. For the first three months in fact, so blogging etc, and the internet filled my time, and listening to music of course.

But that used up my data. I had free internet at the residence before that, plus more available on my phone. All of a sudden, I needed more. So my son, who’d just signed up for a new phone plan, was able to get me a sim card, on a special offer, for $20 for the first two months. But him doing that, gave us combined data of 20 gig for the first two months as well. Later it dropped back, but will still share data. And he still owns my sim card.

After the first two months, it went up to $40 a month, but since I was planning on leaving town, we left the arrangement in place, until I left. That left us with massive data for me, at the same price any other plan would have given me about 2 gig.

Poor boy got stuck with my bill a few times for the month, due to court costs, etc, not being in receipt of rent assistance, blah, blah. But he didn’t mind, in the long run.

When the cops went to his previous address, and asked for him by name, it was confirmed that he was living there when he registered that account.

The cops just laughed it off apparently, and stating that they thought it was a fake name, because it was a bit unusual.

Yet they know you cannot buy a sim card in Australia, without showing your driver’s licence.

And they know they cannot charge me with telecommunications offences, when I don’t have a sim card registered in my name.

Who answered the door to them, that day they traced the IP? Well the good friends of the CJC court mediator. Friends of the person who had bought the charge against me, are the occupants of the address the sim card is physically registered to, lol.

Or were they tracing a crime stoppers report, as wondered above?


Another weird thing I observed one day at the Albury Local Court, on 18 January 2016 in fact, was this.

I’m sitting in the court room, early on in my dramas, and this girl is bought into the room, in chains and prison overalls. The two cops who bought her in were huge. They chained her to the witness box.

The corrupt Magistrate asked if there was anyone in the room who was there for her. The two giant cops actually paraded in front of the audience, glaring at us all, and daring anyone to speak up. No one did.

The Magistrate then convicted her of being mentally ill, and they took her away again.

The girl on the other hand, had terror in her eyes as she looked at the audience begging for someone to help her. She had been screaming a bit, but in fear. She had intelligent eyes, so didn’t look mentally ill to me. She had clear skin and a nice haircut, so didn’t appear to be an ice addict.

Nothing was said about what she had been charged with. If she was mentally ill, there should have been some kind of social worker there to assist her, or even legal aid. She obviously had no family in the area to support her.

I’ll never forget the terror in her eyes, and had I been aware of the corruption going on at that court house, I would have stood up and tried to save her.

I’ve been told by one person in this town, that there is a house somewhere where women are being held captive, and prostituted out to local business men. Masons again, I’d say. I was told cops get to use their services for free.

Can’t help but wonder if that is where she ended up.

Another thing I learned about while in Albury, and which is very sus, is this:

I met a girl who went on to tell me that her sister had just had a mental breakdown. The sister had recently returned from being in Thailand or the Phillipines, working to help stop human trafficking in that part of the world.

Soon after returning home, she became convinced that the CIA was stalking her, in this regional Australian town, and trying to kill her. People thought that she had lost her mind, and she ended up doing a bit of time in a mental home, for being ‘paranoid’ and thinking crazy thoughts.

She was still ‘recovering’ when I was told the story. I met her briefly too one day.

I had planned to fill her sister in on what I believe had really happened to her. She did not have a mental breakdown, she was gang stalked, and tricked into thinking that the CIA was after her. What she was thinking was real, the death threats were real, even though they probably would not have been enacted. The threats also would have been disguised so that only she got the messages, that no one else would see.

I wanted to get to know them a bit more, before I tried to explain it all to them, but then fell out of touch.

While she continues to believe she had a mental breakdown, she is in danger of them driving her to suicide or back into an institution. Knowing that it was real, would equip her to take steps to protect herself, and get through it, if they start on her again.

End result: one less volunteer worker assisting in the fight to stop human trafficking.


Another instance of corrupt doings by Albury Police and the Albury court house is this:

A young friend of my son’s who I’d met was charged with assault, and was innocent of the charge. She’d merely swung a punch at a male who was about to hit her. His mate tackled him so that he could not, but her return punch grazed the side of his face as he went down. He had her charged, but later wanted to withdraw his complaint.

