Wanted: For Crimes Against Justice: Michael Cromptom ‘Magistrate’


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From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 1:46 PM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Cc: investigations@abc.net.au; icac@icac.nsw.gov.au; ADR_Directorate@agd.nsw.gov.au; auburn@parliament.nsw.gov.au; contactus@lecc.nsw.gov.au; director_justicelegal@agd.nsw.gov.au; Office of the General Counsel; fairfield@parliament.nsw.gov.au; keira@parliament.nsw.gov.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au; lozza28682@hotmail.com; maitland@parliament.nsw.gov.au; mail@edgea.com.au; newcomplaints@humanrights.gov.au; Office of the General Counsel; Ombudsman; Premier; Rebecca Jeyasingam; senator.brandis@aph.gov.au; secretary@jca.asn.au; service@igt.gov.au; walt.secord@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Subject: Magistrate Michael Cromptom

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find attached Judicial Complaint, as emailed to your office on the weekend, signed and witnessed. The original signed copy has been posted to your office today.

Please find also attached, signed statutory declaration regarding the conspiracy jail me for breach of bail conditions, Mr Cromptom tried to enact, on behalf of Tony Murray, the Registrars (being Elizabeth Leathbridge and/or Belinda Brady), both of whom have recently had to be investigated for matters of collusion with the friends of Gwen Bradley, being Janice O’Bryan and Susan Ward, as mentioned in all statements, and complaints,  made in relation to these events, and all of those same people aforenamed.

For my evidence in this complaint, I wish to include, and therefore attach:

  1. The affidavits created for my applications for motion lodged in November and December 2016.
  2. An affidavit prepared in July of this year, which was to accompany an application for a permanent stay in the charge bought against me by NSW police officer Constable Jonathan Minehan on behalf of Gwen Bradley and Susan Ward, but which I was unable to lodge online, with the Dowling Street Local Court.
  3. The results of the investigation by the Office of the General Counsel of NSW, dated July 2017
  4. Export of online court list, from nsw justice website, dated 14 September
  5. I believe you already have a copy of a complaint from myself, regarding Magistrate Cromptom and Murray playing games with my applications for motion, lodged earlier this year, which I would also like to submit evidence for this new matter. I believed you failed to post me a decision for that complaint.
  6. As previously emailed to you this morning, the two affidavits made to the Supreme Court of NSW dated September 2017.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Burt

I will have to forward the affidavits from November and December 2016 later, I can’t seem to find a scan of those. My files are messed up a bit, after having to purchase a new laptop a few months ago.


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 2:09 PM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au

Subject: Additional Affidavit

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find attached application for motion, regarding Ward, lodged on 12 December 2016.

I’m not sure I have a scan of the one I attempted to lodge in February 2017, regarding any matters involving Janice O’Bryan. That was the one the court clerk refused to accept.

It was handed to Magistrate Cromptom at hearing on 13 February 2017. He failed to address it, apart from to illegally start the new applications for extensions of their ADVO’s by Ward and O’Bryan, and then asked them if they would agree to motion. They replied that they did not, the prosecutor had already indicated that she did not.

Magistrate Cromptom asked me where I lived. When I replied Tweed Heads, Ward and O’Bryan burst out laughing and pretended that I was lying. Yet it is those two liars and their lies which have kept me in Albury for the past 2 years. My drivers licence still shows an address near Tweed Heads, being Murwillumbah, on the front of it. It has not needed to be renewed in the years that I have been travelling between Albury and Tweed. The address on the back has been updated, whenever I was in permanent accommodation.

I believe that did not address the applications for motion, nor the obvious reasons for them, yet Magistrate Cromptom handed down a decision at hearing in April 2017, that he had dismissed them all. He gave a guarantee that Magistrate Murray would be excluded from all matters, and they would be heard by him personally from that point.

The following month, Magistrate Murray claims to have part heard the new ADVO applications by Ward and O’Bryan, and escalated them into being Acts of Parliament. He made a ruling that I would be excluded from lodging any evidence. I had not done so previously, and had stated at hearing in June 2017, that I would be relying on the original evidences submitted for the original applications.

Susan Ward claims those applications were awarded to herself and her mother, at a private hearing which I was not informed was going to occur. Granted without any questions asked of them, were her words, or without any reservations. Yes, because Magistrate Murray want them in place, to use them to jail me, for naming him as a pedophile on the blog which displays evidence of his corruption in all of the matters against me, the obviously and confirmed involvement of Gwen Bradley of the CJC, and all with the continued assistance of two different Registrars.

I believe you have lost the right to summon me into any court house in NSW, from this point on.

Cromptom’s behaviour on 14 September 2017, deliberately protecting the witness from answering any questions at all, shows that both he, the prosecutor and all of the court staff know that she has been lying, and that will come out under cross examination.

You have lost the right to summon me to any court in NSW, due to the continued refusal to act in any way towards me that is fair, impartial nor just. You have defied my common laws rights, as a citizen of this country. You are in violation of the laws you are supposed to serve, not me.

You have lost the right to summon me to any court in NSW, due to having refused the right of the accused to have the complainant cross examined in court.

You have lost the right to summon me to any court in NSW, when you allow Magistrate Tony murray to dismiss all defence evidence, because it shows that I am the victim, and the complainants are liars. Why do you think they have had to rely so heavily on Gwen Bradley being able to affect the outcome of all these hearings, and use local police to bring false charges against me one after the other.

I will make application to the Supreme Court of NSW for a permanent stay in all proceedings against me, at the Albury Court House, due to crimes against justice being committed there on a regular basis by resident Magistrate Tony Murray, fill in Magistrate Michael Cromptom, and any Registrar, and all court clerks.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Burt


I went to the Albury court house on 11 November 2016, after having been assaulted by Albury police two weeks earlier, armed with a medical certificate asking these corrupt assholes for a month off these proceedings, due to the injuries received in the assault by police.

I also had with me the application for motion, asking that the charge bought against me by the mediator at the court house, being Gwen Bradley, be vacated to another court house, anywhere else in NSW.

The clerk said that Cromptom was on the bench and would give me a quick hearing about those matters, after lunch. I went home and came back at 2pm. At 4pm I was still sitting there, in extreme discomfort from sitting on the hard seats, and other aches and pains.

When I was going to leave, they finally ushered me in. The pretend Registrar that day was being extremely nice, and had said that they had already marked that I would have to miss the next hearing, due to the medical certificate I’d already emailed to them.

Cromptom saw me limp into that court room that day. He looked shocked for a few moments, before recomposing himself. I had to hold on to my own right arm, because the tendons and muscles on my shoulder felt like they were about to break.

I handed up to him that day the following statutory declaration, about refusing to appear there ever again. It was he who refused motion, months later, on direction from Maggot Murray, and now has assisted Murray to try to jail me today, by playing games with the legal processes which were supposed to occur on Thursday of last week, being 14 September 2017.

What a sick gay cunt he must be.

And lets not forget that it was this same Magistrate, who refused to conduct a hearing into their ADVO applications against me, and dismissed us all from the court house on the day that was to occur. He’d already decided that the matters would be sent to mediation.

Which is why the complainants have never been made to prove their allegations in a court of law, and have avoided being cross examined by the accused, at all times.

So, I have to now believe that his decision on that day of 5 February 2016, was pre-arranged by Maggot Murray.

Don’t let the hearing occur, or the complainants will be shown to have made false allegations, and committed acts of perjury.

That can’t happen, because they are friends of Gwen Bradley. 

The court has listed the hearing of four of the charges of breach,  now that I have been ‘reconvicted’ of the one which ‘proved’ the complainants allegations, on the two year anniversary of the day that Murray had perverted the course of justice, and was going to impose a mandatory jail sentence on me, for having committed an ‘act of violence’ against one of the protected people, while they held an interim ADVO against me.

But the incidence of violence never occurred. But since, neither did any of the things the complainants alleged in their applications and supporting statements, I guess I can be convicted of other things that didn’t happen.

I freely admit to all of the breach charges. That I attempted to contact BDS Huon, to ask them to step out of the way, and let this family fight occur, without them using their resources to protect the aggressive bully, being their staff member.

However, its worth noting, that on the day Gwen Bradley had me arrested and assaulted, I’d been emailing Kerry Lloyd, warning her not to get involved on BDS Huon’s side, and appear in court on their behalf, as she did not know how much corruption she would be getting herself involved with. Seems like I was too late, she had already given an affidavit to the police, pretending that she supported Susan in being allowed to gossip about clients affairs, and that she believed that Susan had a right to be applying for an ADVO to stop me advising them about that.

Police were at my door within hours of me sending those emails. Of course, I have the copies to prove that.




From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Tuesday, 19 September 2017 11:35 AM
To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au; auburn@parliament.nsw.gov.au; coordinator@msb.org.au; dubbo@parliament.nsw.gov.au; director_justicelegal@agd.nsw.gov.au; daviddonovan@independentaustralia.net; Office of the General Counsel; Enquiry Management; fairfield@parliament.nsw.gov.au; farrer@aph.gov.au; investigations@abc.net.au; keira@parliament.nsw.gov.au; maitland@parliament.nsw.gov.au; marlene007@live.com.au; mail@edgea.com.au; newcomplaints@humanrights.gov.au; Office of the General Counsel; Premier; Rebecca Jeyasingam; senator.brandis@aph.gov.au; secretary@jca.asn.au; service@igt.gov.au; sussan.ley.mp@aph.gov.au; walt.secord@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Subject: Violation of My Constitutional Rights

Dear Corrupt Court Clerk

It appears that my only chance of halting the injustices your court house continues to inflict upon myself, is to take you to the Federal Court.

Instead of taking Local Courts NSW to the civil court system in that same state, as per my statement of claim issued earlier this year, I believe I would be better to get these matters out of the hands of any NSW court.

I have not prepared my application to the Federal Court, and need to do some more research into that. However, while I prepare my appeals, and notices of motion, I will be doing just that, at the same time.

I understand that the first step in that process is to notify every Attorney General of each state in Australia, that I am about to take this step.

However, I also understand that when a citizen of NSW attempted to do this, to end the nightmare he was being put through in the NSW court system, he was arrested for sending those emails, and jailed for four months.

Therefore, I will avoid that step. As you are aware, you tried to jail me yesterday, for seeking to take matters to the Supreme Court of NSW.

However, since I have been emailing members of parliament for months about these same issues, and have recently taken to emailing members of the opposition, I believe I have already fulfilled that requirement.

Also, both Gabrille Upton and the current Attorney General of NSW have consistently refused to acknowledge my emails over same, and continue to ignore my pleas for assistance. Both of those people have supported Gwen Bradley in having me assaulted by police, put on false charges and false bail which she could revoke any time she needed to protect herself and her friend Susan Ward. They have allowed her illegal charge against me to remain on the court lists, and relisted it to set a date for hearing as recently as 14 September 2017.

This is your last opportunity to resolve these matters before I take this next step.

Previously I would have been happy for the false allegations and false convictions to just have been withdrawn and ended.

However, I do believe that after two years of having been falsely convicted of false allegations, by way of illegal conduct by your Magistrate Tony Murray, thirty court hearings (most of which were a waste of time), and the expenses and discomfort incurred along the way, I now feel entitled to some compensation. I will be seeking that in the Federal Court system, and not your own.

I also note that you have set the date for the hearing of four illegal charges of breach, against an illegally gained and unserved ADVO, on the two year anniversary of the day that Magistrate Murray first perverted the course of justice against me, being 15 February.


Tracey Burt


edit genuine resolution.jpg


Notice of Appeals

These forms, plus an application for the fees to be waived, was emailed to Albury Court House, about half an hour ago.

Interruption from this post: I just saw a car drive through my accommodation complex, that was very similar to that owned by Terry O’Bryan. I tired to see if it was him at the wheel, but was too  late, and was unable to do so.

I guess they are checking to see if I am here, so they can send police, over that post that appeared this morning, or are going to give the address to Wayney Burt. O’Bryan won’t be happy about his long time buddy Gwennie being shamed here as well. But that’s his wife’s fault, and his step-daughter’s, not mine!

Anyway, once these are lodged, their current ADVO/AVO’s will be suspended until the appeal hearing. Not sure how that affects the Interim Orders imposed back in February.

Maybe that is why O’Bryan is trying to act now. Maybe he has been tipped off by court staff, that by tomorrow, their orders won’t protect them. If the Interim ones are negated, I will be able to walk right up to all of them, and hand them summonses to civil court.

However, I had no plans to do that at the moment. Since O’Bryan’s wife squandered all of their savings, I’d be better of chasing NSW Police and NSW Justice for a substantial amount of compensation.

If I change my mind about that, I’d have to wait for them to sell their house, before they can pay me, for this two year attack on my life, that actually began 20 years ago. They’ll still be able to afford a nice 3 bedroom home, somewhere in Albury. I wouldn’t drive them onto the streets, like they do to me, by phoning around telling people not to let me stay with them.

Maybe I should release that post now, since I am picking up on a bad vibe again, for the first time today.





If O’Bryan did just drive through my complex, looking for my car, he came within 10 metres of me, sitting near my front window.

I think he just violated the AVO held by his wife, which also ‘protects’ him.


As usual though, they are able to violate any orders the court issues, because they are friends of Gwen Bradley.

Maybe I should just release that post now, just in case they catch me unaware.

Na, but I will time it to publish every hour now, instead of setting the clock for 3 or 4 hours time.

If I forget, or fall asleep, and I was about to have a nap, then again, it is because they are approaching me, and mean to do me harm, for recording the truth here, about all that has happened.

The don’t like truth.

It destroys their lies.

It humiliates them, due to those same lies.

It proves, they lie.





Pedophile Rings in Australia Part II

I’ve just scanned these pages from my old blog, which confirm the attack by the people I start naming on the comments on the other Pedophile Rings thread.

I won’t try to work them into that one, but will just put them all here.


I made a report to Interpol about Grant Matar:


Made one to the Australian Federal Police too, I think that one was a big mistake, and put me on the list of ‘domestic terrorists (people who know too much)’


Grant Mater twitter post, above.

Conversation with Dwayne Damian Hunt, Bathurst, using the name Nos Es Crucified. I later searched the meaning of that, it means, ‘we will all be crucified’

The full conversation is shown after that.


I had the above conversation with this kid after he’d followed my son to Albury. He confirms the association between Jon Fae (real name Dent, from Blayney) in it. He refers to his father as G.

Jackson told me that he had grown up not knowing his father at all. Then at around aged 16 the man showed up in his life, and started taking him to festivals. Jackson was well educated and lived in a good suburb in Melbourne. His mum had done a pretty good job on her own.

Then when Jackson was 19 or so, the ‘father’ demanded to be able to take him north, get him a job, and teach him how to be a man. Jackson, like many teenagers, was more interested in computer gaming than looking for work.

Once the father had control of him, he then dumped him at that commune, where they were all taking acid. He came to our home one weekend, said they were going to have a big LSD party at the commune and he didn’t want to be there, as he’d never taken those kinds of drugs. Just smoked pot.

A few months later, he was not only using them, but helping them to sell them.

After I showed him what I had written on his father’s youtube page, he left both of us alone after that.

Gamers used to warn my son, when that kid was sitting in my sons favourite games, waiting for him to come online. I think he was thinking to only contact him via that avenue, where I would not be privy to any conversations, and no records of same would be kept.

My son used to stay out of the game, when Jackson Robert Matar was there waiting for him, and only go in when he wasn’t there. None of the other games, or my son’s other online friends liked that kid either. Not even my own son. It was me who was tyring to help him out, when ‘he moved to the north coast’.

At first he was living where I described, and working for his father. Then the father left the area for a while, and dumped Jackson at the commune, with his father’s mates.

Around the same time that Jono arrived in the area, I received this message online:



I’m going to kill u Tracey and then fuck your corpse” by Scott Rutledge, mornington peninsular. 

That is what I approached mornington police about, and they got real angry about my emails, refusing point blank to talk to this man. He was the beginning of the events which rendered me homeless.

Jon Fae had lived in Melbourne, after we’d all left the Masonic Hall. He dropped into my place in Albury, on his way there, back when my kids were still pre-school age.

He would have plenty of contacts down there.


Owners of Paradise One:


Back in a sec, with the blog post that went with that, just want to edit something off it first.



And yes, Dwayne Cunt, I did find a copy of that message you posted to the blog about all of that. I was tempted to sent it to my daughter, so she knows just how sick you are, and to not let you near her.

But I didn’t want her to read the crap you wrote about me. Proven to be lies by the fact that you claimed that I moved into the Masonic Hall, after you people had set up a nice spiritual place for yourselves, you all used to call the temple, and that sluts came along later and moved in and ruined it all. You name myself as being on of those sluts.

Yet I was at the meeting where the decision to rent a big place to move into and run around making lots of music and art. You were there too, but you couldn’t afford to move to Sydney, you were still living in Bathurst then.

I moved in on the first day, along with a group of 11 other people, I won’t count Koushell or whatever that jerks name was, because he failed to move in, and left us short in rent at the outset. Someone hit him in the head with a tomahawk years later, left him disfigured. He was harassing his ex-wife at that time, and her boyfriend did it. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

Anyway, we lived there for several months, then when a few people had left, and we were desperate for some new tenants to help with the rent, then you were asked to move in.

You bragging about being a huge stud though, was just hilarious, in that foul message. But I then finally had proof of your involvement, and that you were potentially playing mind games in those conversations above.

Alcohol abuse has killed most of your brain cells, as I replied back then.

Then there was the nasty emails that had been sent to me from a mobile phone. I didn’t know who they were from, and it was just after I made my first post on that blog, accusing Jonathan Fae Dent of being involved.

Months later, I searched that mobile phone number, and it came up as being registered to your younger brother, Reyne Jude Hunt. It showed up as one of his business numbers, for his business in Bathurst. I believe he gave you his old phone, rather than that he’d sent those messages.

Saw later when googling you both, that he got done for trading in large quantities of ICE, stealing guns, and other farm equipment. I can never find any articles about him being sentenced though, just that he was in custody, charged and waiting for the hearing.

I still have the print out of the early pages of that blog which describe meeting Katherine Doneau, and still being attacked while in Tweed, but by energetic attacks that time.

I won’t bother to scan all of those, I’d just gone through it the other night and picked out the most important bits.

After I left Tweed and came to Albury for Christmas at the end of 2013, I stopped printing it out after that, and like I said, my son later lost my backup stick, so I lost the electronic copy of anything that happened after that point.

I left Albury in March 2014, after staying with my sister for two and a half weeks, when I could no longer bear to be in ‘my mother’s’ company, and then could no longer bear listening to, and being dominated by my ‘sister’.

Yet according to her submission to the court, she asked me to leave her house, after she’d been providing me with a place to life, when I couldn’t keep a roof over my own head.

When ‘mother’ wanted me to give up the property at Tweed, that Penman had offered me and come to Albury to housesit for her, not only did I not want to leave the house, but didn’t particularly want to come back to Albury. I flew down (at Janice’s expense, and we drove back up in my sons’ car, with all of his possessions. I was hoping he would stay up there, but missed his friends in Albury, his old friends in Tweed were busy with their new lives he was not a part of, and then Centrelink cut off his payments, for missing an appointment with his employment agency in Albury. He had advised them that he was going north for two months, while his grandmother went away. They cut him off anyway.

So we packed up his car, stored mine in Tweed, and travelled back to Albury. When we had flown up to the Gold Coast for his 21 birthday, from Albury, earlier that year, we’d stopped in to visit an old friend in Sydney from decades before, who’d tracked me down on facebook a couple of years earlier.

The man who invited me on the cruise that Susan says I was not invited on, according to her comments on my defence statements.

We stayed a few nights at his place, and I planned to stay there again, when I travelled back up to Tweed, and to my car which had some of my possessions still stored in it. He offered me a room, so when I left Albury, after bringing my son back, three days after Janice had returned from her holiday, I’d accepted that offer. Took what I had with me to his place, on the train. Then flew up to the Gold Coast to get my car and the rest of my stuff. Drove back down there.

Everything was good, until I went back to Tweed to see my daughter, to give her some Christmas presents. Got attacked up there again, online, by the same people. By the time I got back to Sydney, my friend there got angry when I said I had to get busy to arrange to have those people charged, because I’d obtained more evidence while away. He flew into a drunken rage. He’d made plans for us the next day, and me having my head stuck in the computer didn’t fit into those. I left there the next day, and have been stuck in Albury ever since. Mainly due to these 22 months of false court proceedings.


Now they are all back, stalking me again. They know, from reading my blogs about these events, that I am in a very bad situation. That police are trying to take me into custody, and keep me there. For nothing more than a family argument, and in which I was not the one making any threats.

They will be getting read to make a move on my children, once my family has finished eliminating myself, from their lives, for no reason, other than my mother’s spite, and the fact that my children love me, and none of her children love her. Apart from the mentally ill one, she has to spend all her time with, because that one has no friends and no life.

Gary said that Susan bullies Janice into fighting with her siblings. I agreed. Susan has done the same thing to me, ever since someone threw the rock through her window. Janice is not allowed to talk to me, or Susan will see that as taking sides, my son told me not long after it happened.

Janice didn’t want to take Susan to a Christmas party she was going to at Gwen’s invitation, on the gold coast, the year they left there, ‘because Susan would bully her and try to take over the whole event’. I had to go and spend the day with her instead, because she’ gone up to Queensland to spend Christmas with her mother, and her mother got a better invitation.

So, in the lead up to all these court cases, for the first part of that year, my mother and sister were not speaking to me. Things changed when I started working on the ancestry books, when Janice all of a sudden wanted to be friends with me, and couldn’t understand why I would sit outside in the car, when I went there to pick up my son. He’d lost his licence at the time, so I was driving his car, and having to ferry him around.

But by then, I was no longer speaking to her, after what she’d done while she was away that year, and then what she’d done when she got back. Lied to my daughter, and then to my internet friend.

So no contact between any of us, until I sent Janice the email telling her off for lying about me, and then they came to my house to attack me.

The rest, is the subject of this blog, false charges by them, false convictions achieved by way of their friendship with a court house employee, being Gwen Bradley of the CJC.

Thanks for that Gwen, you sold me out to the pedo ring, and which I now have every right to accuse you of being involved in human trafficking. Apart from what I’ve also witnessed going on at that court house and around town.


And that’s what happens when a parent would rather lie about their own child, than actually have a conversation with her. I stopped bothering to try that, decades ago. When I do go to her house, I listen to her whinge for as long as that takes, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes half an hour, very often about Gwen Bradley, as well. Then I just get on her computer, onto the net, and ignore her.


After coming to Albury after leaving Sydney, I booked into a motel, and did not plan to stay with family at all. I called into Janice’s when I first arrived, advised I was here and would be going to a motel. I also advised that I wouldn’t come to Christmas lunch at their house, because I’d been told Susan was still holding a grudge, from the night I moved out of her house back in March of that same year, and I knew she would be pissed off if I was there.

I was offered a room in a guest house, attached to the motel I ended up at, and then invited to have Christmas lunch with the blokes who lived there. My son didn’t know who to spend it with. I told him to spend it with them, as they’d already been making their plans, and that their day would be pretty boring with just the three of them sitting around together, and to come and have a drink with me at the guest house afterwards.

When he showed up, he’d had a shitty day. Susan refused to go to lunch at her mother’s just because I was in town. They sent my son to try to convince her to go over there, but she refused, and spent the day sulking at home alone.

Janice was pissed off, because Susan was supposed to cook half of what they’d planned to eat that day, at Jon Williams house in Glenroy, and bring it to their place. So they ended up with only half of the food they’d planned on.

When I had to move out of the guest house, when a man got a bit overly friendly one night when he was extremely drunk, I stayed a few nights with someone else, rather than ask Janice for a bed. Then I rented a room in North Albury, which is the same one they drove me out of, when Gary’s wife started plotting with Janice to bring false charges against me.

I’d not spoken to Gary for 8 years, since leaving WA, and had not had anything to do with them during the 8 years they were living there before we moved over. I saw on the ancestry site that his daughter had made an account and tried to trace my father’s history. The records were in a mess, and I was also finding it impossible to do.

I sent her a message saying I would work it all out, and let them know the results. I started sending Gary some photos, via his wife’s facebook page, that I was finding on the net and being supplied with by my internet friend, who was teaching me about my mother’s side of things.

Gary’s wife ignored me, for months. Then when I’d  given up on them acknowledging me at all, I left him a birthday message, and suddenly she came online wanting to talk to me. Pretending that she’d never seen any of my previous messages, nor the photos.

My aunt had been over to see them. Told them that I’d told her that they had been cut out of the will, for coming to Albury to attend his uncles funeral, and for not going to see Janice. Janice had told him not to, but when he did as she instructed, then ran around crying for pity to everyone, that her son had come to Albury and not gone to see her.

I sent Gary one more message, a scan of a document that I’d come across in our ancestry chest, a handwritten note by himself, in 1972, to his grandmother. Next thing, his wife sends me an email demanding that someone send them the original copy of that note.

I ignored her for a while, then when I sent the email to Janice, sent a copy to Gary’s wife, telling them its time we all stood up to her and her abusive bullshit, and did they want to join in with me.

No, they wanted to get back into the will. So after not speaking to each other for over a year, Gary’s wife contacts Janice, and agrees to team up with her and attack me instead. Sent me an email talking about what a great relationship she has always had with Janice, until Susan ruined it, and kept them apart.

I replied, don’t tell lies to me about that situation, when I know the truth. Plus, I no longer want to know you, because of the way you spoke to me when you demanded I send you that note, after ignoring me for months prior to that.

And off she went. Abusing me via email, while her daughter sent me abusive text messages, but which revealed the lies that they had been telling their children about me, for years. I was stunned.

I replied at one stage, asking if they could afford to pay me back for the money Gary still owed me from his failed heroin deal, back when I was young. Their daughter, sitting there enjoying the game of helping her mother abuse her inlaws, found out that daddy used to be a junkie.

That’s what made them so mad at me, and why I later wrote the blog about it. Yet had they not been abusing me, the subject would never have come up, and especially in front of their own daughter.

They both continued to abuse me during the next month, and I fought back. Yet in reading the blog that woman wrote about me in February of last year, I noticed that she claimed that I had just been abusing them via email, for the previous five months.

Susan and Janice claimed the whole family needed protection from me, because I wasn’t just threatening them, but also my sister in law in WA.

Again, the rest is the contents of this blog.


Oh, back to what I was going to say. Once in the guest house, and preparing my civil case against Dwayne Hunt, because Albury police say that all social media arguments are civil matters and not criminal, I phoned his father and advised what I was going to do.

After that, I decided not to go ahead with it. I deleted the blog from the internet, and hoped they would leave me alone, and I could start all over again, from scratch, setting up a new home elsewhere.

I’ll post the scan of the affidavit I’d written back then. It is the same story I have been telling here, but might have some other important facts in it, that pedogate researchers can use once Albury police and maggot Murray carry out their plot to jail me, and to disappear me. I haven’t even read the whole thing yet.

Back in a bit, just have to scan it.

Haven’t done that yet. Popped out for some cigarettes, but stayed online so that appeared I was still at home. Nearly got hit by a truck which was about to come through an intersection and give way sign, at high speed. Fortunately I noticed he was going to fast to stop and give way to me, so I stopped, before the collusion could happen.

Funny that, one night in Murwillumbah during that attack, I went out to the shop and two trucks tried to squish me in between them. Fortunately, being a careful driver, I had gotten out of their way, when I noticed they were travelling too fast for a suburban road, and they were in different lanes which were about to merge. I braked, and avoided being trapped between them both.

By the way, Stella Burt, in WA. Get out your copy of the Pfeiffer Family Tree update, prepared sometime in the mid 1990’s. You will see my children’s father’s names are listed in that book, despite me not giving those details to the government, at their insistence to avoid child support, and you will see that they match the names I’ve been putting up on this blog today.

Mrs Burt claimed in her blog about me, when she was posting under her husband’s name to make it sound like my own brother was the one slagging me off, that I don’t even know who the father’s of my children were.

Another lie, by another liar, in my ex-‘family’.

In return for the blog I’d written about Gary, and sent to a few relatives, and which he knows is a true story, that he ‘borrowed’ all of my savings for a car, when I was 16 years old, to buy heroin, his wife wrote one about me.

Gary used all the heroin, instead of making the money back, and lost it all. I gave him time to get a loan and pay me back, while I continued to save the rest I needed. When he did pay me back, he ripped me of $120, and then came back to me for another $80 not long after. I’d  never asked him for that money to be paid back, until his wife pissed me off so much that the subject came up, for the first time in 36 years.

When I voluntarily deleted that blog, it sat empty for a while. I was about to delete it one day, then noticed someone had been accessing it, in the few days prior. That turned out to be Susan, printing out pages for her court actions against me. So again, she created for it to be there, long after the joke on Gary had ended. I didn’t even care that it didn’t make him pay me, but since he and his wife seem to enjoy telling humiliating lies about me, I decided I had the right to tell the humiliating truth about him.

Just like keeps happening to them all, as they continue with their war of lies. I fight back with truth, they tell the court I’m harassing them with lies, and have me arrested. Yet fights on social media, are civil matters, as we all know. I even have a letter from Superintendant Evan Quarmby telling me that, when Albury police were advised about Gary’s blog, while I was preparing to appeal the conviction for writing to Jon Evans, for breaching the ADVO order that I must not ‘slander’ my family on the internet.


Later, I changed the blog to being called UFO’s over Albury, and posted an old article about an ufo photograph, from the border mail. To remind them that was what generated my interest in that subject, aged 10 years old. My friend’s father had taken the photo.

The blog sat there for weeks, then started getting some traffick. Someone was checking it a few times a day. I didnt’ even occur to me that Susan was the one who was obsessed with it. It was January after all, we were proceeding through court, and they had no evidence, apart from what they had tampered with. I guess she was hoping I would mention of their names.

