Incredible Proof of Gang Stalking in Australia by a Satanic Cult Which Controls Government

I can not only relate to this woman’s story, but am proof of some of it as well.

While I had no career for them to destroy, the same assaults by corrupt government employees and associated agencies have tried to destroy every aspect of my life, for the past 6 years.

Why? I’ve always assumed it was because I lodged complaints about Centrelink workers deliberately acting illegally in relation to my DSP application, and for being smart enough to be able to document and prove those complaints.

Those complaints originally started out as being against a private firm, On-Q Human Resources, and that is who Centrelink were trying to protect when pretending that I did not qualify for DSP (therefore the company did no wrong when it sabotaged my application for it).

The government started creating false records about myself, and I see the same happening all through these processes at the Albury Local Court. Police and the court creating records which I am not allowed to see, or they suddenly don’t exist when I do start demanding to see them.

This woman’s experiences in the Supreme Court and High Court make me see why I have had no ability to stop any of these false and corrupt court proceedings, and that I cannot rely on the higher courts to do so either. The first priority it to protect the cult, and the corrupt ones who operate within its functions.

The woman’s expose of the real state of the medical profession in Australia also explains why GP’s will go out of their way to create false medical reports to suit Centrelink, and  not address the patient’s real conditions. Even radiologists are guilty of this practice.

However, they are all willing to use false reports of mental illness to attack the victims of their assaults. Just like Gwen Bradley.

Its obvious Gwennie and the crew down at the Local Court are experts in these kinds of attacks, and deliberate destruction of the lives of people who won’t bow down to the New World Order.

Which is what I was referring to in another post when I poked fun at my ex-family ‘that its hard for me being special’.

It was the Illuminati who came after me and mine several years ago. They tried to MK ultra me, and because they weren’t able to capture me, are quite happy to let me die for refusing to surrender.

They came after me partly due to the psychic gifts my family claim I don’t have, even though I have hardly even spoken to them about the things I see and feel, after identifying me as being special on a world wide forum.

The kidnapping of my son was to be part of the trauma based programming, but again, I was able to prevent that aspect of their attack too.

Susan Ward gets a mention about an hour or so into the above interview. The relative with a low IQ who is willing to sell out a relative to the satanic cult, in exchange for favours.

In her case, that she could carry on with her false allegations and attempt to dominate and humiliate me in court, in exchange for being their complainant in their own attempts to destroy me.

So again, I am not the aggressor in these matters. I’m the happy go lucky one that the mentally ill ones can’t stand being happy.

It is their own dysfunction which causes them to be drawn into these games, and the further dysfunction that participation creates which keeps them stuck in them.

And that description involves all people involved, including the Magistrates and all of the staff at the Albury court house.

Nasty little people, being used by satanists, to attack innocent people, and doing it willingly. Which shows just how sick they are too.

The people will continue to expose this disgusting practice and overthrow this cult and all of its higher players, by way of Facebook, YouTube and blogs, until you can hide no more.

For every person you try to gag, you create several new people willing to post information declaring your actions and behaviour to be out of line.

Cheers to Helen Tsigounis, for documenting it so well, and presenting the case against, and proof of, government gang stalking so well.




Australia was founded by secret societies not christianity.

Its outback, an ancient, unorganised space was a strange display to its original
human inhabitants, who recognised their home as shared with wild spirits
that were themselves inhuman.

Today, Australia has become a proving ground for other strange displays,
those of deep black technologies that don’t appear to be of this world
even when they are.

A host of occultic twists to the story of military intelligence and wild allegations
that Australia is controlled by an alleged ring of paedophiles holding
high public office.

I, an Australian doctor of Greek descent found myself visciously attacked
by the controllers of the Australian System.

I had my licence to practice as a doctor taken away from me in circumstances
which I believe were unjust and designed to maliciously destroy me.
I found that my lawyers, the judges and the media conspired to prevent
justice and to further the process of damage and destruction not only to my
career but to all aspects of my life.

I was fraudulently bankrupted, and could not obtain my passport so as to
leave the country and work overseas for three years.

I was continually harassed, victimised and had threats to my life.
This story, constructed in my own words is more than just a personal tragedy,
but something much deeper and more universal in its events.

It is centred on the court evidence of my case, the case of Dr Helen Tsigou9
nis versus the Medical Board of Queensland (AUSTRALIA) and other public

A verse given to me at the beginning of the court process is as follows:

“If you can hear the truth, then you have spoken twisted to make a trap for

This is one story that traps many truths.

I am currently unable to live and work in the country where I was born,
Australia, and my life is at risk.

Helen Tsigounis





What’s Got the Commonwealth Ombudsman Working on a Weekend?

I guess they must have their knickers in a knot over one of my complaints lodged a couple of days ago.

I can’t recall at the moment how many I did lodge with them because I was forced by their system to keep most I wanted to make in-state, so think it was only the one with their Commonwealth office.

Asking for them to investigate the Inspector General of Taxation’s failure to investigate BDS Huon for professional and criminal misconduct.

Asking that BDS Huon be forced to pay the $4,000 fine, since they seem to think its a crime to advise them of misconduct within their own offices.

The Commonwealth phoned me yesterday but I didn’t bother to call them back yet. I guess they are only calling to dismiss the complaint before they have to allow it to officially remain in the system for too long.

I  fail to fully appear in the video because I hadn’t had a shower and brushed my hair before I recorded the phone messages. 😉


Actually the officer has taken the time to write me an email, which I’ve just received at 1.27pm, on Saturday 20 January 2018.

She states that they can’t investigate the private company of course, but can investigate the IGT for failing to act. I have to send her some proof of that before the end of this week.

Some readers might recall that the Tax Practitioner’s Board refused to fulfill a legal FOI request relating to their records of how they handled my complaint about BDS Huon. When I lodged a complaint with the IGT they said they would oversee my legal right to those documents, and ensure that I got them. Then they were asked to butt out and dropped the case.

So yes, I have plenty of complaints to make about the IGT.

Including that it was advised that the BDS Huon’s employee’s mother spoke on behalf of the company at what was to be an appeal of her AVO having been granted based on myself writing to that company, even though the two issues had nothing in common, and the words she spoke at that hearing were lies.

She advised Magistrate Cromptom that BDS Huon were not under investigation, and their staff planned to attend the hearing of the four charges of breach to cheer their employee on as they watch her have me convicted of all of those.

Yet, I have emails spanning more than a month prior to that hearing, and the period shortly after it, which confirm the IGT was indeed looking into why the TPB was being so secretive about why they refused to act. The IGT had also confirmed via email that breaches of client confidentiality were certainly something that the TPB should have investigated BDS Huon for being in violation of.

Cromptom of course refused to hear the appeal in the legal manner in which it should be been, being that the protected person was forced to prove her allegations against me and in front of me this time. He relieved her of that legal responsibility by claiming that I had no right to miss court for the mistrial which occurred on 29 February 2016. Also, because I’d been charged by police again against another AVO, held by her daughter, therefore I didn’t deserve the right to appeal.

Instead he asked her if she still wanted her AVO and when she replied that she did, and despite being aware that she had just been shown to be lying about BDS Huon and the IGT granted it to her. Then illegally set another application in motion on her behalf after that one had expired, and back dated that of course, and then granted that without hearing and in and during other outrageous acts of criminal conduct on that same day.



I wonder if the Office of Public Prosecutions will phone me tomorrow?


The Blog Which Started Two Years of Corrupt Court Proceedings

I post this as a scheduled post in case I disappear off to jail this week. This is a copy of the article which is mentioned in all of my arrest documents and the illegally gained ADVO orders.

As you can see, if the Magistrate had bothered to read the blog before banning me from writing anything about my family on the internet, he would see that is actually describes a couple of crimes committed against myself, by the family from hell.

  1. Gary Burt obtaining money from a minor by fraudulent deception.
  2. Addresses the issue of the false allegations about the state of my mental health
  3. Mentions sexual assaults, and attempts of same, by Wayne Burt

The Magistrate decided to dismiss all the defence evidence without reading it, because staff had already pointed out to him that the mediator’s personal friends were shown to have made false allegations against me, committed perjury in their submissions to the court and verbally while under oath when asking for Interim Orders to be issued.

Two years of my life wasted by these false proceedings which were perverted away from the course of justice by the Maggot on the Bench, shortly after they had been disproven.

The NSW taxpayer has paid for all of these hearings, investigations that were deliberately dismissed and the cost of processing all the paperwork for same. I am forced to bear the cost of conducting my own defence, when the court refuses to consider that anyway.

The complainants got away with it all for free, at your expense.

BDS Huon wanted to protect their business reputation from truthful allegations made against their employee on the blog and only because she had came to my house and attempted to assault me based on the article below on the day that it was posted, and her and the mother from hell were making threats that they were going to send Wayne Burt to bash me up for writing it and posting it to the net.

The only mention of Ward in the article below is that she was sexually assaulted by her brother too. In the weeks following during which I left it on the air, the mother from hell  continued to make that same threat of sending Wayne to bash me up, so I started to blog stories about other times they have threatened to beat me up if I don’t obey them.

The complainants should have been fined $1,100 at the outset, for having made false allegations but the court didn’t do that, due to their friendship with the court mediator. However, the court should have dismissed their applications once they had been so thoroughly disproven.

Because they are blood relatives, I had no legal recourse to stick them with my defence costs. Had they been strangers who did this to me, that compensation would have been almost automatic on asking for it.

The complainants continue to lie in court, and cost this state a shit load of legal expenses, again because their friend works at the Albury court house and they can get away with what they are doing for that reason.

The complainants continue to lie, because they don’t wish to admit that they were proven in court to by lying fools, and who make threats of physical violence against other members of the family from hell.

I continue to blog about it, because I refuse to be their victim anymore and that is what started this fight initially, the lies they tell about me, because they are all jealous that I usually manage to stay out of the continuing family fights and back stabbing.

For that reason, they tried to blame all those fights all on me, and made these applications to the court assuming I would just walk away and not defend myself from their new attack, like I usually do. They got a shock when I elected to stay and fight for my right not to have slanderous lies spread around about myself, to cover up for the fact that the mother from hell still hates my guts for telling her what sent her other daughter insane, having sex with her own brother.

There is a point where slander becomes criminal slander, and they had crossed that point way back in 2015.

The blog also shows that I was not blackmailing anyone for money, as the mother from hell claims in her AVO application, but merely asking my other brother to repay the money he still owes to me from his failed heroin deal, because I intended to have nothing to do with him from that point on.

