Blog Under Maintenance

I’ve had to remove a lot of the pages of the blog, due to further corrupt decisions made at the Albury Local Court on 6 April 2017. This time by the corrupt understudy of the corrupt Magistrate Tony Murray, being Magistrate Cromptom.

The ADVO  which had never come into affect, due to lack of service, was given an extension. The court is pretending that it was valid all along, and is still in affect until another hearing occurs in May.

At that hearing, it will be extended for a longer period, despite any evidence I present, because that’s how it works for those who have friends who work at the court house.

I haven’t removed the blog completely, because I will still blog about the corrupt government officials working at the Albury court house and Police Station, and all of the corrupt agencies in Sydney, which allowed them to continue to act illegally, while all purported themselves to be a officers of the law, or administrators of same .

I will of course be appealing all of the decisions made at the corrupt Albury Local Court, however, that just seems to make them angrier, and they make up new false charges to bring against me.


I’d also like to thank Marlene, who runs a group which is calling for all court transcripts to be recorded via video, and supplied to the accused in that form, for traveling up from Melbourne to accompany me to court recently. And her lovely mother.

Her group has been demonstrating against the doctoring of court transcripts by corrupt court staff, to cover up for corruptions in proceedings. It is quite a common occurrence in Australia, more than you would imagine.

We will be demonstrating outside Albury court house sometime in the next few months, and will be in Canberra demonstrating next month.

A very well known politician is on board with it all, and will be helping to push this legislation through parliament, once they are ready to demand that the government change the procedures which are in in place, for recording hearings and supplying transcripts of same.

Thanks Marlene. One of my comments on a police watch group, when I mentioned that Albury Court House is doing this, caught her eye, and she invited me to help them change this unfair, and corrupt, system. I happily agreed to lend my support.

If it helps to save one innocent person from being convicted or robbed by corrupt Magistrates, then it will be worth whatever effort we had to put into bringing that change about.

Of course, I will continue to lodge complaints with government agencies, about the conduct of staff at the Albury Court House and Albury Police Station.

I intend to go Federal with my complaints from now on, and will be calling for the removal of Mark Speakman from the role of Attorney General of NSW.

He has once again stood back and condoned corrupt dealings, by the corrupt Magistrates and Registrar at the Albury court house, and a direct employee of his own agency, the Community Justice Centre.

The Tax Practitioner’s Board actually invited me to lodge a new complaint yesterday, about BDS Huon, after seeing a recent blog post, and the people it was emailed to.

I declined, stating that I will be taking those matters up with the Privacy Commissioner of NSW instead, since the TPB let me down last year, when they could have nipped all of this in the bud. Since writing that, I have asked the TPB if they would intercede now, and end all of this rubbish and waste of tax payer’s money.

I am also now petitioning the NSW Premier directly about corruption at the Community Justice Centre of NSW, and within the Attorney General’s Department, and which did not end with the removal of Gabrielle Upton.

(I have just removed the link to my reply from the Premier’s office, because it shows my identity. To ensure that the real offenders are in no way identifiable by this blog, I have to ensure that my own is not either.)

Recently it was announced that the Federal Government is severely cutting funding for legal aid for people on welfare or low incomes. Thereby denying them the ability to have a qualified solicitor represent them in court.

I will write to him and suggest he cut funding to the NSW CJC instead, since they just cost the tax payer a small fortune, and all on corrupt dealings and proceedings, and plan to continue to do so.



2 thoughts on “Blog Under Maintenance

  1. Ivan Milat can send letters from jail, to be published on the internet for him, proclaiming he is innocent of murder charges, and that he was framed by police.

    Bradley Murdock is allowed to claim that he is innocent of murder charges, and have that information published. People are allowed to write that Martin Bryant was framed.

    But I am gagged from publishing proof that I am innocent of harrassment via a couple of emails. The emails were to people, asking them to stop harassing myself. WTF mate?

    And all due to an order made by a Magistrate who never even read the blog, and that the people who made a complaint against it, deliberately failed to enter into evidence.

    I had to enter it into evidence. The Magistrate who read it, didn’t see it as being in anyway illegal or criminal. .

    Until the one who didn’t read it, overturned his orders, because his friend’s friends didn’t want it on the internet.

    What a crock of shit. And they wonder why I continue to question and fight that bullshit.


  2. Its funny that Magistrate Cromptom dismissed my application for motion, claiming that since he does not know any of the people involved, he will hear the charges, and/or another assortment of Magistrate’s from Sydney, because he and they will be impartial, unlike Maggot Murray.

    However, the phrase I put in that application for motion, ‘that the matter be heard at another court house, and before a Magistrate who does not normally sit on the bench at the Albury Court House, because I cannot expect fair and impartial dealings ….”, was put there to disqualify him. Because even though he is not the permanent Magistrate at Albury Court House, he sits on the bench there regularly, and appears to have acted corruptly each time I have appeared before him, since the day that he sent matters to mediation.

    I will be appealing on those grounds. He works there often enough, to have been influenced not to overturn any of Maggot Murray’s decisions, and often uses the same phrases that Murray does, in relation to all of my matters before him: “your GP’s letter was not good enough to explain your absence on the day you were convicted & I see you’ve been charged again” as an excuse not to exonerate me. But usually, he just makes an excuse to hold the hearing over, until Murray is on the bench again.

    The first time Murray read the applications for motion, I saw a light bulb go off in his head when he read that part of the sentence. I knew then and there, he would try to keep it in Albury, and just influence the Magistrate to do as he is told.

    Fortunately for myself recently, Magistrate Grogan didn’t obey Murray. But Cromptom always does. Corrupt Magistrate in training, being instructed by the master of corruption.


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