Instead, I spent a bit of time building the site up a bit, adding more information. Some would have been by my friend who is the local UFO contactee, and known internationally as such, but not around here. Here he is just what he was being he started exploring all of that, according to local gossip.

If someone who was interested in that subject, and was searching Albury in relation to it, I was happy to offer up some information, especially since I’d met Pete through doing the same thing.  They attack him months later, when they attacked first first blog about the police and court corruption. Stella Burt in WA even claims to been told by someone in Albury that he moved away from here, to get away from me. Yet we were still friends on facebook, and he’d moved away and into a new relationship he’d just started.

Stella works in the same way as Susan, on her message to this blog. She speaks on behalf of Marlene and her mother, who came on a train to Albury that day, and they have already turned against me, according to Susan.

So yes, when Stella starts her lies, she has spoken to an Inuit Healer in Queensland that I met in 1999 and not seen since, about me, and he told her I’m a crazy person. She’s spoken to my daughter and got information about me that was unpleasant too. Yet my daughter hates her guts, and they have not spoken since the day we flew out of Perth, back in about 2007. And Stella, I paid for all three of our fares for that night. Janice only paid for the furniture.

I only went to tell them we were going on the day we were leaving. Just to be polite. In case they did phone us one day, while we were all being a big happy family on the west coast of Australia. They were kind enough to offer to drive us to the airport. Then left us sitting outside our empty house for an hour, waiting to be picked up.

I do have some conversations here though, taken from my chats with my daughter, about Stella. I couldn’t find the good one I was looking for the other night, to show to Susan while she was under cross examination, but will grab one I do have handy.

Quotes from conversations with my baby: 

I have never hated you, Stella is just a jealous cow and is making up shit to try and hurt you. Just shows what kind of person she is to try and ruin a mother daughter relationship. Her children probably hate her realising what a horrible person she is

And I’ll say it again, I hate no hate for you. I love you very much,

I think about you all the time, you’ll always be my mother and I never forget the things you have done for me.

But I just hate hearing all the family drama because I know how it much it is affecting everyone and obviously there is two sides to the story and I don’t take sides but want to have a relationship with everyone as I don’t have a heaps of support around me.

It has been such a busy start of the year for me. I sent you something for your birthday only something small but not sure if you would have gotten it as I realised I only put it in an envelope. I’m still at uni and don’t have a lot of money but I can try and help out if you need it.

I think you need to get away from there, it sounds like it toxic for you.


Snippets from Stella’s blog about me:

I met my wife 35 years ago and we have three loving children & a beautiful grandson. I’m a tradesman and currently working in the mining at management level and have nothing to gain from this blog except the hope that Tracey Burt might read it and call someone for help.

  • Tracey has been desperate for money, for drugs, and this is why she has started lying about, threatening and abusing her family.
  • Tracey Burt has had a drug problem for over thirty years and this is why we have had nothing to do with her for all this time.
  • Tracey has two children XXX and Ziggy, whose fathers are unknown and this is why both her children’s surnames are Burt.
  • Tracey’s mother helped raise these children, she also gave them stability, love and day to day care and they would have ended up in social services if not for their grandmother.
  • Tracey’s daughter XXXX ran away from Tracey when she was only 15 years old because she, “wanted to live a normal life and she couldn’t cope with Tracey’s mental state”. These were the words of a young 15 year old child.
  • Tracey’s daughter XXXXX does not speak to her because of Tracey’s mental state and drug abuse.
  • Tracey kicked her son Ziggy out of home while he was still in his teens and would have been living on the streets if not for Tracey’s mother taking him in and giving him a secure and loving home to live in. Ziggy is doing well and is still living happily with his grandmother to this day. (When he was 20 years old, I sent him to Albury, for his own protection, as this blog shows)

I still have a friend from Tyalgum on my facebook list, three in fact, from when I moved there in 1998 I think it was, when Janice and Terry retired. I think I could get them to write statements confirming that the whole time they have known me, I have raised my own children, with little family support.

An internet friend in the USA who I’ve known for about 12 years, since WA in fact, would also confirmed that my children have lived every day at my house, since the time we met.


Back to Gary’s blog. That’s why you didn’t like my relatives seeing that book I’d made for my daughter’s 21st that I’d left at my aunts, which Susan kindly retrieved for me. It showed my children growing up with me, looking healthy, happy, well fed, well dressed and well housed.

This was all written by Gary Burt with no help or influence.

Tracey has stated in her last email that she has earned $170 in cash and will also receive another $100. How much of this money has Tracey declared to Centrelink and to the Australian Tax department. None…thats ZERO.

Tracey is living in a granny flat and paying “cash”, I hope her landlord is declaring Tracey’s rent. As this is also against the law…something that Tracey has never had a problem with doing.

Seaona, Tracey’s daughter does not speak to her and hasn’t for the last few years. Seaona  has put it in writing (which I have a copy of) that her grandmother was the one true, stable person in her life. Seaona credits her grandmother and not her drug addicted mental mother for raising and looking after her. Seoana does not want to have anything to do with Tracey and nobody blames her for that.

These are TRUE facts on Tracey’s life – she grew up never going without anything, clothes, school needs, bikes, holidays etc all thanks to Mum’s hard work.


You can see why I call them all lying cunts, maybe now?

Yet, they wrote that blog, after having matters revoked from mediation, due to my having committed an imaginary act of an incidence of violence, and before the ADVO order was granted to them at the end of that same week.

Despite the Registrar having been sent a copy of that whole blog, in its entirety, and notes beside explaining the truth.

Which brings me back to … I was angry about the hearing of the 15 February, so published on my ufo blog, all of the defence statements and all of their allegations against me. They all logged on, four computers from four locations.

They disappeared for a bit, then come back and I get sent a message from Gary Burt’s Blog. I had a quick look, then went back and deleted my blog. Not because I was scared of them telling the court that I had done that, but because if the visitors were UFO enthusiasts, I didn’t want them reading that shit. Then I went back and copied and pasted it all, and then took all of the legal steps to have it removed. Contacted them asking them to take it down. They refused. I contacted WA police. They contacted them, big mouths didn’t return the officers call when they got it. I sent them another notice I would take legal action, if they did not remove it. It remained on the net. I worked out why. They didn’t know how to delete it, it was their first attempt at blogging, and using WordPress.

I contacted Albury police about it, because it had remained on the net for a week by this time. It was just a civil matter, of course.

So, I had to delete my nice UFO Blog, because of them attacking me, as usual. The money she states I earned, was in gifts. $70 in ink, and $100 worth of taxi vouchers. I don’t think I could have declared that to Centrelink.

The $100 must have been a gift that was going to be forced on me to accept at least that, for having done the book for this other person’s family.

Instead I accepted $50. Again, all while I was being convicted of being a  mentally ill drug addict blackmailing my family for drug money, and threatening to go outside BDS Huon, in Lavington, and do things which would cause Susan to come out and assault me, and get her in trouble with police. No shit, her application, or later statements, say that.

That actually comes from when her mother told me not to go near Lavington Plaza one day, because Susan might assault me, if she sees me there, and her employers would see that. I replied that I would have her charged by police if she did that.

So yes, she tells the court that I was going to do all of that deliberately, because I am harassing her.

Which brings me back to the UFO blog story, I strayed from. You will notice in one of Susan’s statements to police, that I wrote a new blog, after they one they took me to court about. It was called UFO’s over Albury. She thinks its a police matter, somehow. Yes, it was, that you all attacked me there while applying for ADVO’s against me, and that you published libellous and defamatory statements about me on the internet, again, while claiming that I was slandering you on there, in my blog.

As I say, the proof of the above statement, is in the police witness statements, which will all soon be displayed, along with the arrest documentations.


I actually meant to advise the Magistrate of something that he is not aware of, nor would most readers of this blog be. I came back to Albury for 18 months when my children were little. Janice was pestering me too, and even sent Susan to ask me nicely to do so. Once here, and since then, now she sends her to threaten to beat me up whenever I won’t agree to change my mind about something she doesn’t agree with.

That was when Jon Fae dropped in. Then Janice and Terry decided to retire early and go to the Gold Coast. Janice tried to bribe me to come with them. Offered me a free car. Offered me a free house. I declined that, but accepted the offer of her car, which they wouldn’t need anymore.

I wanted to go. I never wanted to come back to Albury, and had wanted to go to the north coast. So they lived on the gold coast, and I lived far enough away to not have to see her too often, but close enough for them to be able to see my children, on weekends.

I’d never kept in touch with anyone in Albury when I’d left aged 19, and again when I left that second time. Janice did. So Janice has been telling everyone for the past 20 years that I’d been living up there, near them, allowing her access to her grandchildren, but trying to protect them from her poisonous and venomous ways, that I’ve been giving her a hard time for all of those years.

She phones Gary and tells him all about it. Yet I rarely saw them, except at first when my kids were really young, and enjoyed going to the beach and to grans. Later they preferred to spend weekends with their friends. Even Gwen Bradley knows that is true. That in the first two years we were all up there, she would encounter my kids at Janice’s house. Even myself on one occasion. Then none of us ever again. Til Zig was in Albury, nearly two decades later.

So she has been gaslighting me for the past 20 years, and out of spite. Her and Susan used to slag me off when I lived in Sydney had nothing to do with them too. People would be shocked when they met the real me for the first time, when I would pop down for a quick visit.

Janice has gaslighted me to her friends, her family, and that has gone all around the place. Oh, I meant to add, that on the eve of moving to the gold coast, I told her about the sexual assaults, and that Susan needed help, and I didn’t need a mother who was never there when we were young, trying to dominate my every move and life choice.

That’s what bought the real poison into the lies she started to tell about me. Susan and Stella have no reason to be just as bad, they just do it for fun.

So the Magistrate doesn’t understand that I have been living near my mother for the past 20 years, and not once did we stop talking. Not once did she ever fear me. Not once did she call police on me.

The only time we did stop talking, was when Susan joined the family, from Albury, and we all moved to WA. That was a great 3 1/2 years, of no Janice 🙂

So he would also not be aware that Janice and her doormat only just moved back to Albury a few years ago. She is now under Susan’s control, and no one else is allowed near her. I blew that by sending my son down, six months later. Susan couldn’t do anything about that. And then I had the nerve to show up too, just for a visit and to see my son for Christmas. Thought it might be interesting to see my other siblings, apart from Gary, but then again, it wasn’t, and I left.

Gary Burt’s Blog is Actually Called Tracey Burt – 35 years a drug addict in Albury.

But as you can see, I have only lived in Albury for 18 months, in the past 36 or so years.

No one here knows what I have been doing, or what I have or haven’t become, during that time. So they believe my family. Of course they would, family’s wouldn’t tell outrageous lies about each other, would they?

Here’s another nice email from Stella Burt in WA. This was sent to me on 3 November 2015, on the same day Susan sent the one to me which established communications, and is shown in both her case against me, and my defence against her.

I published my blog about Gary Burt, three days later. I’m going to jail for slandering them and sending them emails, for two – three years, in the plan Murray and Albury police have for me.

I can’t find the email I am looking for, from Gary’s wife, but I will, in the meantime, I did find this. I hope you enjoy it to Dwayne. Obviously I’ve been aware that you would have been following this blog to, and enjoying it all. Especially since you created it all for me.

Facebook conversation with my baby girl 

I dont know why you’re bringing all this up, when its in the past. Its all happened and theres nothing that anyone can do about it except move on? Moving out was the best thing that could have happened, and no not because you were a horrible neglectful mother which you seem to think other people are forcing that down my throat. It forced me to get a job and support myself, it forced me to grow up and step out of my comfort zone. And I wouldn’t be where or who I am today if it wasn’t for that. I was never forced to find a job by anyone, however I couldn’t live off centrelink so yes life made me get a job; and I am glad that it did. I know how hard you worked by yourself, with barely any support and still provided me with anything you could. Always made sure that I had a roof over my head, food and a safe environment and I appreciate what you have done for me every single day. The only person I think is a dead beat, is my father for leaving you to support me for so long, and still having the option to come back in my life and redeem himself and make it up to you and never did he. I never said that I think you and Ziggy are deadbets, however I have said that I want a decent paying career so that I don’t end up living on the dole or in a horrible shit paying job. This is one of the reason I stayed in school, and continued onto university and also honestly because I wanted you and Ziggy to be proud of me. Camerons parents had no influence on that, and they cannot and do not take the credit for that. I take the credit for that, It was my time, my life and my efforts that got me to where I am. And Yes I am proud of where I am today, and Who I am; And Who I am today is thanks to majority to you but also everything that has happened in my life.

Her grandmother told me that my daughter had said that she didn’t want to be a dead beat like me and her brother. That’s why my daughter is denying that in that conversation. That was near the outset of these court things. The one above was towards the end of last year.


This was also presented in my defence evidence of course, in relation to their ADVO applications, citing myself attacking Stella Burt, and bombarding them all with nasty emails. Again, before my first blog about them was published.

From: stellab1625@gmail.com (Gary Burt’s Wife)
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 22:47:31 +0800
To: traceyburt1@outlook.com

Subject: I would be unhappy too if I was as ugly and pathetic as you!

Hahahaha you are so mental……. All your emails are going to Rubbish (unread) and that is where you belong. Wow!! some mother you are that your son Ziggy has threatened to punch your head in if you go near him again. Oh!! and your mother has also blocked your emails. Tell me how much money do you owe your mother? All the years of her supporting you and your “kids”. Don’t talk to me about CC… The daughter who left you to live with a boy a 14 and disowned you. Does she wear that bucket of makeup, fake hair, fake everything so she doesn’t look anything like you? We think so!! You and Sue are so alike…. Mental and so fucking ugly, no wonder you both could never get a boyfriend let alone a husband. I feel sorry for CC and Ziggy…growing up with a mental, drug addicted mother and without even knowing who their father’s are! They’re not Burt’s …you couldn’t even give them their fathers name. We are a loving, happy family and my husband thinks you are a pathetic joke that has never been worthy of his time or effort. You are an embarrassment to him! You are an embarrassment to your mother and your children! Your family has disowned you and you have no friends…that is because of your mental and revolting behaviour. Again…so you get it!! I HAVE BLOCKED YOU! YOUR MOTHER HAS BLOCKED YOU! CONNIE HAS NOW BLOCKED YOU! Oh and your not psychic…your schizophrenic and just happen to look like a witch!

Arrivederci ciao au revoir adios avtio

Life is beautiful….if your normal that is


Defence H60077075 Weekley pdf

Defence Brief H6224944 pdf

The above are posted on another thread, but I put them here for new comers to find, and pedo researchers, to see again, that I was framed in the local court, and by that first arrest, by Constable Framer Weekley.

I was again convicted of that just last week, and will by sentenced via video link, from a jail cell, after they convict me of four breaches, which involved contacting BDS Huon, because I was banned from having a go at Ward, by way of a ‘court order’, and send me to that jail cell.

Then I will also be convicted of the charge Gwen Bradley bought against me, and my sentence increased.

Have a look through that brief, lodged with the court, and the police on 20 June 2017, and see how that lying cunt has treated me, all though last year, while having me framed, convicted, fined, etc.

Also both of those were emailed to the newly opened LECC, the LAW ENFORCMENT CONDUCT COMMISSION.

They phoned me to say that they found there was large amounts of police misconduct in the first one I’d sent, the Gwen Bradley arrest. They were going to send it back to police to sort it all out for me.

Things have escalated since then, all with Troy Grant’s full support, and that of the Premier, etc.

We spoke about the weekly arrest, during that phone call. They weren’t due to give me finding on that one, but did agree its also full of police misconduct.

They have declined to issue any official correspondence confirming that.

Good waste of money Troy Grant, minister for corrupt police.

And again, as I say, Albury local court has been allowed to continue to attempt to jail me, since last Thursday, right up until today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

























Master Manipulators at Work

These half sentences comprised the whole of one application for an ADVO against me.

The complainants were forced to swear in the witness boxes that their applications were true and correct, because they made sure I was not present at that first hearing. Had I been there, my plea of innocence would have stopped any interim order having been made and the need for them to have done that.

I guess that’s what Gwennie was protecting them from as well … not only had they made false allegations in their applications, played games with evidence, and later lied in their supporting statements to the court, they had already committed purjery on the stand, on their very first day in court.

Disproving their evidence and allegations, really did put them in danger of being charged I guess, because they had done that. Had Gwen not convinced everyone at the court house that their problems were real though, again, things would not have ever reached those points.


Misleading Sentences in Janice O’Bryan’s AVO Application
(This follwing statements were lodged at the Albury Court House on 11 or 12 January 2016)

Addressing the sentences given by Janice O’Bryan in her application for an AVO against me, and putting them into the original context.

It is you and Susan who are fucked up drugged out mental cases
You and Susan are the drug addicts. Go take your antidepressants, to mask out the pain you still feel, from all of the mistakes you have made in your lives

Damn you to hell you fucking witch and your incestuous daughter and son, you all make the rest of us feel sick
It was the final line of an email, and so stood alone. However other evidence shows that my other brother Gary, hates Susan and Wayne too, for the bullying and abuse he also received from them both. The incest is what finally caused Gary to move out of home aged 15

Only a cunt would not help her sick child keep her family together:
Cameron’s mother told you lies. You chose to believe them. So when I couldn’t support her financially anymore either, along with Zig and my sick self, you sided with Cameron’s mother and therefore assisted them in removing her from my care. Only a cunt would not help her sick child keep her family together

I think you hate him because he gave you a dressing down for being a slut and getting pregnant:
You claim to hate your father because he was over domineering. Yet what have you been to everyone around you? I think you hate him because he gave you a dressing down for being a slut and getting pregnant. You can never forgive anyone who chastises you can you? Like Uncle Bob. Even when you are in the wrong, you just can’t handle having that pointed out to you.

Ruth was so outraged and unbelieving anyone could be such a cunt
Aunty Pat didn’t show your ugly letter about Stella (Janice’s sister) to everyone in Tallangatta. She rang Ruth and told her about it. Ruth was so outraged, and unbelieving that anyone could be such a cunt, that she drove right up here to look at it. And then they went and told Stella and Bob about it.

Note: Janice told me 18 years ago that she hates my Aunty Pat for betraying her by showing this letter around Tallangatta, and did it to turn everyone there against her, for no reason.

If you cut me out of the will you will regret that
If you cut me out of the will, you will regret that. Belinda will find out everything if you do. And I will do it all through official channels. I am sick of you hating me, for telling you, what he did.

(Meaning I will not only contest the will, but also ask for my eldest brother’s share of the estate, as compensation for the sexual assaults when I was a child, which in turn will lead to his daughter finding out that it happened. She had cut Gary out of the will two years ago, for attending his uncles funeral, and Susan’s always trying to get the rest of us cut out of it too. )

You can’t stop acting like a cunt, can you:
You destroyed your relationship with Gary (her son) and his family, when all you could do was act like a cunt. You just can’t stop acting like a cunt can you? I was happy to avoid you. I didn’t hang around to say hello when you returned from Queensland, because I would have had to ask what fucking game were you trying to play with Seaona?

I can call them liars, manipulators, bullies, thieves, child rapists, drug addicts, etc, etc:
… but the only insult they could think up to throw at me was ‘you are crazy, because you believe in UFO’s’.

LMAO. Well that is the truth, but also it is true that they were unable to bring up any real instance, where I had hurt any one of them personally.

Tomorrow if my bank balance is still less than $5, we’ll talk more about:
Kade. One word, Kade. Gary Burt’s son, who was assessed as having the IQ of an idiot when they sent him off to school at age 5, still unable to speak other than a mumble.


The above is proven in the blog. As stated in another defence, I’m not paying to print out the copies of it, Janice or Susan must do that, otherwise the court has to take my word for this.

(I had printed out 45 pages of the blog to submit in the defence evidence. They only introduced a copy of select pages, and did it in a deceptive and illegal manner. I wasn’t ashamed of what I had written, by they were. They didn’t want the court to read it, so they withheld it. I would have printed the whole thing, but as I stated above, why should I have had to. They wanted an order to have it removed from the net, they were required to present the initial pages of it, and which did not mention them at all, until Ward and her mother had come to my house, and then continued to make threats against me.)


I was convicted of the allegation of being mentally ill and blackmailing her for money for drugs, based on those half sentences above.

Her application was never proven in court, and the defence evidence ruled to be inadmissible, due to the allegation of breach against her daughter’s ADVO asking that I don’t contact her work place and dob her in for breaching client confidentiality regulations.


The application for the extension of the ADVO based on the above false accusations, was then turned into an act of parliament, with Magistrate Murray personally representing it this time.

You can understand why I am angry. It is only to prevent me from writing about all of this, for the next two years. Plus they again have the option to bring a false charge of breach against me, fine me, jail me and continue to harass me.

So I continue to harass all of these assholes back, by way of this blog.

Blog Actually Threatens to Never Speak to Them Again
As presented in the defence evidence lodged with the Albury Local Court on 11/12 January 2016

This blog is to shame my brother into paying a debt he has owed to me for the past 36 years.

I finally asked him to repay it recently, after I caught him out lying about me to relatives behind my back.

Now I will teach him to pay his debts, by the same methods they used in the olden days, by public shaming.

Once he has paid the money, I will take this off the internet. Until he does, I will send a link to a different family relative each day.

Then I’ll be glad to never see or talk to him ever again, obviously.

Comment Posted 5 November 2015

I, on the other hand, renounce these people once and for all. I am free of their shit, forever, because I will never speak to a single one of them again. They are not worthy of bothering with. All they do is create drama and conflict wherever they go, and then blame everyone else for it.
I will go the opposite way to them, as I always have.

Comment Posted 10 November 2015

As you can see, I grew up in a house full alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, abuse and sheer neglect.

Once Stella Psomas joined the clan, all that seemed like a good time, compared to the nightmare feud she bought with her.

Again, happy to leave them all to it. If they ain’t crazy, then I am happy to be it. 🙂

Comment Posted 10 November 2015

For an extension of that same ADVO, and which later became an Act of Parliament. I alleged that the new application sounded like the registrar herself had fed them both the information to put into them.

This is a little email exchange I had with a woman at the Office of the General Counsel of NSW this week.

From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Tuesday, 12 September 2017 7:32 PM
To: Rebecca Jeyasingam

Subject: Who writes the ADVO applications?

Dear C**t

You stated in your decision letter of July 2017 that the applicants for ADVO’s write the wording for their applications, and that the Registrar has nothing to do with it.

That was not the case when I applied for my order against Susan Cunt Ward. The registrar created each sentence or paragraph, and then ran it by me, before typing it into their computer.

In preparing to publish all of the transcripts for these matters, that I have available to me, I come across this statement, from the very first hearing:

Corrupt Sex fiend Magistrate: Q. Ma’am did somebody assist you insofar as the orders that you sought? Did you draft these yourself?

Janice Lying Cunt O’Bryan: A. No, no, someone at the courthouse.

So you lie again you corrupt piece of f***** shit, from a department full of disgusting turds.

From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Tuesday, 12 September 2017 11:29 PM
To: Rebecca Jeyasingam

Subject: Who writes the ADVO applications?

However, in relation to that statement made in the previous email, that ‘someone at the court house’ wrote up her ADVO application, bear in mind that it was a series of sentences, for which only half of the complete sentence had been quoted, so that it appeared to have a sinister meaning when it did not.

Which means Mrs Lying cunt O’Bryan has just pointed the finger, in court, under oath, that Elizabeth Leathridge is responsible for constructing that perversion of truth.

Then Mrs Lying Cunt O’Bryan affirms under oath that they are all true.

Yes they are all true words, authored by myself. But the meaning of every single one of them has been misrepresented to the court, by O’Bryan and Leathbridge.

This is the email, for which she was granted a three year ADVO over, claiming I was threatening and blackmailing her for money. Apparently its illegal to call your own mother a cunt, via email, even if she is one. Especially if she has a friend employed at a court house, or at least the Albury one.

Tracey Burt

To: janter37@gmail.com


Be advised that I did not accept your invitation to come and see you to receive a dressing down from you about the fact that (my son) is still living there, for the following reasons:

1. You have not acted like a parent in the time that I have been here. Therefore, you have no right to try to play that role now.

2. Your sudden new anger at me, seems to have started on the same day that you played cards last week. It is this anger which is also now driving you to be threatening (my son) that he will be out on the street at the end of one month. Why are you doing this to him, when he is trying to start a new job with confidence and self esteem?

3. We have already advised you that we are once again looking for a place, and that he no longer wants to be there, being a burdeon on you, and you on him. We have been going through the processes of that.

4. Is your anger really about the fact that the ladies from cards received some information from ‘one of your own daughters’ shooting down a few of the lies you have been telling them, and confirming other things about you and your circumstances?

5. Yes, that was me. The lady in question even bought me a coffee in a coffee shop, once I’d started running you down to her, so that she could hear more. How is that (my son)’s fault?

6. There was a reason I did that to you. Do you recall insisting that (my daughter) come see you in Queensland, before coming to Albury to see me for her birthday? You were of course unaware of our plans for her 21st birthday, because you and Susan make it impossible to invite ‘family’ to any celebration, until I let it slip when I had to talk to you about the washing machine, that she was coming to Albury.

7. The day after (my daughter) arrived, she gave me a lecture about how I should not start all of the fights with Susan, that I start all the time. That I should accept that Susan and I are different people, and have different views, and therefore not hassle her about hers. Yet it was Susan who would not let me voice an opinion of my own when I ‘was staying in her house’. And Susan who has started every fight we have had in the past 52 years. Don’t you recall me often trying to run away from home to get away from her? Oh, that’s right, you never knew who was home, and who wasn’t, because you yourself was never there.

8. (my son) and I convinced (my daughter) that you had misled her, and blamed the innocent one for what Susan does to not only me, but everyone around her. Treat them in an emotionally abusive fashion, and then threaten them with violence if they dare to complain about that, or try to stand up to her in her onslaughts of angry and jealous rages.

9. So this email is a warning to you, and to point out the lessons of the above situations to you. If you ever run me down like that again to her, or my son, I will go out and do the same to you amongst your own family and friends. I am sick of it.

You know this is not a one off, or isolated instance, you have been doing this for the past 20 years, after I came ‘home’ to accept an offer of ‘help with my children’ from ‘family’. Its time it ended. My children lived at home, and attended high school longer than any of yours did. Since Gary was out of home by 15, he had no hope of finishing even 4th form. Susan wouldn’t have even finished 2nd form. So as a parent, it is I who have done the better job, despite your manipulations and plots to ruin the relationships of all of your children and grandchildren.

10. Yes, I have spoken to Gary, on his birthday. A few days later, Stella jumped in and started being an idiot, so I haven’t spoken to them since. You and her and Susan, are all alike and have fought for 30 years now.

11. Yes, I have seen Aunty Stella. Ken came up two days before you left for the winter, and we went to see her then. She gave me the old Burt photos. I explained to Ken at the time, that you were busy packing the van and would be annoyed if he dropped in and interrupted that process. She has held your great grandson, and you have not. I have seen her photo of that.

12. We now come to your next ‘punishment’ or lesson. I have taken the Braidwood book away from you. You obviously have no input to make to it, or are just stalling the process, which is costing me money on my ancestry site fees.

Apart from thinking you had some right to lecture me about (my son) being there, when in planning to move back here, you had tried to manipulate him into disagreeing with me, and coming here to live in Albury with you, when I was refusing to come too. You ended up getting what you tried to implement, and to manipulate us both into. Coming to live in Albury, when you moved back here.

Now, you have tried to run me down to Ken, out of spite. You have bitched and moaned about the money you chose to donate, and then used that correspondence to get back at me for gossiping about you, by running me down to Ken. As usual, by using distortions of the truth to do so.

Ken and I have worked hard, and worked well together on that book. We have become good friends. The only things you have contributed is all that I scanned and typed up while staying there, which you bitched and moaned about when you got home, and knew that I had been accessing the ‘family documents’ chest’. Until you saw the book. Then your attempts to treat me nicely were just so hypocritical and false, that it was almost sickening. Now you turn around and sabotage the book, just near its completion, by beginning to set about turning Ken against me, and the very day after I had told you that he was my acting as my personal reference for any rental properties I applied for!

It has had the opposite affect with him. I have also run into a few people lately, who have filled me in on things I was not aware of. You have no right to be throwing mud at anyone. You need to grow up. I am aware that both Aunties Ruth and Pat have told you that. What your kids think of you, is becoming a real joke, to those people you have turned into your enemies. You need to think about that.

While I don’t wish to give you an excuse to go into 6 months of self-pity and pretended depression, threatening suicide, and pretending to yourself and everyone else that I was nasty to you for no reason. As you always do. Why don’t you instead, change your ways.

Gary cannot bring himself to forgive you. Your grandchild is soon to be married, in California in the USA, and you won’t be invited. She is also living in Sydney. Close enough to visit, but with no intention of seeing you. YOU created that.

You have been playing your games for too long now. Everyone is awake up to them, and sick of them. Only Terry and Susan support you in your bullshit. Susan because she is usually involved, or jumps in on any drama. And Terry because he is too weak to you, to stand up to you and tell you the truth. That YOU create it all.

If you want a new life in Albury, then stop making a fool of yourself, but cutting the throat of your own family members. You are not anonymous here, as you were on the Gold Coast. You have a much wider audience now. What show will you put on? Forgiveness and mending the break down of the relationships, or just more of your usual tantrum.

If you cut me out of the will, you will regret that. Bindy will find out everything if you do. And I will do it all through official channels. I am sick of you hating me, for telling you, what he did.

If Susan comes near me, to give me any more grief, while I am in Albury, I will phone her employers and advise them of her breaches of the privacy of their clients’ financial details, by gossiping about that information with you, every afternoon after work. I will put her on welfare.


