Exposing A Corrupt Magistrate to His Peers

From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 20 February 2017 11:04 PM
To: secretary@jca.asn.au
Subject: Att: The Honourable Magistrate Grogan

Dear Magistrate Grogan

I know this is highly irregular, but I feel compelled to contact you about this. I googled your name, to check that it was correct, after staff at the Albury Court House had said that you were the Magistrate for my hearing held on 24 January 2016. I will be quoting your judgement in my next complaint to the Judicial Commission about Magistrate Tony Murray.

I know you would have hundreds of people appear before you, each month, but I am hoping you will remember my case.

The hearing was for an Application for Motion I lodged to have my matters heard at a court house other than the Albury Local Court, due to collusion between XXXX XXXXXX of the CJC, assisting her personal friends’ matters before that court, and because I believe that Mrs XXXXXX has perverted the course of justice against me, by way of her relationship with Magistrate Murray.

On the day of my hearing, Magistrate Murray had had to disqualify himself, due to that same allegation of collusion. That matter related to a charge Mrs XXXXXX had bought against me herself. You were presiding that day, for that reason.

Magistrate Murray had de-listed my second application for motion, relating to matters between myself and XXXXXX. You restored it to the list, and listed both applications for motion for hearing on 13 February 2017. You also agreed that the charges which have been bought against me by Albury Police on behalf of XXXXXX and Mrs XXXXXX could not be listed, and would not be listed, until the Applications for Motion had been heard.

I am writing to advise you, that sometime after that hearing, Magistrate Murray defied your ruling, and again de-listed one of the applications for motion, and relisted all of the charges for mention, to set a date for the hearing of all of them by the Albury Local Court.

Even worse than that, the Registrar, Belinda Brady, colluded with XXXXXX and assisted them to apply for extensions of the ADVO’s against me, so new matters involving the same people were also listed.

Copies of the applications to vary their ADVO’s (to extend for another 2 years) were left on my doorstep on 8 February 2017. The arresting officer in the charge Mrs XXXXXX bought against me, served his brief on me on 10 February 2016, so that a date for hearing could be set on 13 February 2017.

I checked the court lists online that same day, and was stunned to see that all of the charges had once again been listed, and one application for motion had again been removed.

On the day in question, Magistrate Cromptom then failed to hear either of the applications for motion. He tried to set dates for the hearing of the breach charges, but I refused to let him. I tried to lodge a third application for motion that morning, relating specifically to XXXXXX, and the clerks refused to accept it. I handed it to Magistrate Cromptom. Later that day, he tried to hear that application which had not even been properly lodged, and ignored the two which you had listed for hearing that day.

I do not blame Magistrate Cromptom for what happened. I do believe that Magistrate Murray instructs him not to make any rulings in my matters, as Murray wants complete control of them. Any time I have appeared before Magistrate Cromptom, it has ended up being a waste of time for that reason, apart from when he overturned two convictions Murray had handed down in my absence, and fined me severely for same.

I believe that Magistrate Cromptom tries to do his job well, at all other times. I believe he is a nice person. I think it is sad that he is being forced to act corruptly by Murray. I’m sorry if that offends you, but as you can see, Murray has once again acted illegally towards me, in ignoring the decisions you handed down on 24 January 2017.

My matters were mentioned on three separate occassions on 13 February 2017, and each time I had to stand and firmly state that the court was in direct violation of the last orders made, and that I do not consent to any charges being listed for hearing at the Albury Court House. Also, that I had a legal right to motion, due to the collusion which has been occuring between staff there and the complainants. I stated out loud on two of those occasions that I was entitled to motion, after having been assaulted by police, on order of an employee of the Albury Court House, being Mrs XXXXXX.

How do you think that looks to other members of the public who were sitting in the court room that day? Two local lawyers also heard me making those same statements.

Magistrate Cromptom adjourned all matters until April. He did that so that the ADVO’s held by XXXXXX members would expire at the end of this month, and they would be forced to apply all over again, rather than be able to extend them.

Magistrate Cromptom had sent their original applications to mediation on 5 February 2016. Magistrate Murray revoked them, claiming that there had been an allegation of an incidence of violence, and I was tricked into attending court, assuming that it was for mediation, only to find I was to be put on trial in the criminal court.

I walked out of before I could be convicted of that false allegation. That hearing was adjourned until 29 February 2016. I had planned to attend that day, still with no idea of what I was being charged with, and therefore deprived of the ability to prepare any kind of defence. Instead, I became ill with fluid on the knee and was unable to attend. Murray convicted me in my absence of an allegation of breach, which did not involve violence, and for which I had already tendered defence statements. He ignored those, granted both ADVO’s, and then convicted and fined me for the breach.

That allegation of breach had originally and deliberately been listed for the same day as the hearing of the ADVO applications. I’d lodged my defence, in preparation for that. Magistrate Cromptom had ignored the charge on that day, knowing that the applications should not be granted. I was never advised that was the charge which had been relisted for hearing on 15 February 2016.

I have only just come to realize that all of the charges of breach since then, which were not breaches at all as they involved no approach towards the protected person, were all punishments for lodging complaints about the police, the CJC employee and Murray himself. There is a law against that, them using their positions to punish me for lodging valid complaints about their unlawful actions, as you would be aware.

I will attempt to seek a permanent stay in all proceedings against me, at the hearing in April 2017, due to Murray playing games with the Applications for Motion again, and refusing to let them be heard. The whole day descended into chaos, due to the number of charges that were listed for mention, and again, that was to cloud the real issues and the applications for motion.

As I said, I know this is unconventional to write to you. But in googling your name to check that I had it right, I have come to the conclusion that you really are an honourable man, and deserving of that title. I thank you for treating me fairly that day. I just wanted you to know, what Murray did after you had left the court house.

The court list for 13 February 2017 is attached. If you are interested, I have also posted the police interview with myself in relation to the charge Mrs XXXXXX from the CJC bought against me to YouTube. To shame the NSW Justice System and Albury Police.

I have also posted the illegal recording made of myself, by the arresting officer in the first charge of breach, which Murray used as an excuse to grant the ADVO’s without the defence evidence being considered. The defence evidence had disproven the applications, once it had been lodged, and the complainants actually convicted themselves of perjury in their own cases submitted to the court.

I also provide a link to the transcripts which show the perversion of the course of justice in February last year, which the Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Judicial Commission describes as not being out of the ordinary, and that I have no grounds for any complaints about same.

I believe that you would be of the opinion that all of this has been a disgrace, and shames the NSW Justice system that not only do the ADVO’s still stand against me, but police continue to charge me for ‘breaching’ them.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Burt

Update: I take back all of the things I wrote about Magistrate Cromptom above not being completely corrupt himself.

I now believe that he is. I also now believe that his decision to cancel the trial at which I would have been exonerated, and send the matters before the court to mediation, was all part of a plan. They then landed on the desk of the person who had the power to overturn his order, and set me up to be convicted of crimes which did not occur, to protect her personal friends from being charged and fined for having made false allegations to a court of law and perjury in all of the documents they submitted to the court, and vocally.


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