Judicial Reviews in the Federal Court

I had advised Albury Police via email last year, that I was taking my case to the Federal Court. Not long after, they assaulted me, and have charged me with sending them that email.

The Application for a Judicial Review had to be lodged within a month of the NSW Judicial Commission making its decision to exonerate a corrupt Magistrate. By the time I’d finished making complaints about the assault, to other agencies, my time frame had expired.

In December 2016, I received another decision letter from them. This one would have been so easy to disprove. It exonerated Tony Murray on every date that I appeared before him, without mentioning the day that he had acted the most corruptly.

Being Christmas, and with a promise of legal assistance which later fell through, I didn’t jump on the change to make a new application. By the time the time period had expired, I knew that I would soon be in receipt of another decision, again exonerating him, and planned to act on that one.

At hearing in the Albury Local court in February 2017, staff at the court house claimed it is not possible to make application to the Federal Court based on corrupt dealings in a local court. They tired to make me appear stupid for even saying that I was going to do that.

A week or so later, I checked the NSW Judicial Commission Website. The information I had read originally, had been removed, and replaced with a statement that their decisions are final, meaning there is no ability to appeal them. Google showed that their website had last been updated, in February.

I meant to ask in the Albury Local Court this past week, if they are proud that process had to be taken away from the public of NSW, just to protect Tony Murray.

However, instead, they were once again mocking me for even stating that I had been preparing to do that, last year and again this year. They advise me to take it to the NSW Supreme court instead.

I have downloaded the forms for that, and while I stated in court the other day I would need to seek legal advice on completing the application, I’m pretty sure I can work it out for myself. I was just confused as to who the one being summoned was this time. It appeared to be the people my court cases involved, and not the Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission, in their process. However, the was a part of the form where I had to enter the details of who’s decision I was challenging, what government department he worked for, and his name.

I just went to take a screen shot of my partly lodged application with the Federal Court. I’ve forgotten my login codes. Once I find them, I will do that, and post them to this page.

In the meantime, here is the email exchange between myself, and the registry of that court house.

From: Karma
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2016 8:45 PM
To: eLodgment_admin
Cc: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Application for a Judicial Review

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find attached documents, which are an application for a Judical Review at the Federal Circuit of Australia, in either Albury or Sydney Court.

I am able to register with elodgement, however I am unsure if that is the correct process for an individual working without representation.

I am hoping you will check that I have completed the forms properly, and lodge them on my behalf, if acceptable.

If you are unable to do that for me, but I am still able to make the application, please advise if elodgement is the next step in that process.

The reason for the appeal is that I have been denied my common law right to fair and impartial dealings by Albury Local Court, under Magistrate Tony Murray, after I was summoned me to appear in answer to various allegations. I believe the process was corrupted by an employee of the CJC, acting illegally for personal friends at her regular place of employment.

The decision being appealed was made on 20 September 2016, has the reference number C/16/26, and was made by Mr E J Schmatt, Chief Executive of the Commission.

Do I submit my evidence with this application, or will the Judicial Commission supply you with it?

I see that the Court will have two sittings in November 2016. I would be available for either date, however the earlier one would prevent yet another miscarriage of justice, at Albury Court House on 14 November 2016.

Yours sincerely


From: eLodgment_admin <eLodgment_admin@fedcourt.gov.au>
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2016 9:36 AM
To: Karma
Subject: RE: Application for a Judicial Review


Dear Karma

Thank you for your email. Please follow the below link to register for eLodgment and once registered, you can upload your documents.


Business Applications Team
Corporate Services | Federal Court of Australia

  1. eLodgment_Admin@fedcourt.gov.au




From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2016 10:32 AM
To: eLodgment_admin
Subject: Re: Application for a Judicial Review

Thank you for your assistance. I will do that today.

From: eLodgment_admin <eLodgment_admin@fedcourt.gov.au>
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2016 10:47 AM
To: Karma
Subject: RE: Application for a Judicial Review


Thanks for the email and your registration has now been processed.

Business Applications Team
Corporate Services | Federal Court of Australia

  1. eLodgment_Admin@fedcourt.gov.au


From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 17 October 2016 2:00 PM
To: eLodgment_admin
Subject: Re: Application for a Judicial Review

Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks once again for that. It occurs to me though, that while the application fee has been waived, what the court costs would be if I wasn’t successful at hearing.