‘Threat’ bolded above, is what the BDS Huon employee applied for her ADVO over, and was granted a three year restraining order against myself, which they think means I can’t even mention the words BDS Huon online.

From: traceyburt1@hotmail.com
To: janter37@gmail.com
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2015 23:36:13 +1000

Subject: RE: Your Bills

So … I hear that your reaction has been to try to destroy my relationship with (my son). Not that you haven’t been trying to do that the whole time he has been here, and for most of our lives.

This just sickens me even further.

I have been talking to Gary, Connie and Stella tonight. I don’t think you’ll be invited to the wedding. We all agreed it is best to just keep away from you, and your henchmen, Susan and Terry.

I hear you got fired from the Lavvy Sports Club. I hear the board of directors banned you from ever working there again, for being a trouble maker.

So that’s why you moved to Wollongong. And that eventually destroyed Terry’s life’s work.

Tell Terry not to come near me. He also does not have the right to act like a parent , or even an adult. He is Susan No 2.

I had to take a restraining order out on the man at the guest house, who tried to rape me, when I ended up in the street over it all. Which you didn’t care about of course. But the police knew I was being truthful, and then so did the judge.

If Terry comes near me I will go and make a complaint about Wayne, for attempting to rape me when we first moved to Qld. Last year of primary school, so what 10 or 11 years old. This was after years of course, of him getting me to get into bed with him to hear a bedtime story, and then him rubbing his penis all over me from behind.

Susan and him eventuated to actual sex.

I didn’t work, so that did not happen between my children, while I was not at home. You fed Mr Cole a home cooked meal, every time that he came over to molest Susan, at the dinner table under your nose.

The people at Tallangatta see Wayne as a bit of a joke too apparently. The women find him sleezy and creepy, and its been noticed he mainly visits Greg when he wants to borrow his boat to go water skiing. Someone commented on Wayne showing up to the funeral wearing jeans and a matching jean jacket, with pointy toed shoes. Wayne quipped back that ‘bob never dressed up, so why should he have’. What a fine example he sets for you there.

He went to the Burt reunion in Ballarat years ago, for Anna’s 80th birthday. I’m glad to know that Anna has since met Kristina and Gary at Bob’s funeral, and knows we all aren’t junkie sleeze bags. Who got me back on smack in Wollongong when I came up from Melbourne? W A Y N E.

Who’s friend came to Sydney and left me some for free, because Wayne had just got him hooked on it too? W A Y N E. Wayne soon followed, again with more heroin, because he wanted to stay at my house for a night and me to drive him to pick his girlfriend up from jail the next day. Her mother had already been there and spirited her away from him before he could get to her again.

I guess the police will find my allegations more credible when I tell them about Wayne and statutory rape with Debbie, until she turned 16. Then he turned her into a prostitute to feed his drug habit. Andrew in Sydney remembers Wayne as hanging around with a paraplegic in Kings Cross, to scab all his pension off him. He sold Andrew’s fridge to buy smack for himself.

Yet you criticize me as a mother. My life with my two children would have been great, had I not come back to give them some family. I would have managed on my own, and they would have instead met their fathers. Scumbags that they are, they might have still been better than the scumbags in your home.

I didn’t accept your offer to come home to get money, I knew it would be a nightmare being back near you. I’d only just escaped and healed myself. But they had no dad’s, so no family. They still don’t. The head of their family doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

So you showed (my son) the email I sent, at the lowest point of mine and his relationship. Even though, as boisterous and sometimes naughty as he was, we had always managed to have a good and loving relationship. Unlike you and your two sons. You have tried to destroy that. You destroyed your relationship with me, when I came home with my children and all you could do was act like a cunt. Susan as well of course.

You destroyed your relationship with Gary and his family, when all you could do was act like a cunt.

You just can’t stop acting like a cunt can you. I was happy to avoid you. I didn’t hang around to say hello when you returned from Queensland, because I would have had to ask what fucking game were you trying to play with (my daughter)?

On the day following the conversation about you lying to her about me and Susan, she then bought up how much Gary had hurt you recently. Again, I had to explain to her that her grandmother is a liar.

How sad. For you both.

I have been happy to avoid you all while I am here. I am only here for Ziggy. Yet you wanted me to come. But when I didn’t do it under your orders, but drifted down later due to some bad circumstances in my life, now you don’t want me here.

I was so glad when you left. So glad to finally be finished with another 20 years of your bullshit. I also am pissed off, that the attempted kidnapping of my son drove me out of where I was and down to here. I ended up with the proof that it was them, during the following 6 to 12 months of being on the run. Yet you didn’t want to hear about that, when I tried to tell you. And then suggested to Terry that it was a lie anyway.

Well it wasn’t cunt. It is truth. You don’t know what that is. You and Susan tell so many lies, you can’t remember truth. You don’t even know the meaning of the word.

Aunt Stella said she can barely bring herself to forgive Susan for phoning her house, several times on the night that nan had had a stroke and was dying, demanding that you come and fucking sort out the domestic arguement she had started with Don.

Yet you think she is normal, and everyone else if fucked up. Man. Get a grip on reality. It is YOU and SUSAN who are fucked up drugged out mental cases. You took too much serapax while we were growing up.

Get pregnant to dad while you were dating. Went out with married men once single again. Still don’t have a happy marriage. Your ex friend thought it hilarious that you weren’t able to make it work with such a nice man as Terry. She had also heard that Terry is no longer the same though.

Other people say it. Terry O’Bryan is a wreck of a man. Is that what you did to my father? I think so.

Don’t take this out on (my son) when he finally has a good job and a real chance to now move out. If its not with me, it will be with friends, because he has learned today that you are not worth knowing. But he will forgive me, for whatever you have done. Because I was always at home for him, and protected him, and showed him love, when he wasn’t getting in trouble for something.

Dam you to hell you fucking witch. And your incestuous daughter and son. You all make the rest of us feel sick.


Janice O’Bryan by Tracey Burt, Defence Statements (lodged by the defence in January 2016)

Janice O’Bryan is a liar, a master manipulator, and a trouble maker. She only feels powerful when she is standing over, or causing trouble for someone else. When caught out, she merely laughs and shrugs it off, regardless of the damage and pain she has caused to that person, and then continues with those same behaviours.

Now she is lying to, and trying to manipulate a court into teaching me a lesson for simply refusing to be a victim of her games any longer, and threatening to deny her access to my children.

In evidence she submits for her case against me, some of which is the same page repeated 3 times, but with the all of the paragraphs sitting in different places on the page, she highlights the word ‘cunt’ 9 times. The one page which contained 3 instances of that word, is presented 3 times.

I stand accused of sending her over 100 emails and text messages filled with foul language, threats, intimidation, harassment and am also trying to blackmail her for money.

The statistics and my evidence show, there were 16 emails only. Comprised of 21 pages in total, and most of those only contain a paragraph or two. 11 pages had no swear words on them at all. Of the 9 pages with an assortment of swear words on them, there are only 20 of those in total. More than half are just general uses of those words, and only 9 of them were actually directed at her.

I assure the court, that the text messages I admit to sending her, are again, a gross misrepresentation of their true contents and their number.

For the allegation of blackmail, she uses an email sent to my brother asking him to pay money he owes to me, and he which merely forwarded to her. It had nothing to do with her. In her own evidence, she submits that email asking him for the money, and tries to pretend that I have demanded it from her. Then began threatening her to pay it to me, via emails and text messages, and threats against her.

1. Janice O’Bryan claims that I have been diagnosed with a mental illness. I ask that she be made to prove this, or the statement be dismissed.
a. It is merely a lie that she has tells everyone because she cannot accept my new age beliefs and lifestyle, and claims they equal insanity.
b. It is a lie to explain to her friends, why I rarely have much contact with her, and little respect.
c. To reinforce this lie to the court, she claims I was officially diagnosed. Again, not true.
d. Janice then claims it is affecting my behavior towards her. Not true, she knows she is guilty of what I have told her off over, and is merely angry that I stood up to her, and asked her to stop.

2. She claims that we have not had a close relationship since I was 18. This is partly true, but also a deception. That condition is bought about by her own attitudes towards me, and the way she treats me.
a. I moved out of home at age 18. We clashed for a few years after that when she refused to let me live my own life, and still does. We rarely saw each other in my 20’s and I’ve deliberately tried not fight with her for the past 20 years in front of my children, and just walked away instead
b. When I had children at aged 30+, I was living in Katoomba. Both Susan and Janice tried to convince me to move to Albury, so that Janice could ‘help me out’. I declined at first, but the next time they tried to talk me into it, I agreed, but made two conditions.
i. That Janice not interfere with the ‘new age’ beliefs I would be teaching to my children. She agreed not to.
ii. That Janice never run me down to my children. Janice protested that she would never do that. Susan was present, and actually supported me, reminding her that she had done so with all of her other grandchildren, and their mothers’ already.
c. Janice agreed, but has reneged on both of those agreements for the past 20 years. She fed my children meat when I was raising them to be vegetarians. She told them not to be an idiot like their mother and believe in the stupid things that she does. She continues to do the same to this day.
d. Now that they are older, she is trying to convince them that I am insane, was all through their years of growing up, attacking her that whole time, and without them even being aware of either.
e. Janice really began to hate me, once I told her about the sexual abuse Susan and I both experienced from my eldest brother Wayne. It is due to this hatred that we have not been able to have a reasonable relationship, since I was aged 34. It comes from her.
f. She offered that my son could come and stay with her in Albury to look for work before moving back here three years ago. When our personal circumstances bought that about two years ago, pretends now that I abandoned him, don’t want to live with him, that she had to rescue and now support him for me, because he and I cannot get along. Again, all lies.
g. I have a right to be angry that Janice has been doing this to me for the past 20 years, and to finally let her know that I am sick of it
h. I did not do that in a way that was frightening for her, abusive, threatening, nor irrational. Which is why she has not supplied the emails and text messages that she did receive to the court.
I have had to in my own defence of her, and at my expense of time and money.

3. All of the quotes Janice used in her initial application for the AVO are addressed in the document called – Misleading Sentences Given As Grounds for AVO.
a. All of them have been used out of context, and when put in the right sentence do not say what they first appear to when standing on their own. This was a deliberate manipulation, by her.

4. Janice claims that all of my emails to her were offensive. Is an AVO warranted for something that has merely caused offence?
a. They were only offensive to her, because she didn’t like hearing the truth.
b. They were offensive, because she is a liar who spreads lies, and I made her aware that I’d started undoing some of the ones she has been telling lately.

5. She goes on to claim again, that the emails were offensive, and harassing. Yet my own evidence shows that each time she received a new set of emails, or of text messages, it was after she had been shown to be spreading more lies about me, and in particular to my son, or organized for someone else to attack me on her behalf.

6. The main set of emails she received starting on 11 Oct – 12 Oct, were sent after I had been abused for two hours by a grandchild that hates her. Every insult that girl threw at me had been created from lies told to her parents by Janice, or by Janice personally. Which is why I then took that out on Janice in return. Those are where I first begin to swear at her, and mainly in the first one.
a. Those emails, which are the bulk of everything I did send to her, were all sent in succession over a 2 hour period, starting at 11.30 pm on the 11th and ending at 2 am on the 12th.
b. They were not even sent on different days, even though the dates would imply they are, until you look at the time stamps.
c. Of those 9 emails, 5 have no swearing at all. Of the 4 that do, she uses one of those pages repeated three times, as her evidence against me. Yet accuses me in court of lies and slander.
d. I sent her one more on the 13th October, just to clarify one point, and was finished.
e. I ended up sending her 3 more very short ones at the beginning of November, just to warn her that her son Gary would betray her, as he had just done to me, to her, and that it was him who convinced me that she was a ‘slut’, before marrying Terry O’Bryan.

7. She again claims that she feels scared of me harassing her. All she had to do was stop lying to my son, and it would have stopped. In fact it had stopped, three weeks before she came to my residence with my sister to bash me up over them, and six weeks before she applied for this AVO.

8. She claims that due to her age, the abuse and intimidation causes her stress. Yet she is not too old to be texting threats to me that she is going to have her eldest son beat me up. She is not too old to go on missions with Susan Ward, to seek me to rough me up, and not too old to lie about those events afterwards.
a. The ‘poor me’ act, is one of her most used weapons in her games against other people, and she now tries to manipulate the court using it in her grounds for the AVO application.

9. She claims that I use cannabis, and in conjunction with the mental illness that I don’t have, it causes me to act erratically.
a. Janice O’Bryan has no idea how often I have smoked pot in this past year, when she has rarely even seen or spoken to me.
b. The only time that Janice is aware that I used cannabis while in Albury, was one day in September when I arrived at her house stoned. My son called me to come and pick him up, and I had planned not to go inside for that reason. He was not ready, and because Janice had been sending messages via him that she wanted to talk to me about the ancestry book I was making, I decided to go in and get the visit over with.
c. Janice and I sat there talking about it all. She was amazed at what I had learned, amazed by the book I was making, one I had already done, and very impressed with it all. She knew I was stoned, yet sat there having an actual conversation with me, when she rarely bothers. It was the only time we have communicated as a normal mother and daughter would, in the whole year that I have been in Albury.
d. Janice highlights any mentions of cannabis in my emails to her. Is she relying on getting me offside with the court for that, because she has no real evidence of abusive or threatening correspondences with her?
e. Janice was aware that her eldest son Wayne was growing cannabis on a large scale in his backyard in Wodonga when his daughter was 6 years old, and personally selling all the drugs he grew to make money. Yet she didn’t go to the police about that.
f. When Janice arranged to move herself and children into a house owned by the Lavington Sports Club, while Terry O’Bryan was the manager, he not aware that Wayne soon had a crop of cannabis plants growing under the house. The Sports Club paid the electricity bill, and Terry signed the cheques. Therefore, she put Terry O’Bryan in a position of enabling and funding the production of cannabis for resale, with funds belonging to a registered club, and on the premises of same.
g. Gary Burt picked up a large quantity of cannabis from the airport one night, which he’d had flown into Albury, and took it to that same house. I helped him and his friend package in all up into 23 x 1 oz bags, just to hang out with the big boys, and be helpful. I was 15. Once finished I went to my bedroom. Gary came and offered to sell me one for half price, for helping them bag it up. I’d only tried it a couple of times, at that stage.
h. Proceeds from robberies of chemist shops by Wayne Burt, were all bought to that Lavington Sports Club owned property, and resold, along with many other drugs bought on the black market. Gary claimed to me at the time that he and Wayne were the biggest drug dealers in Albury, proud of it, and to only buy off them. Now she pretends to not understand why I sometimes smoke pot.
i. Janice O’Bryan used to buy stolen goods, when she worked in pubs, while I was growing up.
j. Janice O’Bryan worked for decades under a false name, while claiming the single parent pension and often had another job as well.
k. Janice O’Bryan lodged a tax return under her maiden name after marrying Terry O’Bryan.
The tax office sent her a bill for $4,000, and she was furious at being caught out.
l. Yet Janice now pretends to be an upstanding citizen, and I am a scummy drug addict that she just can’t deal with.

10. Janice states that I ask her for money, in an email dated 6 November. Yet the only emails I sent that day were to Susan and Gary.
a. Gary merely forwarded it to Janice. It was written to him. The request is made of him.
b. The email asked Gary to pay money he has owed me for 36 years. There are other emails to him, asking him to pay me, in the lead up to the creation of the blog.
c. The blog is about how he came to owe me the money, and the disgraceful reasons why.

11. Her quote regarding the adding of another $20 to what I had originally asked for, comes from another email to Gary, merely forwarded to her. However, this shows that I had only ever asked for what was owed me, but was now adding on extras because of his refusal to acknowledge the debt.

12. I sent Gary an email advising him that I would take legal action to recover the money. While I stated that email gave me the right to take legal action 14 days hence, I am aware it did not meet the legal requirements for a first letter of demand. I bluffed anyway. His response was the extremely nasty email from his wife, calling me a pathetic looser and mental case. Gary’s daughter tried sending me more abusive text messages, but stopped when I ignored them all. Gary phoned me, yelling that he would have me committed to a mental home for even asking for it. He stated that he would use Janice to put me there. Susan sent her email demanding I stop emailing ‘everyone’. They all ganged up on me, and I stood my ground and did not back down to any of them. I already had my next weapon loaded. I’d written the blog, venting while I had no internet access, and it was ready to go online the moment I could afford to recharge my phone.

13. What other option did I have left, to recover the debt? I was in severe financial distress, and both Janice and Gary had caused that when plotting against me. Public shaming via the internet was the only thing I could think of, and which is becoming an accepted way to modify anti-social or illegal behaviours in people who have no regard for other people’s safety. I was in danger of starving.

14. Blackmail means asking for money that is not owed to you. The money is owed to me, I’d just never asked for it back before. Gary works in the mining industry in WA, and earns a huge wage. I had a good wage when he took my savings from me, and he had a low paying job. I have my pension now, and he is flush with money.

15. I have a spare ATM card for my son’s bank account. I am able to help myself to it anytime I am short of cash. I repay him the next week. I had no need of money from Janice, and have not asked her for any since my son has been living them.

16. After Janice drove me out of my last rental property, and while by plotting against me with Gary, I’ve had to borrow more heavily from my son than ever before, and have not been able to pay him this time. My debt to him continued to grow larger. Which is why I kept on pressuring Gary, with more and more blog comments designed to shame him. She now uses that to convince my son that I’m now bludging off him, because I am just no good.

17. Why would I risk being arrested and potentially jailed, to blackmail someone for such a small amount of money? Why is Janice pretending to the court that it was asked of her, and the blog created to force her into paying me, when the evidence clearly shows otherwise? Spite.

18. Janice states that I wrote I would send a link to everyone from our extended family. I did, but just to the people who’s email addresses I had, and she would have been aware that number would be very small. I hadn’t kept in touch with our extended family for decades. The only ones I did have, were through recent contact, for ancestry research and were the younger generations only.

19. Janice claims the above statement caused her to feel blackmailed. Janice states that she does not owe me any money.
a. I have never said that she did, nor asked her for any, and she is fully aware of that. The request is made to Gary Burt at all times, apart from once when I offered to let her settle the bill for him, instead of having me illegally beaten up to be rid of the blog.
b. Janice is only trying to have the blog removed, because Gary is refusing to pay, and had chosen to simply ignore it being there. He didn’t care that Susan and Janice were left embarrassed by it, and its contents, because he hates them both.
c. Threatening me with violence was the only solution she could come up with. Talking to me, negotiating with, or even apologizing to me, did not to occur to her at all.

20. Janice states that she has given me money for all of my adult life, even a car. I do not dispute that, apart from the gift of the car. It was a manipulation to try to get me agree to come to Queensland with her and Terry on their retirement, and since I didn’t have one, I accepted it.
a. I am not the only one of Janice’s children she has had to give money to as an adult. Yet I am the only single parent, who was on welfare.

21. Janice then starts to complain about the blog and its contents, and again states that she feels harassed and intimidated by it.
a. Liars are always intimidated by truth, especially when it starts to get out.

22. Janice states again that the blog was created to blackmail her into providing me with money.
a. Yet the request for money is made to Gary Burt, over and over again, via the blog itself and email, and all of the evidence, even her own, clearly shows that.

23. Janice claims that she is seeking an AVO to have the blog removed from the net, and that I not contact her, with harassment and intimidation. She wants it to stop.
a. Janice was told by police that the blog is a civil matter not a criminal one, unless it becomes criminal defamation of character. This hearing is not about defamation of character.
b. An AVO is for people who are living in fear of someone causing them physical harm, or destroying their property. Janice has never been threatened with any of those things, but is in fact guilty of that herself. She is just angry that I stood up to her and threatened to end her contact with my children.
c. I understand that to humiliate someone in public is not very nice, and at some stage passes into being a crime. However, Janice is being humiliated by stories of her own neglect of her children when they were young, and later in stories demonstrating how manipulative she is, and what a bully and unstable person Susan is. I could call a dozen witnesses to verify both of those statements.
d. My ‘angrier’ emails to Janice had stopped over a month before she applied for the AVO.
e. Janice claims she has real fears about my communications with her. Yes, she doesn’t want to hear the truth about herself, and the state of her relationships with her immediate family. She wants it all to be made to go away, by some other authority, because she has no leverage over me anymore.

24. Janice wants the court to believe that I have written these emails to her, and the blog to blackmail her, because I am unstable. Yet a friend who sees me all the time, has seen no indication of that being true. See witness statement by Joshua White.
a. Why has she not been able to get police involved if I have acted so badly and illegally?
b. Why I am standing in a criminal court when police have not interviewed me, nor given me a chance to demonstrate the truth of the situation, and show my innocence to them?
c. Why has she not called a mental health unit, or a drug counselling service?
d. Why is she trying to deny that she triggered it all, when the reasons for it are given clearly in my email to her of 9 October, and entered into evidence by all parties involved.

25. I feel that Janice’s AVO should be dismissed, due to the lies and manipulations of truth she had to use in her application to even get it in motion. She wasn’t required to show evidence back then, and now that she is, has not been to be able to do.

26. I feel it is not relevant because I have made no threats to her, nor to Terry O’Bryan, or to their property.

27. I feel the AVO is not relevant because Janice herself has been the aggressor each time, and which has triggered a reaction from me which displays no compassion for her.

28. I feel that Janice O’Bryan’s AVO should be dismissed, because not only has she not supplied much evidence to support her case, but has deliberately omitted emails which would show that she is the one at fault. No evidence of the ‘abusive’ text messages either. I assure the court, they are just like the emails provided. They bring up past issues between us, and not one of them makes any threat to her.

29. I feel that Janice O’Bryan’s AVO should be dismissed as she was making threats of violence towards myself in the lead up to her own application. She even came to my residence with the intention of watching Susan assault me physically on 6 Nov 15. Then signed a sworn statement lying about the events of that night.

30. Addressing Janice O’Bryan’s statements to support her AVO application:

31. She claims that she needed to go to the police, in the evening of 6 November because of abusive text messages and emails. Yet the only emails I sent her close to that date were a friendly warning about Gary. The only text message I sent to her in Nov 15, was when I replied to one of her threats to send her eldest son to beat me up, sent via my son, directly to her own phone.
a. She claimed to me via a text message of 14 Oct, she had already been to police about that short spate of emails, and was applying for an AVO against me then. She obviously was told she had no grounds for one then, and still doesn’t, when she’s had no contact to complain of in the time since then. That text message is shown in my evidence in an email to Ken Pearce on 14 October 15.

32. She claims I am constantly moving around, and they often do not know where I live.
a. She knew vaguely where I lived in North Albury because I’d personally given her a description of where the house was situated. When she’d asked the same question of my son, in general conversation, he had given her similar information.
b. She recalled those conversations to try to find me, when she wanted to send Terry O’Bryan to verbally abuse me, just after I had written the email of 9 October to her.
c. When my son advised her that my landlady had offered to call police for me if he did, and had advised me to seek an AVO against him, she dropped that idea and tried to get one herself instead.
d. Had Janice had shown any interest in me at all during the past 12 months that I have been in Albury, she would have known where I lived. She didn’t know, because she didn’t care to see me, because Susan was forcing her to ignore me, and to take her side in events from the year prior.

33. From a vague description given to her by my son, she and Susan went off to find me on
6 November, she claims.
a. They did not have a vague description, they forced very detailed directions out of him, and it took him a long time to finally describe my new location, against his will.
b. They both stood over him, bullying and demanding it, until he was in tears.
c. Email dated 6 November to Gary Burt, demonstrates this. I linked more people to the blog because of it. I sent that email before my son phoned from his car, to warn me that they were definitely coming, and to ‘get out of here’, because they intended to do me harm.

34. Janice states that I do not want my son living with me, yet for the past 18 months I have been trying to take him off her hands, and she sabotages that every time. I would bet that Terry O’Bryan doesn’t even understand that is the real reason why he is still living in their home.
a. This argument began when she sent an email to the person was acting as my personal referee for rental applications, after I had just told her myself that he had spoken highly of me, and my strong desire to have my son back with me, to a real estate agent. The email he sent letting me know that she had done it, is submitted in evidence, as well as the email she sent to him, and his reply to her. You can see they are all dated just a few days before my first email to her. I’d warned him that she might try to attack me to him, once I realized she’d heard I’d spoken to one of her enemies, and ran her down. He replied that she already had, and a couple of days later he sent it to me.

35. Janice states that she and Susan drove to a house where they recognized it had a granny flat behind it.
a. The granny flat is not visible at all from the road.
b. Susan’s statement about how they knew it had a granny flat, contradicts Janice’s, in that she states she already just happened to know that particular house had a granny flat

36. Janice makes several statements about events that occurred once they thought they had identified the right house.
a. The diagram of the property, shows that Janice is lying in her own statement, and again in her signed statement in support of Susan’s objection to the AVO I have applied to have placed on her.
b. Janice claims that the landlady stood near the front door area and watched us, yet the landlady was in the back yard, and not even visible to me.
c. Janice claims that Susan never walked away from the car, yet both myself and landlady saw her at the bottom of the driveway, looking up at me where I had run to. The landlady didn’t hear what Susan’s said, but saw Susan’s lips moving.
d. Janice claims that Susan did not speak at all, on their second visit. Again, that is an outright lie designed to protect Susan, and mislead the court about their behavior and intent on that night.

37. Janice claims that all of my emails contained abuse and foul language.
a. Abuse usually describes something unwarranted or out of line. Janice fully deserved to receive all of those emails, and what they said in them.
b. I deliberately called her a cunt, to trigger pain in her, so that she would remember what I had said, and to hurt her as much as she was trying to hurt me.

38. I called her a slut because Gary spent the first 10 minutes of the conversation I had with him on 16 August, speaking about how many married men she had had relationships or affairs with. He made sure that I understood that they all had wives and kids at home, knowing that I was too young to fathom that at the time. He insisted to me, that she is a woman with no morals.

39. The first fallout Janice had with Gary Burt’s wife Stella, was when Susan told her that Janice called her ‘the dog’, behind her back.
a. Janice and Susan later changed that nickname to be the ‘wog’. Susan taught Stella’s daughter to parrot the phrase ‘daddy married a wog’, while Janice stood by and laughed. When it was repeated to Gary and his wife one day at their home, Janice simply laughed off his anger about it.
b. They have continued to refer to that woman as ‘The Wog’ for the past 30 years, then she has the hide to highlight it in an email when I finally did the same. I called her that simply because I knew how much it hurts her that Janice does it. An email from Stella Burt confirms the same.
c. I refer to Gary’s wife as Effie, in emails and the blog. Effie is a lovable Greek comical character loved by most Australians. Which is worse, Effie or ‘The Wog’?

40. I was easily able to wind Gary up and push all of his buttons, by using a nickname from his childhood made up by Wayne, and used by Susan to torment him. Tablet. That is all I called him. It refers to when he complained to Janice that Wayne was constantly beating him up while she was at work, so she took him to a GP and had him put on medication for a nerves. Wayne told all their friends that Gary was mentally ill, was on medication for same, dubbed him Tablet, and had a new weapon to use against him instead of just his fists. Janice never asked Wayne to stop beating him up. Susan and I had to watch them come to blows in the lounge room on a regular basis, and try to break up their fights.

41. The ‘foulness’ of my language, is merely that she hates to be chastised for anything, and felt unable to control, dominate and manipulate the person saying them to her, anymore.

42. Then Janice claims that I have breached the AVO by emailing Gary Burt after the first hearing. Again, she leaves out all of the reasonable emails sent to him, and provides only the two angry ones. Those were driven by my anger that I have now to go to trial, over what is just another a family argument. Just because I called his wife an idiot, and informed her that I see through her games of manipulation and deceit as well, and they are why she cannot get along with his family.

43. Was Gary Burt even protected by the AVO preventing contact?
a. Both Janice and Susan applied for, and were granted interim AVO’s which prevented me from contacting them, in any form. I have complied, long before they were even granted in Susan’s case.
b. Gary has taken no action over my emails, nor the blog, therefore is not automatically covered by theirs, as far as I can see.
c. The emails to Janice were over very different matters to the emails to Gary Burt, again, disqualifying him from being protected by these proceedings.
d. One email to Gary in December requested that he supply a copy of the text messages his daughter sent to me, for the trial of these matters. He did not respond. Again, therefore cannot be considered to be a valid participant in these matters, when he is withholding information which would clear me of these accusations of attacking the ‘whole’ family, for ‘no reason’.
e. I have submitted some of the emails between myself and his wife, and printed them all out. I can present them if the court wants to determine who was in the wrong in my squabble with him. However, until the court has read them, it has no grounds to assume I am guilty in that situation.
f. Janice and Susan have fought with Gary’s wife for 30 years. I have just done so for the first time. Now Janice wants to claim to a court that I had no right to do so.
g. Janice and Gary had not been speaking to each other for the past two years, until Gary stabbed me in the back to get back into her good books recently. Terry O’Bryan would have to confirm both of those statements to be true, and I will call upon him to do so.
h. Gary had been cut out of her will two years ago, which is why I bring the topic up to her at all, and she uses that in her application, pretending that I am warning her not to do it to me, or else she will suffer consequences. She’d cut him out for attending his uncle’s funeral.