I didn’t expect him to pay it, because he is a looser controlled by a wife who can’t control her own spending, meaning they have no savings in the bank, not even enough to pay a $200 debt. I just wanted relatives to hear some truths about him, since he was spreading the mother from hell’s lies about me, and I don’t have to stand for that either.

So I am to be jailed for asking slanders to stop telling lies about me. The liars didn’t stop, and still haven’t, and now I will be jailed over the further lies they continue to tell to the court by way of their new applications.

So neither have I stopped blogging, and I won’t remove this blog until these matters have been properly addresses by the courts and police, and the real guilty people charged.

Gary Burt Rips off His Younger Sister – To Buy Heroin

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Tracey 

When I was 16 years old and saving up for my first car, my brother Gary Burt came to see me, and asked if he could borrow $1,000 from my car fund to buy himself 1 oz of heroin. He didn’t live at home by this stage, but I was already aware that he injected it, because I’d walked in and him and his friend doing so at our kitchen table, after school one day when I was 15 years old. On that occasion he followed me to my bedroom and stated, ‘don’t worry about what you saw, that stuff doesn’t hurt you’.
Upon listening to his request, I declined to agree to give him the money, saying it seemed like a stupid thing to do, when he would use all the drugs, and I would be out of pocket.
‘No’, he replied, ‘all I have to do is to sell half of the bag, and I will get $1,000 back for that, and have the other half of the bag to use myself for free.’
‘Again, no’, I said, ‘It doesn’t seem like a worthwhile thing to risk losing most of my current car fund for.’
‘But this deal is just too good to pass up, and isn’t on offer for long. The guy has come up from Melbourne, with high grade heroin, at a good price. I really want to buy one of these big bags of it. He doesn’t have many, and will be leaving once they are all sold. I need to buy it right away, or miss out completely.’
‘Not my concern, I don’t take heroin, so why would I spend all of my car money on it’, I said.
‘Ah, but all I have to do is to sell a bit more and I will make more than the $1,000 back. I can easily make a profit, while still having heaps of heroin myself, so can pay you back with interest, say an extra hundred or two dollars. So look at it as an investment opportunity, which will pay off for you.’
Trusting my brother, and having had no experience with a junkie sting before, so not seeing it for what it was, I agreed to give him the money. I withdrew the cash from the bank the following day, leaving myself only $200 towards a car. The teller was someone I had gone to school with, and she later told me that the manager had asked her if he thought I might have withdrawn such a large amount to buy drugs. Banks must have been asked to watch out for that sort of thing even way back then. She assured him that I wasn’t the sort of person who would have been doing that, and had told her that I was about to purchase my first car.
I can’t recall how much time went by before Gary had to come around and tell me that he and his girlfriend had used all of the heroin, sold very little and had lost all of my money. He happily explained that he really pigged out on it, not just shooting up before and after work, but actually went home at lunchtime to have more, and then even at morning tea break. Until it was all gone. His girlfriend, who hadn’t had much experience with drugs before living with him, had also indulged herself, but not as much as he had.
I said, ‘Well, you’ve got a bit of time to get the money together, since I still have a few more months before I get my licence, and haven’t finished saving yet. But since I won’t be able to explain to mother where all my savings have gone, you better find a way to make sure you pay me back before all that happens.’
Gary had, at age 19 or so, only just bought his first car. A big yellow Ford. He was very proud of it. I’d already had to bail him out of jail, after being done for DUI in it, but he paid me back that time.
When the heroin dealer came to town, he left behind three ounce bags, with three of Albury’s biggest drugs dealers. One of whom was Gary. One of those drug dealers had their big bag of heroin stolen from their house, and didn’t know who did it. One of their visitors said that Gary Burt had a big bag of heroin and was shooting up big time from it, without even bothering to sell any. So the other dealer decided it must have been Gary who stole his bag, and set about extracting his revenge. He didn’t ask questions, just constructed a Molotov cocktail, and fire-bombed Gary’s pride and joy, the yellow Ford.
Now Gary was in a real sorry way. No car, and in debt to the tune of a grand. Yet, he managed to hear about a mini that was for sale, very cheap. His friend who owned it had been killed recently. He heard that his parents only wanted $80 for it, but Gary didn’t have that much money. Because he was a junkie.
So he went again, around to his mother’s house, to see his younger sister. He asked for more money out of her car fund, to buy the mini minor. He explained that he could drive it for a couple of months, and then give it to her once she had her licence.
She said she didn’t want a mini, that she had taken one for a test drive recently, and didn’t like it at all.
“Oh, but that wasn’t this mini’, he said, ‘my friend has souped this one right up, and it’s got a big GT stripe over it, and looks real cool. You’ll love it.’
‘No, I have no intention of buying a mini for myself,’ she said.
‘Awww come on Tracey, I’m your brother. Why won’t you help me out’, he pleaded. ‘I’ll buy it off you then, if you really don’t like it, and keep it for myself. OK. You can decide after you see it. OK?’
So I agreed and gave him the money. He bought the mini, came around and took me around the block in it once. That was the last time I ever saw it. The next I heard of it, was a couple of weeks later, when I ran into one of his friends at a nightclub. They said they had just seen Gary by the side of the road, and that he had just rolled ‘his’ mini – twice.
Eventually I came across a cool little Torana for sale. I made a deal with the guy to buy it. He still wanted to drive it for a couple of weeks, so that was all good. I contacted Gary and told him it was time to pay the loan. That I would let him off the $80 for the mini, but that he needed to come up with $1,000 within the next two weeks.
He got a personal loan from a finance company. For some reason he had to tell his mother about that. Maybe she had to go guarantor. He told her that he and his girlfriend needed to buy a new washing machine with the money because her’s had broken down.
Gary Burt went to pay his little sister the money. He gave her $880 only. He explained that his girlfriend’s birthday was in a few days, and he couldn’t afford to buy her a present. So he had bought one for her out of the $1,000. He showed it to me. It was a necklace with a diamond in it. I didn’t say much, even though I was annoyed. I was already a few hundred short of what I needed, and he had just added another hundred to that.
I admired the necklace, took the money, and pretended to be surprised and impressed when his girlfriend was showing it off after he’d given it to her. She was stunned that he had given her a present that was such a sign of commitment, an ‘expensive’ piece of jewelry and with a diamond in it. She thought it meant something. Yet it was just because he didn’t have to save up to buy it for her, someone else had done that for him. It was also to say sorry for making her lie to her parents for the first time ever, and to his own, about needing a washing machine.
I moved to the big city several months later, and yes, did eventually discover speed and heroin. But was always able to get myself back off them, whenever I was ready to stop. And that usually didn’t take too long. I can’t be dishonest enough to feed an expensive drug habit. Unlike my two brothers. The eldest was a junkie for over a decade, committed many crimes to feed his arm, and spent time in jail for a few different sentences. Gary at least got of it when he had kids. I’d been off it for several years before I even had kids, but according to the family, I’m the drug addicted one. Lol.
I had never asked Gary for the money he owed me, until two weeks ago. After he told my mother to take out an AVO against me, claiming that I had made a threat to him that I was going to break into her house and set things on fire in there. That was a complete distortion of something that was said, to hurt him, once his wife had started a quarrel with me.
When I explained to my landlord that my family were about to cause trouble for me, because they are lunatics, and that I might get a visit from the police or a sheriff, our relationship quickly soured. I moved out, rather than be in a house where I was no longer trusted.
The accommodation I was able to find to house myself for the next fortnight cost me $220 more than my normal rent would have. That left me without enough cash to get through the whole of the fortnight. So I emailed my ex-brother Gary Burt, and asked him to repay what he owed me financially, since he had created this new financial mess for me now.
I have never once borrowed money from him, in my whole life. I checked my bank a few days later, and no deposit had been made. I emailed him and his awful wife again, stating that I was calling in the loan, and to pay up soon please, before I ran out of cash. Again, nothing.
Once I had run out of money, coffee and food, and had to borrow $20 to buy cigs, I sent him and his greedy selfish lying manipulating wife a few more angry demands for the money. Gary eventually rang me to inform me that I was mentally ill and he was now going to push his mother into having me committed into a mental home.
Gary claims that he does not owe me any money. Yet he never paid me back for his failed heroin deal, nor the mini car, so I don’t agree.
I replied to Gary’s phoned threat to incarcerate me, that they would both end up looking pretty silly, for not only trying to have a sane person committed, for merely being angry at him, but also for the backstabbing and shabby behaviours he had recently indulged in against me.
My emails show not a sign of mental illness, but only ones of anger, finally being unleashed at some lying assholes who had done me wrong, plenty of times, while I had never been anything but friendly and polite to them. That’s not mental illness, that’s their karma in play.
Gary didn’t need to be reminded that I am not mentally ill. He knows that is a lie made up by my mother to cover up for something else.
There is a much darker reason, for mother’s lie about my sanity. And yes, she did send me to a shrink a few times, after I had been on heroin twice. Not because of any erratic or unstable behavior. She was aware though that my eldest brother was the one providing it to me, but pretended she couldn’t see that.
She was also not aware of the sexual abuse I’d been subject to by the same brother while I was growing up. That was not the reason I did drugs though. That’s because I spent my teenager years looking at them strewn across the tables of our houses, being packaged up for sale, or prepared for self-administration by my brothers and their friends. I was always given a discount by all of their drug dealing buddies, once I did start smoking. Mother was never at home, so she never saw any of it.
What the hypno-therapist’s test had picked up on though, something ‘a bit odd’ which he said may or may not manifest into something in the future, but was not an indication of any mental illness, was what I later realized were my psychic abilities. I’d already had some of them while I was a child, but didn’t understand it then. Later on, my abilities became more enhanced, the more I came to understand them, and especially as I tried to work with them.
Yes, I believe in things that most people don’t. Yes, I could pretend that I don’t believe in angels, and extraterrestrial beings. But that would mean living a lie. Because I have seen them, and researched mind, body and spirit for decades. I’ve also had many people offer me money to read my tarot cards for them, despite the fact that I usually did it for free as practice, and to gauge how it all worked. They always came back to say that it all came true.
My mother, and the rest of my family, don’t believe in those sorts of things. They don’t believe in other new age beliefs like self-healing, meditation, vegetarianism and being nice to other people. According to them, I am not allowed to believe in those things either then, or be labelled insane by them, and laughed at, by them.
Yet millions of other people believe the same things as I do. Yes, and billions don’t. But until one side can conclusively prove their argument, everyone has a right to make their own decision.
If you could go through my whole medical history, you would be able to see that my visits to GP’s over all of the years of my life have been about usual mundane issues, until my current illness started to develop and become inflamed. That is degenerative disc disease, RSI in the arms and shoulders and osteoarthritis. There is not one incident of me being treated, nor medicated for, or even examined for, a mental health condition. Ever.
There is only the two shrinks my mother sent to me, both of whom I only attended two sessions with, and one hypno-therapist, all of who I agreed to see, and as I said, that was only because mother was trying to be seen to be trying to stop me from using drugs.
I was always interested in the mind and how it works, and what it can do, so I really enjoyed the interesting conversations I had with them, but not one of them diagnosed me as being mentally ill, in need of any ongoing treatment, nor medication.
Which again demonstrates what an evil liar my mother is. To talk those appointments up now, into being a full blown case of fully diagnosed schizophrenia, to cover up the fact that my eldest brother molested me, shows again how sick she really is, and why my sister has been not allowed to heal either.
They say the molested child’s healing depends on how their mother reacts to the news, and deals with it. That is why Susan is mentally ill now. Because mother can’t deal with it. You will find that mother never said I was mentally ill previously, until not long after the time I told her about the assaults.
I had finally told my mother about the abuse, many years ago. She was angry that I dared to tell her that at all. She has hated me ever since. That’s the reason she spreads this lie about me, so that I would have no credibility if I ever tried to tell anyone else about this.
But she is mainly trying to protect the daughter of the pedophile from hearing it, when really she should have protected that grandchild from the pedophile, years ago.
Now Gary, for some reason seems to be using the same excuse, that I am mentally unwell, to explain why he and his wife never hear from me, nor have a relationship with me and neither do their children. That’s because last time we did live near them, they treated us like shit. Yes, the victims are not really the victims, as they claim. And I have never said a harsh or unkind word to them before, until now.
Gary tells the extended family, the world, and his own family, that we all shit on him and his wife. Yet when I reached out to him recently, it was his wife and eldest daughter who shat on me first, and it really didn’t take them long to do it. Then Gary himself had to, to defend their bullshit, and to continue to their pretence that I had attacked them all first.
I’m actually glad it all happened, because I’ve now found out what Gary and his wife Effie have been saying about me, by way of the insults their daughter starting texting to me. I was stunned.
I have also now learned, that Gary has become just as big a liar and his wife and mother. You can hear in his voice that he speaks with uncertainty, as he accuses others of doing them wrong. He is just repeating lies fed to him by his wife, and knows inside they are not right, yet he must parrot them off, to stay in her good books.
You can tell by his voice, that he is a completely disempowered person, who is as lost and as unconfident as an abused child. You’d think if his wife and life was so wonderful, that he would not only have found himself by now, but actually be happy.
Yet all they can do is cry and complain about everything. That’s what Effie is doing to him. She has him wallowing in self pity, and blaming his family for all of their own issues and failures. They have turned their children in haters of their own blood. Now it seems, they blame me, for what, I have no idea. I have always hidden by distaste for his wife, but I will no longer do so.
I am sending this out, to defend myself from their lies. I have found in recent years, that the only way to defend oneself from liars who stab from the back, is to go public with the truth. Sometimes you have to tell a whole roomful of innocent people, just to get your message to the few people who need to realize that they are being lied to.
As I’ve said, I never wanted to broadcast our dirty and shameful secret of sexual abuse and incest to anyone else. I only told mother a couple of decades ago, and then bought it up again once later with Susan. Susan and Gary both confirmed it all then. But now it has come to all of this. Because I am sick of Janice shooting the messenger. The messenger is now shooting back.
And yes, I did do drugs during my 20’s, but that was 30 years ago now, but so did everyone else around me while I was trying to grow up. So Gary Burt had no right to tell his daughter that I went insane from taking too many drugs. Because that is not only not true, but you can see how hypocritical that is, and why I am so angry about it.
It is not mental illness to tell the truth, Janice. One day you might learn to understand that, and that your own need to control, dominate and belittle everyone around you is now so bad, that it has manifested into a real mental illness. And it is yours, and yours alone. You created it, for yourself.
Don’t throw your shit at me anymore, when you are wallowing in it, with your other three children, and I am the only one who refuses to step back into the cesspool with you all.
Gary Burt knew that the brother he is still crying about today was molesting his sisters. Rather than tell their mother, and save them from the abuse they were suffering, he chose to keep quiet, so the abuser wouldn’t beat him up for telling. The coward saved himself, and now can’t stop complaining about the beatings he got anyway.
As I wrote to him recently, ‘there is no justice for cowards, Gary. Only for those that stand up for themselves, and are not afraid to tell the truth.’
I am not asking anyone to take sides in these family bickerings. However, the stories Janice tells, are to glorify herself, and vilify the children she is unable to be proud of, because she cannot relate to honest people. You’d think her and Effie would have been great mates, they are both so similar. Social climbing posers, without any real money.
Gary bragged to me that he has now seized control of the propaganda that goes out about our family away from her, and he doesn’t plan on being truthful either. They are just using the audience, to gain numbers on their opposing sides.
Numbers don’t mean truth, just a whole people buying into stuff they don’t fully understand. It also doesn’t help them to ‘win’ anything either. They are just using you, to hurt each other, and keep their own feuding alive. 30 years now, and still going strong, without them needing any help from others before.
After coming back to edit one part of this true account of growing up in Janice Burt’s house of drugs and sexual debaunchery, I had a vivid memory of something I had already alluded to in these writings.The question of what Gary had knew, and what he could he have done about it.
I recalled a memory yesterday I’ve always had, of Gary walking into a bedroom one day, where Wayne had just got me onto the ground and pulled my pants down. Wayne had his dick in one hand, working it up to a hard-on, while holding me down with the other. When Gary had opened the door, Wayne had called out ‘don’t come in’, but it had been too late. Gary had already entered and looked into the room enough to have taken in the whole scene, before backing out again.
Wayne called out to him to the again closed door, asking what he wanted. Gary replied that he’d said that he would lend him $10 to go out. Wayne walked over to the door and Gary, still with his dick sticking out of his pants in front of him, smiling while he pulled the $10 out of his pocket. And this is the part I had flash vividly in my head yesterday. It’s the only time I can recall Wayne ever smiling broadly at Gary, and acting brotherly. He almost shook his hand, as he pressed the money into it, smiling and winking that ‘brothers keep each others’ secrets, don’t forget that’.
At least I managed to get my knickers up, and escape, thanks to the interruption. I was older by then, but still in primary school. It was Wayne’s first attempt to assault me in a few years. We’d only recently moved to Queensland and he didn’t know any of the local girls yet, to get sex from. He made one other attempt around that same time, before finally leaving me alone, to chase females of his own age.
So Gary kept a pedophile’s secret for the princely sum of $10, and left his two sisters to continue to suffer sexual assault.
Now at aged nearly 60 years, Gary is still crying to the whole world, and to all of our relatives, that his mean older brother beat him up more than a few times while they were growing up. No wonder everyone called him a sook. In fact, he is worse than that, he is a coward.
I think I have finally just found the last issue, which has made me unable to trust males for all these years. So at least one good thing has come out of rehashing all this stuff.
The next article in this series, will describe an incident where I got some second hand tyres for Effie’s car, at a time Gary and Effie were trying to manipulate his mother into buying them a new set, and how he reacted when asked to pay for the tyres he received. You will be shocked.
I will type up a new story about them each day, until he pays what he owes me. My rent is a bit cheaper this fortnight, but its the principle of the matter now. I’ve also asked for the extra $20 I had to pay for internet this month though.

