NSW Judicial Commission Decision

This is the decision, posted to me in December 2016, that I could have appealed to the Federal Circuit Court last month. I would have had until about 11 January to do so, 28 days from date of issue.

I’d packed up all my court papers and put them away in a cupboard over Christmas, and took time out from having to look at them, and think about them. So I didn’t think to jump at this chance, to have this obviously flawed decision, examined in much higher court, and one which would also take federal regulations surrounding taxation accountants into consideration.

However, I’d lodged the two applications for motion in November and December, and was awaiting hearing on those. Rather than risk being stuck with court costs in the Federal Court at a minimum of $1,600, I’d chosen to continue to fight the original false criminal charges, in an impartial arena instead. The cheaters just won’t allow that, because them and their complaints would promptly be thrown out of the court room and court house.

By the time I’d found out that Murray was playing games again, and now with the applications for motion, on about 20 January, I was already just outside my time period to appeal it to the Federal Court.

Notice that Mr Schmatt exonerates Murray of any wrong doing on 5 February, 29 February and 18 April 2016, but does not mention the 15th, which was the main date of my allegations of corruption and perversion of justice.

Murray wasn’t on the bench on 5 February, so of course he didn’t do anything corrupt on that date. He soon undid the judgements made by the impartial Magistrate who in charge of proceedings that day, and who had dismissed matters to mediation, unworthy of even a hearing in court, and from a position outside of the court room.

15 February was the day that Murray admits in the transcript that he revoked matters from mediation, due to an allegation of an incidence of violence, that not only did the prosecutor not know what he is talking about, the potential victims also do not deny or confirm that one of them had been assaulted, and their is no record of any official advice to the court house of same. He couldn’t convict me on that day, because I’d already walked out of the court house, once I saw mediation had instead been turned into a criminal hearing against myself, and a deliberate trap was waiting to be sprung on me in the court room.

At the continuation of that hearing, on 29 February, he then doesn’t mention the incidence of violence, used to revoke, but instead convicts me of writing a letter to the complainants’ employers, about her legal actions against me. The court had been advised the arrest was unlawful and that police were refusing to give me access to their ‘recorded full confession’. Murray convicted me in my absence, without even hearing the charge. And then grant’s his buddy’s friends’ ADVO applications.

At the appeal, on 18 April, he and the prosecutor both verbally denied me the right to see the evidence they claim to have used against me on 29 February, to gain a conviction, and which I was by then appealing in April. They both even mocked me outloud for even asking to be provided with that, based on a letter from the Superintendent that I would be given a copy at hearing. Murray then stole the letter off me, by keeping it after demanding to be allowed to see it. The transcript was later changed to read that they politely asked me if I wanted that letter tendered into evidence. No, I was asking to see some evidence of the criminal action I had been convicted of.

I had a copy scanned to my computer though, which they hadn’t counted on. I guess they will be wanting to seize my computer soon, to remove all trace of their own corruptions. I guess they will cite ‘my internet crimes against the court mediator’, of blogging about corruption at the Albury Court House, as their reason to do so.



At the start of proceedings on 13 February, into the notice of motions, Magistrate Cromptom tried to get it onto the record that my complaints to the Judicial Commission were not found to be proven, therefore Murray is innocent of any wrong doing, and therefore there is no need for the court to grant me motion.

When I stated in court that the Commission is actually fully aware that my complaints were proven, but covered up for Murray, he then tried to make issue of the fact that my application for stay in proceedings requested time to be able to take the matter to the Federal Circuit Court. He asked the prosecutor if that was even possible.

She, of course, did not know either. But then she also unaware that police must provide the defence with a copy of their brief and evidence, either.

I assured the Magistrate that the Federal Court had accepted my last application, for a judicial review into EJ Schmatt’s decsion, and that I had it half lodged at the Federal Court’s site when the police found out about that, and therefore as did the court mediator, and so they conspired to assault me, put me up on a new false charge, and instructed me to plead guilty to everything, or leave town.

I could appeal it all to the NSW Supreme Court, I saw last week. But then the site gives the public no links or information on how to do that. Albury Court House then went out of the way to print me out a that same piece of information, so that I could take the matter there, if I insist on doing so.

However, since I’m calling the Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission a corrupt liar who has handed down a decision which he is fully aware is incorrect, I don’t want to do that in a NSW court house. Even if it is its highest one in the state.

I assume he won’t have quite so much influence, over a Federal Court.

I am still waiting for another letter from Mr Schmatt, stemming from my 5th complaint about Murray, and which is probably the most serious of them all. That Magistrate Murray committed perjury, while perched on his bench, to cover up for his association with the court mediator I accuse of organizing Murray’s acts of misconduct against me.

Once received, I will have 28 days to appeal that decision. It usually takes him a couple of months, to type up a two page letter. I hope I receive it before the next hearing listed for April, in the Albury Local Corrupt Court.