44. What Janice is trying to draw the court’s attention to, is that I also updated the blog after the first hearing.
a. At first I did not touch it, even to delete it, when I was served with the notices of her AVO.
b. I believe that the AVO’s don’t really affect it, because it is not what Janice has portrayed it to be in her application, and does not have any tone intimidation. It is also not lies or slander, because it is all true. There is nothing in it that is not absolutely true, and it was not to blackmail her or anyone else for that matter.
c. Both Janice and Susan called it by an incorrect name in their applications, therefore they are not technically valid. The blog was always called ‘The Gary Burt Family Roasting’. That headline was on the page banner in large letters on the screen, with a subtitle ‘shaming a jerk into paying his dues’.
d. The name they used, “Gary Burt Rips Off His Younger Sister to Buy Heroin, was the name of an article, or a post. I made sure I did not update that article.
e. After the hearing, I removed the surname Burt from the blog, to disguise their identities.
f. I removed the page about Susan and her breaches of client privacies, to comply.
g. As stated in my defence of Susan’s AVO, Gary Burt and his family stopped attacking me, once the blog was in place and live on the air. It protected me from more abuse from his family. It was my own personal AVO, implemented by myself.
h. I have tendered what I posted to the blog after the hearing into evidence in the case with Susan Ward. All of it is written to Gary’s daughter, to address the misconceptions she has about me, all lies told to her by her parents, Janice O’Bryan and Susan Ward.
i. I did not write about Susan or Janice on the blog after their legal maneuvers. However, I did refer to them in one comment, and then emailed that to Gary. I realized I was probably not allowed refer to them either, and so deleted it. It was only on the site for 10 minutes. Yet they produce a copy of it for the court, as emailed to Gary, and want me charged for breaching both of their AVO’s.

45. The blog has been taken off the internet, because someone who read it sent me $200, a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. It was a gift so I could have a merry Christmas too, after all they had, and still were, putting me through.
a. I took it off the internet out of a sense of goodwill, and Christmas spirit, and not because of the court order. I have retained all of the text of it.
b. Gary still has not settled the debt, and I am still annoyed with him because of that. The ‘threatened’ shit storm that might hit his life this year, might just be me taking proper legal action over same debt, and him having to explain in a court of law why he won’t repay me.
c. I have no need to carry on this argument with any of these people. The fact that they have made these false allegations about me in a court of law, has finally given me the excuse to never forgive them, and to never give them another chance to be my in my life again. I usually walk away from conflicts from them all. This time I not only stood my ground, but I fought back. They didn’t like getting a taste of their own medicine, while I found it all be a healing experience for myself,
and am finally free of them, forever.

46. In granting an AVO against me, for events which Janice claim stem from a mental illness I don’t even have, the court will be merely giving her something to finally pretend that condition is real, and prove her lie for her. It will also give her an excuse to ‘prove’ that I was out of line, and that she didn’t deserve to receive those emails, even after 20 years of both her and Susan insulting everything I wore, did and thought during that time, to my face and behind my back. It will also give her another tool to manipulate my children into thinking I am the bad guy, and she has always tried her best to get along with me, while I make that impossible for her.

47. I think that what Janice is the most angry about, is that have I been to visit an Aunt who we are banned from seeing, because Janice accused her of something she didn’t even do 18 years ago and still hates her for it. It was her husband who’s funeral Gary attended.
a. In that process, which was mainly for ancestry related research, I have learned some uncomfortable truths about Janice at a time I had threatened to reveal her true self to her friends, and enemies in Albury. She is merely trying to prevent that from happening, by intimidating me with this court action.
b. Shortly before the email I sent her on 9 Oct 15, I had just found out that she had been unfaithful to my father. Is that why I lost him? Is that why I went through all of the horrible experiences described in the blog?
c. I had a right to be angry, after finding out that she has deceived us about their relationship for the past 47 years. I was six when she kidnapped us, and refused to bring us back to the family home unless he agreed to leave. He gave her the house so that we would be ok. Instead, she then left us in it, left Wayne in charge of us instead of paying a baby sitter, and went off and had a good time. While we all suffered. She never let us see our father again, and he died several years later.
d. If Terry O’Bryan is suffering in this argument, I don’t care. He allowed her to work at the Lavington Sports Club under a false name, knowing she had a day time job, a single parent pension, and was leaving four little kids at home alone. If that has rebounded back on him when he married her a decade later, in that we are all dysfunctional now, then that is his karma.

48. I ask that all court costs be awarded against Janice O’Bryan, for making a false complaint in a court of law.

49. I ask that she be fined for doing so, so that it might teach her not to cry blackmail, when no one has even asked her for any money, let alone demanded it.

50. She has acted purely out of spite towards me, and knows I would never physically harm her, nor another human being. She is a vexatious litigant, and her case has been proven to be just that by all of the evidence. She is relying heavily on the Magistrate assuming that a mother would not lie about her own daughter. Janice O’Bryan is one of the exceptions to that scenario.

51. It is Janice O’Bryan who should hang her head in shame, and apologize to myself and to the Magistrate, not the other way around.

52. True stories are not slander. They are truth, and the truth is legal. It is Janice who is guilty of lying and acts of slander, not only against me, but many other people as well. Now she has tried to slander me in a court, and knows that will damage my reputation here in Albury. It is I who have the case of defamation of character against her.

53. I vow never to speak to, contact, or see her ever again. I don’t need an AVO against me to make that happen. That is how it will be, from hereon in.

54. I wish to point out that I have written, typed and prepared all of these submission on my own, with no assistance from anyone. It has taken me ten days to go through their three short pages of lies and attempted manipulations, and point out all of their inconsistencies, and provide the truth about all of same. Plus to print out all of the evidences they failed to supply. Does my defence look like it was prepared by a mentally ill homeless drug addict, so desperate for another fix of some drug, that I resorted to blackmailing my own mother to get it?

55. On a side note, in the infamous email of 9 October 2015, I remind her that she is not anonymous here, as she was on the Gold Coast, because we all have old friends here, and extended family in the region. I asked her what show will she put on to them, forgiveness and mending the breakdown of her relationships, or just throw another one of her usual tantrums?

You have seen the performance she chose to put on. In bringing it into the court, she has not only made her friends in Albury aware of it all, but I have kept the extended family up to date on it all as well, via email. Drama Queen, that’s all she is, and Susan Ward is exactly like her mother.


Application for an extension lodged with the Albury court in February 2017, asking for a two year period, in which to be able to bring new false charges against me, and have me fined and jailed at the Albury court house, by Gwen Bradley and her buddy, Tony Murray.

Application granted on 14 September 2017, at a secret hearing, which is was denied the right to attend, or to defend myself in any way at all, as an Act of Parliament, by the NSW Government.

Also, granted on that same day, and in the same manner, a new one for BDS Huon:

Avoiding Being Human Trafficked, But For How Long?

From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 12:59 AM
To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Local Court Albury
Cc: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au

Subject: Unable to appear today

To the Corrupt Registrar at Albury Court House

I notice that you don’t identify yourself, in your emails to me, sent on Thursday afternoon. Is that because you are the same Registrar I lodged a privacy complaint about recently, and which was investigated by the Office of the General Counsel. 

Of course you were exonerated from misconduct, apart from proven instances of the court house tampering with court transcripts, but which the investigator declared must have occurred at Wagga Wagga. We both know that it did not happen there, but within your office.

Be advised that I did not check my emails until late on Friday evening. I was therefore prevented from attending another court house, to lodge my applications for motion with them.

I am not well enough to travel up to Sydney to do so, as much as I would like to, nor even able to drive to Wagga, to avoid your corrupt office.

I am not well enough to attend court. My right shoulder has been aching for two weeks, with my right arm having been totally paralyzed for two days recently. I was hoping to have some time out now from court proceedings to attend a doctor. I will do that today, and I will email you the medical certificate confirming that I am too ill to do anything for the next few days.

I attended court on 14 September 2017, as you well know, to defend the charge bought against me by Con Rowan Weekley. A charge which you know I was framed for, on order of Gwen Bradley, to trigger the granting of Susan Ward’s ADVO. You also used the opportunity to award one to her mother, despite the fact they had both committed many acts of perjury in their applications and statements to the court.

Your court house only convicts me in my absence. This time I was determined to be there, and you knew that. The Magistrate deliberately drove me out of that court room, and gave me grounds to seek a whole new hearing, elsewhere.

However, I have been advised by Susan Ward on the weekend, that I was convicted after I left. Again, without being given any fair chance to defend myself. You have once again denied me the common law right to fair and impartial dealings, and you have once again denied me the right to cross examine the accuser in the court room.

Ward also advises that you are now claiming that I was ejected from the court room, by the sherriff, due to becoming abusive towards the Magistrate. That is not true. I did tell him off while packing up my things, but only due to his misconduct, and that of the prosecutor.

I will be lodging an appeal to the district court, about that conviction. Ward advises that I am to be sentenced in November, which your paperwork confirms. I will be seeking a new hearing, and a change in venue, before that happens.

Magistrate Cromptom was aware that I had with me, applications for motions for all charges, apart from the one that was conducted in an illegal fashion, by himself.

He refused to acknowledge that the AVO applications were on the list, when I asked bought them up to him when he was going through the list that morning. They were not listed outside the court room, and your own staff member asked the O’Bryan/Ward party what matter they were there for, they had to give my name, because their own applications were not listed.

I had applications for motions with me, because they were listed on the online court list, and that date had been set at the hearing on 20 June 2017.

Ward advises that a hearing for the AVO has been conducted in secret, and private, and not only was I forced to not be present, due to being unaware of it, I was again officially denied the chance to have any defence material considered.

I had indicated at hearing in June, that I failed to lodge defences against their new applications for extensions, since I would be relying on the original evidence presented against their original applications and which HAVE NEVER BEEN HEARD, AND THEREFORE NEVER BEEN PROVEN, in a court of law.

I indicated at hearing that I also failed to lodge due to it being a waste of printer ink, because the court would do just that, find a way to dismiss it all, and charge me with a breach. I believe that Murray already has those breach charges built into the application itself. However, none of them are true, and your staff at the only witnesses to those events, and refuse to acknowledge the truth, that I had been emailing your office about their misconduct towards me for all of last year, and which was witnessed by all of your staff.

Yet they all only noticed when I gave the other party the middle finger, on a day that Murray had refused to exclude Terry O’Bryan from proceedings, had had me assaulted by police two months earlier, and had been making guestures towards me indicating that I am mentally ill at the hearing prior to that.

Your staff are a disgrace, as you are yourself, and your Magistrate and of course, the very corrupt Gwen Bradley, and who has turned me into a criminal in your paperwork, and that of Albury police to protect herself, Susan Ward and Janice O’Bryan from being charged with conspiracy to bring false allegations.

Which is the other reason you have issued all of these summonses, to lure me to the court house, even though the Magistrate failed to even acknowledge any of those charges, when I did attend on Thursday of last week, and after having remained in this area since April, in a state of not having a permanent rental property any longer. You will charge me for breaches of her last ADVO, and apply the sentence to the new one.

You failed to advise me in your emails that the AVO hearing had taken place. You are planning to serve it on me at the court house on 18 September 2017. Yet you refused to have that hearing in front of me, on 14 September 2017.

I did not attempt to lodge the applications for motion at the office, due to the misconduct which occurs there. When I attempted to lodged an application for motion for any matters involving O’Bryan, your clerk refused to accept it, and then accused me of being aggressive when I tried to insist that she did.

Which is why I was only going to attempt to hand them to the Magistrate. I believe you warned him about that, and which is why he deliberately refused to mention them, even when pressed to do so by myself.

The same applies to the illegal charge bought against me by Gwen Bradley, and which you continually list on the same day as Ward’s matters, to ensure I have to attend, while Bradley herself fails to show up on any occasion. The court has failed to advise me what has created the delay in hearing the charge, and have acted illegally in that manner as well.

I had an application for that charge as well. You cannot claim that one has already been denied, when new evidence of collusion between Ward and Bradley was discovered after that was dismissed.

The Magistrate refused to mention the charge. Now you want me to come to the court house tomorrow, to set a date for its hearing. Yet I have no guarantee that Bradley would show up anyway. You can have me jailed if I do not appear, for its mention.

Again, you have used these summonses to set me up to be legally forced to come to the court house, and then you will serve me with final orders, and Magistrate Murray will jail me on the spot.

I emailed you a copy of Ward’s advice to me, about all of the above matters on the weekend. Which brings us to another matter.

Please isolate the security footage from the court house foyer and court room for the hours from 9am until 11.30 am. I will be needing that to have Ward charged with criminal defamation of character and libel.

Of course you all will be happy to be her witnesses in that matter, so we will need that footage to show the truth.

If you are not willing to provide me with a copy, and I make this request under my rights under the FOI and GIPA laws, then you will have to arrange for a police officer to look at it, compare it to Ward’s statement, and write up a report confirming that she has told lies about me, once again.

She and her mother claim slander and libel and hold ADVO’s preventing me from doing that to them. Yet it is they who have been guilty of that all along, and long before this, and now once again Ward has proven that.

It is for the above reasons, but also for those below, that I choose not to attend the court house today.

  1. You have not given me enough notice for my support person to make arrangements to get to Albury for the hearing. Had she known one day earlier, she would have been able to.
  2. I do not trust your staff at all anymore, and refuse to go there alone and without a witness. I firmly believe you plan to jail me as soon as possible now, to stop me taking my provable complaints about yourselves any further
  3. I am not well enough to attend. I was having heart pains in the week prior to this, and need to rest and calm myself. I need to not strain my arm, especially by carrying a heavy briefcase to the court house again, while my arm and shoulder is experiencing deformation. I will ask the doctor to do a scan, if you need proof of that. However, that is a waste of tax payers funds, as my illness continues to deform my skeletal frame, and doesn’t need to be documented through each change. However, there is also the chance that it is damage created during the arrest ordered by Gwen Bradly, as it is near a spot that was the most painful and affected after that incident.
  4. How dare you by the way, plan to hear a charge she bought against me, to stop me defending the other false charges she bought against me. You of all people know that every step of this process has involved illegal actions on the courts part, and no real criminal actions on my own. Yet you continue with it, and still call yourselves the law.
  5. I attach to this email all of the applications for motion that I had with me yesterday, and would like you to lodge them for me. If you fail to do so, I will attend to that later in the week, by driving to Wagga Wagga.
  6. I will be lodging an appeal to the district court against the granting of the AVO applications for extensions, and as I said, one against the conviction handed down on 14 September 2017. I am too unwell to do that, but will print out and complete the forms before the end of this week.
  7. I have never had any fair dealings in the Albury Local court, and have therefore been denied all of my common law rights. It is now within my own rights to refuse to enter that building, or acknowledge any judgements handed down by your corrupt Magistrates.
  8. I fear going in there now, not from any mental health issues or paranoia, but the very real danger of  you jailing me, to silence me about all of your illegal actions.
  9. I accept your pretence that bail was continued that day, and will continue to stay away from Gwen Bradley. However, my blog might be in breach of that now, but your actions of creating and emailing those summonses, forced me to publish proof of all of this corruption, before you attempted to remove a legal blog from the internet by jailing me.
  10. The blog was about government corruption, and it is a legal right to publish information about that. And that is what is going on at your court house, as we are both aware. Now it is proof that an innocent person, has been jailed by corrupt court employees with the assistance of corrupt police. It is created in an effort to publicize my own plight, at your hands, and attempt to find a group of people who will help me.
  11. I have been unable to engage the services of a solicitor, during these 22 months of court actions. I have tried, very hard at times. It is not possible for someone on welfare to afford one. I have not used legal aid, because Ward was using them illegally at the outset and with your blessing. I understand that your legal aid officer is not a registered solicitor anyway.
  12. I believe it is time the court appointed a lawyer to represent me, before any more of these hearings continue. As you are aware, I have tried to defend all of them myself, and have been so successful in presenting my case and evidence, that the court has had to act illegally to ignore the defence evidence which continues to prove my innocence, and misconduct by Ward, O’Bryan, Bradley and both Magistrates Murray.
  13. I refuse to appear in your court house, because of the issues of transcripts being changed, and decisions being changed after hearings. You must have had to do a lot of editing of the transcripts for 14 September 2017, to pretend that I did not bring up all of these charges to the Magistrate, and your assertion that I had to be ejected from the court room.
  14. I refuse to appear in your court house
  15. These matters listed for 18 September 2017, are all for mention only. I ask to be excused from appearing, due to exhaustion and stress which is creating illhealth. You can go ahead and set dates for those, and feel free to advise me of those new dates, via email., but I will be pursuing my applications for motion in the meantime. If you refuse to lodge them, I will lodge the elsewhere.
  16. If you can issue summones via email, and accept those I lodged via email with your office, I’m sure you are able to lodge these without myself having to come in. I will attach the fee waiver form I filled out for my application to the Supreme Court. I was not able to lodge that online, due to not being able to lodge the fee waver form there. I’m sure you heard that I was trying though, and that might account for this new escalation in corruption on your part, and that of Magistrate Cromptom.
  17. I will also email you a copy of my appeal forms, once I have them prepared.
  18. Obviously I know that you will defy the contents of this letter, and send police to arrest me for failing to appear. Please advise them to bring a Sargent, because they will have to kick down my door, to make me walk through the door of that corrupt police station, or your court house.

As usual, I am filled with disgust, for both yourself, and all of your staff. I won’t even bother proof reading this, because your corrupt games have wasted so much of my time already, during the past 22 months.  

Tracey Burt

I find I don’t have the documents scanned in a format that I scan sent to you. I will have to send them through later in the day. I will also email you a medical certificate before the close of the day.


From: Tracey Burt Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 9:07 AM To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Local Court Albury; complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au; senator.brandis@aph.gov.au; Premier; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au; icac@icac.nsw.gov.au; investigations@abc.net.au; walt.secord@parliament.nsw.gov.au Subject: Refusing to set foot in your court house




The other line I forgot to complete, in my last email to your office sent around 1am is this:

I refuse to appear in your court house today, because Magistrate Murray will probably be on the bench.

I refuse to appear before Magistrate Murray after having lodged 5 complaints about him with the Judicial Commission, spanning all of last year. I should not have had to appear before him, after I’d lodged one complaint. Had those issues been rectified at the outset, or on appeal, the rest of the complaints would not have occurred.

I will not appear in your court room, just in case Magistrate Cromptom is sitting on the bench today. His display of corruption and illegal actions on Thursday last week, was not only outrageous, it was criminal.

I will not appear before Magistrate Cromptom because I lodged a complaint about him with the Judicial Commission last year, and have lodged one about the proceedings on Thursday 14 September 2017.

I will not appear in your court house, because you continue to list matters for mention, causing me to have to attend the court house over 30 times last year, and fail to deal with any matter in my presence.

You are deliberately trying to cause me so much emotional stress and physical discomfort, that you have just about destroyed my health. I cannot allow you to continue to do that, any longer.

I will not appear in Albury local court, because the complainants have never been cross examined by the defence, in relation to their allegations. When I finally had the chance to do so, with Susan Ward, your Magistrate and the police prosecutor protected her from having to answer any questions at all.

That shows that you are aware, that she might put her foot in it on the stand, and be shown to have lied in her original application, her application for an extension, and in everything she has submitted to the court, and stated at hearings.

Tracey Burt


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 1:15 AM
To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au

Subject: Complaint to the Judicial Commission

Please prepare the audio of the hearing on 14 September 2017, to be sent to the Judicial Commission for them to fail to investigate the matter.

Please provide me with a transcript of the hearing of 20 June 2017, free of charge, ready for the appeal. The Magistrate called for it on that day, at the end of the hearing, so it should have already been prepared.

Please ensure that one is prepared for 14 September 2017, and emailed to myself, again, for those two appeals, one against the granting of the AVO’s and one against the conviction of Weekley’s charge of breach an interim ADVO that would not have been awarded without his interference, an contained so many illegal actions by police, any honest Magistrate would have thrown it out of court at its first mention on 5 February 2016. Unfortunately Cromptom was on the bench that day, and so it was allowed to continue, under the guidance of the even more corrupt Murray.

I’m not planning to use the Judicial Commission to take this complaint to the federal court, don’t be alarmed at that thought. I just want what happened on Thursday, on the record.

Oh, I am seeking to have my applications for motion heard elsewhere, when I do email them to you for lodgement, please list them in Sydney in Dowling street. If you insist on hearing them at your corrupt court house, I will appeal that decision in the district court.

If you people are so proud of your judgements, and so sure they are honest and true and just, why do you fear another court house looking at the same allegations, and convictions?

I think we all know the answer to that, don’t we.



From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 9:00 AM
To: complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au; local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Rebecca Jeyasingam
Cc: Premier; ADR_Directorate@agd.nsw.gov.au; auburn@parliament.nsw.gov.au; senator.brandis@aph.gov.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au; investigations@abc.net.au

Subject: Supporting Evidence

Dear Sir/Madam

I forgot to attach the supporting evidence for my complaint about Magistrate Cromptom, and his illegal actions while sitting on the bench, at the Albury Local Court on Thursday 14 September 2017

In fact, I do believe that the attached affidavits, and my application to the Supreme Court of NSW, are what triggered the gross amounts of misconduct, stemming from that court house this week

But Magistrate Cromptom told me February 2017, not to take my dissatisfaction with Murray’s original decisions to the Federal Court. He asserted I should take them to the Supreme Court

Then when I try to do that, your employees down at the Albury local court, instead tried to jail me, and quite illegally

All you had to do was overturn the original decisions, and this would have ended earlier last year. But NSW Justice if far too arrogant for that, and doesn’t want to have to pay compensation for allowing Gwen Bradley to have handled these matters, all the way through their course of corruption

That would have been easier than killing me, and leaving the evidence of that on the internet. And I mean kill me by jailing me, when I am so sick at the moment, after hanging around Albury trying to continue to end this mess, that Magistrate Murray and Gwen Bradley Create


Tracey Burt

Affidavitts prepared for the supreme court attached to the email as shown on this page:




From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 10:12 AM
To: Local Court Albury
Cc: Premier; Rebecca Jeyasingam; senator.brandis@aph.gov.au; secretary@jca.asn.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au; Office of the General Counsel; Ombudsman; icac@icac.nsw.gov.au; investigations@abc.net.au

Subject: RE: Complaint to the Judicial Commission

Please find attached bail notice, handed to me at the hearing on 20 June 2017.

I will have a statutory declaration signed today, swearing that I attended the Albury court house and local court on 14 September 2017, in the company of Marlene McBain and her mother, who will both attest to that fact.

Magistrate Cromptom refused to acknowledge the charge, when I reminded him that it was on the list for mention that day.

Which is why no new bail form was issued to myself, because he refused to list, or address that charge, bought against me by Gwen Bradley of the CJC contracting to your court house, and which was an attempt to scare me out of town, or have me jailed, before I could finished attempting to defend the false allegations made against me by her personal friends Susan Ward and Janice O’Bryan and for whom Bradley had Magistrate Murray pervert the course of justice against me, on 15 and 29 February 2017.

Tracey Burt




From: Local Court Albury
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 9:56 AM
To: Tracey Burt

Subject: RE: Complaint to the Judicial Commission


Dear Ms Burt,

In response to your request.

I advise that upon the filing of a Notice of Appeal a copy of the transcript shall be provided.

In the event that an appeal is not forthcoming I require either payment, or application for waiver of any fees with your request, to comply with my treasury directions.

Yours Faithfully

Wendy Howard |  Registrar | Court Services | Department of Justice Email: local-court-albury@justice.nsw.gov.au | Phone: 02 6023 8555 Court House, 515 Olive Street, ALBURY NSW 2640



Statutory Declaration



I, Tracey Gwendoline Burt, of an address in Lavington, New South Wales which I will not provide to the Albury Court house, do solemnly and sincerely declare that:


  1. Magistrate Cromptom did not mention, nor set a date for the charge bought against me by Gwen Bradley of the CJC on 22 October 2016, at hearing on 20 June 2017.
  2. However, he refused to grant an application for bail which relates to that same charge, at that hearing which was in relation to Susan Ward’s first charge of breach an illegally awarded ADVO.
  3. Bail was technically voided on that day, when he bailed me to appear in relation to Susan Ward’s charges of breach ADVO to be heard on 14 September 2017, without relisting the real charge the bail related to.
  4. I advised the court of the above, via email shortly after that hearing. The court claims that it was relisted on 20 June 2017. The court has not been honest in that assertion, however it did appear on the online court list for 14 September 2017.
  5. I attended court on that date, in the company of two witnesses, one of whom is my court support person, and they will verify that.
  6. The Magistrate refused to acknowledge the charge at all, when going through his list that morning.
  7. I had an application for motion to lodge in relation to it. Magistrate Cromptom deliberately denied me the chance to lodge that with him, by refusing to mention the charge.
  8. Bail again officially expired on 14 September 2017.
  9. After I left the court house on that date, the Registrar issued me with a summons to appear on 18 September 2017, in relation to that matter.
  10. I have advised the court via email that I am not well enough to attend court today, and have an appointment with a GP to obtain a medical certificate.
  11. I believe this is a deliberate attempt to pretend that I have breached bail conditions, so that Albury Police can jail me before I can defend any more of Susan Ward’s charges of breach.
  12. The registrar claims on the summons that she issued, that bail was continued on 14 September 2017. In issuing that summons, yes, the court can pretend that it is still in affect and will send police to try to arrest and jail me. However, that is simply not true, and I no longer acknowledge any bail conditions attached to that false charge.
  13. Bail should have been removed at hearing on 24 January 2017, when Gwen Bradley failed to appear at the hearing of the charge listed for that day, before an independent Magistrate who had to travel to Albury from Sydney to hear the matter, after Magistrate Murray had formally disqualified himself
  14. Bail should have been removed at hearing on 20 June 2017, due to Gwen Bradley’s inability, or refusal to appear in court in relation to the matter for the whole of 2017.
  15. Bail should have been removed at hearing on 24 January 2017, when it was demonstrated to the court that Sargent Stephen Bosch of the NSW Police force, committed an act of perjury in the paperwork, in declaring that I have a long criminal history
  16. If I am jailed over this issue, I will be seeking compensation from NSW Police and NSW Justice.



I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths Act 1900.


Declared at: Albury, New South Wales                           on 18 September 2017






Tracey Gwendoline Burt



in the presence of an authorised witness, who states:



I, ……………………………………………………………………..              ……………………………………………………………

[name of authorised witness]                                 [qualification of authorised witness]


certify the following matter concerning the making of this statutory declaration by the person who made it:


q    I have confirmed the person’s identity using an identification document and the document I relied on was








…………………………………………………………………………………..                       ……………………………………………………………

[signature of authorised witness]                                           [date]


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2017 10:49 AM
To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Local Court Albury; leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; walt.secord@parliament.nsw.gov.au ; Office of the General Counsel; Rebecca Jeyasingam; investigations@abc.net.au; icac@icac.nsw.gov.au;

Subject: Statutory Declaration Regarding An Attempt to Jail Me by Magistrate Tony Murray

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find an interim copy of the statutory declaration I have just prepared, in anticipation of Albury police attempting to arrest me today, on behalf of Magistrate Anthony Murray of the Albury Local court, who is attempting to cover up for his own vast amounts and acts of corruption.

He is aware that I have been petitioning members of parliament to investigate the perversions of the course of justice he enacted last year, on behalf of Gwen Bradley of the CJC, in relation to matters involving her personal friends, Susan Ward and Janice O’Bryan.

Bradley’s involvement in those matters was illegal, and the corruption of the course those applications were taken, is clearly visible in the transcripts, and enacted by Magistrate Anthony Murray.

I will forward a signed copy of this document, after I have been to the GP.

Tracey Burt










Defence Statements for All Charges

I haven’t prepared briefs for all of the other charges of breach BDS Huon’s ADVO, which contain all of the evidence I planned to submit to those hearings, as I had always hoped that ‘Justice’ would stop this rot, or at least order a new hearing, to replace those conducted on 15 and 29 February 2016, by Magistrate Tony Murray.

However, I have had the defence statements prepared since last year. Defence statements have been lodged with the court, at mentions of some of these charges, but two sets have never been lodged with the court, due to having not had the opportunity to do so.

The blog I created last year called “Framed By Albury Police in the Local Court”, was being constructed so that once I was jailed, as they had me facing three charges of breach by that time, I would be able to send it to lawyers, if we have internet access in jail.

Police charged me twice for that blog, because it was deemed to be harassment of Susan Ward. Yet it was really themselves who felt harassed by it, and wanted it removed from the internet. As did BDS Huon.

Since I am to be jailed tomorrow, I will publish all of those defence statements, in order. The ones relating to Weekley’s charges against me, are already on display in other articles here, but I’ll keep reproduce them here again, just to show the string of events, by way of the arrests.

According to Ward’s testimony of the other day, BDS Huon assisted her to have me charged for the first allegation of breach, phoned police to come down to BDS Huon to take statements for the second charge of breach, sent Ward down to the station to have me charged for the third one, allowed her to have me charged for the fourth time, even though they had read on the blog that I had all the evidence I needed to prove their employee was a liar and engaged in corrupt conduct at the court house, and then allowed her to have me charged again for emailing a link to that blog to the partners of that company.

Jon Williams then testified against me at the hearing on 20 June 2017, asserting that I should be charged with a criminal offence for writing to him, advising him of Ward’s illegal conduct.

Since the cop tried to remain silent, under cross examination, and Ward was allowed to not answer any of my three questions, then I must have been convicted of Mr William’s testimony. He even bought the original letter with him, in his top pocket, to show to the court. He declared he’d never even finished reading it, but again, still wanted me charged for writing it.


Defence Statements To Address New Charges Bought Against Tracey Burt by Susan Ward via Police

I actually wrote a letter to the Registrar, asking for permission to lodge this before the hearing of the ADVO applications, since the date for submissions had already been met, before this charge was bought against me. I asked in writing to be allowed to submit it. I’ll see if I can find a copy of that letter, after I post all of these defence statements. 

I have lodged a complaint with the ICAC about Gwen Bradley of the Community Justice Centre’s unofficial involvement in all of these proceedings, and in particular of myself having been charged with this new offence. I have lodged a complaint about her with her employer as well.

I have lodged a complaint with the Police Commissioner’s Office about the Constable who ‘arrested’ me. I have lodged two complaints with this court house, about these proceedings Susan Ward has taken against me, this being the second of those.