Is there a link to that information online, or are you able to give me some idea of how much a 1 hour hearing would be?

Or would I be exempted from court costs, since it is NSW government employees who created the need for the case, and the payments for same would have to be deducted from my disability pension over a period of many years.




Dear Ms Karma

It would be beneficial for you to seek legal advice regarding court costs. Legal Aid or Community Legal Centres can offer free legal advice to people on a variety of matters.


Business Applications Team
Corporate Services | Federal Court of Australia

e.  eLodgment_Admin@fedcourt.gov.au


From: karma
Sent: Wednesday, 19 October 2016 10:29 AM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Federal Circuit Court Appeal

Dear Mr Schmatt

When I uploaded my application to the Federal Court yesterday, I noticed that I needed to complete an affadavit before being able to lodge.

I will prepare that today, spelling out the areas where I believe you have deliberately overlooked misconduct, and corruption of processes, in your decision letter of 20 September 2016.

I’ve been tossing up between the two dates available for a hearing in Albury next month, and whether to book this review before the next four illegal charges against me are heard in the local court, or after.

I think I’ll go for the one later in the month, but book it now, so that if the Magistrate at the Albury Local Court sentences me to a prison term, that hearing will already in place, and I will be able to advise the court on the 14th that they will need to make arrangements for me to be released on 28 November, to attend the hearing.

I have also appealed my complaint to the Tax Practitioners Board all the way to the AAT, who don’t want to accept the case. Therefore, I’m now entitled to an administrative review of the TPB’s decision to allow BDS Huon to protect an employee who is breaking federal regulations, in the Federal Court as well.

That decision made by the TPB back in February of this year, allowed the owners of BDS Huon to carry on with acts of professional misconduct, some of which were outright illegal, and which still continue today.

I might book that hearing too for the same date, since I will be entitled to seek compensation against BDS Huon in that matter, to pay any costs I incur in taking your decision to the same venue.

I won’t send you a copy of the Affidavit, once it is ready, because I think you are fully aware of all of the areas where you deliberately overlooked the truth, and handed down a judgement which is just as questionable as all of Tony Murray’s were.

Have a nice day


I later found out that court costs would have been $1,650 had I lost. That was the main issue holding me back from going that route all along. Once I saw that it was only that amount, I decided earlier this year it was worth risking the loss of that much money, to quash $3,884 worth of fines, and the jail term Murray is determined to sentence me to.

Oh, the reason I made sure I had a private prosecution form with me the other day, ready to lodge at hearing and ask for a waiver of the fee, was because the transcript of 12 December 2016, records that I stated at that hearing that I had lodged one that same day, at the office.

But there would be no record of that, because that never happened. Which tends to make me look a bit silly. So I bought one with me, and was going to ask why it hadn’t already been listed, since it was lodged on 12 December 2016.

In fact, as Magistrate Cromptom heard, I actually took three along with me, just to cover the issue throroughly.

The day I did try to lodge private prosecutions, was earlier than that, I’m pretty sure. I’d be able to find a record of that on the Australian Police Watch group, because I make a post that I’d just checked the process. I was told by Belinda Brady, the Registrar, that it was $110 for each application. I just had two with me that day, but each listed several charges. She advised each charge had to be put on a different application form, therefore I needed to pay a lot more money to lodge them. I said I would just take them home and narrow them down to the one charge each then.

I probably stated in court in December, that I would be lodging private prosecution against the CJC the moment their employee’s charge was listed for hearing. I was trying to get the Attorney General to just force her to drop the charge, instead of me having to pay to counter charge her, for the same offence.

From: Karma
Sent: Sunday, 23 October 2016 12:56 PM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Police Illegally Searching Through Defence Brief and its Documentation

Dear Mr Schmatt

Would you care to comment on the legalities involved in this. Instead of stay, I think I will seek to have all of the charges dismissed, based on this violation.

Police Complaint Made on online via portal to Commissioner’s Office

23 October 2016 (Two were sent the previous evening, as soon as I arrived home from the police station, describing other aspects and events of the evening.

Please be advised I have just gone through my laptop bag, serving as my brief case, which police searched illegally last night, by asking me if I wanted to bring any documents from me, and then took the brief case from my possession once we were outside the gate of my property, and then had the power to search it. They did so without my knowledge, and without being within my own site when they did so.