Posted on November 5, 2015 by Tracey


This blog is to shame my brother into paying a debt he has owed to me for the past 36 years.

I finally asked him to repay it recently, after I caught him out lying about me to relatives behind my back.

Now I will teach him to pay his debts, by the same methods they used in the olden days, by public shaming.

Once he has paid the money, I will take this off the internet. Until he does, I will send a link to a different family relative each day.

Then I’ll be glad to never see or talk to him ever again, obviously.



Mark Speakmann is a Wanker

gwen meme

I’ll tell the readers something else about Gwen Bradley of the NSW CJC. I can’t get my cursor to appear after the form below, so will have to put it up here.

As mentioned previously she embezzled all of the money from her own mother’s bank  account shortly before becoming a CJC mediator. The money she stole off her own mother included her brother’s inheritance. She was forced to pay that back to him.

Even after she had robbed her own children of their inheritance by way of having to use everything that her husband had worked to put into the bank for their retirement to pay her brother, she still could not stop taking holidays to the Gold Coast.

Her whole persona and image was all about the fact that she holidayed on the Gold Coast for several months each year, so the winter didn’t hurt her poor little lupus infected hands. She didn’t want to have to admit that she could not longer afford to do that, nor give up those holidays.

She just kept going away, and driving herself and husband further into debt. Eventually her children had to take the unit that they live in out of their parent’s names and put it into their own, so that she could not loose the house to debt collectors, and render her sick husband homeless.

This is the quality of people working at the Albury Court House. This woman is paid by the state of NSW to help sort out family matters, yet she cannot even manage to live within her own means, nor balance her own budget.

She continues to holiday up there by way of house sitting. Her good friend one of the complainants against me claims that Gwennie arrives at those houses and lives off all of the food in their cupboards and freezer, to save herself the cost of feeding herself while there.

She drives their car, and doesn’t replace the petrol she uses. She is a total scab, user and exploiter of people’s kindness and trust, according to her good friend.

And as I wrote yesterday in my other post, she wants me jailed for refusing to have sex with my own brother. Because that is what these family issues are really about. The complainants were never under attack and that is why they were never able to prove their false allegations against me.

However, I did warn the mother from hell that if she did not stop lying about me, then I would start telling people why she hates me so much – for telling her about the sexual assaults her eldest son inflicted on his two sisters.

Susan hates me because she claims she had blocked it all out and I should never have bought it up again. But it was her own insane behaviour which made me do so. She needs mental health treatment, and her mother refuses to help her seek that, because then the counsellor would find out about her disgusting and disgraceful son.

So both of these woman who spend their whole lives telling lies and causing trouble for all of the people around them, decided the best way to deal with that issue would be to spread enough lies about me that no one would believe me if I did ever bring it up again.

The lies they tell about me are designed to make me sound worse than this sex offending ex drug dealing pedophile.

Which is why I constantly bring that issue up. To show that I am just the victim of this family, and the AVO applications were designed to cover up those sexual assaults, and nothing more, apart to save Ward from being fired from BDS Huon for misconduct.

Gwen Bradley of the CJC protected a pedophile from being charge and held accountable for his own actions.