I attended Albury Police yesterday morning to ask for an event number for being informally charged in my own home, for a crime I did not commit. The desk policeperson gave me a copy of Constable Weekley advice to this court that I had been officially charged with breaching the Interim AVO Susan Ward has against me. I was not aware that I had been charged with anything officially, until I read the ‘arrest’ documentation, already forwarded to the court.

Upon arriving home after having read the document on the bus, I phoned Albury Police station to advise them that what Constable Weekely has written in his Fact Sheets, and in particular in the ‘Full Facts’ section, is not true, nor correct. That he has tried to frame me.

The policeperson who claimed to be the supervisor of the Albury Police station at the time, hung up the phone on me twice. He gave his name as Sergeant Tim Whimpleman and refused to listen to my advice that he copy and preserve Constable Weekley’s recording of my voice, because his version of its contents was being now disputed by myself. This was after I advised him of the deceptive way Weekley had gone about getting the confession. I then had to phone again to be able to continue my advice that the statement of the account of the interview by Weekely, was full of falsities and lies.

  1. Constable Weekley has written that I made a statement that I wanted to have my sister fired, when not only did I not say that, he did not even ask that question. This makes it very apparent that he was sent specifically to gain that answer, and even though he did not, is now claiming that he did. He never asked me why I wrote the letter to Susan Ward’s boss, in a way that allowed an answer from myself from my own recollection of events.
  2. Constable Weekley did not inform me that I was being formally questioned and about to be charged. He implied he was at my house to discuss what appeared to be a breach, bought to their attention by Susan Ward.
  3. Constable Weekley did not inform me of my rights, nor that any recording of my voice could be used as evidence against me. He claimed that allowing him to tape certain parts of the conversation would make it uneccessary for me to attend the station to discuss the matter. He implied the matter was trivial, his visit informal, and did not advise me that I was about to make any kind of statement in relation to a crime with which I was being charged.
  4. Constable Weekely then produced a faint photo copy of the letter to Susan Ward’s employer, dated 4 Dec 15. He asked me if I had written it, and I stated into the phone/microphone that I had.
  5. He then produced the original copy of documents I had lodged with the court on 11 Jan 16 for Susan Ward to collect, before our court appearance on 18 Jan 16. He showed me one statement in particular, written within the 9 page statement to the court, and asked me if I had written it. The statement said that I wrote and delivered the letter because we were playing a game of tit for tat, and it was now my turn again. I stated that I had written that sentence, and that yes, that’s all the situation has ever been.
  6. He asked me if I had lodged the document with the Albury Court House a week prior, again nominating the date of lodgement as being 11 January 2016. I replied that I had lodged the paperwork he was holding in his hand with the court, on that date.
  7. I am aware that he was holding the original print out that was lodged with the court for Susan Ward to receive. I had printed one set in coloured ink, after running out of black, and then the court copy in black once I had replaced the ink cartridge. He had the green copy which belongs to Susan, not a photocopy of her paperwork. He must have been required to hand the paperwork back to whoever gave it to him, as Susan needed it to prepare her defence.

That was the end of the interview. He and the other officer who had waited outside left the premises and had gone out of sight. Constable Weekley returned several minutes later and handed me an infringement notice of some kind. I thought I had just been fined, not charged with a criminal offence.

Constable Weekley was already very aware of the date of the next hearing, for the AVO matters. He suggested at the end of the ‘interview’ he would ensure that it was heard on that same date as the AVO matters, for my own convenience. He was very certain that he could arrange that, and the matter would be deal with on that date, alongside the AVO application itself.

The following day I attended the Albury Police station to get an event number, and the names of the officers involved in that ‘interview’. It all seemed a bit strange to me, and I suspected that it was actually an act of harassment against myself organized by Susan Ward and her neighbor Gwen Bradley, carried out by officers of the Albury Police force.

I discovered that not only did it appear to be just that, but that the officer had gone on to deliberately frame me for a breach of the AVO being falsely sought against me.

  1. I believe I was not meant to receive a copy of that statement of arrest, and did so quite by chance. I was never advised to pick one up from the police station, nor told he would be writing one. The desk clerk at the police station assumed I had been told to pick it up, and printed it out and handed it to me.
  2. Constable Weekley wrote in his “Full Facts” document that I had to him that I had written and delivered the letter to Susan’s boss specifically to have Susan fired from her job. That is a complete lie. I did not say that. In fact my reason for doing it, was in the hope that he would force her to drop her complaint against me.
  3. Constable Weekley claims that I made a full admission to knowingly and willingly breaching the AV. That is also not true. I advised that I believed that I had not done so, when I had deliberately not approached Susan Ward, nor her workplace, had done so to comply with the AVO. I stated that I truly believed I was innocent of any wrong doing, or breach at all.
  4. I was not given the chance to offer a real reason why, except for when he wanted me to confirm the written statement that it was all merely a game of tit for tat. I did confirm that I wrote that. He never posed the question again, in any other form, and I never gave any other answer.
  5. Constable Weekley writes that Susan Ward advised that she became aware of the letter I had written to her boss on Monday 11 Jan 16. The same day I had lodged it with the court evidence.
  6. He states that the letter was ‘then’ located by the victim’s employer at his former residence at 26 Sarson Road, Lavington. Jon Williams, Susan Ward’s boos is then nominated as being a witness as to the fact that I had slipped it under his garage roller door, just as I had described in my statement to the court, and that’s exactly where he found it.
  7. Susan had advised him that it was there by phone or while still at work, and either he was sent by her to collect it, or they arranged to meet there that night and collect it together.
  8. I request that Mr Jon Williams be summoned to appear in court on 5 Feb 2016, to confirm which of the above is the case. Also, whether he read the letter addressed to his company, BDS Group, or gave it to Susan Ward unopened. I was unaware of his name until I read the policeman’s report about it, so it was not addressed to him personally, but to the company itself.
  9. I request that Mr Jon Williams testify under oath about how long he has known about the allegations I have been trying to make to him about Susan Ward, and how long he has been assisting her to have this AVO against me, to silence me about same.
  10. I request that Mr Jon Williams explain to the court why he allowed Susan Ward to steal mail to his company, then gave her time off work to go ahead with claims that I might approach her boss to warn him about her, when they both knew that I already had done so, and failed.
  11. Susan was aware that he had not read the letter, but then had me charged by police for writing it to him a week after she received it. I want Susan Ward charged with theft of mail and personal documents. My own copy of her AVO application was included in the envelope.
  12. The above is a very serious matter as far I as I can see. Her boss and Susan working together to have an AVO preventing me from speaking to him about her. That’s very questionable dealings on his part, not only with myself, but with Albury Court House.
  13. Constable Weekley states that my intentions for leaving a letter for his company were unknown to Jon Williams at the time. If this is true, then Susan Ward intercepted and stole the letter by way of deceiving him of its true content.
  14. Susan had already received a copy of it herself, in the same evidence and statements she had picked up from the Albury Court House that day, 11 Jan 16. She did not need to read Jon Williams’ copy to know what it said. She was fully aware of what it said, when she set about obtaining it.
  15. Constable Weekely claims that Susan attended Albury Court House again on 12 Jan 2016 to pick up more documents regarding our cases. However, all of her documents had been lodged the day before, both for her case against me and mine against her. She had nothing left to pick up on 12 Jan 16.
  16. She has made this untrue statement to pretend that she had not read the letter, until after Jon Williams provided her with a copy of it.
  17. On 12 January I lodged my defence and evidence against Janice O’Bryan. That is all that was available to be picked up that day. That evidence and statement did not include the line quoted by Constable Weekley in his Facts Sheet. It comes from the documents lodged the day before, and which Susan acknowledges she picked up on that same day.
  18. Susan admits that she saw those statements on 11 January 2015. She admits that her employer Jon Williams retrieved the letter she saw had been written to him around that same time. Yet she appeared in court on 18 Jan 16, and said nothing to the magistrate about it being a breach, or that she wanted to stop proceedings, as they were no longer valid.
  19. Instead, Susan Ward went straight to the police station after the hearing, or the very next morning. She knew for a fact that her boss had never read the letter and never would be able to. She had prevented my contact herself, without an AVO, yet still went ahead asking for one, and then had me charged for breaching it the very next day.


And the Albury Police are supporting her in all of this? Why is that? Therefore, I am not only refuting this charge and ‘arrest’ by Constable Rowan Weekley, I ask the court to take note of the fact that he has done this, as a deliberate act of harassment and intimidation, possibly designed to drive me out of town, and to fail to appear. I have lodged a complaint about him with the Office of the Commissioner, and I will be asking that he be charged with falsifying evidence, and false arrest.

I refute this new charge, and state that it was an elaborate attempt to not only frame me, but to intimidate me from continuing to defend myself against untrue and unsupported accusations. Because I have maintained my innocence, and dismissed and disproved most of their evidence by way of the real evidence, they are now desperate to intimidate me and to save themselves from being exposed as false and vexatious litigants.

I have made a complaint to the ICAC about Gwen Bradley, as I don’t believe that Susan Ward has any influence over the Albury Police force, but that Gwen Bradley certainly does.

Albury police person Senior Constable Richardson then refused to take a statement from me, about sexual assaults by Wayne Burt against myself when I was a child and pre-teenager.

At first she refused to see me in private, but made me start outlining the offences while standing at the front counter of the police station, with two other members of the public present.

She made notes on a scrap of paper only, an evidence tag. She refused to let me make a statement, claiming that detectives would do that at a later time. When I asked if that was standard procedure, she claimed that it was.

I provided Senior Constable Richardson with the pages of evidence from the AVO proceedings between myself, Susan Ward and Janice O’Bryan, stating that since they have been lodged with a court house, I want them followed up on. Especially since police chose to act on one sentence in all that evidence, and chose to arrest me for it. I still have not heard anything from any detectives, or other police about that matter, but intend to follow it through to its conclusion.

Constable Richardson stood outside my premises on the day that Constable Weekley questioned me alone inside the premises. I believe that Senior Constable Richardson was trying to make it appear to my landlady, and her visitor who had also arrived, that she was on guard in case I tried to escape. More police harassment, to protect Susan Ward and her job at BDS Group, Lavington.

I have made reports to the Police Commissioner about these matters also.


(All of these defence statements were emailed to the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission in August, in another attempt to prevent them from proceeding. They have failed to stop it, and Murray has again advanced it all, just this week)


Defence – Charge No H6082727

Constable Lamont has no notes in her notebook about the complaint made by Susan Ward on 20 January 2016. She provides is a copy of contact details of witnesses only. Yet she claims to have refreshed her memory of events before writing her witness statement on 16 July 2016.

  1. She claims she phoned Ross Griffin and Rebecca Spurr after speaking to Susan Ward at 7pm that evening. Did she phoned them at home, or the following day at work? Why did she not interview them until almost a month later, on 16 February 2016?
  2. There appears to have been no contact made to police by the complainant on the evening that this arrest was initiated, being 9 April 2016, at 11.57pm.
  3. Ross Griffin was advised via that phone call that I had lodged complaint with the Tax Practitioners’ Board about management of BDS Huon involving themselves in Susan Ward’s AVO application. He told the TPB he would deal with my allegations against Ms Ward in-house.
  4. Management of BDS Huon ignored my advice that the AVO application would become public knowledge if they allowed it to continue. I contacted Kerry Lloyd of Mason Lloyd Chartered Accountants and advised him of the situation after Susan Ward had told lies in court about that phone call, and made new false allegations against me on 5 February 2016.
  5. I believe that Ross Griffin made his witness statement on 16 February 2016, and directed Ms Spurr to do the same, in retaliation for my complaint to the TPB and contact with Kerry Loyd.
  6. Susan Ward didn’t make a statement in relation to the new charge until 26 April 2016.
  7. Yet I was advised at the court house on 11 April 2016, that a new charge was being bought against me. How did the court house know on that date when the summons was not finalized until 27 April 2016.
  8. Why was I charged on 9 April 2016 for a phone call made three months earlier, without being interviewed or asked to make a statement in relation to same?
  9. Gwen Bradley was advised by letter on 6 April 2016, that I was appealing the first conviction of breach, at hearing listed for 11 April 2016.
  10. Susan Ward made her witness statement to police on 20 January 2016 in relation to this phone call. Yet she didn’t show it to the court court, nor did the police prosecutor, on 5 February 2016, or on 15 February 2016 when both she and the police prosecutor had the chance to do so.
  11. Susan Ward made her witness statement to police, two days after her AVO application had been sent to trial. Why did she not rely on the process of the court to determine the outcome of events, when she had taken them there initially, and were about to reach their conclusion?
  12. The statements given by Ward, Griffin and Spurr contradict each other, about the first moments of the phone call. That is because Susan Ward lied in her account to police, and Griffin and Spurr were not aware of the amended version she had given to police when making theirs.
  13. Constable Lamont fails to provide a copy of the email to Ross Griffin, which outlines the real reasons for that phone call. It was not about Susan Ward, or her breaches of client confidentiality, it was about the arrest by Con Weekley the day prior.
  14. The witness statements Griffin and Spurr show that Susan Ward lied in court on 5 February 2016, when she made allegations that I had been phoning and emailing her workplace, and going into there. Had I been going in there, they would have mentioned that, and both confirm there was only ever one phone call and email, and they were to Ross Griffin.
  15. There is no question that I phoned BDS Huon’s office on 20 January 2016, and followed up that phone call with an email. I phoned during Ms Ward’s lunch hour, to avoid the restriction of contacting her at her workplace. I had no wish to speak to Susan Ward. I wished to speak to her employers about their own questionable actions in these same matters.
  16. Ms Ward’s AVO was not granted on 18 January 2016, due to the lack of evidence provided by hersel, and the strong defence case against it. She went to police on 19 and 20 January 2016, in an attempt to pretend real crimes were being committed against her, and because she was in trouble at work due to her own court actions.
  17. I had not seen Susan Ward for the 11 months that I had been in Albury, and had been avoiding her deliberately. She initated contact with myself, started the hostilities and is the aggressor.
  18. The AVO application and first charge of breach were revoked from mediation on 15 February 2016, by Magistrate Murray, who claimed that there had been an incidence of violence. Yet the police prosecutor did not know what he was talking about, had no documentation or arrest relating to same, and the complainants did not volunteer any information about this new allegation to the court. Magistrate Murray claimed this incident was reason to grant the AVO without the defence evidence being considered. Yet the allegation was false.
  19. At hearing on 5 February 2016, Ms Ward accused me of verbally assaulting their mediator friend, Gwen Bradley, in the street on 23 January 2016. Ms Bradley is not protected by Susan Ward’s AVO, therefore my attempt to converse with her was in no way a breach of Susan Ward’s AVO, also because she had no official involvement in these matters.
  20. I believe Gwen Bradley, made the false allegation regarding the ‘incidence of violence’ that Magistrate Murray refers to outside the court room. There was nothing violent about the incident, I merely advised her that I had lodged a complaint with the ICAC about her.
  21. At the continuation of that hearing, on 29 February 2016, I was instead convicted of Con Weekley allegation of breach, and his false statements of facts, claiming that I had confessed to an intentional breach. I was convicted in my absence without my defence statements lodged with the court prior to its hearing on 5 February 2016, being taken into consideration.
  22. The defence is unaware if these same witness statements in relation to the phone call to Ross Griffin were shown in court on 29 February 2016, because the defence had been refused her right to view the police case and evidence against me. However, I believe that only Constable Weekely’s full statement of facts was shown on that occasion.
  23. However, the police prosecutor confirmed to the Magistrate on 29 February 2016 that I had phoned and emailed BDS Huon, prior to that date. The Magistrate takes that into consideration, when making the final orders.
  24. In view of the point 24, why was I later charged for an ‘offence’ which had already been dealt with by the court on 29 February 2016. I believe I am being prosecuted for this allegation twice.
  25. Constable Lamont bought this charge against me in April in an attempt to affect the outcome of the annulment hearing held on 11 April 2016.
  26. Constable gives the date of service of the AVO as being 27 November 2016, which was the Interim AVO and summons to court. Therefore, this charge is illegal, since the police had no record of service of the final order then, although they now claim was served on 4 March 2016. It was not, it was never served on me at all.
  27. Constable Lamont provides a copy of the Application for an ADVO, instead of a final order.
  28. Constable Lamont has acted in an illegal manner in at least two instances above. The first being charging me on an Interim AVO, and gaining a conviction for same. The second in that the false charge was designed to affect the outcome of another hearing.
  29. I also ask the court to charge Gwen Bradley or Constable Lamont with perverting the course of Justice on 15 February 2016, and again on 9 April 2016.
  30. I believe that since the applicant had the matters revoked from mediation on 15 February 2016, by making yet another false allegation which managed to reach the ears of the Magistrate, and that all judgements made at that hearing and afterward be overturned and Susan Ward charged by the court making false allegations and committing purjery.
  31. Susan Ward was the respondent in for an Interim AVO which protected myself, when she made false allegations to police about me on 13 and 20 January 2016. I believe she is in breach.
  32. Susan Ward claims to have been horrified when I had contacted her workplace, and embarrassed her. Yet I was embarrassed when Susan Ward had me arrested the previous day in front of my landlady and her sister, and before I was picked up by a woman I was doing some voluntary work for.
  33. Since I was fined $1,100 dollars for this false charge, false arrest and questionable conviction, I am now asking to be awarded that much in compensation from NSW Police for costs associated with preparing defence, and for the stress and injustices it has caused me.


From: traceyburt1@outlook.com
To: contact@bdshuon.com.au
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 01:06 am

Subject: Att: Ross Griffin

Dear Sir You say I have no complaint against your company, however, I have a police statement confirming that Susan Ward contacted Jon Williams and advised him I had left a letter for him at a residence he was no longer residing at.

He went and retrieved it for her, either with her or on his own. He did confirm to the policeman though, that it was just where I said it was, pushed under his garage roller door.

He then allowed her to steal it from the company. I was unaware of his name until yesterday, so had addressed it to BDS Group. He allowed Susan Ward to steal it from the company, without looking inside it. It contained a copy of her AVO application, claiming she needed it to protect her job from me contacting her employer. It also contained a letter giving some examples of people’s information her mother had shared with me.

Susan then attended court later in that week, and your company gave her time off to attend. She continued to seek to have an AVO placed onto me, preventing me from contacting your company about her breaches of client’s rights to privacy. She already had an Interim one in place. She never gave any evidence to support her claims later on, and in fact convicted herself of wrong doing many times over. Even admitting to the breaches in an email to me.

So Susan went ahead and allowed a trial date to be listed, knowing that I had already approached the company, and she had already circumvented it. While dressed in her work uniform.

Then a week later, a day after a hearing where she could have mentioned the letter as a breach to the magistrate, instead had me charged by police for writing it. Knowing that Jon Williams, nor anyone else from your company would ever read it.

The admission that Jon Williams knew about the letter, and helped to conceal it from the company, is in the arrest documentation. I have advised the court, that since he is listed as a witness to that event, I will require that he attends court on 5 February, to give evidence about that evening.

I have also lodged complaints with the police department about my false arrest, and will be pursuing that further. I have lodged another complaint about your company with the Tax Practitioners Board.

I have lodged a complaint with the ICAC about Susan’s neighbour using her connections at the court house, to push through these false AVO applications against me, and to finally have me falsely arrested to intimidate me when they were loosing. Susan and her mother have committed perjury many times over in their evidences.

They will not win their AVO’s against me, so the charge of a breach cannot be made to stick or be enforced either.

Tracey Burt

Att: Page 4 of Arrest Documentation

Griffin 1Griffin 2

29 February 2016, Albury Local Court, Maggot Murray on the Bench:


PROSECUTOR:  Your Honour, is there any way we could tighten them up because of the continued breaching, that she not be allowed phone, email.


Ma’am, if there is an application for variation of the conditions you’re going to have to make that but the order itself is in place in respect of you and that lady now.  In respect of the matter of which Ms Burt was the complainant and Ms Ward was the respondent, again there is no appearance of the complainant at 10.30 or any reason placed before the Court for a non‑attendance.  The defendant is present and again I note the same orders were made and indicated that the matter may be dismissed if she fails to attend.  There is no reason for her non‑attendance today.



Defence Statements, Police vs Tracey Burt, Charge H6378618

  1. The defence disputes Con Weekley’s account of his contact with me on the evening of 4 May 2016. Please see Witness statement by Tracey Burt regarding that. However, Con Weekley claims that he advised me of what the new charge of breach was, and that I advised him to ‘just charge me’. This is not true, he did not advise me of what the charge was and I certainly did not advise him to charge me for it, nor would I have participated in any interview with him, especially when he was alone and without a witness to same.
  2. I have lodged complaints about Con Rowan Weekley writing a false statement on 20 January 2016, claiming that I confessed to a crime that I never even believed was a crime, nor a breach. My statements regarding the writing and delivering of that letter lodged with the court on 11 and 12 January 2016, confirm that I believed I had not contravened the AVO, by delivering the letter to what I believed to be Jon Williams home address.
  3. In view of the above, I am object to any statement made by Con Weekley about myself being admitted into evidence in this matter. Con Weekley appears to be a repeat offender.Please see email from the Border Mail confirming that other people in Albury are having the same issue with the police force here. I wonder how many of the people who contacted the Border Mail, were ‘arrested’ by Con Weekley.
  4. The author of the full facts statement then claims the victim is in fear of being harassed by the accused. Yet the victim continued with her AVO application, false allegations and matters of perjury, long after the need for the AVO had been negated. Ms Ward also conspired with police to have me charged for a second breach in April 2016, in a deliberate attempt to thwart my annulment application. It is Ms Ward who started the hostilities back in March 2014, then again in November 2015, and has continued her attempts to harass me with this false and vexatious AVO application, and subsequent false charges of breach, for the whole of 2016.
  5. The author of the full facts claims that Ms Ward fears the subsequent repercussions of her name being tarnished within her industry. Yet it is Ms Ward who has bought all this upon herself, and has no one else to blame for the fact that other people in that industry are finding out about it all.
  6. Ms Ward made a false report to centrelink that I was earning money, when I was working for free for a relative to produce a book about family ancestry for him. I was cleared of any wrong doing. Ms Ward appears to have purchased a copy of the two books I wrote/published earlier this year, and then demanded a refund for same, claiming that the books were full of incorrect information. However, I believe that Ms Ward made the purchase to see if I had breached her mother’s AVO by writing about her in my book, and was angered to find that Mrs O’Bryan had been left out of the book completely instead. Susan Ward tried to sabotage same book in November 2015 when she drove to Tallangatta to visit an Aunt I was working with to get information and photos from, and told her lies about me. Susan has not visited that Aunt in the whole time that she has been back in Albury, being about 7-8 years, nor did she attend that woman’s husband’s funeral when he died. She only went to see her, to tell her lies about myself late last year. Ms Ward attempted to intimidate my son into not confirming that herself and mother had made false allegations against me to the court, and which might have ended matters in a way that saw justice prevail. Yet she claims she can’t understand why the dispute has not been settled by her AVO giving her power of me and the perceived ability to dominate me.
  7. Susan Ward and her false accusations, illegally gained convictions, slander and libel destroyed the home business I was trying to set up earlier this year, and which was the reason I had chosen to stay in Albury. It was her intention that occurred. I lost all of the money I had invested into the book project, due to Susan Ward ensuring that no family members wanted to interact with me to purchase a copy of it. An amount of approximately $270. Defending her false allegations this year has also cost me money, resources and time that would have been spent on the next book I plan to release. It is at final draft stage, but I have been too ill, and too stressed to finish it off, due to these proceedings.
  8. The accused is not using telecommunication methods to commit breaches of the AVO. The accused posted a review to a website about a local business. The website exists for that purpose, and I am free to use it. The email to Lloyd Mason Chartered Accountants came about because of Susan Ward’s behavior towards the accused and the defence witness, on that same day, being 5 February 2016. However, the email was sent to damage the reputation of Jon Williams, Ross Griffin and BDS Huon, and not Susan Ward.
  9. Paragraph 2 of the full facts statement claims that there have been many ongoing issues between the parties for quite some time.
  10. Tracey Burt had avoided the protected person for the 11 months that she had been in Albury during 2015, because Ms Ward had been making threats to assault her verbally, and later physically, and had chosen to reside in paid accommodation to avoid staying with her mother, and being exposed to Susan Ward.
  11. Susan Ward approached Tracey Burt by way of an insulting and threatening email sent on 3 November 2016. Therefore Ward initiated contact between the two parties and started this new conflict which has wound up in court, based on previous grudges.
  12. Con Weekley claims that the email sent to Mason Lloyd Chartered Accountants outlined my views on the ‘receptionist’ at BDS Huon. This is not true, it only describes her own actions.
  13. In making this complaint, Ms Ward wants the court to assume that Mr Lloyd forwarded a copy of the email to BDS Huon, to get the accused in trouble with the law for writing it. However, it is possible that Mr Lloyd sent the email to Jon Williams to warn him what was happening at the local court, and of the allegations of breach of client confidentiality Susan Ward was seeking to hide from him.
  14. I advised Mr Lloyd on 15 October 2016 that I wish to cross examine him about his attitude towards the information contained in that email.
  15. Tracey Burt admits to sending the email to Mason Lloyd at around 2.02pm on Friday 5 February 2016, soon after she arrived home from the court house.
  16. Ms Ward’s AVO was listed for trial that day, but had been dismissed to mediation. Ms Ward was not happy about that, and continued to argue with the Magistrate’s clerk long after he had handed down his ruling.
  17. At that hearing, Susan Ward was pulling faces and sneering at the witness for the defence, Joshua White. Mr White will give testimony to that fact. Ms Ward’s step father also called the accused and the witness ‘fuckwit’ when the two parties passed each other after leaving the court house. Mr White will also confirm that under oath.
  18. When I entered the court room that morning, I overheard Susan Ward making an allegation to the Magistrate that I was ‘phoning, emailing and coming into her workplace’. This allegation is completely untrue. I had phoned the company once, in a call made to Ross Griffin during Ms Ward’s lunch breach, and sent him an email recapping our phone call, and advising him of the date that the charge of writing to BDS Huon on 4 December 2015, was to be heard in court, being 5 February 2016. Mr Williams failed to attend court on that date. I have never approached the BDS Huon workplace, and I have never gone in there. This allegations is proven to be false, by Ross Griffin and Rebecca Spurr’s own statements to police. They only mention there having been one phone call made to their office, and that Rebecca Spurr answered that call, because Ms Ward was on her lunch break at that time of day.
  19. Both Jon Williams and Ross Griffin had been made aware that their employee is breaching client confidentiality regulations, and had applied for an AVO to silence me about that. I warned them both that the AVO application going through Albury Court would embarrass their company once word of it got out. They chose to ignore that advice, and instead gave her more time off work to attend the hearing on 5 February 2016.
  20. Because Mr Williams and Griffin had made the decision to allow their staff member to continue to seek the illegal AVO, protecting her ability to continue to flaunt federal laws, I decided it was time that some people started to hear about those legal actions.
  21. I had had to appear in court three times prior to sending that email. I stand accused in the court room, but no one in the audience knew what I was accused of doing. I had been humiliated by being summoned to court on these false allegations, laughed at and mocked by Susan Ward at my first appearance, and humiliated again when the unlawful arrest was carried out by Con Weekley in front of my landlady.
  22. I decided I would help Mr Lloyd, and possibly some other local taxation accountants to gain new clients, by advising people not only what BDS Huon were allowing their receptionist to do, but supporting her in it.
  23. I admit to wanting to cause embarrassment to management of BDS Huon. I wanted it to cost them business and damage their business reputation just as they had damaged my own when they allowed me to be charged and convicted for writing to their company initially, to advise them of the breaches of client confidentiality.
  24. I did not send the email to hurt Susan Ward’s reputation at other accountancy firms. However, I realized later that it might affect her ability to be re-employed by another accountant in Albury, if she did loose her job at BDS Huon. However, had she not made these false allegations against me in court, to protect herself from being found guilty of my allegations against her, then no other accountancy firm would have heard about the issue.
  25. Google reviews are for people to rate their experiences when dealing with certain companies. While I have not been a taxation client of BDS Huon, my two attempts to contact the company resulted in two criminal convictions. Therefore, I was fully entitled to rate and describe those experiences, on the google site.
  26. The comment that was left on google, did not name Susan Ward, nor allude to her position at the company. It merely warns potential clients that their privacy is not assured when dealing with BDS Huon and its staff..
  27. I have left six reviews in total on google, for a variety of businesses and government departments. Four of them relate to these same issues. I have not been charged for writing any of those other reviews. Why I am being charged for this one?
  28. The review is not in breach, because it does not involve any contact with, or expose Susan Ward’s identity. It contains no threats towards her, and it cannot be said to be an attempt to have her fired, because BDS Huon had already been made aware of her loose lips, and had decided to keep her in their employ despite them. The comment would not have been posted had BDS Huon dealt with the issue in a professional manner, and was posted in annoyance after I had lost my appeal to have the fine decreased. Magistrate Murray chose to ridicule me at that hearing, and refused to instruct the prosecutor to provide me with a brief regarding the charge. Magistrate Murray had deliberately chosen to ignore the defence statements lodged in relation to the charge. It seemed fair to me then that BDS Huon suffer some humiliation too.
  29. The first paragraph on page three of the full facts statement says that the accused has previously made mention of the breaches of confidential information, and of Susan Ward gossiping with her mother about it. It is then claimed that the allegation is made in a written letter to the victim.
  30. Could the victim provide the court with a copy of that letter? I doubt it, since it was actually mentioned in an email sent to her mother on 9 October 2016, during a time that the accused had no contact with the victim.
  31. Susan Burt/Ward’s AVO application clearly states that she requires the AVO to prevent me from contacting her workplace, or writing about her breaches of client confidentiality on the internet, because she would be fired from her job if they found out about it. Why is she now pretending surprise now that it is being mentioned in ‘emails’.
  32. Both the email and the google review were justified, because Jon Williams assisted Susan Ward to steal company mail, and then allowed her to have me arrested for writing the letter, advising him of her AVO application and the breaches of her legally binding confidentiality agreement.
  33. Management of BDS Huon posted a comment to their google reviews, accusing ‘caped crusader’ of telling lies in her review. However, it is management of BDS Huon who are lying when they claim the matter was fully investigated by their professional body and the allegations found to be groundless.
  34. Evidence in this case demonstrates that the professional body referred to in that post to the internet, demonstrates that there were no investigation into Susan Ward herself, or BDS Huon at that time. The Tax Practitioners’ claim to have no records of any complaints or investigation into BDS Huon. See email from them regarding same issue, and email confirming that by July 2016, BDS Huon were being investigated by the Inspector General of Taxations’ Office. That investigation has now been semi-closed, and is being progressed to the AAT, and then will be taken to the Federal Court if management of BDS Huon are protected again by the agency which should have stopped these matters back in January of this year.
  35. Leesa Brown of BDS Huon also posted an insult to myself, on my blog on ( date ). How can staff of these company be seeking to have me prosecuted for the review, when they have been posting lies to the internet about myself. While everything posted to my blog is true, and correct, and most comes in the form of sworn statements to the court, and police documentation?