As you are aware, I am acting as my own legal defence in these matters. Therefore, you have just illegally searched the documents held by my solicitor, to use in my defence against your false and unlawful charges.

I have just gone through the bag, and see that the documents which have been rifled through the most are all of my defence briefs for the four illegal charges I am being forced to defend on 14 November 2016.

I also note the confirmation of complaints from the Judicial Commission, which were in a plastic sleeve, and then not returned neatly to it, were also of particular interest to them.

I will be seeking legal advice about the legality of you searching my solicitor’s legal briefs, while they were still being prepared, but had not yet been lodged for your full perusal. However, your arresting officers were advised by email on Monday, that my case against yours was bigger and stronger, and two of them were supplied with the drafted list of evidence.

Wow. You guys sure are corrupt. And again trying to cover Mrs XXXXXX’s ass. Yet I have evidence of all sorts of illegal activities on her part, and which again, is why she has now sought to be have me arrested, roughed up, and further intimidated, in your hope that I will leave town.

Yes, I might. I might move to Penrith area, so that your superiors, and those at the CJC, find it easier to attend the relocated hearings.

Not mentioned in the above report, also ICAC reports rifled through. Police would be aware, if they have started looking at the documents listed in my email to them, that the AVO applicants are more guilty than they realized, and they all had no cases against me, and now they have only made that worse.

I eagerly await your reply.


From: Karma
Sent: Sunday, 23 October 2016 10:57 PM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Fw: Stay in Proceedings

For your information.

Albury Court House is just simply too corrupt for me to allow them to sit in judgement of me one more time.

From: Karma
Sent: Sunday, 23 October 2016 10:35 PM
To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Stay in Proceedings

Dear Sir/Madam

I will be lodging an application for a stay in proceedings, or change of venue, sometime this week.

This is because xxxxxx, after being advised she would be summoned by police, by the defence for cross examination, in matters before the court on 14 November 2016, she has in turn had Albury Police arrest me on a trumped up charge of offensive language, via misuse of telecommunications equipment, in the form of two emails.

She is listed on the arrest documentation as being an employee of Albury Court House. Part of the allegation from police is that she is particularly offended that I refer to some of her colleages at the Court House as ‘fucking wankers’ and herself as a lying cunt.

As we are both aware I have been making allegations against her involvement in matters before the court involving xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.   Mrs xxxxxx has already made false statements to police, designed to distort her own previous relationship with myself.

Based on those two reasons, I will not be guaranteed a fair hearing at your court house. I also have a complaint before the Judicial Commission, about Magistrate Cromptom, and have lodged four with that same office about Magistrate Murray and xxxxxx involvement in these same matters.

After recently being exonerated by the Attorney General’s Department and the Judicial Commission, Mrs XXXXXX engaged police to arrest me, assault me and then charge me with resist arrest when the male officer was attempting to break my wrist.

Mrs XXXXXXis also already guilty of concealing of concealing evidence in her matter against me.

Albury Police seem to have created an opporutnity to search through my defence documents, in relation to the hearings on 14 December 23016, and illegally so. They’d been emailed a preview of those defence cases on Monday of last week, in an attempt to let them see that they should just drop the charges, as the only ones convicted by the evidence will be XXXXXX and XXXXXX. Therefore, once again making a fool of Mrs XXXXXX.

Police have listed this new charge for the same day I am being forced to defend four illegal breach charges. Made illegal by non service of the AVO they relate to. This is what caused my three angry emails to and which were merely forwards of the new complaints I have had to make about two of the arresting officers, for two of the charges next month, with two words written by myself only being ‘lying cunt’. Mrs XXXXXX assumes I was calling her that. Maybe I was referring to the police officers I was complaining to the Ombudsman about, due to her perversions of the course of justice, and her conspiracy against me, which is now designed to protect her own employment and credibility.

Police were legally entitled to view my defence on and after 7 November 2016, after I had lodged it with both the court and themselves. They invited me to bring documentation to discuss, and then took it off me claiming I could have nothing on me in the police van nor the cell, and which is the altercation which they claim involved myself resisting their arrest.

They they rifled through it all, and possibly copied some of its contents, on the pretence they were searching items I had on my possession when taken into custody. I think this must be highly illegal, when you consider I am my own solicitor and they just illegally accessed the full brief they were sent a preview of earlier in the same week.