Gwen Bradley lives beyond her means, and is therefore open to become involved in anything that provides her with a financial kickback.

Which is why they are running this AVO scam at the court house. For each application they accept, there’s a fair chance that it will be sent to ‘mediation’ and this freeloading cunt can claim a payment for sticking her break into other people’s business.

The false charges of breach they bring against people, keep police employed and ensure that the Maggot on the Bench always has a full court house, and plenty of work he can generate for himself and the police.

I was told in 2016, before she had me arrested and charged, that they actually allow a police officer who is related to one of the clerks at the court house access to the AVO documentations, so he can design a charge to fit a breach for the police to act on.

This is how your tax dollars are being spent, on fraudulent actions by police and court staff working in cahoots to fine innocent people.

I read a letter posted to facebook yesterday, by a woman who has been harassed by police in Sydney after they bought a false charge against her and she was acquitted. She has written to the Federal Treasurer asking that he not deduct any amount from her taxes to pay for the NSW police force.

Why should we pay their wages, to lie about us, assault us and bring false charges and jail terms against us?

I think I might help her to arrange a mass mail out to the Federal Minister all demanding the same thing, that no funds be allocated to NSW police from the budget, until they have been forced to clean up their acts.


I’ll have to put this message to the Wanker AG above the one which preceeded it, again because I can’t get my cursor to appear underneath it.

Both of these messages have just been sent to shadow ministers and the AG’s of each state of Australia, to show just what a corrupt department Mark Speakmann is running, and his own levels of corruption in ignoring these issues.



Thank you for contacting Minister Speakman via

A copy of your message is below. If you attached files to your message, they have been forwarded to the Minister but are not included in this email.

Your comments will be addressed as soon as possible. Please read our correspondence policy for more information.

Please DO NOT REPLY to this message as this mailbox is not monitored. Any further correspondence should be submitted through Minister Speakman’s webform.

Title Miss
First Name Framed
Last Name Victim of Justice Gone Wrong
Street Address
State nsw
Subject Gwen Bradley CJC Monster
Type of Enquiry comment
Message Hey Wanker

The charges listed for mention next week at the Albury Local Court had summonses issued in September 2016.

I checked all of those summonses very carefully at the time, and it appeared that the charge bought against me by your CJC mediator was not included into those summonses. I might be wrong, and will go and check those records later.

However, I do believe that no summons was issued in relation to that charge.

So it now appears that the court has listed it for mention, without officially summoning me to court, nor advising that the charge would be mentioned on that date.

Therefore police will be able to arrest me that afternoon, for failing to appear.

Again, this appears to be quite deliberate, quite illegal and just another indication of the corruption occurring at the Albury Court House.

I believe that jailing me over failing to appear when I was not even summoned, would entitle me to large amounts of compensation.

I think you should start seriously looking into all of this stuff.

In the meantime, I will get to work on lodging a hearing in the Federal Court, to get myself out of your corrupt system.

I would like a response Yes


Thank you for contacting Minister Speakman via

A copy of your message is below. If you attached files to your message, they have been forwarded to the Minister but are not included in this email.

Your comments will be addressed as soon as possible. Please read our correspondence policy for more information.

Please DO NOT REPLY to this message as this mailbox is not monitored. Any further correspondence should be submitted through Minister Speakman’s webform.

Title Miss
First Name Framed
Last Name Victim of Justice Gone Wrong
Street Address
State nsw
Subject Gwen Bradley CJC Monster
Type of Enquiry comment
Message Hey Wanker

I see that Albury Local Court has listed the charge your CJC mediator bought against me on 22 October 2016 for mention on 22 January 2018.

Do I have to remind you that it is illegal for a person working within NSW justice to use their position to bring a charge against someone for lodging a complaint about them?

I might also remind you that the evidence for that charge has not only been provided by the person the CJC mediator perverted the course of justice against me for, as a personal favour, but that evidence has been tampered with and manipulated to cover up what those complaints entailed.

Isn’t it illegal to leave someone on bail for this amount of time? And especially when I should never have been put on it, and the police Sgt who arranged it told outrageous lies in his paperwork?

The arrest involved false charges, and an assault by police, illegal detention and the illegal search of all of my defence briefs, ICAC complaints and Judicial Complaints about the corrupt suspected pedophile Magistrate Tony Murray.

The court uses the bail attached to her charge to force me to appear in relation to her personal friend’s false charges, so that I can be jailed on the spot, rather than be able to appeal to the district court. THIS IS ILLEGAL AND HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER A YEAR NOW.

Your corrupt employee has not appeared in court once, for any mentions of this charge, nor the applications for motion which related to it. BECAUSE SHE WILL HAVE TO LIE UNDER OATH AND PRETEND THAT SHE HAD AUTHORITY TO SIGN A FORM THAT ONLY A JP WAS ALLOWED TO SIGN. She signed it anyway, as a favour to the same people she perverted the course of justice against me for.

So she won’t appear in court in case she gets fined $7,000 for that issue alone. The court won’t grant motion, because no other Magistrate other than the corrupt idiots at the Albury Local Court would convict me of this charge.

And all the while you remain silent and refuse to take any actions against her, nor move to stop the injustices she has created.

Therefore, I now believe that I am entitled to post on the internet that you are working to protect the pedophile ring which operates via NSW government employees. There can be no other explanation for you allowing this to continue, and for as long as it has.

You are a disgrace to your office, a disgrace to NSW parliament, and are obviously more corrupt than any of the employees at the Albury court house.


Back to the Corrupt Court Proceedings



I’ve just checked the court lists online and see that I am not scheduled to appear in the Albury Local Court of corruption until 22 January. I also notice that they have listed the charge bought against me by the corrupt mediator Gwen Bradley for mention and to set a date for hearing.

This is the charge that Albury police claim I will be jailed for, apart from the other false charges of breach. This woman perverted the course of justice against me, intimidated a witness for the defence, and all to assist her friend’s who’s applications were shown to not only involve false allegations but large amounts of perjury.

I was charged and assaulted by police for forwarding two complaints to her that I had lodged with the NSW Ombudsman’s office and her employer, the NSW Attorney General, who at that stage was Gabrielle Upton.

Its illegal for someone who works in ‘justice’ to use their position to bring a police charge against some for merely lodging complaints against them. So this is another criminal charge this woman has violated yet not only remains on the loose, but still working with the corrupt Magistrates in Albury to convict and harm innocent people. What a fucking dog she is.

They would have listed that charge for mention, even though they have no real intention of hearing it, or not legally hearing it if they do, because it has bail attached to it. If I fail to appear next Monday I can be jailed for breach of bail.

Yet it is that woman who should be charged and jailed to protect the public from her corrupt dealings, and for which she enlists corrupt police and corrupt Magistrates to do her dirty work for her.

I guess that at least gives me a week to get something lodged to stop this travesty of justice before it can occur.

I also think there is a law about how much time can elapse before a charge must be dismissed due to it not having been heard within a reasonable time frame. It is also illegal to leave someone on bail for an extended period.

This cunt bought the charge against me on 22 October 2016. I have been on bail and lived in fear of police for many months afterwards,  until I’d moved house. Even then I’ve had to hide out for all of the time since then, and had to abandon a rental property when the court was going to have me arrested for not providing them with my address, as per my bail conditions.

So more than a year has passed and the charge still not heard. Anyone who has looked at my brief for that will see why. I built into it that when I cross examine her on the stand I will force her to admit that she signed a document on behalf of her lying friends the year prior for which she did not have the authority to sign. She basically pretended that she was a licensed JP by listing her employer as the Albury Court House.

There is a $7,000 automatic fine imposed on anyone who signs that type of document, without having the correct authority to do so. So the cowardly cuntess refuses to appear, and be fined.

Yes, she has managed to have me fined $4,000  in the meantime, for crimes I did not commit. I did do the actions they entail, but they were not criminal offences and the police and BDS Huon have had to twist the truth to pretend that they were.

I never signed up to pay that fine. I won’t be robbed by a lying and corrupt court mediator in cahoots with corrupt local police and two corrupt Magistrates.

So NSW police could already have a warrant for my arrest active. Once I fail to appear next week, they will have two.

All because of an ugly old hag named Gwen Bradley and her equally corrupt employers, NSW Justice.

AVO matters are usually quite simply. One applies for one, and then has to give some proof of being under threat to have it awarded. If the accused is able to prove that the applicant is lying, as so many spiteful women do, then the application is dismissed.

Why has this dragged out for a two year period, and the applicants never forced to prove their applications? Because those applications were thoroughly disproven by defence evidence on 12 January 2016.

It is only because this horrible and vile human being Gwen Bradley got the shits because she had been made to look a fool, after personally vouching for these liars and their complaints, that she perverted the course of justice so that they could all win.

Well Gwen, it wasn’t me who made you look the fool in your own workplace, it was your good buddies Ward and O’Bryan who did that. Stop taking your anger at what they did out on me. We all know who deserves to be punished in all of this, and it is them, and yourself for illegally supporting them, and then perverting the course of justice against me.

I will be penning an open letter to the Premier of NSW asking why the state has done nothing about this woman and her own brand of sick justice, and why they have not had these convictions overturned, and all of these false charges dropped.

I’ve also lodged a complaint with the Office of Public Prosecutions about Sgt Lewis, the corrupt police prosecutor who not only run a case against me despite it being illegal to have that charge heard in any court of law,  but lied during her presentation of the case.

The fact that even the transcripts had to be changed afterwards to try to remove some of the stench of corruption stemming from those two hearings again demonstrates the rot that is occurring in the Albury Local Court under the Maggot on the Bench and his evil consorts who work in the office there.

So Ward, another person has had a complaint lodged against them. If justice worked in NSW the police prosecutor would be removed from that position and sent back to the ranks of being a mere police office.

Yet you cling to your job, and your bosses lie to police and under oath in court so that you can keep it. Yet you were guilty of illegal conduct, and still are.

Ward and her mother don’t care how many people loose their careers or credibility over all of this, as long as they can continue to pretend that they didn’t make false allegations against me, to win a verbal family argument. And that they didn’t have their cunt buddy at the court house have me illegally convicted of those.

Liars, won’t stop lying, until they have been charged by police. That might have finally taught them a lesson and ended it all in January 2016. But no, the court chose to support liars and punish the innocent person.

Three ugly cunts, who couldn’t tell the truth if it fell on their heads, costing the tax payers a fortune, and all to cover up for the fact that Susan Ward gossips about BDS Huon’s clients’ private and financial affairs after work with her lying mother, but doesn’t believe that she should be reprimanded for that, nor loose her job.