BDS Huon Continually Changes Their Own Response on Google Review After Haing Me Charged

Response from the owner
BDS Huon does not and never has divulged information relating to clients to a third party. These allegations have been investigated by our professional body who also found them to be baseless. BDS Huon is committed to uploading privacy in all dealings with clients and refutes these claims 

Response from the owner
BDS Huon vehemently refutes the above allegations. There are no “investigations” of our business and we have not been contacted by any of the above mentioned agencies regarding an investigation. The writer of this review is not a client of this firm and is currently the subject of an AVO due to her ongoing harassment of BDS Huon a staff member. Please contact BDS Huon if you have any concerns, our clients’ are our first and foremost priority. Kind regards, BDS Huon

Response from the owner
BDS Huon is committed to the confidentiality of all our clients. Please contact BDS Huon on 02 6049 4200 or email contact@bdshuon.com.au if you have any queries in relation to the above 

Response from the owner
BDS Huon is committed to the confidentiality of all our clients. There are no current “investigations” that we have been made aware of; as we have not been contacted by any of the above mentioned organisations. BDS Huon has strict confidentiality policies in place within our organisation and we stand by our commitment to our clients personal privacy. Please contact Leasa Brown at BDS Huon on 02 6049 4200 or email leasa@bdshuon.com.au if you have any queries in relation to the above.


Response from the owner
BDS Huon is committed to the confidentiality of all our clients. Please contact Leasa Brown at BDS Huon on 02 6049 4200 or email leasa@bdshuon.com.au if you have any queries in relation to the above.


Old Biddy

in the last week-Edit

Google BDSHuonBlog: A quote from a witness statement given to police, by an employee of BDS Huon: About 10.42 on Monday 11 January 2016, I was called into a meeting with my HR Manager, Leasa BROWN. Leasa said ‘we have received a letter from your sister’ Employee said ‘what letter’ Leasa said ‘It was a letter received at Jon’s house. It was found in the garage.’ Employee said ‘What was the date on it and can I have a copy?’ Leasa said ‘We are waiting on advice from Ross and I am waiting to talk to Jon for permission. Jon has taken it home and was asked to read it. I will give you a copy if and when, after we speak to our solicitors. I’ve just spoken to Ross. Its all heresay. We are going to give you a copy.’ At this time she (Leasa) was making a copy of the letter. A short time later I went to Leasa and asked if she would be able to send me an email confirming how the letter came to be in their possession. The BDS Huon employee then advises that she attended Albury Police station that evening, being 11 January 2016, with emails, the Interim AVO and the letter which had been sent to her employer. She was advised by police that the letter was not in breach. Here’s some of their previous lies, as posted to this platform in the past two months. (Every time you change your message, I send a copy of the new one to the IGT)

Response from the owner BDS Huon does not and never has divulged information relating to clients to a third party. These allegations have been investigated by our professional body who also found them to be baseless. BDS Huon is committed to uploading privacy in all dealings with clients and refutes these claims.

Response from the owner BDS Huon vehemently refutes the above allegations. There are no “investigations” of our business and we have not been contacted by any of the above mentioned agencies regarding an investigation. The writer of this review is not a client of this firm and is currently the subject of an AVO due to her ongoing harassment of BDS Huon a staff member. Please contact BDS Huon if you have any concerns, our clients’ are our first and foremost priority. Kind regards, BDS Huon

Response from the owner BDS Huon is committed to the confidentiality of all our clients. Please contact BDS Huon on 02 6049 4200 or email contact@bdshuon.com.au if you have any queries in relation to the above.

I posted from a new account, pretending to be someone else commenting on my original warning, that BDS Huon do not respect their clients’ right to privacy. Leesa Brown posted a message to me, telling me not to believe my own other post, under the name of Caped Crusader. So I changed what I had written, to what is shown below, to let her know that it was me that she had just lied to, in public)

Why do you only wish to speak to people in private about it BDS Huon? The truth is up here for them to read, and in the blog about it all. Do you intend to lie to the people who phone about this post? On the other hand, I will be submitting a copy of all of your untruthful denials to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal this week, and all of your previous ones have been sent to the Inspector General of Taxation’s office, as part of the investigation their office has already done into these matters. See you all in court, for you illegal and false charges. I think you need a better solicitor by the way. The one you spoke to that day about the letter, appears to have given you some very shoddy advice.

Response from the owner
BDS Huon is committed to the confidentiality of all our clients. There are no current “investigations” that we have been made aware of; as we have not been contacted by any of the above mentioned organisations. BDS Huon has strict confidentiality policies in place within our organisation and we stand by our commitment to our clients personal privacy. Please contact Leasa Brown at BDS Huon on 02 6049 4200 or email leasa@bdshuon.com.au if you have any queries in relation to the above.


Caped Crusader

A quote from a witness statement given to police, by an employee of BDS Huon:

About 10.42 on Monday 11 January 2016, I was called into a meeting with my HR Manager, Leasa BROWN.

Leasa said ‘we have received a letter from your sister’

Employee said ‘what letter’

Leasa said ‘It was a letter received at Jon’s house. It was found in the garage.’

Employee said ‘What was the date on it and can I have a copy?’

Leasa said ‘We are waiting on advice from Ross and I am waiting to talk to Jon for permission. Jon has taken it home and was asked to read it. I will give you a copy if and when, after we speak to our solicitors. I’ve just spoken to Ross. Its all heresay. We are going to give you a copy.’

At this time she (Leasa) was making a copy of the letter. A short time later I went to Leasa and asked if she would be able to send me an email confirming how the letter came to be in their possession.

The BDS Huon employee then advises that she attended Albury Police station that evening, being 11 January 2016, with emails, the Interim AVO and the letter which had been sent to her employer. She was advised by police that the letter was not in breach.

The employee goes on to state that she picked up my defence statements and evidence the following day, being 12 January 2016. She found my advice to the Magistrate that I had written and delivered the letter, and therefore the employee no longer needed an AVO to prevent me from contacting BDS Huon, contained within. A copy of the letter to Jon Williams was included in those defence evidences.

After work on Wednesday 13 January 2015, she returned to the police station, and tried again to have me charged for writing to the letter. This time she succeeded.

The letter in question advised BDS Huon that one of their staff members was gossiping about clients affairs after hours, and seeking an AVO to prevent me from contacting them, to advise them of same.

As you can see, they gave her a copy of that letter, and advised her to have me arrested for writing and delivering it to Jon Williams home address. I was fined $560, harassed by police for the following 10 months, including being assaulted by them, and put up on five more false charges, all designed to protect their employee from exposure, and to pretend that I had no right to write to them in the first place.

This post was made on 5 November 2016. The false charges will be heard this month, in the Albury Local Court.

While framing me for the false charges, and harassing me, police forgot to actually serve the final order of the AVO on me. I was not in court when the order was made, and which is the only reason they got it. That makes all the charges of breach, which were contact with BDS Huon about the fallout of these events, illegal.

Yet their employee, and management of BDS Huon plan to instruct police to go ahead with them, and they have a corrupt magistrate in place ready to hear them. One of the charges, is for this google review.

Google BDSHuonBlog, to read the full, and true story …

Response from the owner
BDS Huon is committed to the confidentiality of all our clients. Please contact Leasa Brown at BDS Huon on 02 6049 4200 or email leasa@bdshuon.com.au if you have any queries in relation to the above.



Defence Statements Charge No H30793309

  1. Constable Walker has deliberately submitted evidence that has been tampered with in her case against me. I ask that it be dismissed for that reason.
  2. She submits two copies of a blog “Framed by Albury Police and the Local Court”, with the internet address of ‘government corruption oz’. One printed by the victim on 29 May 2016, and one by herself printed 13 June 2016.
  3. Both copies show 20 blank numbered pages, where comments posted to the blog should have been shown.
  4. The comments which have been deliberately omitted from their evidence were written and posted to the blog by both the victim, her sister in law and the accused.
  5. The victim makes several admissions of misconduct towards the accused, and that of Gwen Bradley, employed by the Albury Court House.
  6. Constable Paul Evans’ copy of the same blog presented as his evidence, printed on 16 June 2016, shows all of the comments posted to the blog, by all involved. It also shows which article they are posted to, and the delay between the ones made by Ward’s sister-in-law, and my replies to those.
  7. Constable Walker submits three different versions of her arrest documentation’s full statement of facts.
  8. In the first version, made on 24 June 2016, she states that police viewed the printed copy of the blog and read the repeated harassing comments made toward the victim and the victim’s employers.
  9. In the subsequent two versions of the same full statement of facts, made on 25 June and 27 August 2016, she takes that paragraph off completely.
  10. Is she acknowledging that she did not read the evidence prior to making the charge, or that after having looked at it all more thoroughly, could see no harassing offensive comments made by the accused?
  11. Constable Walker attempted to serve her own copy of the Final ADVO Order on me during our interview on 14 June 2016.
  12. Therefore she acknowledges that she could find no valid record of service prior to coming to my home to interview me in relation to this charge, and which she could have shown.
  13. When packing up her paperwork to leave on that same day, she accidentally picked up the same copy of the Final Order she tried to serve, and took it away with her. Therefore, still no service.
  14. She still might have believed that she had legally served me that day, without signing a record of service in my presence, nor asking me to sign a confirmation record, unaware that she had neglected to leave the document in question behind.
  15. However, she then relies on a record of service which is a blank form made in preparation for service in March, but which is not completed nor signed, because it was not served.
  16. She adds a valid record from the same date as page two of that document, which relates to Janice O’Bryan’s Final Order being served on 4 March 2016. That was the only order served on that day. That record is also unsigned by police nor myself. I refused to accept the order, stating that ‘it had been defeated by evidence in court, and so had nothing to do with me’.
  17. In the transcript of the record of our interview, she refers to myself advising her that Ward admitted that both she and Gwen Bradley attempted to intimidate a witness for the defence into not signing a witness statement on the blog, as going off topic. I believe this amounts to concealing a crime.
  18. Had she investigated the matter more thoroughly at the time, she would have seen that this charge was destined to fail, based on the contents of the blog itself, and due to lack of service of the final order by police.
  19. I ask that her case against me be dismissed, and I in turn have an application for private prosecution against her, to charge her for tampering with evidence, in this same criminal court.
  20. The only legal excuse to breach an AVO order, is self defence. The blog was self defence.
  21. On paper I could have been sentenced to jail over what was by then three false charges of breach. I originally created the blog, in a format that was not in breach, so that people would know I had been falsely charged and convicted if I ended up in jail. I advised Con Walker of that, before she started the recording.
  22. I sent a link to the blog to two of my cousins. They watched as Ward’s sister in law posted lies to the blog. Off the screen I was sending the truth story about her comments to one of them via email, without her and Ward being aware of that. They watched the family attack me, and send the blog into being in breach when I retaliated. They saw the truth, and then saw that Ward had me charged for it all, without any admission of misconduct of her part, and more manipulations of truth.
  23. I posted the transcript of the hearings of 15 and 29 February to the blog. I had received them a few days after I created it. I believe they prove my innocence, and showed me the corruption which occurred behind the scenes, in the granting of both Ward and O’Bryan’s emails, for the first time.
  24. Readers of the blog could also see the that, and that while I was making ancestry books, Ward and O’Bryan were telling in lies in court, without myself being present, still claiming that I was mentally ill and attacking them for money to feed a drug habit that I simply don’t have.
  25. Most of the contents of the blog were sworn statements, made to the court by myself, Ward and police. The only lies in those were by police and Ward, and constitute the offence of perjury on all of their parts.
  26. Ward refers to everything I write as lies, yet has never once threatened to sue me for any of those as defamation of character or as being untrue. She relies on them being classed as harassment of an AVO holder only, to have them removed from the net, and to punish me for writing them.
  27. Yet she admits on the blog that she deliberately drove to see that aunt I was working on my book with, two days before applying for her AVO, slandering me so much that my aunt stopped having anything to do with me. I carried on with the book without her help, and took it to publication.
  28. I defended my own reputation, by exposing how Ward and O’Bryan were able to get away with having their AVO granted, with assistance at all times from BDS Huon, when I was innocent of their false allegations to both some members of the public, but mainly for the benefit of my extended family.
  29. Family who already dislike and refuse to speak to Janice O’Bryan, and have no liking for Susan Ward either. Family who have no reason to dislike me, apart from all of the lies they’ve been fed by Ward, O’Bryan and my sister in law in Perth.


When I wrote above I don’t have the brief prepared, I only meant a pdf of same. I’ve had the defence briefs prepared since last September, with all the evidence associated with each charge, bundled with the defence statements and a cover page. 

The police went through all of those on 22 October 2016, while I was being taken for a joy ride in the back of a police car, with Constable Minehan, after he’d assaulted me. 

But to prepare for the hearings, I would have assembled them all into one document, with a list of all of its contents, and then turned that into a pdf, which I could then print out, and email to whoever was interested in reading it. More work I need to do now, and I’d say I won’t be given much time. They need to convict me of all of these, before I am sentenced in November, for charge one. 

They kept trying to keep that one til last, last year, and kept listing all others for one the same day, to make it hard for me to appear innocent at all. I can produce the remarks from the transcript where Murray offers to list them all one by one this year, after being caught out lying about knowing Gwen Bradley. I’m sure he won’t mind listing them all for dates very close together, to satisfy that agreement. 


Defence Statements, Police Charge H62188667

  1. When Con Evans attended my premises on 30 June 2016, he was instructed to interview my landlady about my conduct and mental health. He was advised that she was aware that the AVO applicants, being Ward and O’Bryan had committed perjury in their statements to the court in relation to events on the evening of 6 November 2016.
  2. He was advised by myself that Susan Ward has no valid AVO against myself, due to corruption of process, misconduct on her part and failure of police to serve me with a copy of the final order.
  3. I also advised Con Evans that I had a legal blog on the internet, created in May 2016, which demonstrated that I had been framed by both Albury Police and Albury Local Court for crimes which did not occur.
  4. I advised that Susan Ward and her sister in law had driven the blog into breach, when they started yet another family fight on the blog, and in public.
  5. I did not make the statements which he claims that I did. This is yet another instance of police falsifying evidence to convict me, and another case of malicious prosecution.
  6. Susan Ward attended Albury Police station to complain about the blog when it was first posted and was not in breach. She was told not to post any more messages to it, after admitted that she had done so that day. Instead, she not only posted more insulting messages and admissions of her own guilty to the blog, she enlisted her sister in law to attack me personally in public there as well.
  7. When I then published documents relating specifically to her false AVO application, and the defence statements which the court had ignored, Susan Ward again attended police insisting that I should be charged for displaying it there. I later removed any material that was in breach, after giving BDS Huon’s owners a chance to read it.
  8. I emailed a link to the blog to her employers not to have her fired, but to again demonstrate to them that she is bringing shame upon their company’s name by her own behavior, and false complaints to police.
  9. Albury police advised me in February of this year that they would not investigate any allegations of breach I make against Susan Ward. Yet they charge me for any and all of her false ones. Why is that?
  10. The AVO final order was never served on me, therefor this charge is invalid and unlawful.



Defence Statements Charge H6229494

  1. Constable Minehan held me in custody while he prepared his CAN and arrest documentation. I was given a copy to take with me when released.
  2. The date it is created is 22 October 2016, at 9.01 pm. It confirms I was apprehended at my property at 7.45 pm that same evening.
  3. In the details of Offences, Number 3, he states I resisted arrest on 19 October 2016, at 12.25pm. I had no contact with police on that day, and was not arrested.
  4. The same details allege I again resisted arrest on 21 October 2016, at 8.20 pm. I had no contact with police on that day either, and was not arrested.
  5. Gwen Bradley made her complaint to police on 21 October 2016. Did she and Minehan conspire to take me into custody that night, and charge me with resist arrest regardless of what really happened?
  6. I am charged with sending two emails to Gwen Bradley on 20 October 2016, one after the other at 12.23 and 12.24 pm, as per the sequence 1 and 2 of the statement of facts, pages 2 and 3.
  7. The CAN cites the dates of two alleged criminal offences, in Numbers 1 and 2, as having been committed between 19 October 2016, at 12.25 pm and on 21 October 2016, at 8.20 pm.
  8. I had no contact with Gwen Bradley on either of those dates.
  9. My internet usage for 21 October 2016 shows I sent two emails in the morning only.
  10. I took my cousin shopping that day and stayed at his house until around 11pm.
  11. Therefore, I was not accessing or using the internet, and was not at home when Minehan came to arrest me on the evening of 21 October 2016 and charges for for an offence on that same date.
  12. This charge must be dismissed, based on the inaccuracies contained in the CAN.
  13. In all instances, Minehan fails to record the correct date of either allegation of criminal conduct, and pretends there were another two instances of the same crimes, on separate dates where none occured.
  14. I believe that to charge me with a telecommunications offence the police must prove the IP address from which the offences occurred, and prove an account with the carriage provider in my name, which matches that IP.
  15. Can the police provide a record of the telecommunications account name, and details of the carriage provider?
  16. In the bail documentation, Sargent Stephen Bosch claims that I have a criminal history. Attached print out of the police records of my criminal history disprove that statement, being two incidents over thirty years ago.
  17. He claims I have been put on bail due to the serious nature of the offences. Sending two emails, containing two words each only, is considered serious enough for jail?
  18. He claims they have a strong case against me, particularly due to the victim’s account of the offence she experienced upon reading those two emails. I have yet to see the victim’s witness statement, and cannot continue to defend the matter until it is provided to me, along with the police brief.
  19. He acknowledges ongoing allegations of breach of Susan Ward’s ADVO are just that, allegations, and not one has been proven in court.
  20. He claims I show no remorse, but continue to believe that I have been framed by Gwen Bradley, using Albury Police, to assist her personal friends to win what was initially a family argument, and involved no criminal allegations, in court, despite her friends’ applications disproven by evidence. Court transcripts from hearings in February 2016 confirm my claims.
  21. Mrs Bradley was not officially involved in the ADVO matters, as no mediation was involved at the outset. When the chance did come up, by way of a court order, Mrs Bradley ensured that did not happen, and resorted to using police and false allegations of breach to protect her own credibility after that.
  22. Mrs Bradley’s friends ADVO applications had both been disproven by evidence and dismissed to mediation between the parties involved.
  23. Mrs Bradley should have left it at that, instead she inflamed the situation and it continues today, and is a demonstration of why there are laws forbidding involvement in matters of personal friends before a court.
  24. The fact that Susan Ward provides the print out of the ‘evidence’ on behalf of Bradley to police, again shows and proves this collusion.
  25. Bradley forwarded both of the emails at 9am on 20 October 2016 to Susan Ward. Ward would have been at work that day, so they would not have been able to discuss them until that evening. Together they decided on Bradley’s response, to pretend offence, so they can claim the emails to have been a criminal act. Yet it is against the law for Gwen Bradley to use her influence and working relationship with local police, to bring a charge against me for lodging complaints about both her and themselves.
  26. Ward’s interest in these matters is that the contents of the emails refer to the questionable charges bought against me, and in unlawful manners, by Albury police on behalf of Ward. Bradley and police should have been angry at Ward, since shewas the person who created those complaints by her own behavior.
  27. Sgt Bosch claims I had to be put on bail to protect the victim from my conduct. Yet two and a half weeks later, Gwen Bradly used her own carriage service to menace/harass and offend myself.
  28. She instructs me to plead guilty to the allegations of breach bought against me by her friend and neighbor Susan Ward, listed for hearing on the same day as this charge.
  29. I have prepared an application for a private prosecution in relation to charging Gwen Bradley with the same offence she seeks to have me convicted of, along with intimidation of a witness and other offences.
  30. I have made application to the Albury Local Court to have all of the hearings of all of the allegations of breach of an illegally gained and unserved ADVO moved to another venue, where Mrs Bradley can no longer affect the outcome of same.
  31. I had to have those same hearings postponed due to injuries received by way of Mrs Bradley instructing Minehand to create a situation where they could rough me up, and then claim resist arrest. My GP can confirm that he documented those injuries.
  32. I believe that bail should be lifted, since Gwen Bradley has violated the conditions of same, by way of approaching me herself and trying to generate more conflict.
  33. I believe bail was never required anyway, and was a ploy for police to be able to take me into custody prior to the hearing of the breach charges, to deny me the ability to prepare a defence.
  34. The following weekend this arrest, Constable Paul Evans and Sheridan Mifsud came to my property to serve a brief. Evans appeared very agitated and Mifsud tried to start an argument with me. I lodged complaints with the Police Commissioner’s Office about that.
  35. Constable Minehan deliberately listed the hearing of this charge for the same date as allegations of breach relating to an ADVO held by Susan Ward in what I believe was yet another attempt to affect the outcome of same, by Mrs Bradley.
  36. Again, this shows that Minehan was aware of the matters between myself and Ward going through the court. Police were not able to bring any more charges against me on behalf of Ward, to punish me for lodging complaints about them, due to lack of service of the ADVO being questioned by then.
  37. I have been lodging complaints about Gwen Bradley for all of 2016, within the justice department and other agencies, about her involvement in Ward’s matters before the court. This charge is in retaliation for all of those complaints, and she has no right to charge me for using an online complaints process, to complain about her. In fact, it is illegal for her to have done so, while I have continued to lodge complaints about her, and will continue to do so until all of these false convictions, are overturned.
  38. Constable Minehan stated that I was under arrest, and had to come with him, upon arriving at my property. I asked why I couldn’t drive to the station in my own car, so that I had it to drive home in. He refused, stating that he would call the Sargent to kick down my front door, if I didn’t agree to go with them immediately.
  39. I replied that the Police would have to pay for the damage. Minehan replied that he would claim I was resisting arrest, and would be responsible for the cost of any damage they caused.
  40. While waiting for the Sargent to arrive at my home, Minehan stated I could bring any documents with me that I might want to discuss during questioning. I packed a brief case with all of the defence briefs for the five allegations of breach made by Gwen Bradley’s neighbor and friend’s Susan Ward, and other associated documents.
  41. The Sargent arrived at my home so quickly I had only just finished gathering up the documents, and things I would take in my handbag, put on a jumper and shut down my computer. I believe I should have been entitled to reasonable time to do those things, and that I did not hinder or delay arrest in doing so.
  42. Once on the footpath, I took my phone out of my bag to take a photo of this waste of police resources, two cars on a Saturday night, over two emails sent two days prior.
  43. Minehan grabbed my hand with the phone in it, and refused to let go. I asked to be allowed to put the phone back into my hand bag. He then grabbed my bag as well, and Constable Mifsud grabbed the brief case I had in my other hand. Both officers started pulling my arms in different directions, jarring my spine repeatedly.
  44. The Sargent, who had been walking behind us, grabbed the end of my scarf, and pulled it tight around my neck. It broke my necklace, then both came off.
  45. I instinctively gripped my bags when the officers tried to take them. I felt like I was being bag snatched, and it didn’t occur to me that it was police who were doing it, and not to try to keep hold of my belongings.
  46. I relaxed when the necklace had come off, and asked if they would to let go of me so I could pick it up off the ground. Minehan refused, and the Sargent did that, putting both into my handbag. The list of my possessions confirms that both the necklace and scarf were in the handbag, before I arrived at the police station.
  47. Minehan then explained that I would not be allowed to have the bags on my person in the police car, nor in the cell. I let go of them, once that had been explained to me.
  48. They started to lead me to the police van, and I was walking calmly with them. Minehan and Mifsud both still had hold of me by each arm at shoulder level.
  49. They had given my bags to the Sargent, who took them in the police car.
  50. Minehan then started applying undue pressure to my left wrist, bending it hard, and appeared to be trying to break it.
  51. I told him a number of times that he was ‘hurting my wrists’, and asked him to ‘stop hurting my wrists’ several times. Finally I stared him in the eyes and said it in a deep and menacing voice. He finally let go of the pressure then.
  52. Once in the police van, Minehan went around the block first, and then the long way to the police station. We arrived at 7.40 as noted by both police and myself.
  53. The document given to me to sign upon release, acknowledging the contents of my bags, was created 7.38 pm. Proving that the Sargent had taken my bags and searched them before I arrived at the station. I was not informed that they would be searched, nor was that done within my sight.
  54. I was charged by Minehan at the station at 9.01 pm. He did not finger print me, or photograph me, but states that he did.
  55. I was released on bail at 10.55 pm, and forced to walk home.
  56. Sargent Stephen Bosch was the supervisor on duty during my time at the police station.
  57. Constable Minehan now reveals in his brief, that the ‘Sargent’ who attended my premises on the evening of 22 October 2016, was not a Sargent at all, and claims that it was an Senior Constable Quiring. Therefore, they had no authority to force me into custody that night.
  58. I will make application for a private prosecution against Gwen Bradley for this charge, and the other five false allegations of breach of an unlawfully gained and unserved ADVO. Susan Ward and Con Minehan will be named in that, as co-conspirators.
  59. The fact that Susan Ward provides the evidence for this charge, finally proves my allegations of collusion between her and Gwen Bradley. The fact that Ward has tampered with that evidence, by printing it out in a way that it only shows the addresses of the sender and the receivers, without showing any of the complaint about police, again shows that Ward has to deceive the court, to make any of her allegations appear to be valid.
  60. I will be lodging a new application for motion, asking for a change in venue, after making the above discovery just recently.
  61. Also, Magistrate Murray has committed perjury on the bench, on 12 December 2016, in an attempt to cover up for that same collusion between Bradley, Ward and her mother Janice O’Bryan. I was given the evidence of that while the applications for motion regarding Bradley and Ward were still I progress. I believe it is ground to insist once again, that there is no chance of myself receiving a fair hearing at the Albury local court, due to Gwen Bradley being a regular employee, and enjoys a close working relationship with the Magistrates.


