Assaulted by Police, On Order From The NSW Attorney General’s Office

The document displayed below states that I lodged my defence briefs early. However, when I went to the court house, they refused to accept them.

I did not have enough money to produce two copies of all of them at the time, one for the court and one to be served on police. The court refused to pay the costs of making their own copy, when I offered to give the police my originals. Therefore, they were not lodged, and still have not been.

The court refused to grant my application for motion, to a new and impartial court house. So I am still facing charges before a court which has acted corruptly to convict me of allegations I was innocent of previously, so they can do the same again, and send me to jail so I can’t blog about it anymore.

Constable Minehan actually tried to break my wrist that night, so that I couldn’t blog about it nor type up any more complaint forms about the government employees involved or Albury Police officers.

However, the amount of compensation I will receive from the state of NSW for having been jailed over what were false allegations in the first place, will be quite substantial. I’d still rather not do time, than have all that money.

I will also not be silenced about the corruption occurring at that court house, and will continue to try have myself exonerated of the false allegations, and false charges bought against me to cover up for the initial false conviction.

I was denied access to the evidence police used in court against me, before hearing, after being convicted, and again before and during the appeal hearing. That is not legal in Australia.

However, they had no evidence to present in court anyway, just the word of a corrupt cop, being Constable Rowan Weekley, that I had confessed to him that I was guilty and that he had illegally recorded that conversation.

I was convicted on his false statement only. No evidence presented, no witnesses called.

Yet I had already lodged complaints with the NSW Police Commissioner’s Office that he had acted unlawfully when he came to my home, and claims to have gained that confession.

I had lodged a defence statement stating that his arrest was unlawful and that he had deliberately tried to frame me. Magistrate Murray didn’t even bother to read it and pretended that it did not exist. Again, that is illegal in Australia.

However, the corrupt cop knew that he did not have to present any real evidence, because the deal had already been done. Murray would convict me, they just needed a cop to generate a charge sheet.

The court has also chosen to ignore the document shown below:

It is also a common law right, under the Constitution of Australia, to publish information about government corruption, or corruption in any of their departments. Therefore, I will continue to exercise that right.

I will also do my best to avoid being captured by the human trafficking ring operating here in Albury, which targets people on welfare.

However, complaining to the government about that situation won’t get far, since it has been government policy for a few years now, to try to round up all of the people on welfare, declare them mentally ill, and send them off to forced labour camps or into being held captive and used as sex slaves by the elite.

Date: Fri, 20 May 2016
Subject: Border Mail Comment
To: Karma

Hi Karma,

Tahlia from The Border Mail Here, how are you?

I saw your comment which came through saying:

Local police have been acting unlawfully themselves recently, all with the blessing of Superintendent Quarmby. Seems he’s been wasting resources himself, on harassing members of the public, and protecting a policeman who falsified evidence to be able to arrest an innocent person, as a favour to a ‘mate’.

I was wondering if we may be able to chat further about it, as we have been getting this feedback quite often in relation to Albury Police.

It is something I take seriously and have been looking into for some time.

Let me know if you would like to discuss.


Tahlia McPherson
Journalist – The Border Mail
Australian Community Media

t 02 6024 0530 m 0475 951 384
1 McKoy Street, Wodonga, 3690
Twitter: @TahliaMcPherson

I did let her know that I was happy to provide all of the details she needed, but that the paper would probably not run my story, because a local business was implicated, who probably advertises in their paper.

I continued to update her, and provided her with more proof, even the court transcripts which showed the corruption. She never replied.

Quarmby Reply 2

No, he had never told me Winkleman’s real name, despite claiming above that he did.

He pretends that the charge had not already been heard, yet I had written to him asking for access to the ‘evidence’ in preparation of the appeal hearing. I wrote to him weeks before the day that it was listed before the court.

He writes his reply five days before the appeal, and then has it franked for postage on the same day of that hearing. It appears to have taken a couple of days to have been put into the post after that.

At the continuation of the appeal hearing, a week later, when I asked the prosecutor for a copy of the police brief, she laughed and pretended that she didn’t even know what one was. Murray himself then mocked me, and also pretended that I had no right to see it, as the accused, nor as acting as my own solicitor.

I produced a copy of the above letter. Murray asked to see it, then casually forgot to give it back to me. However, I had it scanned to my computer, and so can still produce it.

The transcript was then changed, to remove all of the mocking by them, and instead claims that Murray asked if I wanted the letter entered into evidence. No, I wanted to see some evidence, and to be able to defend the charge.

Police facebook comments 2 editpolice facebook comments 4 edit

Superintendent Quarmby writes to me threatening to charge me for lodging false complaints against his officers, despite all of them having been proven upon investigation by his fellow Superintendents.

Except for the original complaint, about Constable Rowan Weekley. It was never addressed at all, ever, and Superintendent Forrester claims he never received it. Yet it was the very first one lodged with the NSW Police Commissioner’s Office.

The letter below is dated the day that I was falsely convicted in court, of the charge Weekley deliberately framed me for. I was charged for writing a letter. He never even gave a copy of the letter to court. However, the court already had a copy, as part of the the defence documents I’d lodged a week earlier.

So I was charged by police, for lodging my defence against false allegations. Just as the Registrar had told me when I first went to see her about them. She told me outright that I would not be allowed to defend them, and that if I even tried to, I would be convicted, fined and charged all of the court costs. And that is exactly what happened.

Elizabeth Leathbridge was the Registrar on that occassion. She was replaced by the even more corrupt Belinda Brady some months later. Actually, in looking at some old emails the other day, I saw that she referred to herself as a Clerk. Yet on the day I spoke to her, and when I went to lodge my own ADVO applications, she claimed to be the Registrar. So I can’t really say for sure now that she ever was.

quarmby threat

In the letter above this one, he claims that he did not threaten me at all. I beg to differ. They later assaulted me instead.

These are the injuries I sustained in the assault. The arresting officer claims I am unemployed, therefore fit and healthy, just too lazy to work. Otherwise I would have had a disability pensioner’s card in the wallet the illegally searched.


I have to get a copy of the third report, which describes the condition my neck was in after the assault. Either Sargent Stephen Bosch or Senior Constable Quiring, I’m not sure which, grabbed the end of my neck scarf from behind me, and pulled it tight around my neck, while Constables Jonathan Minehan and Sheridan Mifsud had hold of me by both arms.

The court employee who ordered the arrest, assault and false charges, then sent me a nasty message on the same day that I had one of the above scans taken.

That was so nice of her. She stated that she hoped I would be well enough soon to be able to appear in the Albury Local court where she works, so I could be convicted of the six false charges she had Albury police bring against me.

Yet I had already emailed the court a copy of the above stat dec, two days after the assault. Maybe she didn’t get that correspondence.





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