Original Post

I have a hearing this month, I guess its to be sometime this week, probably even tomorrow since Monday is their busiest day down at court corruption central.

It is a mention only, which usually means to set a date for the real hearing. But they already set the date for the hearings back in September 2016 on the same date that they listed the hearing for their mention.

So basically I don’t need to go. It would be a waste of a day being there at 9.30am and then being left til second last case for the day by the Maggot on the bench, and for no purpose at all when the hearings are already set.

So I guess I can be arrested for failing to appear, or for not having a legal representative in place to say why I didn’t bother to come. I doubt they would stand up and say that I refuse to appear there and the court is fully aware of the reasons why that is, because it is their own continued illegal actions which has bought that about.

I might email them something to remind them why I refuse to appear, but since that won’t be taken into account during any proceedings, there’s not much point putting much effort into creating anything to send.

I guess I could just say that my absence gives them more scope to doctor the transcript later, or charge me with any imagined crime they can think up in my absence, and convict me of that at the hearings next month as well.

The hearings next month are a joke, when in denying me a change of venue the Maggot on the Bench promised not to list the four charges on the one day. Then went ahead a did so, all through last year and now for this year too.

I haven’t worked on my defence briefs for those charges since last year. I created defence statements back then, but those could be expanded upon given more time. But again, why waste the effort?

The court won’t allow my written defence statements to be taken into consideration, and they will ignore any evidence attached to those.

The court will find a way to render me unable to give any verbal defence statements, ie, the first time I tried to plead my case at appeal the Maggot on the Bench threatened to jail for contempt if I continued to keep talking.

I haven’t created or lodged anything with the Federal Court yet, as I needed some time out. But do plan to start working on that this week, to put a stop to the hearings listed for 15 February 2018.

Ross Griffin at BDS Huon will be seeking to have me jailed for lodging a complaint with the Tax Practitioner’s Board about the actions of Jon Williams in having me charged by police for advising them that one of their employees has no respect for the concept of rights to privacy, and likes to indulge in slander on a regular basis as a hobby.

Leasa Brown from BDS Huon will be seeking to have me jailed for putting a warning on their google review that they also have no respect for the concept of the rights to privacy, even though she is guilty of slander and libel against myself after having me charged for that.

I only did it because they bought the above charge against me to destroy my appeal in relation to the first charge, that of writing to that company about that same issue.

Framer Weekly bought that third charge against me on the advice of the NSW Ombudsman’s office that they could let him off the hook for any investigation into framing me the first time if he could frame me again. So he did of course.

Then Gwen Bradley, Albury Police and the Maggot on the Bench wanted to jail me because I created a blog called ‘Framed by Albury Police in the Local Court’ and posted the transcripts showing them all perverting the course of justice against me, and evidence of my innocent and perjury on the part of the mentally ill complainants.

BDS Huon want my prison term for all of the above heinous crimes extended, because I dared to email a link to that blog to that company, showing them the lies their employee had told. I wasn’t aware they were playing the same games with her, and so were offended by that email so much, that yes, I must be jailed to appease them.

In the meantime, the patriarch of the family of lying lunatics wouldn’t answer her phone on Christmas Day to my son. Was that because the Gorilla was there and would have demanded my address from him if he popped around to say Merry Christmas?

But now all of a sudden have offered to drive him to an appointment tomorrow, that I was going to take him too. It is well before court time, so are they wouldn’t be thinking that I would be in jail and unable to do so.

Or maybe they just want to talk to him before the hearing to explain why they have to have me jailed to protect the sex offenders, and their own lies.

I’m sure they’ll mention these comments to him tomorrow, as they’ve told him before not to tell me things which then end up on this blog.

In the meantime, over the past few days I’ve been listening to some youtube clips and learning about the Wood Royal Commission. It was first set up to investigate claims of a pedophile ring involving politicians and celebrities. However, it changed that and decided to investigate ‘police corruption’ instead. And boy, as most people know, they sure did find a lot of that in the NSW Police Force and which involved its Commissioner of Police.

The reason the pedophile ring aspect was able to be thrust aside and covered up turns out to be that Justice James Wood was himself a pedophile, and would be willing to cover it all up.

The allegations against him are quite shocking, and include repeatedly raping and then murdering his step child. Its alleged that his natural daughter also claims to have been abused by him.

But, they all prefer their little boys. They would take those boys from boys homes, or off the streets, and abuse them. There are victims who name the same offenders, some who were in those homes, and some who have never met.

The main players in the game are all still in their positions of power, and all still playing those same games of lets rape little boys, and murder some of them too.

So when I was aware a NSW government run pedophile ring was after me, and that having false allegations made against me which were turned into criminal matters by the criminal employee of the CJC, Gwen Bradley, put me in danger from corrupt police, I wasn’t aware that NSW Justice and the NSW Police force is the pedophile ring.

The ring would not just be able to affect the outcome in my matters, they were involved in every aspect of the agencies handling those. There would be no escape for me, not because I was a targeted individual, but because the controllers of that game are again the same people, the NSW Judicial and Police Pedophile Ring.

Now before you accuse me of making outrageous claims here, consider that the author of Kangaroo court has also nominated quite of few of the Supreme Court Judges of being just that. He also did a term in jail after letting them know that he was going to publish an article about that.

On the other hand, there is another person exposing the same pedophile ring and the government officials who cover it all up.

Because she’s been given air time in the main stream media, they have had to seek to discredit her more than him. I also know that Shane doesn’t support this other source, and that is a shame, since he is the serious investigative journalist and she is a victim, and they both agree on what is really going on.

I’ve just received most of my new education about the Wood Royal Commission, and other Commissions by this other source, being Fiona Barnett. Followers of this blog might recall that her uncle is going around the internet trying to have all of her information removed. He admits to working at Wollongong City Council, back in the days when the Lord Mayor was a pedophile and assisted to run that arm of the ring, and they used to have pedophile parties in the council chamber offices.

So back to the Wood Royal Commission into police corruption. While that was found to be out of control, it was ruled that there was no pedophile cult doing sick satanic ritual on the children on Wollongong, Sydney and Newcastle.

The Commission refused to allow people to appear, who had the evidence to give. That was one way they were able to cover it up. The other was to cover up what evidence they were forced to accept.

They threatened victims and witnesses, tried to murder some of them. At one stage the Commission itself purchased heroin and put it out for sale on the street. When they were caught they claimed it was to trap police. Yet it killed many junkies who would have testified about police corruption and drugs in Kings Cross.

That’s how crooked it all really was. Yet it still acclaimed today as having weeded out some bad apples in the force and everything was all good now.

The people who are always named are: Jon Singleton, John Laws, Allan Jones and Roger Climpson. Bob Carr is always named. Police Commissioners themselves are named. Roger Rogerson owned the boys brothel and provided them with their toys. Which must explain how he managed to keep his job for all these decades despite his reputation for corruption.

Fast forward, and the Gillard government announces a Royal Commission into the abuse of children in institutions. The victims of the Sydney are pedophile ring again approach that Commission to be able to put their evidence and testimony forward. Again, they are told to bugger off.

The Commission is already aware that their initial information had named about 70 (from memory) state and Federal Politicians and that John Howard had to hide those records by way of law, so that none of them could be investigated or named publicly.

The same people were threatened all over again – we don’t want to hear from you, take your proof and go away.

Their official reasons were that they could not investigate the police or parliament house in relation to the pedophile ring, is because they are not institutions. Maybe we need another royal commission into government departments then, and their associated agencies.

I see that Justice Wood was given another matter to investigate in the late 1990’s as well, a smaller inquiry.

That was to be into complaints from people that DOCs and its associated agencies appeared to be stealing children from people who had done no wrong, and that a lot of children who were in care were ended up on the streets addicted to drugs and working as prostitutes. There appeared to be a lack of caring about that by DOCs but also plenty of evidence to suggest that it was police and social workers who were directing those children into those activities.

Justice Wood found that all of those allegations were again baseless.

Other whistle blowers have consistently named the Department of Education as another big player in this game of ‘we like to abuse your children’.

Which means that not only is the whole of NSW Justice and NSW police under the control of this group of sick and evil pedo’s, so is the Department of Education, all welfare agencies and NSW parliament itself.

No longer can one believe that there are a few rotten cops out there doing dirty work. There is a whole force of ‘shadow’ officers and other law enforcement people who are paid to monitor and enforce this game. It is endemic in their duties now.

No longer can one believe there are just a few rotten politicians, when they are all forced to be a part of this game, and to remain silent about it.

Bill Heffernan bought up Fiona Barnett’s information in parliament nearly two years ago. Nothing has happened. Yet I see last night that he will not run for re-election again this year and doesn’t say why that is. Its not a huge leap to think that he has been forced out of the boys club, for telling tales on what they do behind closed doors.

All of the above explains why NSW government will not suspend Maggot Murray and investigate him, because if he is a practising pedophile, among other things, then he is just one of the boys.

They don’t care how many illegal actions he takes to try to silence me, because they were already trying to do that. So they allow him to continue with his crusade against myself, not only to cover up for his own illegal actions, but to assist them to cover up for their own as well.

Fiona Barnett and another woman have had to go into hiding, and not for the first time.

We the internet bloggers and creators of groups of facebook will not let their information be swept under the carpet.

We will continue to spread her story, and as it goes around, more victims come forward to confirm all that she says, and more.

The public of NSW and Australia have no idea how deeply entrenched this sick and satanic practice is embedded into the places of power. As one video mentioned, that to gain control of a country, first the invader must gain footholds in government and also the judiciary.

The Satanists took hold of NSW Justice, including the Supreme Court a long time ago.

Do you want to be ruled over by evil?

Educate yourself, before they manage to clean the internet of all that convicts themselves of criminal actions towards the population of Australia and the world.

The men who murdered Anita Cobby were the most hated people in Australia, and with good reason for what they did to her. But are you aware that they were sexually abused as youngsters? A recent TV show about that murder claimed that people had been making reports to police that they had raped a few girls and were cruising the streets at night looking for more victims. Police refused to act. Why?

Because that is the plot behind this whole game. To screw up society and turn everyone in it into sick and twisted deviants.

Do you want a world full of people who act like the murders of Anita Cobby did that night?

Well that is what they are creating. Police by failing to act against real offenders, and also by the deliberate supply of drugs to destroy people’s lives while at the same time making money for the controllers of the game.

Are we going to allow them to destroy society? Even if you don’t believe in God and Religion, do you want to be ruled by dark forces that will turn your lives into hell just for their own amusement and profit?