6 thoughts on “NSW Judicial Commission Decision

  1. From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 14 February 2017 10:06 AM
    To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au

    Subject: 13 February 2017

    Dear Mr Schmatt

    You should phone the Albury Court House and ask for a copy of yesterday’s proceedings against me.

    Not only were they in direct violation of an order and agreement made with the last Magistrate, who had to be flown down to Albury to sit on the bench when Tony Murray had to disqualify himself for vast amounts of collusion and illegal conduct, the whole day was just a sham, and involved more acts of illegal behaviour by staff at that court house.

    I will probably be lodging a complaint against Magistrate Cromptom. But that complaint will not cite him for illegal behaviour of his own choosing, I will be making the complaint that Tony Murray is constantly directing Cromptom not to undo any of his dirty work, and not to grant the applications for motion that were supposed to be heard yesterday and still have not been.

    They were barely addressed and certainly not heard, despite myself having to be there for most of the day. Instead, Cromptom tried to hear a new application for an extension by Accuser two, and attempted to ask her input into the decision for a change of venue.

    What do you think the public thought, who were a witness to me standing in the court room, demanding my legal right to motion, after having been assaulted by police on order of an employee of that same court house? And for reasons of collusion and corruption of processes. Two prominent lawyers were in the court room, on both of those occassions, and witnessed it all going on.

    These people associated with the court house, and the police, have been bringing new charges against me, for lodging complaints about their illegal conduct. THERE IS A LAW AGAINST THAT. Please advise if that only applies to Judges and Magistrates, or mediators and corrupt Registrars as well, because I will be seeking to use it against them.




  2. From: Karma
    Sent: Tuesday, 14 February 2017 2:39 PM
    To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au

    Subject: Permanent Stay in Proceedings

    Dear Mr Schmatt

    I would appreciate it if you would organize a permanent stay for me, in ALL matters against me at the Albury Local Court.

    I would appeal to the District Court for same, but I don’t want to have to set foot in that court house, or talk to your corrupt clerks there.

    I would do the same to have myself released from bail, for the charge bought against me by (CJC Employee), which the police simply cannot win. Apart from the unlawful actions of the police on that night, coupled with the fact that they now intend to only present half of the available evidence, they do not have the IP and telecommunications account details which they require to prosecute me for a telecommunications offence. The matter will be thrown out of court.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Which means I also think she has lost every one of her witnesses for every single charge against me.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, to be cross examined by the defence, for five separate charges, held on five separate days, and which will run across this years tax season. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    Apart from the fact that Constable Rowan Weekley will be found guilty of making an illegal recording, tampering with it later, perjury and conspiring to bring false charges, at the first one of those hearings, and which will bring the whole granting of the unserved ADVO into question.



  3. The above decision letter also contradicts one received earlier, about the same complaints. In that other letter, he states that Murray is not guilty of misconduct, while I still have the appeal process available to me. Meaning, if I have his decisions overturned in a higher court, he is exonerated from his acts of misconduct in the local court.

    However, its just not possible to keep appealing, when they keep piling new false charges and convictions onto me. I would be appealing all of this until well into 2020 if I tried.

    Also, the court grants me those appeals for free, but they can refuse to do so, at any time, and halt that process completely for me, or make it cost me a fortune. Again, I now rely on exposing it all publicly, in an attempt to force them to stop it.


  4. This email was sent when I lodged my fifth complaint about Tony Murray. I guess that’s why Mr Schmatt is now advising the court house to continue to act illegaly, to protect Murray at all costs.

    From: Karma
    Sent: Thursday, 2 February 2017 12:16 PM
    To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au

    Subject: Re: The Never Ending Acts of Corruption by Magistrate Tony Murray, Albury Local Court

    Dear Mr Schmatt

    I have been forgetting to post the signed copy of this complaint to you. Rest assured though that it will be posted before the end of this week. And this time, I will be seeking true justice, if not from you, but through the Federal Court.

    Might I also remind you of the following statements taken from your own website.

    Judicial officers

    In a case of attempting to pervert the course of justice, a custodial sentence will be imposed where the offender is a judicial officer: R v Farquhar (unrep, 29/5/85, NSWCCA). The court stated at pp 30–31:

    Where, as here, the offence is committed by a person holding judicial office in the judicial hierarchy of the State the attempt to commit the offence strikes at the very core of the integrity of the administration of justice. Such a person is in a commanding position to attempt to pervert the course of justice and when he seeks to abuse his position to achieve that end, public confidence in the judicial system will be lost unless it is made clear that such conduct will bring a prison sentence.

    The court made clear that since the public is entitled to expect a judicial officer will be of good character and integrity, previous good character or reputation of a judge convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice will be of far less weight than in a different type of offence: R v Farquhar at p 31. In Einfeld v R (2010) 200 A Crim R 1 at [81], Basten JA said:

    … it is beyond question that for a senior legal practitioner and former judge of a superior court to commit offences against the administration of justice is apt to give rise to public disquiet about the integrity of the judicial system. These were offences to which the present status of, and the offices formerly held by, the applicant were of great significance.