Statements to Address Minehan’s Statement of Facts

  1. Constable Minehan claims I have been charged on eight (8) prior occasions. I have no knowledge of being charged by police, apart from two convictions over 30 years ago. Even my driver’s record is exemplary. His statement is sheer perjury.
  2. Minehan claims I have been charged with five previous telecommunications offences. No, all of those charges are for contraventions of an ADVO, deemed to be harassment of the victim. Three involve the internet but were not internet crimes. None were threats, or involved approaches towards the ‘protected person’.
  3. Minehan claims that I am unemployed, however, police became aware that I am on disability pension when Albury Police carried out their first arrest of myself. A centrelink card confirming that payment was in my wallet, when police went through it.
  4. He claims I have no dependent children. While my children are no longer dependent on me, I do still have two children, who would testify that Susan Ward and Janice O’Bryan have lied to, and put pressure on both of them, to remain quiet about the truth about Susan Ward.
  5. Minehan claims that while in custody I displayed extreme hatred and distrust of police and the judicial system. This is simply not true, and is disproven by the custody report.
  6. Once inside the police van, being taken around the block I realized that they were trying to incite me to act irrationally, under duress. I made an effort to ensure I was in a calm and collected upon arrival at the police station.
  7. While in the holding cell, I sat in the lotus position, and meditated. Later, I laid down. I only spoke when spoken to, apart from asking for a cup of coffee sometime after being offered one, and again when I made a request to go to the toilet.
  8. The custody management record maintained by Sen Con Hobbs confirms that there was no aggressive behavior, no agitation, no irrationality and no mental illness when he took charge of me at 8.19 pm. He again notes that I was calm, at 10.14 pm.
  9. I was taken to be interviewed at 8.25 and returned to the holding cell at 8.51 pm.
  10. Con Minehan forced me to leave my home at 7.30 pm, then made me wait 55 minutes before interviewing me. He forced me to remain in the cell for a further two hours, before arranging for my release, after writing his statement of facts and CAN.
  11. Snr Con Hobbs states in the details of his report, that I was taken into detention to stop repetition or another offence. However, it had been two days since I’d sent the two emails to Gwen Bradley, and who had been communicating with me via email the weekend prior, without taking any offence, but she certainly trying to give it. See emails dated 15 – 16 October 2015.
  12. In same emailed correspondence a week earlier, Bradley asserted that if she was forced to appear as a witness for Susan Ward, at one of the breach hearings, she would charge me for her professional services and time. However, she is nominated by police and Susan Ward in their witness statements as being involved in these matters, and therefore I would thought that I would not have to pay to be able to cross examine her.
  13. Evidence also includes previous correspondences with Bradley throughout 2016, and show that after receiving my first letter, she had police bring a new charge against me to affect the outcome of my appeal, and then personally intimidated a witness after the next contact.
  14. Minehan advises Gwen Bradley that she made my acquaintance over twenty years ago and then discontinued contact until a chance meeting early in 2016. In reading her witness statement, I see that he exaggerates her words and implies new meanings.
  15. Gwen Bradley met me 37 years ago, when my mother started dating her friend Terry O’Bryan. I later worked full time in the office of the club managed by Mr O’Bryan where Bradley was also employed. I was there for two and a half years. Bradley and I regularly did the club’s payroll together on a Monday morning.
  16. Once I moved out of home, the only time I saw Bradley was when she was at my parents’ house visiting them, or we all went out to dinner together. When we moved to the Gold Coast in 1998, I lost contact with Bradley when she and my parents stopped socializing so often, and I was never at their home when she did visit or stay with them. The only time I recall seeing her during the past 18 years that myself and parents lived in Queensland was in 1999, and we had a nice chat, as we usually did.
  17. I ran into Bradley after having been in Albury for 13 months, at the Albury Court House, inside the court room, on 18 January 2016. She had accompanied O’Bryan and Ward to court. She arranged for them to sit with the women’s abuse counsellor, Robyn, employed by the Albury Court House, and to pretend that Ward was being abused by myself.
  18. Bradley ignored me in the court room, after I had tried to catch her attention several times, to be able to say hello. I could not understand why she was ignoring me.
  19. I was arrested the following morning by Con Weekely, after Susan had gone straight to police after having her ADVO application listed for trial, due to it not having been proven.
  20. I encountered Bradley on Saturday, 23 January 2016, when I was exiting a shopping centre just as she was entering. I stated to her that the ‘ICAC wanted to talk to her’. She ignored me, and I turned around and called after her, ‘the ICAC have accepted my complaint about you’. She looked shocked but kept walking away from me. I followed her a few metres to her car. While she put a shopping bag in the boot, I stood nearby asking ‘why she was doing to this me’. She continued to ignore me. I did become angered by her attitude, but did not raise my voice, or indicate that I would physically touch her. When she got into her car, I walked away. She later claimed to have made a complaint to police about the incident, but I was never questioned or charged in relation to it, and would deny her version of events.
  21. I had already lodged a complaint with the Albury Court House about her involvement in matters surrounding her personal friends, O’Bryan and Ward in February 2016. The court informed me that she does not work for them, and allowed her to continue to pervert the course of justice. I will be making application for private prosecutions in relation to those matters later this year, if she continues with this false charge against me.
  22. I began lodging complaints with the CJC about her in March, after identifying them as her employer. She advised them that she did not know me at all. When I was able to give examples of things I knew about her, due to her friendship with my parents, the CJC accused me of improper conduct towards her, and advised me not to contact her. They advised they would advise her to take out an AVO against me if I contacted her.
  23. She next advised them, that while she did know me, she was still not involved in any matters involving myself at the Albury Court House. Yet she had appeared in court with her personal friends on 18 January 2016, made a false allegation of an incidence of violence towards herself claiming it was a breach of her personal friend’s interim ADVO’s, and continues to be mentioned in all of their statements.
  24. I believe I was entitled to call Bradley a liar, in my email, as she has lied many times this year, to staff of Albury Court House, police and to her employers.
  25. Bradley called me a ‘filthy liar’ in an email dated 18 May 2016. On 9 November she accuses me of being a disability pension faker, in making a remark about myself having RSI, and instructs me to plead guilty to crimes which are not crimes in their own right. Only when stretched to be made to appear to be harassment, of someone who gained an ADVO by way of Bradley corrupting proceedings in their favour.
  26. Bradley’s friend and neighbor Ward continually calls me a disability faker, despite all of the medical evidence supporting my illness. Bradley has not seen, nor spoken to me in the six years that I have been ill and on the pension, so has no personal knowledge of what that illness is, or how it affects me.
  27. Ward has only seen me twice during that same period yet claims to know more than medical professionals. Medical evidence supporting my illness is included in evidence, most of which has already been presented to the court.
  28. Yet Bradley forwarded the emails firstly to Ward, before deciding on the emotional response she would go on to use as an allegation of a criminal act towards herself. She does not attend the police station until the following day, but by then is armed with print outs of same emails as supplied by Susan Ward The overnight delay would have been created by having to wait for Ward to be home from work the evening before, so they could discuss or conspire about what action to take against me..
  29. Minehan claims that I hold the belief that NSW police and judicial system is conspiring against me. No, I can prove that I have been convicted of crimes I was innocent of, and by way of proceedings having been corruptly, and most likely by Gwen Bradley.
  30. The fact that both police and the court refused me access to their first brief and evidence against me before and after hearing, in relation to the first criminal charge bought against me by Albury police, also proves my belief is not paranoia, but true and correct.
  31. Minehan claims I have taken to sending emails to serving police officers. Yes, after they had served briefs on me two months earlier, which display their personal email address within the police network, I replied to those officers, requesting more documents and outlining my defence cases to them. Those emails were sent on 18 October 2016 and are legal.
  32. I forwarded the same complaints I had forwarded to Bradley, to each of the three officers they related to, being Evans, Weekley and Lamont, on 20 October 2016, immediately after sending the two to Bradley. However, she cannot charge me for emails sent to police.
  33. None of the above sets of emails have anything to do with Bradley, nor Minehan. They were not internet crimes, but legal correspondence. However, Bradley might feel guilty about the damage she has done to their reputations, when she enlisted them to act corruptly.
  34. I also have not been emailing any staff at the Albury Court House, apart from general questions, requests or advising them of breaches by the ADVO holders. Most of my emails to the court are answered by the Registrar, and some have been dealt with by other staff. None have ever been sent to, nor replied to by, Gwen Bradley. This is yet another false allegation.
  35. Minehan claims I maintain a blog which contains long diatribes accusing the police force and judicial system of sexual and criminal misconduct. Really, and where is that blog and what is it called? What does it have to do with this charge, and which right would Bradley have to charge me for any blog as a criminal offence, if it does not relate to her?
  36. I had a blog called ‘Government Run Pedophile Rings’ a couple of years ago. It consisted of nearly a year of research, and personal experiences. It had 8,000 views from people all over the world, and it was on the internet for 18 months. I deleted in January 2015.
  37. I had a blog called ‘Framed by Albury Police in the Local Court’, which ran from May until July 2016. I posted articles from, or links to, other websites where I had gathered most of my research about pedophiles within the public service from. I did not write those articles. I also republished newspaper articles about police officers charged with or convicted of misconduct.
  38. What right does Minehan have to charge me for reposting truthful information about police who are not even stationed in Albury, and other people’s accounts of their own sexual abuse?
  39. He also does not allege that any of it was criminal defamation or even untruthful information, just pretends that I have no right to blog about those issues within society.
  40. I did create a blog a few days before my arrest, and did email a link to Constable Weekley. It was called Police Corruption Albury. It contained three pages only, displaying the same complaints lodged with the Attorney General’s Office on 19 October 2016.
  41. I removed that from the internet after being physically assaulted by Minehan, Mifsud and Sgt (Bosch) on 22 October 2016.
  42. I believe that is the blog that Minehan is really referring to as being a crime, and why he uses a date range in his details of the complaint which takes creation of that blog into consideration. Yet it was not illegal in any way shape or form, and a matter for the officers named on the blog to take up with myself in a civil court, if they objected to shamed in public by it.
  43. It is illegal for Minehan to use his position in the police force to bring a charge against me for lodging complaints about his fellow officers, nor for creating a blog which mocks their actions and not his.
  44. I was not aware when arrested for this charge that Minehan was the officer who accompanied Con Paul Evans to my home on 30 June 2016.
  45. Which means he was the same officer who heard my landlady make statements relating to Mrs Bradley’s friends, being that Ward and O’Bryan came to my rental property two weeks after I had moved in and were menacing and making threats towards me. My landlady phoned police afterwards, due to being concerned by Ward’s behavior.
  46. She also confirmed that I had shown her the witness statements Ward and O’Bryan lodged with the court in relation to that night, and that she was aware that they both had lied in those.
  47. Con Paul Evans disregarded all of her statements, failed to record them, and charged me for breach number 5, sending an email to management of BDS Huon. That contact is detailed in one of the complaints emailed to Bradley, for which Minehan brings this charge.
  48. The two ‘sequencse’ comprising this charge consists of two emails, sent 1 minute apart. This was one action, not two different ‘assaults’ on the victim. Minehan is exaggerating.
  49. Only two words in each email was directed at Bradley, being ‘lying cunt’.
  50. The emails consisted of the contents of complaints lodged with the Attorney General’s Department, and was generated by the AG’s website and sent to myself.
  51. The bad language is a result of attempting to arrange an investigation into Bradley’s illegal involvement in matters against myself at the Albury Court House by the AG’s staff for the whole of 2016, and being fobbed off, while she was allowed to continue to pervert the course of justice against me, and in favour of her two friends and their false allegations.
  52. The ICAC had directed the Justice Department to investigate this allegation earlier in the year, yet they have continued to refuse to do so. I will ensure that they do in 2017.
  53. Bradley has not only perverted the course of justice, but was involved in the initial and continued conspiracy to bring false allegations against me, along with her friends.
  54. Minehan states that I commence the emails with my own name, address, phone number and email address. Yes, it is a direct copy of the contents of the online form I filled in that day, and I had to fill in all of those details before making the complaint.
  55. In relation to calling certain officers of Albury police station nasty names, the court might like to refer to my six page letter to Superintendent of 24 March 2016, outlining instances of harassment by Albury Police. The harassment continued long after that letter was given to him, and this charge is just another instance of same, and in retaliation for myself not fleeing town, so that Gwen Bradley’s friends could win their false allegations against me, in court.
  56. Minehan claims the victim felt offended and upset. How does she think I feel about being falsely convicted of false allegations and fined heavily for defending myself against them?
  57. She would have also been aware that I had lodged other complaints in the weeks prior, about the Registrar and other court staff, but those did not contain any bad language.
  58. My mood on the two days that those complaints were written, and then later forwarded to Bradley and the officers concerned, was extreme anger that I was now having to waste more months of my life on preparing defence documents for illegal charges Bradley created.
  59. The charges had been rendered as illegal, due to the ADVO final order not being served by on myself by police, after having been awarded in my absence at a hearing which should have been declared a mistrial, due to a false allegation having been made by an outside party.
  60. These charges would not have ever occurred, had Bradley not diverted matters away from mediation, on 5 February 2016, and tried to have me convicted of a false allegation of violently assaulting her on 23 January 2016, as a breach of Ward and O’Bryan’s interim ADVO’s, at a hearing on 5 February 2016.
  61. I would not have been convicted in my absence, had she not arranged two new hearings, for which I had been denied my right to see know the charge, and the allegations involved. I was not only unable to prepare a defence, but all of the ones I had submitted previously were ruled allowed to be ignored, by Magistrate Tony Murray, due to the first false charge of breach.
  62. These matters would not have continued for all of 2016, had she not arranged a charge against me in April, to thwart an appeal into the first conviction. They would not have continued had the original arresting officer not been allowed to frame me a second time, for a third false allegation of breach, in another attempt to cover their own illegal actions.
  63. Assaulting me physically during this arrest, is yet another example of how desperate Albury Police and Gwen Bradley have become to silence me, about their corrupt behavior.
  64. I did not commit internet crimes. I exposed corrupt public servants, on a blog. I did not post anything that was not truthful, and most of it the information was in the form of police and witness statements, defence statements and complaints to government agencies.
  65. Sequence three claims that police introduced themselves and I stepped inside my flat. No, I was sitting on my step smoking a cigarette when police appeared near the top of my driveway. I immediately stood up and went inside when I saw them approaching.
  66. Constable Minehan called out ‘don’t be like that Tracey’.
  67. Upon arriving at the door, he informed me I had to come to the police station with him. Our conversation is described in the general defence statements for this charge.
  68. He informed me that Gwen Bradley had made a complaint about me. I offered to take any offending material off the net, meaning the Police corruption blog. He stated it was too late for that, and I had to come with him immediately or be charged with hindering arrest as well.
  69. He claims that I stated that ‘I want to cause a scene first’. That is not true.
  70. His next statement is again false. It only took the Sargent ten minutes to get to the scene. During that time I phoned my landlady who was inside the main house. She advised me her daughter had come home sick, and asked me not to let the police make a scene.
  71. Minehan heard me say that I would go with police when the Sargent arrived to avoid that.
  72. I gathered up my documents, possessions, warmer clothing, and turned off my appliances.
  73. I was then taken almost to the caged police wagon. Once the vehicles had come into view, when we exited my front gate, I stopped to take out my phone stating I would take a photo. Minehan assumed I would post that to my blog.
  74. Police did not attempt to execute a search of myself, and did not attempt to relieve myself of my two bags in the way Minehan describes.
  75. I did not lock my hands together and thrash around. I simply could not do that with my lower back problems. I cannot twist, turn or bend without doing it very carefully. My GP has documented the injuries sustained that night, by way of notes and X-rays.
  76. I also have muscles problems in my shoulders and back, which results in loss of strength and pain, so I would not have involved myself in a tug of war against two fit police officers.
  77. The description of the assault of myself by Minehan, Mifsud and Sgt Bosch is described in the general defence statements. He admits to applying writs locks, however, I was already under their control and walking calmly to the van with them, when he applied them without cause.
  78. I participated in an interview at the station as it seemed my only option to get out of jail that night. It was not by choice, however, I don’t object to its contents being shared with the court.
  79. I agree that I do not consider the words fuck and cunt offensive, and know for a fact that Bradley uses both the words herself, and has done for decades.
  80. A recent high court ruling, declared that claiming offence from being called a name, even if it was racist, is no longer valid grounds to have a person charged.
  81. At least I had a valid reaction. Gwen Bradley had to phone Susan Ward and ask her how to react about the emails. Ward of course wanted to bring more false charges, to assist her own ones though the court.
  82. Minehan claims that I was finger printed and photographed. I challenge him to produce a copy of those, because again, this is an untruthful statement.
  83. After turning of the interview recording equipment, Minehan mocked me for conducting my own defence, and suggested I use legal aid instead. When I indicated that I did not wish to, he sarcastically asked if I thought I was smarter than a solicitor. I replied that I would prefer to have a solicitor defend these charges, but I simply cannot afford one.
  84. He then suggested that I leave town before the hearing of his charge, deliberately listed for the same day as the four breach charges. Those hearings had to be postponed due to injuries received during the assault by Minehan on 22 October 2016.
  85. Sgt Bosch also suggested that I leave town before the hearing of the charge. I made a comment about both of them doing so, to Snr Con Hobbs.
  86. I was then left to walk home, carrying a heavy bag of documents, and wearing slippers.
  87. I believe this charge is rendered invalid by the incorrect dates given on the Court Attendance Notice, the imagined contact with police and Bradley that they imply on dates when no contact occurred, and the false claims he makes within his statement of facts.
  88. The definition of cunt is a profane way to describe a mean or disagreeable woman. An example of cunt is what a woman may be called during a heated disagreement, or is what someone may call a person they don’t like during a big fight.
  89. Gwen Bradly created all hostilities between herself and myself, when she interfered with matters before the court involving her personal friends, and assisted them to win false allegations against me, and punish me for defending them in the first place. I will continue to lodge complaints with NSW Justice department, until Gwen Bradley has been removed from her job, and/or the granting of the ADVO’s reversed, by way of declaring a mistrial on 15 and 29 February 2016.
  90. The fact that the evidence for this charge, is provided by Ward, who should have nothing to do with it, or any input into it, again is further proof of the allegations I have been making for 16 months now, that the two women have colluded together to bring false allegations against me, and been successful in doing so.
  91. The fact that Ward misrepresents the evidence, and hides the true content of those emails to cover up for the corruption surrounding her own matters, is further proof of her own determination to deceive the court into handing down false convictions against me.
  92. In refusing to supply the court with the second page of both emails, the complainants deny themselves any evidence of swearing about court staff and police, to the court. The charge must be dismissed.
  93. I will be making a new application for motion, due to these new discoveries.


Statement to Address Gwen Bradley Witness Statement

  1. I saw Gwen Bradley for the first time in nearly 20 years in the Albury Local Court on 18 January 2016, in the company of Susan Ward and Janice and Terry O’Bryan. The Magistrate made comments about their ADVO applications not able to be granted, due to evidence.
  2. I was arrested the next morning, after Susan Ward went to the police station immediately after that hearing. I believe that Gwen Bradley facilitated that arrest, to trigger the granting of the ADVO applications by Ward and O’Bryan without the defence evidence being considered.
  3. I saw Gwen Bradley on 23 January 2016, in the shopping area of Albury. I tried to speak to her about a complaint I had lodged with the ICAC about her. She refused to speak to me.
  4. Mrs Bradley claims she attended the Albury Police Station and lodged a complaint that I had violently assaulted her. That is not true.
  5. Ward makes that same allegation to police in November 2016, despite not having been a witness to the incident, nor it being any of her business.
  6. When the Magistrate dismissed her friend’s ADVO applications to mediation on 5 February 2016, Mrs Bradley appears to have advised Magistrate Tony Murray, outside of the court room, that an incidence of violence had occurred, and to revoke their matters from mediation, and grant the ADVO.
  7. I believe that Mrs Bradley did this to exonerate herself from investigation into her involvement in what amounts to false allegations made against myself, and then granted to protect her own credibility.
  8. I wrote to Mrs Bradley on 4 April 2016, regarding an appeal into the conviction of the false allegation of breach, and unlawful arrest, carried out by Con Rowan Weekley on 19 January 2016. I advised I would seek compensation from Mrs O’Bryan if they did not allow the injustice to be rectified.
  9. Con Lamont was directed on 9 April 2016 to raising a second charge of breach against me. Con Lamont’s notes show no contact from Susan Ward around that date, asking her to act on witness statements taken two months earlier, about a phone call made a month prior. I believe that Gwen Bradley organized this charge, to affect the outcome of the appeal hearing.
  10. I emailed Gwen Bradley on 16 May, asking her to repair the damage she has done to her own professional reputation, by allowing myself to prove in court, by way of a witness statement from my son, that her personal friends have been lying to the court, and now to police.
  11. Mrs Bradley threatened to take out an AVO on me, preventing me from contacting her, while at the same time attended the same witnesses workplace and instructed him not to sign the statement, and advised his bosses not to let me have any contact with him, by way of his workplace.
  12. Mrs Bradley was agitated to learn that I have a copy of a form she appears to have signed illegally, on behalf of Janice and Terry O’Bryan, in 2014. If she was not authorized to sign it, she has committed an offence against section 135 of the Private Security Act 2004, which carries a maximum penalty of $7,000.
  13. In the declaration Mrs Bradley signed on that same form, she agrees that she might be called upon to stand by her signed statement in a court of law. I request that she confirms on the witness box and under oath that she had the relevant authority to sign the form, and explain why she did not provide her Relevant Authority ID, nor her actual qualification or position which enabled her to sign it.
  14. I emailed Mrs Bradley on 15 October, advising her that I would be seeking to cross examine her about all of the above, at the hearings for her friend Susan Ward’s allegations of breach of her illegally gained, and unserved, ADVO final order.
  15. She replied to that email, and subsequent ones, without objection, and with malicious comments, one of which boasts of her association with Magistrate Tony Murray.
  16. I also cc’d a copy of an email to Albury Court House about breaches of Janice O’Bryan’s AVO by both Mrs O’Bryan and Terry O’Bryan, asking that the latter be banned from the court room during my appearances there, to Gwen Bradley on 15 October 2016.
  17. I emailed Mrs Bradley in anger on 20 October 2016, frustrated that police and the court planned to hear illegal and invalid charges, most of which comprises of evidence that has been tampered with or compromised, and that I had to continue to prepare defence cases which they local court would deliberately ignore.
  18. Bradley forwarded those emails to Susan Ward, before deciding on her reaction to them, or what action she would take. Bradley had to wait for Ward to finish work that day, to be able to discuss them. She was still claiming offence the next day when she attended the police station, carrying print outs of the emails supplied to her by Susan Ward.
  19. The complaints were about Susan Ward’s matters before the court, and unlawful actions by police in bringing those charges against me on her behalf. Ward would have been angry that the people who helped her to frame me, were still suffering consequences of that, and wanting to punish me for that.
  20. I prepare my defences for the purpose of having to appeal any decisions handed down against me in the local court, because all of those made previously have been designed to protect Gwen Bradley from being charged for crimes against justice, bringing false allegations, and assisting her personal friends with false allegations in the court where she is mainly employed, when they should have been dismissed at the outset, and the applications fined for making false allegations and perjury. Instead Mrs Bradley continues to try to paint me as a criminal who is attacking people for no reason, when she has given me every reason in the world to be angry at her.
  21. I will ensure that Mrs Bradley does lose her job this year, in retaliation for her having police assault me, which resulted in months of pain and suffering and almost ruined my ability to enjoy Christmas.
  22. I will continue to pursue Albury Police officers who acted on Gwen Bradley’s instructions to harass, frame and attempt to intimidate myself into leaving town, and being convicted of their false charges.
  23. While this court seeks to impose criminal convictions onto myself, as a personal favour to Gwen Bradley, I will continue to lodge complaints with the appropriate government bodies about same, and continue to seek to have those people removed from positions of trust, and public office.
  24. Ward providing the evidence for this police charge bought against me by Gwen Bradley, is final proof of collusion between these two women, not just in this matter, but now confirms all that I have alleged from the outset of these proceedings. That all staff of the Albury local court have treated me unfairly, due to lies told to them by Gwen Bradley, which had been told to her by Susan Ward. If Ward had a valid complaint about me to begin with, she would have been able to prove that in court. Instead she had to rely on Gwen Bradley to pervert the course of justice, and have Ward awarded the ‘winner’. Ward is now seeking to assist Bradley, and/or badgered into into bringing this charge against me, and which Bradley should have know is a yet another crime against justice, for her to have done so.
  25. Bradley provides no evidence of her assertions that I have called court house staff and Albury police nasty names, because she and Ward have deliberately failed to present the second page of the emails, which outline the complaint about police officers attached to Albury station, and involved in Wards matters before the court.
  26. Ward and her mother both presented false evidence in their applications for ADVO’s against me, in November 2015. Ward claimed at hearing that Bradley had been helping them with their cases against me. Tampering with evidence seems to be a common tie between both sets of matters, and also involves all of the arresting officers in Ward’s matters.
  27. I will be seeking a change in venue, for this charge, after coming into evidence of further collusion corruption involving Bradley and Magistrate Murray, who has committed an act of perjury, while on his bench, to cover up for her illegal actions.
  28. I will conduct a private prosecution against Gwen Bradley is the court does not dismiss this charge, and award me compensation for false arrest, unlawful detainment and the injuries suffered during the assault by police, and which resulted in 3 months of severe pain for myself.


Evidence shown here in the defence brief:

Defence Brief H6224944 pdf


Defence brief for charge number one, new hearing, after being set aside by the District Court in August 2017.

Defence H60077075 Weekley pdf



Defence Statements Charge H60077075

  1. There was never any question that I wrote and delivered the letter to Jon Williams of 4 December 2016.
  2. I advised the court of that, and the Magistrate who would be deciding the case.
  3. The court did not arrange for me to be arrested for it. Nor did Magistrate Cromptom.
  4. Only Con Weekley decided that I should be arrested for the letter, after Susan Ward had come to him, and showed him a small portion of evidence that was already before the court.
  5. Evidence already submitted to the court by all three parties, being Burt, Ward and O’Bryan, disproved the witness statement given to Con Weekley by Susan Ward on 13 January 2016.
  6. Con Weekley did not submit that witness statement to the court, when seeking a conviction for the charge of breach, nor did the prosecutor.
  7. Just his statement of facts was submitted to the Magistrate, and only it taken into consideration.
  8. Albury Police refused to allow me access to the recording that he made of our informal interview before the hearing, or a transcript of it, and again prior to the appeal. See letter from Supt E R Quarmby, dated ?? April 2016.
  9. Con Weekley sent the recording to me in November 2016, ready for the rehearing of this matter. He has also collected new witness statements made in September, October and November 2016. I would have thought that because it is a re-hearing of the original conviction, he would have to rely on the same evidence he used previously only.
  10. Con Weekley proved absolutely nothing to the court, or Magistrate, in his case against me. I had already advised the court of the letter a week earlier. He simply advised them again, that I did it, and admitted that to him.
  11. He falsely claims that I admitted doing it for a reason that he put to me, and which was not my own answer, nor intention.
  12. Susan Ward went to see police the same evening that she’d been advised of the letter to BDS Huon, found by Jon Williams in his garage on 7 January 2016, by her HR Manager.
  13. Susan was angry, and wanted me punished, whereas I had tried to end matters.
  14. Susan attended court the following week, on 18 January 2016. She did not advise the Magistrate of the letter. However, the Magistrate might have already been aware of it, as Tony Murray claims to have read some of the case material. He ordered the matters to trial, because Ward and O’Bryan had not proven their cases, and their applications were not granted.
  15. Susan went straight to see Con Weekley on that same day. Having not mentioned it in court, she went to police. Yet these were civil matters.
  16. Police had originally told her on 6 November 2015, that my blog about Gary Burt was a civil matter. Ward later managed to twist events, to be considered for an ADVO. Now that her court case was under question, she goes back to police again.
  17. Susan Ward provided Con Weekley with my defence statements, and some of its evidence. However, that was still just a small portion of all that was presented to the court, in these matters. She still does not back up her own complaint with any new evidence, and tells lies about the situation between myself and my mother, and claims I plan to stalk her at work.
  18. Susan Ward wanted me charged, so that the breach would trigger the granting of her false AVO application. And to punish me for not backing down to her when she approached me via email on 3 November, and again in person on 6 November.
  19. At hearing on 5 February 2016, after having read all of the case material, Magistrate Cromptom dismissed matters to mediation.
  20. He ignored Con Weekley’s charge of breach completely. I was present at that hearing and defence statements had been lodged in prior to it, and taken into consideration. It was seen for what it was, an unlawful arrest with an intention to pervert the course of justice.
  21. Gwen Bradley openly attended court with Ward and O’Bryan on 18 January 2016. She arranged for Ward to speak to the domestic violence worker, when Susan had not been assaulted or threatened. She’d just got in trouble at work, for her own misconduct.
  22. Did Gwen Bradley also go to the police station with Ward after court?
  23. Con Weekley certainly seemed intent on framing me, from the moment he arrived at my home, until he returned to the station and wrote up a false statement of facts, surrounding a recording that no one was allowed to listen to, or see a transcript of.
  24. Con Weekley did not even keep a copy of my defence statements and evidence given to him by Susan Ward the day before. He had to ask her to supply it to him in October 2016.
  25. He appeared to be sure I was guilty, without having read all of the pages of evidence, but also failed to notice on the two occasions he claimed to have checked her AVO application status on the system, failed to notice that I had one in place against her too.
  26. He was very aware of the date of the AVO hearings, and stated that he would list the matter for that day, as a favour to myself. He advised he would just submit some paperwork to the Magistrate, without stating that would be in the form of an official charge and arrest documentation.
  27. After lodging complaints with the Police Integrity Commission and ICAC about Con Weekley and Gwen Bradley, I was subject to months of police harassment and intimidation including from Superintendent Quarmby, who threatened to charge me if I didn’t stop complaining.
  28. Matters were revoked from mediation on 15 February 2016, due to a false allegation of an incidence of violence. This seems to have come from Gwen Bradley herself, in relation to an encounter we had in town on 23 January 2016. I advised her I had lodged the complaint with the ICAC about her involvement in these matters. She refused to speak to me about it.
  29. Gwen Bradley was not protected by interim ADVO granted to Ward or O’Bryan, so how was this classed as a breach, and a criminal hearing listed, in relation to those applications?
  30. I was not advised that matters had been revoked from mediation, and that a criminal charge of reach had been listed for 15 February 2016. I attended thinking it was for mediation and left when I realized it was not, and that the ADVO’s appeared to have already been granted.
  31. I advised the court via email that I would not participate anymore in what was a circus of corruption. I later changed my mind, and planned to attend the hearing on 29 February 2016. Instead, I developed fluid on the knee and was unable to attend.
  32. I understood that my own application would be dismissed, and Ward and O’Bryan’s granted, if I did not attend court. However, I did not believe that Con Weekley’s charge could be heard, after the number and severity of the complaints I had lodged about it.
  33. I was served with a copy of the final order of O’Bryan’s ADVO a few days later, being 4 March 2016 according to the police record of service.
  34. I was not served with one for Susan Burt/Ward. The serving officers only had one with them, and we briefly discussed it. I refused to accept it, stating that it had been disproven in court.
  35. I thought the court must have dismissed Ward’s application, or that her employer’s had asked her to drop it.
  36. I was not aware that it had been awarded to her until I received the Fine Notice in the mail, several days after that, for a breach. I assumed I had been convicted of Weekley’s charge as that was the only one I was aware of.
  37. I did not become aware of the allegation of the incidence of violence by Gwen Bradley until I received the transcript for the hearing in May 2016. From that point on, and due to comments posted to my blog by Susan Ward, I no longer considered her to have any right to say that she possessed an ADVO against me. She had lied, cheated and continue to assault all aspects of my life, while running to police anytime I shamed BDS Huon for involving themselves in her matters before the court, and actively assisting her to gain, the AVO preventing me from contacting them about an issue I had already advised them of.
  38. Their involvement in these matters amounts to professional misconduct, and failing to investigate allegations of breaches of client confidentiality, is also against federal regulations which surround both themselves and Ward.
  39. I appealed the severity of this conviction in April 2016. It was not granted, due to a new charge of breach having just been lodged against me, by Con Jasmine Lamont. For phoning Ross Griffin about being arrested.
  40. Also, because Tony Murray refused to accept a letter from my GP confirming the medical reason why I was not at the hearing on 29 February 2016.
  41. The conviction was set aside in the District Court, upon appeal.
  42. I believe it should be overturned completely, along with the decision to grant both ADVO applications by Ward and O’Bryan, and therefore dismiss all of the following allegations of breach, bought against me at Gwen Bradley’s insistence, to cover up for her friends original perjurous applications and statements to the court, both in written and verbal form.