Not all people who are abused become abusers. They either remain silent, or they become whistle blowers. Turnbull is making new laws at the moment to be able to punish whistle blowers and to not have to accept their evidences.

Any government afraid of whistle blowers has to much too hide to be left in power.

Any government that refused to investigate the rape and murder of our children should not be left in power.

Yet Mark Speakmann has taken the right to protest away from the people of NSW. Why is that Mark?

The family law court is another example of all of what I have described above.

When I first started googling government + pedophiles I came across people’s writings about the family court banning women who make complaints of a sexual abuse nature against their husbands from seeing those children. They award them to the abuser and then set out to silence and destroy the mother.

What kind of legal system is that, and it certainly has nothing to do with justice.

That court, the Family Court of Australia is accused of deliberately destroying families. The allegations of same have intensified over the years, to the point where the government is now being forced to ‘look into it’.

Why would the family court want to destroy a family? Because that makes the kids vulnerable to the pedophile and human trafficking rings.

Do not trust the court system in Australia, and do not trust the police. They are working for forces and motives that you don’t understand, until you begin to really look into all this stuff.

Then it does all become clear. They have blood on their hands, and no intention to wipe them clean.

They have all the power over us they need, to be able to continue with this, until the people rise up against them. If we don’t, we are all doomed to a horrendous fate and Babylonian society.

In a book I read a couple of years ago, the characters visited Babylon in its heyday. The ruler had made a law that all married women must work one day in the free brothel. Every man who loved his wife had to know that she had to spend one day a year being defiled by hundreds of other men, by order of the ruler.

The attitude that these people running the state of NSW have is getting very close to that. These pedophiles despise women, and family values. They despise love, because they are unable to feel it.

They want to disempower us by defiling us all.

How will it end?

In a nutshell, my ‘mother’ is trying to have me jailed for not having sex with my brother. My sister who did is supporting her in that. Albury police have charged me for that, and refused to investigate him. The Local and District Court support the police and mother in what they are doing to me.

The whole of NSW Justice agrees that I should be punished. All other government agencies agree, that is the case, and that the police and local court should be allowed to employ whatever illegal methods they can to convict me of same.

BDS Huon agreed to lend a hand.

I think we could rename NSW now, to New Babylon.


I’ll post the following without a link to its source, the author’s gone underground after being attacked by uncle John:

Justice James Wood in Australia presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP pedophile network.

Former Royal Commissioner James Wood, who denied the existence of a VIP pedophile network in Australia – named as a VIP pedophile to current Royal Commission

In Sydney Australia in the mid 1990s, politician Diedre Grusovin complained about reports of a VIP Sydney pedophile ring which implicated politicians, Catholic churches, Child Protection Services (DOCS), the Education Department, media moguls, and entertainers. This sparked a Royal Commission in the state of New South Wales. The commission was to examine allegations of systemic and entrenched corruption within the NSW Police, namely that police were protecting pedophiles, and that some police were actually involved in pedophile activities and ritual abuse.

This Royal Commission was conducted by Justice James Wood. The Wood Royal Commission was to specifically examine allegations of satanic ritual abuse at Seabeach Kindergarten, otherwise known as the ‘Mr Bubbles’ case. The subsequent Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service Final Report was published on 1st May, 1997. Three volumes of this report were devoted to pedophilia inquiries. Volume Four, Chapter 5 (pages 99 -116) was solely devoted to the subject of RA. At the end of this chapter, Commissioner Wood concluded:

5.13 From a common sense perspective, while it must be recognised that apparently respectable and successful members of the community do commit child sexual abuse, a quantum leap in credibility is required to suppose that they would do so in the bizarre, ritualistic way described, which includes the infliction of serious, even fatal, injury and mutilation upon their own children.

Wood’s examination of RA amounted to a blatantly biased whitewashing. The entire contents of Chapter 5 were devoted to discrediting RA victims, parroting critics’ unscientific reasons for why RA does not exist in Australia, excluding the evidence for RA’s existence, and listing alternative possible reasons – none scientifically evidenced – for the epidemic reporting of RA in Australia.

Wood’s given explanations for the multitude of witness testimonies included mental illness, substance abuse history, urban legend, a ‘metaphor’ for incest, lying to get compensation, and exposure to ritual themes in books, film or television.

Commissioner Wood detailed the arguments against the possibility of dissociation and memory loss, and the arguments for the existence of something called ‘false memory syndrome.’ Wood failed to mention where the notion of ‘false memory syndrome’ stemmed from. False Memory Syndrome is not a recognised psychiatric condition, it does not appear in the DSM. The term was coined by pedophiles and their supporters.

Commissioner Wood’s report referenced Loftus’ 1994 book, The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse, to support the views that (a) false memories of RA can be artificially created as a result of third person suggestion and (b) a victim of RA cannot experience dissociation and repression of traumatic memories. Loftus’ 1994 book was not a scientifically conducted, peer reviewed research publication. It was just a book.

In his Final Report, Commissioner Wood indicated that RA does not exist from a law enforcement perspective because:

1.)rarely, if ever, are bodies of the ‘victims’ or their graves found, nor do neighbours, friends or relatives report children missing in the numbers required to account for the allegations;

2.)there is rarely, if ever, any evidence of the kind which can be confirmed by modern forensic technology;

3.)signs of physical injury in the form of scarring, burns and the like, are not found upon medical examination of ‘victims’ who report torture of the most extreme and prolonged kind; more often than not the medical examination fails to confirm the abuse as alleged;

4.)in cases of criminal conspiracy, inter-group jealousies or disputes inevitably develop and throw up an informant. In cases of RA, this rarely if ever occurs. Similarly a co-conspirator who is otherwise in trouble, and prepared to supply information in return for an immunity or assistance in sentencing, rarely emerges;

5.)again, contrary to experience with child sexual abuse generally, most of the offenders are reported to be females;

6.)although many ‘victims’ claim that photographs are taken and videotapes made of the activity, visual records of the kind are rarely found, nor does the large amount of child pornography in circulation portray the bizarre and ritualistic activities described;

7.)and so many people tell the same story, and allege the involvement of so many others in the events that it is difficult to see how there could not be independent evidence, or knowledge of it on the part of persons outside the alleged rings.

Now, the true reason behind Commissioner Wood’s dismissal of the evidence for the existence of Ritual Abuse and a VIP pedophile ring in Australia has come to light.

One victim of the Sydney based VIP pedophile ring who was prostituted by government owned boys homes, has named Commissioner James Wood as one of his VIP pedophile ring clientele who paid to rape him as a child in a Kings Cross boy brothel.

The following is a transcript of the witness statement that Dean Henry provided to the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, while in prison. Do not be deterred by Dean’s criminal history, as ALL of the Wood Royal Commission victims were routinely incarcerated in adult prisons following their incarceration and abuse in child institutions.

Pic not supplied since I can’t go to the link.



“Up to $14 million a year had been paid to police and politicians to protect illegal gambling and other criminal activities,” the Woods royal commission found. “Organised crime was extensively conducted with the co-operation, protection and direct assistance of certain NSW police; and that certain officers were heavily involved in organising a variety of crimes, including drug trafficking, prostitution and armed hold ups.”
The Woods royal commission saw a total of 284 police officers adversely named, 46 briefs of evidence were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and by 2001 nine officers had pleaded guilty to corruption offences and three not guilty.

Seven police officers received jail sentences, including the former Gosford drug squad chief Wayne Eade and Fowler.

During the commission 12 people took their own lives. (2)

(Some of the people who took their own lives were the pedos who were about to be exposed)



And look at Maggot Murray, what a fucking hypocrite, advising someone to lodge a complaint about their solicitor when he has deliberate convicted of me two ADVO applications he knew I’d disproven by way of evidence and by way of hearing a police charge designed to grant those orders and convicting me of that.

Since then he has allowed police to assault me, and plans to jail me over that. He is tampering with the transcripts, delisting applications and replacing those with false criminal charges, committing acts of perjury, colluding with complainants so that he can have an excuse to jail me, etc, etc, etc.

So he sits there the being the biggest criminal in his own court room, then has the nerve to say someone else deserves to have a complaint lodged against them. What a maggot.

And another example of just how corrupt NSW Justice is.


I think its also fair to say that after contacting me and advising that they were stunned by the amounts of police misconduct addressed in my defence statements for the four charges to be heard next month in the Albury Court of Criminal Corruption, and the first brief they received in relation to the first charge, they then dismissed me and all my complaints because the pedophile ring put pressure on them to do so.

Which means that the LECC is now under the control of this same group of evil people, and police will be allowed to continue with this rot unchecked.

All the people can do is continue to share and repost the information which exposes them, until they manage to make it illegal to do so.

They have already made it illegal to talk about the Victorian peodphile ring online or repost the articles which prove its existence. NSW will fall into line shortly.


On the other hand, maybe karma will step in soon, or judgement day, and their evil world will start falling apart around them, and they’ll be exposed and finally caught with their pants down, literally.


truth and evidence















Reply to the Supreme Court

I meant to check the Crimes Procedure Act before sending the below email, but forgot and now see that it is actually a NSW law that the Magistrates of Albury Local Court are not familiar with.


From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Wednesday, 10 January 2018 9:50 AM
To: Legalmail (Legal and Cabinet, NSW Justice)
Subject: FW: Att: Ms Gail Rattanavong

From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Wednesday, 10 January 2018 9:49 AM
Cc:;; ;;;; Premier;

Subject: Att: Ms Gail Rattanavong

10 January 2018

Ms G Rattanavong
Criminal Court of Appeal
Supreme Court of NSW

Dear Ms Rattanavong

I was glad to receive your letter in the mail on the same day that I would have paid to reproduce 4 copies of my appeal documents and posted them to you.

I was running late preparing those as I had to learn the process while preparing same, and once I thought I did understand it, had to redo everything to ensure that it met with the requirements.

I had elected not to appeal based on the criminal incompetence of Magistrate Cromptom, but strictly on a question of law. The grounds for the appeal offer up a lot of questions of law and which I would like addressed by a more learned Judge than the deliberately ignorant Magistrates who rule over the Albury Local Court.

I don’t agree with your decision, but always suspected that your court house would do everything it could to protect this Magistrate, since he trained and worked at your establishment, and would try to reject the appeal. However, it was his own suggestion early in 2017 that I do take these matters there, as a Judicial Review.

Instead I opted to defend the charge which could not legally be heard in any court in Australia, due to the police evidence being inadmissible, hoping to end it that way. Instead, I now have to appeal the conviction and penalty handed down at that illegal hearing to a higher court.