    There is “a risk that judges will deal more harshly than some would think appropriate with those from within their own ranks”: Einfeld v R at [82]. Notwithstanding that danger, it is accepted that an offender’s status as a senior legal practitioner and former judge rendered perjury and perverting the course of justice more serious than they would otherwise have been: Einfeld v R at [82]. Basten JA also stated at [83] (Latham J agreeing at [196]; RS Hulme J agreeing at [195]) that the applicant’s former positions removed:

    … an element of ignorance which might otherwise have diminished the degree of culpability. It was not merely a matter of knowing that it is a crime to lie on oath or seek to pervert the course of justice: it was a matter of understanding the significance accorded to such conduct by the law and the heightened seriousness of offences when committed by a person with the applicant’s background and experience.




  5. 16 November 2017

    Mr EJ Schmatt
    Chief Executive Officer
    NSW Judicial Commission

    Dear Mr Schmatt

    It is surprising to see a man of your age and status resort to telling outright lies. But the corruption and criminal behaviour stemming from the Magistrates who staff the Albury Local Court is far too complex now to resort to your usual tricks and word games used to dismiss all complaints lodged with your office.

    In fact I once read an article which describes the tricks one can expect from the NSW Judicial Commission if you lodge a complaint about a corrupt Magistrate, and noticed that all of your correspondences with myself fitted their description to a tee.

    You claim that Magistrate Cromptom did acknowledge all of the charges that were listed for mention or hearing on 14 September 2017, and stated that he would deal with them after the hearing into the allegation of breach had occurred.

    That is an outright lie, and the verbal recordings would prove that. Of course, your office and the court itself won’t ever release those to myself, so that I can prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They won’t even release a typed copy of that transcript, ready for appeal in the District Court.

    Not only did Magistrate Cromptom not say that, he deliberately did not make any audial response at all. He merely looked around the court room, feigning ignorance.

    None of those matters were listed outside of the court room that morning, and if there was any honest clerks working at that court house, then one would have to admit that she deliberately asked Susan Ward what she was there for that day. Ward replied the ‘Burt matter listed on the board’ above her. The only matter that was listed for that day outside the court room, which involved myself.

    Unfortunately I did not think to take a photo of the list to prove that, although I did realize it was significant at the time.

    You then go on to claim that the ADVO hearing was therefore not held in secret. You assert that had I not walked out of the hearing, I would have been present when those matters were called.

    Had the Magistrate not been acting corruptly by protecting the witness from answering questions, and showing showing actual bias towards the complainant, then I would not have abandoned the proceedings.
    You claim that I could have asked him to be allowed to ask more questions, but he had just firmly told me that I was not allowed to do so, and any attempt might have seen me charged with contempt for defying him.

    You claim that he let me ask two irrelevant questions, and offered me three more after that, and which I relinquished by walking out.

    Yet again, the actual recording of the hearing would show that is another lie by yourself, seeking to protect this corrupt Magistrate, and who you are fully aware has been seeking to protect Magistrate Murray by these acts of misconduct towards myself.

    I still have the file and print out of all of the questions I intended to ask that day. Every one of them relates to the statements she gave to police. Not one of them is irrelevant as they would have demonstrated that she lied to the court originally, and to police afterwards. She continues to do so, in all of her other statements made to police after that one. Hopefully that will come out at the other hearings, if I am allowed a real opportunity to cross examine her.

    You infer that my second question to her was irrelevant, yet it was about her main complaint made to the court in her ADVO applications, and which she had then repeated to police. You would think that quite an important piece of testimony to establish it whether or not it was truthful, that I was attacking her mother via hundreds of emails and text messages, on the date that Ward first approached me, with her menacing and threatening email of 3 November 2015.

    You state that my first question was irrelevant, yet it would have shown why she applied for her ADVO under her maiden name. That is what causes the whole document to be illegal, because she signed it with her legal name on the back. It also proves deception, and her desire to have her matters heard at the court house where her next door neighbour and friend, was the ADVO mediator.

    And which is why both the police prosecutor and Magistrate would not allow her to answer the question, even after she had agreed to do so.

    It also shows she broke the law when she made her original ADVO application, when she failed to show valid ID to disguise the fact that it was all held in an address in Victoria, and that she had no right to start any court action, in a NSW court house.

    At least you do confirm that the Sherriff and Susan Ward are both lying, when they claim that I had to be ejected from the court room, for misconduct towards the corrupt Magistrate. And which is why I will not appear before him again, nor in the Albury Local Court.

    I also believe Cromptom deliberately incited me to walk out, and the court had deliberately pretended they weren’t going to deal with those matters on that day, so he could award those orders he illegally started on 13 February, and which Murray illegally continued in May 2017, and that is criminal conduct on his part.
    No matter how many lies you tell, to try to suggest otherwise.

    Yours in absolute disgust of yourself and NSW Justice, as usual

    Tracey Burt


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