My other grounds for the change in venue will of course by the complaint I had to lodge last week about Belinda Brady’s refusal to declare the four upcoming charges to be invalid, due to non service. Refusal of Magistrates and the Registrar to accept documents which prove perjury on the part of XXXXXX’s personal friends, being XXXX and XXXXXX. Refusal of the court to ask XXXXXX to show current photo ID, to reprove her identity after having applied for the AVO in a false name.

The appeal to the Federal Circuit Court regarding the outcome of the Judicial Commission’s investigation into Magistrate Murray will also be grounds for the change in venue of any matters involving myself, before the Albury Local Court. I will be seeking to have all decisions made by Magistrate Murray on 29 February 2016 overturned.

Other grounds will be the waste of taxpayer’s money and resources on these ridiculous court proceedings, on appeals and more appeals, all of which I am granted for free, and which related to what was, and still is just a family fight, and which XXXXXX and Jon Williams of BDS Huon turned into criminal matters, and tried to paint myself as the criminal. Yet it was those two and their AVO applicants who did that, when they made false allegations in a court of law against myself.

The previous Registrar advised me that I would not be allowed to defend the matters. That I would be fined and charged court costs if I did. That is exactly what has occurred, and not just in one instance. I will not tolerate these miscarriages of justice any longer. I will be seeking that all of these matters be dismissed completely from the NSW court system.

The staff at your court house who have involved in all of this, are a disgrace to your younger employees, all of who know that XXXXXX is guilty of my allegations, as they have all witnessed her take part in proceedings, and associate with the complainants within the court building.



From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 24 October 2016 8:47 PM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Subject: Cromptom Complaint and Stat Declaration No More Appearances

Dear Mr Schmatt

Please find attached signed and witnessed copy of my recent complaint about Magistrate Cromptom, and which has been revised to include recent events. Being the assault of myself by Albury Police, at the request of XXXXXX, of the Albury Court House. The original is in the mail.

Also attached is a statutory declaration explaining why I am lodging my defence early, in preparation for Mrs XXXXXXexercising her new ability to have my bail revoked, and myself jailed until the 14 November 2016. That would of course deny me the chance to finish preparing a defence for the four charges she had her buddies at the police station bring against me, and lodging it with the corrupt Albury Court House in time to be taken into consideration by the presiding Magistrate.

Also attached are the emails which frightened XXXXXX so much, when police advised her the defence was once again about to prove that her friends lied, and an innocent person was convicted. This was the other reason for my recent ordeal in harassment, at the hands of Albury Police officers. One of who tried to break my wrist. So that I can’t type up my defence statements and embarrass XXXXXX professionally again, by way of exposing her friends and in turn, herself in the court room. These are the ones I have been charged for sending to police, as part of Mrs XXXXXX’s complaint against me.

Also attached is some more intelligent and mature emails from your NSW Justice employee, Mrs XXXXXX of the CJC. Singing the praises of Tony Murray,.

I didn’t lodge the defence documents today. I’m giving myself another day to calm down before I walk into human trafficking head quarters in Albury. However, I will do that tomorrow, and then never set foot in that cesspit of corruption ever again.


Attachments: Stat Dec dated 24 October, refusing to set foot in that court house ever again, after having been assaulted, as displayed on the blog. Judicial Complaint, Magistrate Cromptom, and some other documents.

So Albury Police, assaulted me because the NSW Justice Commission was fully aware that I was about to take Murray’s decisions of 29 February 2016, to the Federal Court. Now they mock me in court, a few months later, claiming that I had no ability to have done that anyway.
And after finally having a complaint lodged about himself, Magistrate Cromptom is now openly acting with utmost corruption as well. What a shame, he stooped to such a level, so early in his career.

From: Karma
Sent: Tuesday, 14 February 2017 10:06 AM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Subject: 13 February 2017

Dear Mr Schmatt

You should phone the Albury Court House and ask for a copy of yesterday’s proceedings against me.

Not only were they in direct violation of an order and agreement made with the last Magistrate, who had to be flown down to Albury to sit on the bench when Tony Murray had to disqualify himself for vast amounts of collusion and illegal conduct, the whole day was just a sham, and involved more acts of illegal behaviour by staff at that court house.