So I am quite happy to now avoid your court completely now, and take these matters to a federal level. I believe the rules of evidence which have been ignored by Magistrate Cromptom for this second time, and by Magistrate Murray the first, are federal laws, and the whole of NSW Justice appear to be ignorant of same.

This also applies to section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act, which is another section of Federal Legislation that your staff appear to be quite happy to ignore, in order to convict an innocent person who has been deliberately framed by police on order of an employee of NSW Justice.

Since Magistrate Cromptom also has no understanding of the Attributes of a Fair Trial after working at your court house for many years, and chooses not to comply with legislations regarding bail, then again, I am quite happy to go elsewhere to seek justice.

I haven’t looked into that yet, as I needed a week to recover from the three weeks spent hunched over my computer creating the documents for the appeal you refuse to hear.

I will either seek a Judicial Review of Cromptom’s decision and judgements in the Federal Court, or I will seek the Writ of Mandamus ordering the NSW Attorney General to have all of the charges his employee had police bring against me to assist her personal friends’ civil applications dismissed, due to her criminal misconduct towards myself, and that of police and the staff at the Albury Local Court.

I will not pay the state of NSW $4,000 to cover of the costs of being framed by police so that the CJC mediator’s friend could win their civil applications against myself. The mediator was acting illegally in being involved in their matters, and both the Registrar and Magistrates are guilty of misconduct for allowing it.

I will not pay $4,000 for being innocent of having committed any actual crimes while police, court house staff and the complainants are all guilty of actual criminal offences towards myself.

I will not pay witness costs to a witness who was deliberately protected from answering any questions, because the court was aware she would only incriminate herself by telling more lies.

I will not pay an $80 levy for having committed a violent crime when I have not committed a violent crime, nor any real crimes at all, and had disproven the original civil allegations and the Magistrates are aware of that.

I will not pay $4,000 to the state of NSW for an allegation of breach of an AVO that was never proven in a court of law and was only granted by way of an act of misconduct by the Magistrate.

You claim that a district court appeal has already occurred and that prevents me using this legislation to bring the matter straight from the Local Court to the Supreme Court. If you had bothered to wait to be supplied with the transcript for that hearing you would see that that District Court appeal in 2016 did not look at the charge itself, or its inadmissible evidence. Its ruling was that the charge had not even been heard in the Local Court and myself just convicted of it, without the police submitting any evidence at all, apart from a 4 page statement full of lies.

The District Court only looked at whether or not I had the right to have the charge reheard in my presence, after being convicted on a day that I was unable to attend court due to illness. The District Court only looked at whether or not a letter from my GP stating that I had fluid on the knee and been ordered to best rest a few days before that hearing was acceptable proof that I had been unable to attend.

Magistrate Murray had claimed at appeal in the Local Court that the letter was not acceptable, and therefore I had no right to a rehearing of that charge in my presence. The District Court disagreed, overruled him, and sent the matter back to the Local Court to actually be heard and in my presence.

It is the rehearing of the charge in 2017, or what is actually the only real hearing of the charge, that I was attempting to appeal to the Supreme Court. There has been no district Court appeal in relating to its rehearing because it is simply not possible for me to walk into that court house. The staff there are all prepared to tell lies against me to give the Magistrates a reason to jail me, to protect them all from my allegations of misconduct.

It is not possible for me to appeal in the district court in Albury because the first time I did that in 2016 a new police charge was bought against me to destroy the appeal. More police charges were bought against me to intimidate me into not appealing anymore. So it is not possible to appeal there at all because that will simply result in more false charges, and they already have enough of those on their records now to jail me the moment I walk into that building.

Which is very much against my rights as an Australia, to fair and impartial dealings at a court house, and even the right to appeal is now being denied in that same process. Now you deny me the chance to even keep these matters within NSW, but I thank you for giving me cause to now abandon any court that NSW Justice control.

So I will use the copying and postage costs that I would have incurred to complete the lodgement of that appeal, and will instead use that money to do a mail out to the Attorney Generals in each state of Australia, advising that I am forced to take NSW Justice to the High Court for violations of my common law and constitutional rights.

I will include a few pages showing Magistrate Murray’s deliberate perjury while seeking to dismiss my Notice of Motion lodged after the CJC mediator had me assaulted by police, and I had come into possession of evidence which proved my complaints of collusion between her and the complainants, and which also proves the crime of intimidation of a witness for the defence by both the mediator and the complainant.

I was legally entitled to motion in December 2016 based on all three of the above issues, and the hearings in 2017 should not have been allowed to continue at that court house, if even at all.

In the meantime, since you are not interested in receiving the appeal documents I created and actually have a look at what I wanted to appeal, I have posted them to the internet for the public to read.

The misconduct occurring at the Albury Local Court is a disgrace against the concept of the term justice, and embarrassment against the department which calls itself NSW Justice. Yet you choose to allow it to continue. I will not let it consume another year of my life, and will seek a higher determination as to who has acted outside of the law in these matters, and who has not.


Yours sincerely

Tracey Burt

On second thoughts, instead of linking you to the blog where the documents are displayed, I will attach them to this email for your perusal. They did need one final edit, but I had needed a few days off before I was able to complete them and prepare them for postage. I received your refusal on the same day that I planned to do that.


I’ll put a copy of this email here, instead of making a new page for it:

From: Tracey Burt
Sent: Thursday, 11 January 2018 9:18 AM
Cc: Office of the General Counsel; Rebecca Jeyasingam;;;;; ;;;; Justin Lodge;;;; Premier; Vince Blatch;

Subject: Changing of Court Transcripts – OIC Complaint

11 January 2018

Reporting Services Branch
GPO Box 6
Sydney  NSW  2000
Dear Sir/Madam

You might be aware that in March 2016 I lodged a complaint with the NSW Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner about the changing of all transcripts relating to hearings involving myself in the Albury Local Court.

While that complaint mainly related to collusion between the Registrar and other court staff at the Albury Court House and the complainants, it also mentioned the issue of transcripts being changed to cover up misconduct by the Magistrate and to change my demeanour and defence statements.

In one instance words are put into my mouth which have me admitting to having committed an act of violence against one of the complainants when not only did that not happen, the court had tried to convict me of that false allegations several months prior.

Its interesting that your service would have enough knowledge of these matters to be able to adjust them to suit previous corrupt actions of the court, and to vilify myself when I have been innocent all along.

Another instance of this tampering involved removing my comment about having lodged a complaint with the ICAC about the court house’s CJC mediator after the complainant had made a false allegations that I had abused the mediator in the street. Why would you deliberately remove my response to that false allegation?

The Office of the General Counsel took control of the complaint lodged with the OIC and claims to have investigated the issues involving yourselves. They found that the tampering is coming from one of your typists in Wagga Wagga. They claim that they ordered your service to fix those two instances and provided me with copies of the amended transcripts.

However, they have been ‘fixed’ in a way that still disguises the real truth of what was said in court, and has not repaired the wording correctly.

Again, I have to wonder what drives your intention to destroy my chances of being able to successfully appeal any of those hearings, by ensuring that they do not represent the truth of what occurred and what was said in the court room.

A hearing was held in the Albury Local Court on 20 June 2017, while that investigation was occurring. (I was advised of the result in August 2017.) At the end of that hearing in June the Magistrate called for a copy of the transcript to be prepared. I was supplied with a copy of that in November of December 2017, and it has been tampered with. Quite severely this time.

Most of the answers given while testifying under oath have been changed, for both of the people who gave evidence that day. Again, I wonder why you have chosen to protect these two particular people from having their real answers examined upon appeal.

In another instance you typed that I had sworn at the complainant while at the bar table. The actual word I said was ‘sorry’ for having just interjected with the wrong date. Why would you completely change what I said, and to something that makes it appear I had no respect for that fact that I was in a court room and participating in a hearing, and as my own legal counsel?

Another hearing occurred on 14 September 2017, and while the witness testimony has not been affected, other parts of the transcript are. My opening remarks for the hearing appear as about paragraph 3 or 4 instead of at the start of that discussion. Again, why would you change the order that things were said around, and for what purpose?

This letter is to advise that I will be lodging a new complaint about these issues with the Federal Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, being that after being found guilty of this tampering, your staff have continued with that practice.

The hearings of 20 June and 14 September 2017 were going to be appealed in the Supreme Court of NSW rather than the Albury District Court, and I had to create that appeal based around the false records you created for it.

The Supreme Court has rejected that appeal and now be lodged with the Federal Court instead. At that hearing, I will be seeking that all matters pending against me at that court house, and all previous convictions are overturned and dismissed, based on many issues, but including what your service has been doing to all records of hearings involving myself.

I am required to provide you with 30 days to respond to this email and letter which will follow in the mail, before I can proceed with that complaint. If the Federal office of that agency refuses to investigate the complaint and sends it back to NSW, be assured, I will lodge it with that office instead.

I had considered taking civil action against your company so that I would be able to issue a Notice for Production or Subpoena to produce, so that I can compare your original files with what I am provided with by staff at the Albury Court House. However, I believe the OIC should be able to gain copies of those without me going through that process.

I will be requesting that the OIC also obtain a copies of the verbal recordings from NSW Justice to compare with what I have been supplied with by the Albury Court House.

I had tried to lodge an application for that to be dealt with by NCAT, but they are too busy at the moment so I will take this path instead.

I will be refusing to appear in the Albury Court House, both Local and Districts, ever again due to your continuation of this crime against myself, and your determination to destroy my ability to appeal the corrupt dealings I have been subject to by the corrupt staff at that court house, and who now point their finger at you for this aspect of that continued misconduct.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Burt







Submissions to the Supreme Court

Since the Supreme Court of NSW has declined to hear this appeal, based on what I do believe is a false reason, I might as well put those three weeks of long days creating these documents to some use.

I post it here for the public of Australia to see what is occurring in the Albury Local court, in cahoots with corrupt Albury police, and is occurring in courts all over NSW under their leadership firstly by Gabrielle Upton, and continued by Mark Speakmann.


sup court rejection0001

sup court rejection0002






The Supreme Court Registry claims that a district court appeal has already occurred.

But that appeal never looked at the issues of the arrest itself. It only looked at whether or not my letter from a GP stating I had fluid on the knee was a good enough to have missed court when Murray wanted to jail me at the outset.

An incidence of violence against an interim AVO carries a mandatory jail term, I found out months after he tried to convict me of that, against the charge by BDS for writing to them.

It did not examine the evidence or transcript of a hearing, because it ruled that there had been none, and that one must occur.