Police went ahead with it anyway. On the day that she was to appear in court, the father of her children had not returned them the night before. So she spent the day meeting with social workers and lawyers, to have them returned to her. Therefore, she could have easily proven that she had a valid reason to have failed to appear that day.

Early that evening, police went to her home and took her into custody. The handled her roughly while throwing her into the back of their van, and held her in custody over night.

When she was taken to the court house the next morning, Magistrate Murray informed her that he would have found her innocent, but because she did not bother to appear in court, he was instead finding her guilty and fined her $1,000 plus costs.

I urged her to appeal. She was too scared to because of the way police had treated her. They had denied her food and her right to make a phone call. Sometime around 11pm an officer took her a pie to eat, and told her ‘you’ll be all right, you are just here at a bad time’.

Yes, it is a bad time here in Albury at the moment, with corrupt police running out of control and being supported by a corrupt Magistrate, and other assorted corrupt court employees.

Its also worth noting that she had told me prior to that, that the father of her childrens parents are rich, and cause her lots of trouble. Did they arrange for all that to be done to her.

Albury Local Court serves the local business owners, and women and people on welfare seem to be their favourite targets.


Another ‘story’ that the same person who told me that they murdered young William Tyrell had also told me something else that day.

He said that there is a house here in Albury somewhere, where women are being held against their will. They are being forced to act as prostitutes for local wealthy businessman, and that local cops get to ride for free.

That seems a lot more believable now too.


I think they were very worried about how much research I had been doing about Murray, and my casual and often sarcastic references to them running a human trafficking ring through the court house.

They would have downloaded everything from my phone, while they searched my bag, and looked at my contacts and internet history. Someone told me recently that they just plug it into a computer and download all of its contents within minutes, when they take you to the station.

I don’t do anything on my phone, except make a few calls and send a few text messages. What they really would have wanted to look through, was my computer. Although, I guess my internet history does show up there, due to using the phone as my modem, and found nothing they could pin on me, or prove I was part of Anonymous.

However, I hadn’t been doing any serious research about it. All that I had gleaned had come from educated observation, of their actions and something else I’d seen a year earlier which I haven’t mentioned on the thread.

Its their actions which now appear to prove that I am on the right track here.


I made a meme a few months ago, an Anonymous one, directed at BDS Huon, saying ‘expect us’. Again, that was not long before I was assaulted and accused of being an internet criminal. Yet I have no association with that group, apart from supporting and reposting some of their actions and informations.

Seems people with things to hide, don’t mind being hacked.

The government can monitor my internet dealings all they want, and have done so for years. It must be really boring for them.


65 thoughts on “Pedophile Rings in Australia

  1. But yes, apart from claiming that I was born mentally ill, then that I became mentally ill from drugs, and then became mentally ill around the same time that I had my children, my family now claim that I gave became completely mentally ill now, because I gave away all of my possessions, and went into homelessness. They also claim that was because I can’t keep a roof over my head, yet I’ve had one for all these years afterwards, and gave 3 weeks notice on my last rental property, in the Tweed area.

    I haven’t applied for a new property, or I have a couple of times in Albury, because I don’t want to start again here, where my ‘family’ of abusers live, and were Albury abusing me, but also because now that I am really tired of being on the road and want to settle down again, I have been afraid to go back to Tweed, after what happened the last time I did, and because they have kept me trapped here for two years, fighting their false allegations.

    Have to go for a bit, saw an email come in just before from the court house.



    This cult had ties to NZ. The people who trolled me off the GLP forum, forced me to go onto a smaller one, when I got banned for fighting back against the troll.

    Once there, it was easier to isolate me. I’d always posted as an anonymous poster on the bigger forum, but made an account at the other one. I person from New Zealand starts chatting me up one night. I was never completely taken in by him, his enthusiasm for a woman decades older than him, and in a different country did not make sense. That was when I was being profiled. I also mentioned to him that I knew Jon Fae, just in conversation.

    That man dumped me in public, expecting to tear my heart out. Trauma based mind control. Then his brother stepped in and tried to do the rest, MK ultra, via the internet. Nigel and Karl Intemann, Westport NZ.