I will probably be lodging a complaint against Magistrate Cromptom. But that complaint will not cite him for illegal behaviour of his own choosing, I will be making the complaint that Tony Murray is constantly directing Cromptom not to undo any of his dirty work, and not to grant the applications for motion that were supposed to be heard yesterday and still have not been.

They were barely addressed and certainly not heard, despite myself having to be there for most of the day.  Instead, Cromptom tried to hear a new application for an extension by XXXXXX, and attempted to ask her input into the decision for a change of venue.

(lol, I’ll edit that paragraph out, to save them more embarassment)

What do you think the public thought, who were a witness to me standing in the court room, demanding my legal right to motion, after having been assaulted by police on order of an employee of that same court house? And for reasons of collusion and corruption of processes. Two prominent lawyers were in the court room, on both of those occassions, and witnessed it all going on.

These people associated with the court house, and the police, have been bringing new charges against me, for lodging complaints about their illegal conduct. THERE IS A LAW AGAINST THAT. Please advise if that only applies to Judges and Magistrates, or mediators and corrupt Registrars as well, because I will be seeking to use it against them.



Because they all know, that the Federal Court Judge would only have to read 6 pages of transcripts, a two page statement from Constable Rowan Weekley, and the four page defence statements addressing that which Murray forgot to read, and all decisions of that day would have been overturned, on points of law.

Then I would have asked to be able to claim my expenses, and compensation, for the ordeal.

Once I started threating to sue the NSW Attorney General, she was replaced by Mark Speakman. He hasn’t responded to any of my contacts. A bush lawyer friend once told me that if you try to sue a government department, they change the head of it, so he can just claim that he didn’t know anything about the situation.

The NSW Police Commissioner has just removed his retirement forward, from what I thought I’d read not long ago. I’ve been threatening them with their own suit too.

I’ve recently lodged a complaint with the NSW Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office, about the Registrar of Albury Court House providing information to, and colluding with, the original complainants, who are happy to assist them to bring new false charges against me.

I’ve posted that letter to the Chief Executive of the Albury Court House too. I’ve had no acknowledgment from them as yet, regarding that.

Yet, the Albury Local Court still has me facing six false charges, two new matters, and continues to extend the bail conditions police placed on me. Not to offend them or other court staff, online.

If I weren’t afraid of tsunamis, I would have sought political asylum on a tropic island in the Pacific by now, to escape NSW Police, and other assorted government employees.

I’d forgotten I’d lodged this complaint, about Cromptom, last year. I was so sick back then, after the assault. No wonder he is acting so corruptly this year.

Cromptom Complaint Oct edit

With this attachment:

Stat Dec No More Appearances edit

I used to troll Mr Schmatt a bit, via email. Since I’d been having a nice life, until I was summoned to the Albury Local Court, and which proceeded to turn same life into a nightmare, I decided to give him a bit of shit for it all, when he refused to order Murray to overturn it all, and make me go away.
fed court user
Oh, and I see my application, which was still suspended a couple of months ago, when I was again being forced to seek this option, has suddenly disappeared from the site.
Thanks for delisting that partially listed application, Mr Schmatt. ;D

One thought on “Judicial Reviews in the Federal Court

  1. The Federal Court website still displays the information that you can seek a Judicial Review in the Federal Court. I wonder if I am too late to apply. Actually I was looking for information on mediation, and how to summon BDS Huon to the Federal Court for same.

    Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act

    The Federal Circuit Court has jurisdiction to hear applications under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977.

    Under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 the Federal Circuit Court can review a decision on any one or more of the following grounds:

    * that a breach of the rules of natural justice occurred in connection with the making of the decision;
    * that procedures that were required by law to be observed in connection with the making of the decision were not observed;
    * that the person who purported to make the decision did not have jurisdiction to make the decision;
    * that the decision was not authorized by the enactment in pursuance of which it was purported to be made;
    * that the making of the decision was an improper exercise of the power conferred by the enactment in pursuance of which it was purported to be made;
    * that the decision involved an error of law, whether or not the error appears on the record of the decision;
    * that the decision was induced or affected by fraud;
    * that there was no evidence or other material to justify the making of the decision;
    * that the decision was otherwise contrary to law.

    My grounds for any challenge of Murray’s false convictions handed down against myself on 29 February 2016, will be:

    * that the decision was induced or affected by fraud (being a false allegation of an incidence of violence, made by the mediator at the Albury Local court)

    Actually, I could also include the first two points, and the second last one, as well.


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