Response Letter. Signed Copy. Burt

A2056141 – REPLY

The letter below from NSW Justice actually confirms that matters have been listed for hearing on 15 February 2016. I was unaware of that, and if I had received that advice, was of the opinion if was for mediation. Yet it was for the allegation of the incidence of violence, and matters had been revoked from mediation, without me knowing. But this lady knew, back then. Wow!
Ms Tracey Burt response

ICAC Gwen reply

Letter from Justice Services re mediation revoked

Reply to complaint Miss Tracey Burt 4 November 2016

Integ reply

PIC April


I can’t find my first response from Troy Grant. He tells me to make sure I pay my fine, or I’ll be in more trouble.

After that he has a man from the Legislative Assembly write to me on his behalf. Each time that person showed he had no real understanding of the events that had gone on, or was deliberately playing dumb.

As much as I wanted to send him some nasty replies, I put it off until I was able to compose a more detailed letter to him. Never got that time, but did receive another dumb email from him not long ago.














NSW Government Gangstalking, Assisted by BDS Huon and Spiteful People

Just got back from the local medical clinic. Despite being open, it was booked out today.

I was going to try to get a medical certificate, so that I am not arrested at the Albury court house tomorrow, by design of Magistrate Murray and the rest of NSW Justice.

I was close to having a heart attack last week, but that was because I was feeling very angry. That often happens to me, when I pick up on the fact that people are plotting against me. On that occasion it seemed to be police, court staff and of course their favourite complainants.

My right arm had gone numb for two days the week before, but I put that down to having moved house, a couple of times recently. My back was also about to go out, so I rested up for a week before the final days of preparing for the hearing. I barely made it to court that day, I had been so sick in the lead up to it. The pain in my right shoulder has come back, and creating a dull ache in my chest. Any doctor would give me a medical certificate at the moment, and order me to bed rest and more tests. But I have no time for that anyway, Albury court house, and therefore Albury police, areout to get me.

I’d actually moved out of town at one stage, in the hope that I could wait for the hearing on 14 September without being afraid of police jailing me on behalf of Gwen Bradley, to prevent that hearing from happening. But the roof leaked in the flat I’d moved into, due to it not having been used for a couple of years, and I had to move back to ground zero.

Before I’d left, I’d made a comment on the end of a thread, about advising NSW Justice back in June that I would commit suicide if I am convicted in that corrupt house one more time, and by way of more corrupt dealings by the Magistrate and the Registrar.

Well that occurred on 14 September 2017. Now they plan to arrest and jail me tomorrow, again by design of Magistrate Murray.

So NSW Justice has deliberately not only allowed these perversions of the laws of Australia to continually be defied at the Albury local court, in relation to all matters against myself, they have now condoned myself being convicted again in my absence just last week.

The only times that I have been convicted in this 22 month saga, it has been in my absence. Once caused by illness, once to set Murray up, and once to be able to appeal the guaranteed conviction to the district court. Murray prevented that from happening, by only ‘part-hearing’ that matter, and reslisting it to be resolved on 14 September 2017.

As we all know, NSW justice and Albury court has been aware that I intended to vigorously defend the charge which was being heard on 14 September 2017, and which would have negated all of the other charges against me, apart from the one bought by Gwen Bradley of the CJC. I had already done so at the start of that hearing on 20 June 2017.

So the Magistrate drove me out of the court room, by way of acts of misconduct, and then convicted me in my absence, again, so they could keep all this corrupt bullshit going, and eventually jail me for something, or as many things as they could try to pin on me.

After the hearing in June, I planned to head north and see my daughter, and have a two month holiday from all of this. Instead, just as my car was breaking down, I decided to leave the place where I had been hiding out for the past several weeks. The landlord had been bringing me down, and I needed to get away.

I went to stay with my son, while I got the car fixed, and a couple of nights after moving in, I mentioned court, and we had an argument. We always do, whenever I bring it up. His grandmother poisoned his mind about those matters, but also to a degree that he cannot even bear to hear anything about that topic.

However, before I moved out, he did agree to testify in court, against his grandmother and aunt. I had considered asking him to do so this week, but again, chose not to put him in that position, especially if I was able to leave town soon, and they would have been all the ‘family’ that he had here.

I got so down, that I posted the following messages in private to the NSW Justice Facebook page. I then copied them and sent them to various government departments.

The next day, I had Albury police phoning me. Constable Lamont actually, one of my arresting officers. The message had told me to ask for a certain Sargent. When I did, I was told he was not on duty that day, and put through to Lamont.

She wanted me to come to the police station, so they could check out my mental health. Yeah right. I refused. She kept phoning and demanding that if I would not do that, I must go to the ER at the hospital. They would have arrested me there. I refused. I advised that all of the things that had been weighing me down, had been fixed. I’d found somewhere else to live for a while, been given a gift of some money to assist with car repairs, and it looked like I would be able to make it north, and be there in time for my daughter’s birthday.

Not good enough for Constable Lamont, I had to do what she said. When I reminded her of the false charge she had personally bought against me, and which had contributed to the suicide threat, she lied and said she had nothing at all to do with my court matters. Yet her charge was the one bought against me to destroy the appeal of Con Weekley’s charge.

I emailed the Albury court house and asked them to tell police to stop phoning me, or I would kill myself. The police continued to call.

In the end, on the first day that I spoke to Lamont, I agreed to call the Albury equivalent of LifeLine , and have them phone them back. I had the house to myself that day, son and his friend were away for the weekend, and I certainly didn’t feel like sitting at outpatients for hours on end, only to be arrested by corrupt Albury police and sectioned on their say-so.

I phoned the mental health line run by the Albury City Council. They were the same corrupt people that corrupt police had sent to my door previously, by making false complaints that I was attacking my family, on a blog, or by way of attempting to bring criminal charges against at least one of them.

The lady read out all that she entered into the system. Agreed that I did infact sound all good, and not suicidal in anyway, nor even depressed. They refused to phone the police for me though, and I had to phone Lamont and tell her to do it instead.

The mental health line followed up a couple of days later, to check on me, and again found me all good. I wonder if the records that both of those women have been changed since then. Wouldn’t surprise me if they had.

After receiving a copy of the email, a staff member from the NSW Ombudsman office phoned me up, pretty much laughing about it all. He stated that while he was concerned about me, he would still not open any investigations into the people I have lodged complaints about.

I am not suicidal at the moment. I am at the end of my physical strength though, and have put off dangerous medical conditions until ‘after court ends’. It appears they might end me first though. BDS Huon and their employee are aware of what one of those conditions is – a potentially cancerous ulcer on my chest. They have seen photos of it. Yet they continue with all of this, and will be happy to see my die in jail from it, because they have to protect their own business reputation, and licences to operate same. Despite vast amounts of professional misconduct on their part.

So while I wait for sentencing, I will start getting this thing checked out. If it is a result of lung cancer, then yes, suicide might well be an option I would consider.

I’ll get some heroin and OD, so that my mother can tell people that her junkie daughter died finally, from a drug overdose. Funny that I haven’t want to use that since my early 20’s and have not.


Department of Justice NSW
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Government Organization

Jun 29th, 12:03pm

Tracey Burt

Why are you supporting a corrupt magistrate who is convicting and fineing people for false allegations bought against them, in cahoots with their CJC mediator.

Why do you support a Magistrate who would have an innocent person assaulted by police to cover up for his crimes, and that of his mate the CJC mediator.

Why do you support a Magistrate who already has a reputation for being corrupt, but who has now committed acts of perjury while on duty on the bench, to cover up for his own previous illegal actions


Why are you allowing the CJC mediator to punish me for lodging complaints about her representing her personal friends at the court house where she is mainly employed.

Why do you support her protecting a pedophile from being charged for historic sexual abuse, just because his mother doesn’t want anyone to know that he is a sexual predator.


Why are you protecting the CJC mediator who bought false charges against me, to cover up for her own illegal actions

Why are you allowing court transcripts in albury to be changed and doctored to cover up for the corruption going on in their local court

why are you allowing the registrar of the albury court house to change decisions after hearing, and delist applications to the court and replace those with false criminal charges

why are you the most corrupt department in NSW when you are supposed to be all about justice

why do you support police who act unlawfully and frame people, so that court house mediator’s friends can win their false allegations

why don’t you address truthful allegations of corruption, within your department


Jun 29th, 4:19pm

I am currently seeking advice on how to best assist, we will be in touch shortly, thank you, the Justice communication team.


Jun 29th, 5:43pm


Thank you, I didn’t really expect a reply. However, you will not be able to do anything to stop what is being done to me, your department will always protect the corrupt magistrate and the corrupt cjc worker, even if that means sending an innocent person to jail


There is nothing anyone can do to stop what is being done to me now, its far too late. In fact, I noticed today that the CJC has been having laws regarding their operations repealed, so that I cannot sue them for what they did to me. Again, thats the department protecting itself from a lawsuit which they fully deserve to have slapped on them, because they failed to address the issue at the outset


You have destroyed my life, my health, my relationships with my children. There is nothing left except for me to commit suicide now to finally end it all. I can’t go on fighting this any longer. Tell the CJC that my blood is now on their hands, and Magistrate Murray’s


Then you can cover all of this up, and pretend that no miscarriage of justice ever occurred.


Jun 30th, 8:31am

I can have someone call you to discuss the matter, would you like that? Also Please call Lifeline on 131114 their professional counsellors can be of great assistance in times like these.


Jun 30th, 10:23am


No point, as I said. I have been lodging complaints about this since early last year. All your department does is to send more corrupt police at me, and put me on more false charges.. I will kill myself rather than be jailed by a family who have abused me for all of my life, and are now using their friendship with an employee of the cjc to pretend that its the other way around


i will not be jailed on false charges, and by way of a magistrate who is lying and attacking me to cover up for the cjc employee, and then for himself, when he deliberately convicted me of allegations he knew wasn’t true, so the complainant would not be embarrassed at the court house for having made false complaints about her own offspring.


And unfortunately for you people, I do have a blog on the internet about these miscarriages of justice, and false charges and assault, on the internet. I will post my suicide note to that site, when I am ready to do it, and the whole world will know that an innocent person took her own life, because in the words of your own website, ‘there is nothing more soul destroying, than to be falsely convicted’.


had your staff followed the law, then it would never have happened. yet you exonerate the guilty, and allow them to continue to pretend that I was guilty of something all along, and now intend to jail me to cover up for this corruption you allowed to occur and to continue

So my soul is destroyed. my life is destroyed, my relationship with my children has now been destroyed by this abusive family. and you have become abusers to , because you have enacted their plot against me, and carried it on, until I have nothing left


so why don’t you tell Gwen Bradley of the CJC that she just murdered an innocent person, to protect her own daughters rental income, and then to protect her own job. when she is guilty of vast amounts of corruption, and should have fired last year, BEFORE she had me put on more false charges, and assaulted byy police

Hi Tracey, I have forwarded your matter to the Judicial Commission of NSW which is independent, their phone: 9299 4421. I also encourage you to call Lifeline on 13 11 14. Kind regards the social media team.


The Judicial Commission had me assaulted by police in October of last year, because I was going to challenge their refusal to overturn the miscarriage of justice to the federal court. they will do nothing about this. They are not independent, their role is to cover up for corrupt magistrates

Type a message…


From: Tracey Burt <traceyburt1@outlook.com>
Sent: Friday, 30 June 2017 10:58 AM
To: Premier; cjc@justice.nsw.gov.au; Local Court Albury; local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Office of the General Counsel; Ombudsman; icac@icac.nsw.gov.au; investigations@abc.net.au; ADR_Directorate@agd.nsw.gov.au; complaints@judcom.nsw.gov.au; director_justicelegal@agd.nsw.gov.au; Carl English; info@msb.org.au; justice.policy@justice.nsw.gov.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; nswombo@ombo.nsw.gov.au; Ombudsman; senator.brandis@aph.gov.au; secretary@jca.asn.au; vaucluse@parliament.nsw.gov.au; vs@justice.nsw.gov.au

Subject: My suicide note will be posted publicly, and name Magistrate Murray, the CJC and the Albury Local Court as who drove me to it

I was depressed last night, but I will follow through with this threat to commit suicide over what corrupt murray did to me, if you continue with your plans to jaill me to cover up for him

Facebook conversation was attached


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Friday, 30 June 2017 2:31 PM
To: local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Local Court Albury; cjc@justice.nsw.gov.au; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au; Premier; Office of the General Counsel; investigations@abc.net.au; icac@icac.nsw.gov.au; nswombo@ombo.nsw.gov.au


Tell Abury Police to stop phoning me or I will phone Prime News.

I have no plans to commit suicide today. I’d left a few things out of my brief against Gwen’s charge. I want to make sure that is fixed, and lodged via email, before I go anywhere.

You started this, when you gave Albury police my address, and instructions to frame, then harass me.

You phone them, and tell them that if they call me one more time, I will phone the news, or set up a live stream to youtube, talking about that you are now trying have me taken into custody, again, to cover up the stench of your own corruption.


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Friday, 30 June 2017 4:31 PM
To: Local Court Albury; local_court_albury@agd.nsw.gov.au; Premier; liverpool@parliament.nsw.gov.au




Albury police of course, kept on phoning me. I didn’t answer their calls. They didn’t leave messages, to cover up for the fact they were now trying to drive me to suicide.

Murray Complaint p1 editMurray Complaint p2 edit



Murray 5 scan edit

Murray 5 pg 2 edit


I didn’t keep a scan of the signed version of this. However, it was written after I had already lodged two complaints about the issues with the hearings on 15 and 29 February 2016, and had just been supplied with the transcripts for same. I was able to make those same complaints, but in a briefer statement, and back it up with the evidence. Again, dismissed by the corrupt Judicial Commission.

I’ve also only posted ones which I did have a scan of the signed copy, but there were 5 or 6 complaints about Murray in total, lodged by myself in 2016. I’d also emailed one about Magistrate Cromptom refusing to hear an appeal into Janice O’Bryan’s ADVO. However, I withdrew by not posting a signed copy of the complaint, and advised that I felt sorry for him, for being forced to have to endorse Murray’s corrupt decisions.

Of course, I no longer feel sorry for him, and in September I realized he was in on it to, by something sneeky he tried to do at a hearing, and laughed with the prosecutor about, thinking I wouldn’t notice it. In fact, it was the date of lodgement for the brief against all four charges of brief. He advised the prosecutor what that day was to be, smiling broadly, but did not advise myself. They assumed I would miss it, and tr to lodge at hearing.

It was in thinking about his behaviour, that I worked out that I must lodge on that day too then, one copy with the court, and one with NSW police. When I advised them by email that I’d be making that deadline, they assaulted me, searched my documents, and put me on illegal bail. Which I am still on of course, because NSW Justice is supporting all of this, on behalf of the government run pedophile ring, assisted by NSW police.

I did lodge a complaint about Cromptom, but then the Judicial commission failed to respond to it. I think that was the one I was going to use to get me to the Federal Court early this year, and which is why the Judicial Commission did not issue the letter I needed to take an appeal to that venue.


Complaint to the Judicial Commissioner

I, Tracey Gwendoline Burt, of XXXXXX Crescent, West Albury in New South Wales, wish to complain against ­­­­­­­­­­­­ Magistrate Tony Murray of the Albury Local Court.

My complaint is as follows:

On 15th February 2016, Magistrate Murray deliberately perverted the course of justice, as a favour to personal friends of Gwen Bradley, of the CJC, and possibly on behalf of the owners of BDS Huon, Tax Accountants.

After revoking matters from mediation, for which the order had been made on 5 February 2016, by Magistrate Cromptom, Magistrate Murray pretended that there had been a valid allegation made of an incidence of violence between the parties of O’Bryan vs Burt or Ward vs Burt, but which he knew was simply that Gwen Bradley had been told that she’d been reported to the ICAC for her illegal involvement in those same matters.

At hearing on 15th February 2016, Magistrate Murray pretends to the court, and everyone involved, that police are bringing that charge against the accused, and that it is a valid reason to grant the two ADVO applications made by O’Bryan and Ward, without the defence evidence being considered. No evidence of same was presented, and the prosecutor had no idea what he was talking about. The matter had to be adjourned for two weeks, as the respondent had failed to appear.

At hearing on 29th February 2016, Magistrate Murray continued the charade, and awarded both AVO applications by O’Bryan and Ward. He did so without any new information, or charges, having been added to their complaints after 5 February 2016, when he revoked the matters from mediation.

Magistrate Murray then convicted myself of the allegation of breach, based on a falsified statement by the arresting officer Constable Rowan Weekley, without considering the defence evidence relating to same.

I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believe the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths Act 1900.

Declared at: Albury on 19 August 2016          



[Tracey Burt]


In the presence of an authorised witness, who states:



I, ______________________________________________     a    ____________________________________

[name of authorised witness]                                      [qualification of authorised witness]


Certify the following matters concerning the making of this statutory declaration by the person who made it:

  1. I have not known the person for least 12 months, but I have confirmed the person’s identity using an identification document and the document I relied on was:



[describe identification document relied upon]


_________________________________________________                      ____________________________

[signature of authorised witness]                                                         [date]




From: Andrew Harding <aharding@ombo.nsw.gov.au>
Sent: Friday, 30 June 2017 3:43 PM
To: Tracey Burt

Subject: RE: My suicide note will be posted publicly, and name Magistrate Murray, the CJC and the Albury Local Court as who drove me to it [DLM=For-Official-Use-Only]

For Official Use Only

Dear Ms Bur

You may be aware that I have telephoned you today on the mobile number we have listed on our records for you. So far I have been unable to speak with you but have left messages for you to telephone me

I would like to know that you are okay.

Could you please telephone me on (02) 9286 0905 so we can talk about your concerns. 

Kind regards


Andrew Harding

Investigation Officer (avail. Mon – Fri) | Public Administration Division | NSW Ombudsman
Level 24, 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9286 0905 | F 02 9283 2911 | E aharding@ombo.nsw.gov.au
W www.ombo.nsw.gov.au

The NSW Ombudsman is now


From: Tracey Burt [mailto:traceyburt1@outlook.com]
Sent: Friday, 30 June 2017 3:56 PM
To: Andrew Harding

Subject: Re: My suicide note will be posted publicly, and name Magistrate Murray, the CJC and the Albury Local Court as who drove me to it [DLM=For-Official-Use-Only

I am alive and have no plans to kill myself today.

However, it is too late to try to talk to me now, after all this time of refusing to investigate what has been done to me

I am now homeless and my car is broken down. Therefore I am now on the streets and at the mercy of corrupt police, and unable to go away between the next court date, and relax for a while.

I do not have mental health issues, and I am not having anything of that kind. Just the stress is becoming too much to bear.

However, I will kill myself, before having my children suffer the shame of seeing me jailed, and for what are all false allegations, you allowed to be bought against me, to cover up for my initial complaints about Gwen Bradley of the CJC and Constable Rowan Weekley of the Albury police force, who deliberately set all of this in motion in January of last year.


For Official Use Only

Dear Tracey

I am glad to hear that you are alive. 

It is clear though you are feeling very sad at the moment. It is important to let people know how your feeling.

I am sorry we have not been in a position to help you resolve the concerns you have. But I am able to help you to seek support and talk about how you are feeling.

Below are some services that can help you right now with how you are feeling. I encourage you to telephone at least one of these services

Suicide call back service: 1300 659 467

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 463

I understand you may also require some support to get into accommodation. The Link2home service may be able to help you.

You can telephone them on 1800 152 152. This is a free service

You are also welcome to telephone me on (02) 9286 0905 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday should you wish to do so 

Kind regard

Andrew Harding

Investigation Officer (avail. Mon – Fri) | Public Administration Division | NSW Ombudsman
Level 24, 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9286 0905 | F 02 9283 2911 | E aharding@ombo.nsw.gov.au
W www.ombo.nsw.gov.au

The NSW Ombudsman is now on Twitter @NSWOmbo 




BDS Huon, Lavington, Owns the Albury Police and Local Court Magistrates

This facebook post, describes the first part of the hearing which was supposed to conclude on 14 September 2017. I walked out, because not only was the Magistrate protecting the witnesses from being cross-examined, but the Prosecutor was actively doing the same.

She’s a corrupt little piece of work that Sgt Lewis. She was the one who wanted to prosecute me for Weekley’s illegal charge on 5 February 2016, and was disappointed when the Magistrate didn’t even both to mention it.

She was huddled with the complainants, after that hearing, when they were disappointed that the result was an order for mediation. The other team in this argument, don’t believe in that, open communications, discussions or agreeing to disagree. They only believing in winning, no matter how many people they have to deceive into helping them get across the line.

I wonder if the Sgt had anything to do with that false allegation of an ‘incidence of violence’. I still believe Bradley made it to Murray, but there’s a chance the idea came from Sgt Lewis.

Post made on the Australian Police Watch Facebook Group

Tracey Burt

One of the part owners of BDS Huon, taxation accountants based in a suburb of Albury, put on an awesome display of his control over the police prosecutor at the Albury court house, and even the Magistrate himself, earlier this week.

Jon Williams had been aware since late last year that he was going to be summoned for cross examination by myself, in relation to false allegations made against me by an employee of BDS Huon, at the rehearing of the first of those false charges.

Everyone involved in the case was at the court house at 9.30 am. The Magistrate was late, and court didn’t start until 10am. Shortly after 11, our case was called. Mr Williams was still not present. When going over the list of police witnesses, the prosecutor and the Magistrate, tried not to let me have any input into that discussion. I pulled them up, and asked if Mr Williams was present, because I would be seeking an adjournment, until he made himself available. The court advised he was definitely going to be there.

Our hearing moved along, dealing with other sundry matters, and then we were finally ready to start. The Prosecutor wanted to call Jon Williams, of BDS Huon, as their first witness. However, he was still not there. The Magistrate advised that someone had just phoned him, and he would be arriving in about 20 minutes. He had to adjourn our case until the star witness could arrive.

Mr Williams arrived about 11.50. The case which had been next in line, had been started during our adjournment. It was still going at 1pm when we all went to lunch. Upon arriving back at the court house at 2pm, the other case was still in progress, and another one was now waiting in line before my own matter.

At about 2.15 the police prosecutor interrupted the other case, and advised that she wanted to arrange for my matter to be dealt with next, even though that would mean adjourning the next case in line completely for the day, and for which two witnesses had driven up from Melbourne to appear.

The Magistrate pointed that out to the prosecutor, to which she replied that she was very aware of that, but Mr Williams, a local businessman, needed to get back to his office. The Magistrate argued again, that while that is understandable, inconveniencing two other people for him, wasn’t real cool. However, the prosecutor again argued that Mr Williams should not have to sit around the Albury court house all day, when he is such a busy and important man.

The Magistrate agreed. He called the solicitor for that case into the room, and advised her what the court wanted to do. She was annoyed. She asked to speak to her clients. She came back and again argued that they too had waited all day for their hearing, and did not want to be adjourned to another date, and have to travel 300 km back to Albury, for that. She asked if the court would at least agree to try to hear their case, after mine had ended. The Magistrate informed her that there would not be enough time left.

Their case was adjourned, and my own was called. I finally got to cross examine Jon Williams on the stand, during which he pretty much told lies and committed acts of perjury. I got to cross examine the cop who had framed me for an allegation of having committed a crime against BDS Huon, when all I had done was send the company a letter advising that one of their staff members was breaking federal relations and had some matters running through the local court which might become embarrassing his company.

The cop was surly, and tried not to answer questions, by shrugging his shoulders instead. It was obvious who had acted illegally was on the day he had framed and ‘arrested’ me, and it was not me, it was the cop, and he now was very unhappy about being forced to answer questions about that day.

I have appeared in court at least 26 times in relation to the six false charges BDS Huon have assisted their staff member to bring against me, to cover up for her illegal actions, and which related to the clients of BDS Huon. When she appears in court, Magistrate Murray would call the matter as early as he could, so that she could get back to the office. On days that she was not required to be present, Maggot Murray would leave my case until second last of the day, and make me sit there until after 4pm.

I arrive at the court house at 9.30. On most occasions I don’t get out of there until late afternoon. I might be on disability pension, so have the free time, but the hard seats, the cold and the stress, cause me all sort of health problems. .

Yet Jon Williams, resented having to leave his office, for just a couple of hours, and which included a one hour lunch break, to try to have me again convicted of the false allegations they have made against me, to protect their employee.

What a crock of shit. Now we know for sure, who has been controlling the Albury Police, when they bought these charges against me, and all of which were designed to protect BDS Huon’s business reputation, in the face of one of their employee’s being accused of misconduct.

For the record, Mr Williams stated under oath, that he is not aware of the Federal Regulations which make it an offence for any of his employees to leak information about their clients, to outside parties. He is not aware of the regulations which require that he protect his clients’ information at all times from being leaked.

Yet, I do believe he is very aware that his company could be stripped of their licence to operate a tax accountancy firm, if they fail to comply with both of those regulations. I believe the minimum penalty is $225,000 that they would have to pay to their clients, in automatic compensation, if any of them can prove that things they told that staff if that company, ended up becoming known by unconcerned parties.

And they wonder why put warnings on the internet to the people of Albury, ‘don’t get your tax done at BDS Huon, or your financial and personal information, will end up all over town, in the form of gossip’.

My case could not be finished of course, once we resumed at about 3.30pm. It had to be adjourned to be finished on another date. So, after waiting at the court house all day, I now have to go back again, and do the same again. As will the three cops who had to sit there all day, waiting to be called to give their evidence.

But Mr Williams part in the hearing, is over now. He doesn’t have to come back. He just made sure that a whole heap of other people do though, because he had work to do. F**k you, Jon Williams, corrupt business owner, controlling Albury Court House

Tracey Burt Thanks Lauren. A blatant display of how private firms control the courts in Australia. Especially when they want to bring false charges, against an innocent person to cover up for their own misconduct

Tracey Burt When Mr Williams arrived at the court house, he sat with the cop who’d arrested me, rather than with his own employee. He and the cop were very friendly. When I questioned the cop about that briefly, he stated that he has known Mr Williams for over a year, and they did not meet through these police matters.

Tracey Burt Mr Williams stated that he thinks it is appropriate for his staff to give false statements to the police, to ensure that I am convicted of crimes against his staff member. However, I should have been protected by the public disclosure act, or whistle blowers legislation, from reprisals by that staff member and the company who sought to protect her 

Tracey Burt Mr Williams also claims that to this very day, he has never finished reading the letter I wrote and delivered to his home address. Yet he wants me reconvicted and refined, for writing it

Tracey Burt This was the re-hearing of the charge, after the district court ruled in August last year, that it hadn’t even been heard in the local court. That I had just been convicted, without any kind of hearing, or chance to defend myself. That had been deliberate, and arranged by the Magistrate himself. For the re-hearing of the same charge, for which I had been paying off a fine of $560 for a couple of months last year, until it was set aside, the cop has changed the date of the offence. I was convicted and fined for having committed that ‘offence’ on 13 January 2016. For the rehearing of the same charge, it is now alleged that the offence took place on 4 December 2015. Is that even legal

Tracey Burt The offence committed on 13 January 2016, was the day the staff member of BDS Huon took that letter to police, seeking to have me charged for writing it. That was the real crime in this matter, and it was committed by their employee seeking to cover up for her own misconduct. 4 December 2015, was the date I wrote and delivered the letter. I have never denied that, and in fact, had submitted a copy of the letter as part of my defence documents to the court. The staff member got that letter, from those same defence documents, and went to police to have me charged, for disproving her other false allegations by way of the evidence lodged alongside that document. 


The post did continue on that page, but my copy doesn’t appear to contain it all.

However, it was emailed to various government and taxation departments in its entirety, and eventually it got around to the real issue here.

The BDS Huon employee’s real shameful secret that she was seeking to keep hidden. It wasn’t really her gossiping she was trying to hide, it was ‘that subject’.

And she used her employer’s once good name, and connections, to bring it about for her.


The above also explains why I had no patience with the court this time. Plus, after that hearing, I picked up my mail, found the new instances of fraud committed by Weekley, and which the Albury Local Court is again seeking to cover up, and the advice that Magistrate Murray had been personally hearing more false allegations against me, made by these same people he perverted the course of justice for last year.

I already knew when I went to that hearing, that I would walk out, if the Magistrate did the same again. This time, he did it a lot quicker than last time, so the hearing didn’t last long at all.

It was not because I lost my temper that day, it was that I was not going to bother wasting anymore of my time in that local court.

So Susan says I was convicted, but a different Magistrate is going to sentence me via video link from the parent court of the Albury one. Being Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga court house was investigated by the ICAC, a few years ago. I’ll see if I can refind that story.

But if I have been convicted, then legally, I should be able to lodge an appeal against that.


Can’t find that story, but when you google Wagga Wagga court house + ICAC, this blog comes up. 🙂


Defence brief, lodged with the court and NSW police, 19 June 2016. No date for service had been set, since a hearing in September 2016, stated that it would be by 4 November 2016. When police were advised that I would be lodging in time for that deadline, and counter charging all arresting officers with illegal conduct, they put me on a new false charge, arranged by the court mediator Gwen Bradley and Susan Ward of BDS Huon, assaulted me, and which resulted in the hearings listed for November to be unable to occur, due to the injuries I’d suffered during that same assault.

See defence brief for this charge here:

Defence H60077075 Weekley pdf