    I put in a complaint online to Westport police about what they were doing to me on the forum. When searching their names again some time after, I find that a person with the same surname, Intemann, was arresting for producing large amounts of porn, and distributing it on the internet.


  3. Something about all of the above popped into my mind the other night. After the state taking Walking 4 Warriors to court, to hide the fact that William Tyrrell was in state care at the time he disappeared, a new article appeared in the news last week that police were now assisting Walking 4 Warriors with their investigations.

    Funny that they put that in the paper, when I have information about that murder contained here in this blog.

    Anyway, in that article, it said there was a track through the bush, near Williams house, which had never been explored before as an escape route the kidnapper might have used.

    It jogged my memory. When the cult recruiter kid first appeared up in our region, he was living with his father. He phoned one Friday afternoon, stating that he had just dropped his father at the airport and was heading back down to Mullum, but was afraid to stay in the bush alone. He wanted my son to come and stay with him, for one or two nights, I can’t recall now. My son didn’t really want to go. The kid advised they had the NBN, therefore highspeed internet. My son the gamer agreed to go, and took his computer with him.

    The father’s home was a caravan in the hills above Mullum somewhere. A caravan with a concrete block outside, for seating. Yet it had the NBN.

    A little town just outside of Murwillumbah, around that same time had been told, not only won’t they get NBN, but that internet was being cut off to their area all together, and they would have to use modems that ran over phone accounts.

    So how does a road in the middle of nowhere, with very few properties on it, get the NBN. Especially when they were not far from the place that were told they would never be getting it.


  4. So I sent my son to ‘family’ for safety, and now they are trying to take him away from me, been trying to destroy our relationship and that with my daughter, and have now handed me over to the same pedophile ring that was trying to take him back then.

    Guess I should have just taken him with me, when I went on the run. He’s not safe with them either, they are just as abusive, but in an emotional way. However, at least they won’t sexually abuse or murder him.

    But they have set me up for that. In fact, Janice told me decades ago that she used to have nightmares that I’d been murdered. I’ve recalled that recently, and thought it ironic, that she is the one who has set me up, to be murdered, by the same Albury police, that she and Susan used to try to drive me out of town.

    Life sux, and then you die, right. 😉


  5. So Janice, you should tell the court, that you want you new order negated, and that which Susan has been granted and already violated. Tell her to tell police to drop all the charges against me, and Gwen to do the same.

    Or you have signed the order for my murder. Will you be able to live with yourself, knowing that?


  6. 07/17/2014 8:02am
    We will be leaving tomorrow, you can have your smelly house back, after that

    Tue 20/09/2017 10:43pm

    Lis Penman

    Hi Tracy, just thinking of what a horrible insane crazy CNT u r. And how everyone in tyalgum hates u and have done for years. Which idiot r u taking advantage if now. Should have said this a couple if years ago. You horrible scum bag

    As I said, out of the blue after addressing Jon Fae on this page, last night.

    Someone inviting Lis to a meditation group myself and two other women were starting up there, if only just for ourselves, ruined that group. One of the girls invited Lis, Lis bought the local whore with her, and at the next meeting Lis had an argument with another lady who had just joined the group, and ruined that whole session.

    That was a special event on that occasion, I think it was the 12/12/12 portal. Lis made sure we didn’t generate and receive any good energy from that, by abusing that other lady, who’d come to learn how to meditate.

    Another time we were going to do a ceremony to bless the land our mutual friends had bought, to build a house on. They invited Lis. Her energy attracted a dark person, who started hanging around the block that night, and interfering with the vibe we were trying to create.

    All that happened, before she offered me her dirty smelly house to live in for a while. I left that house so clean, that they had no cause for complaint. I did owe them a week’s rent, and told her that I would pay later, because I needed it to get the heck out of the area. I didn’t bother paying her at all, when she and her husband came at me with such abuse, aggression and bad attitude.

    Lis is a dark witch.


    • Not take advantage of anyone Lis. I never do. Just idiots like you, and the people you associate with, like to make up stories that I do that.

      I’m just hassling the assholes of the world, as usual. I finally learned to do that, when I first lived in Tyalgum. You are just another one on that list.


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