That district court appeal only related to the first hearing of the charge, there has been no district court appeal in relation to the rehearing and new conviction and penalty.

The staff at Albury Court house tried to jail me illegally again in September 2017.

Two attempts, I don’t think that makes an appeal in their district court possible, nor safe, from my point of view.

And the Judge would have already been enlisted to send matters back to their Local Court for the evil Murray to keep control of them anyway.

So its off to the Federal Court we must now go. I’ll try it before the High Court, and because I already know that website accepts my concession details online, and allows me to book a hearing, whereas the Supreme Court one does not. A person on welfare must travel to their Registry to show their concession card, to be able to book anything with them.

I don’t think I will need these big long documents for that though, but I would simply have point on the errors in judgements described on the other post about the precedents Magistrate Cromptom has inadvertently set by waiving all Federal and State Laws just to be able to convict little ole me.


Criminal Appeal Act 1912



The appellant relies upon the following grounds of appeal

Failure by the Local Court and the Crown to comply with rules of evidence as required by section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) and sections of the Code of Practice for Crime which relate to police interviews, make this criminal charge under appeal not legally able to be heard in any Court of Law in Australia.

Failure by the Crown and Local Court to authenticate evidence under Federal Law Rule 901, and failure to adhere to the rules of both criminal and civil procedures.

I’d also even question if the charge does involve a criminal offence at all when it stems from unproven AVO (Domestic) applications and an Interim Order made without the accused’s consent or awareness that applications had been made against her and a hearing listed for same.

The Local Court failed to comply with the rules relating to granting Interim Orders in the absence of the accused when it failed to ask the complainants to provide additional statements about why that should occur. Had that Interim Order not been in place, this arrest and charge could not have occurred. The way in which the arrest was enacted, should have seen the charge dropped at its outset and first listing on 5 February 2016.

I am seeking a review under Part 5 of the Crimes (Local Courts Appeal and Review) Act 2001 of the conviction and penalty handed down on 22 November 2017, for the charge of contravene Interim AVO (Domestic) prohibition/restriction.

I appeal to the Supreme Court of NSW instead of the Albury District Court due to continued collusion between the court’s CJC mediator and the complainant(s).

I believe this relationship has affected all hearings involving the complainants’ matters and will affect any District Court Appeal at that same venue.

Evidence of this collusion lodged with the court as part of Notices for Motion on 11 November and 12 December 2016 should have seen all matters involving these complainants dismissed.

The CJC mediator was in violation of CJC legislation and the Mediators’ Code of Conduct in representing her personal friends’ matters before the court, but while not acting in any official capacity to do so. No order for mediation had been made when she appeared in the Local Court in their company on 18 January 2016, and when an order for mediation was made the complainant boasted to the Magistrate that their mediator friend had already been helping them.

The Court and Registrar were in violation of the CJC legislation when they allowed this situation to occur and continue, as was the CJC and Attorney General’s Office.

All of the allegations and manipulated evidence submitted to the court by the mediator’s friends was disproven by the defence cases lodged against them on 12 January 2016.

Without any hearing of those matters, nor mediation, the Local Court granted both of those applications using this criminal charge as a reason to do so on 29 February 2016. However, the arresting officer had offered no new evidence at all to the civil matters and had no admissible or even real evidence to submit to the court in relation to this charge.

This conviction being appealed was for the rehearing of the charge I was convicted for on 29 February 2016. That original conviction is also under appeal as it triggered the granting of two AVO applications which the Court has continued to pretend were proven and are enforceable by way of criminal charges against the defendant.

I believe that to be able to bring any charges of contravene against those two Final Orders, the court must first ensure the allegations have been properly tested and proven at hearing and in accordance with the law. Until they have been, I believe they were invalid for the whole year they claimed to have been in affect, and that the Local Court had no legal right to extend either of them.

This charge was bought against me for the collateral purpose of having those Orders granted without the defence evidence being considered. However, the defence evidence had already been lodged, as part of the civil process, and the applications both disproven.

The officer is guilty of having created with, and then tampered with, false evidence. He was did not submit that inadmissible evidence to the court with his initial statement of facts, nor did the Crown tender the transcript of the illegal conversation had with the accused.

The Crown asked the arresting officer to commit perjury under oath on 20 June 2017 when it tendered the transcript of the illegal recording during hearing, and asked him to confirm that it was a true record of his dealings with the accused on 19 January 2016. The Crown was aware the document was not legally admissible and visibly so in that it hold no signatures confirming it authenticity.

The original conviction of 29 February 2016 was set aside by the Honourable Judge Jefferies on 2 September 2016 in the Albury District Court, however, I believe he handed down a flawed decision when he directed the charge be reheard in the Local Court. Which is another reason I have chosen to bypass that court this time and seek a decision from a higher court.

I understand that I am required to have a question of law to be able to bring this appeal to the Supreme Court and pose several throughout this document and which I hope you will find that at least one of those meets that requirement.

A rehearing of the charge a second time in the Local Court did not make the evidence admissible and able to be tendered at hearing.

I believe there is no avenue for appeal at that court house due to the aforementioned reasons and continued refusal of the Albury Court to recognise the illegal aspects of this arrest and evidence.

I was denied the opportunity to formally present any defence evidence at hearing on 14 September 2017 when I abandoned proceedings due to what I believe amounts to both provable and actual bias on the part of the Magistrate in protecting the complainant from answering questions under cross examination.

I believe that was not only a violation of my common law rights to fair and impartial hearings, but is another example of procedural unfairness I have been experiencing and stems from the collusion between the complainants and Court via the CJC mediator.

I believe the events of the hearing of 14 September 2017 should be grounds to have the charge dismissed completely now, and the unproven AVO’s formally declared to be that.

Additional grounds for this Appeal are intimidation of witnesses for the defence, service of Final Orders, signatures on legal documents, AVO application ID requirements and the question of whether the Crown was legally allowed to enter new evidence to a rehearing of the same charge, and to have changed the date of the offence I’d originally been convicted of.

Violations of the Federal Regulations which govern taxation practitioners need to be considered, and my rights to free speech and fair and impartial dealings from all courts in Australia.

Also laws regarding conspiracy to bring false allegation need to be considered, especially when one considers that one AVO application was soley designed to protect a person from having allegations of misconduct made against them to their employer, and her co-accuser and the court mediator both had an interesting in assisting the complainant to retain her employment. The mediator’s daughter is the complainant’s landlady.

I believe that amounts to misuse of process and any criminal charges bought against me by herself and her employers to be breaches of the Public Disclosure Act, and the same applies to the charge the mediator later bought against me herself. One also has to consider the crime of perverting the course of justice, and bringing a charge against someone just to affect the outcome of a hearing.

I was arrested, charged and convicted for lodging my own defence statements in civil matters, with the Albury court house on 12 January 2016 by NSW police.

I question the legality of that. The court itself did not refer the letter this charge relates to police to investigate as a crime, and did not decide the AVO matters based on the letter when it was lodged with the court on 12 January 2016 as part of those civil processes at hearings on 18 January 2016 or 5 February 2016.

Instead, the court pretends to have granted the final orders based on this potential criminal charge, but which added no new information or evidence to those civil matters, apart from this false claim of a confession by the arresting officer but which was not tendered to the court and the accused deliberately denied access to the police evidence because it was fraudulent.

The one police charge was applied to two separate AVO applications without my awareness. I was charged with an allegation of breach on an interim AVO held by one person, but convicted of that charge against another person’s final order. I question the legality of both of those actions.

The court conducted the rehearing of the charge with the wrong police complainant in place and pretended that the conviction had been handed down against that Order at the outset. I believe that should result in dismissal of that conviction and penalty and even the charge itself.

While I appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn the conviction and penalty based all of on the above grounds, I would accept a judgement of imposed motion if this court is unable to hear this appeal and must send it back to a District Court.

However, I will only appeal in a District Court if that court is not in Albury or its parent court in Wagga Wagga which shares staff and Magistrates.

Do any of the above questions meet the requirement of the question of law necessary to bring an Appeal from the Local Court to the Supreme Court?

Or do they show that procedure has not been followed in a fair and legal manner, and that is what must be addressed in this Appeal and all previous decisions overturned due to same?

I elected to defend false allegations made by way of civil applications and for which police had refused to become involved. A criminal charge of breach was bought against me as a ploy to have those applications granted, and then more criminal charges bought against me for other collateral purposes and in an attempt to intimidate and hinder my ability to defend myself unrepresented.

I therefore request my right to be granted legal counsel at the state’s expense for any further hearings involving any criminal charges stemming from these unproven and contested civil AVO (Domestic) applications, if these matters are going to continue through NSW Courts.


  1. Authenticating or Identifying Evidence

Federal Law Rule 901 relates to authenticating or identifying evidence. To satisfy the requirement the proponent must produce evidence sufficient to support a finding that the item is what the proponent claims it is.

  • The arresting officer claimed to have legally admissible evidence, but then attached none to his statement of facts. Why was that not checked and acted upon initially, and who was responsible for ensuring that it was not sent to the court for listing?
  • The Crown should have noticed that the charge could not go ahead and withdrawn it in February 2016, and again in 2017 when it realized that without the proper signatures and confirmation from the accused and a superior office, the transcript could still not be used in court. Yet the Crown chose to proceed and tendered that transcript into evidence. Who should have stopped this local representative of the Crown from doing that?
  • The Court should have noticed that no evidence accompanied the statement of facts when the charge and its documents were first lodged with the court house in January 2016, and dismissed it for that reason. Instead the Albury Local Court heard the charge and then refused an appeal against the conviction against evidence that was not even tendered at hearing.
  • The complainants’ allegations were not checked or tested at hearing, but I believe the contents of all submissions in those civil matters would have been and read and summarised to the Magistrate by a clerk prior to the hearing of 18 January 2016.
  • The Court appears to have tried to disassociate the complainant from their own submissions, and the defence evidence lodged against it, from that point on.
  • The court claims it kept no record of the incidence of violence which saw matters revoked from mediation and doesn’t appear to have made any checks on that ‘evidence’ prior to revoking or when listing a hearing for a criminal charge in relation to that false allegation to be explored against the accused.
  • I believe that so many unexplainable instances of true evidence not being considered and false evidence being used to convict, that the Magistrate cannot be accused of incompetence, but of deliberate misconduct.
  • The Magistrate claimed at hearing on 20 June 2017 that the question of the Crown’s evidence being inadmissible is an argument that I must have with him. However, I believe section 281 of the Crimes Act was created to prevent making untrue claims, and creating a situation where it is their word against the accused in court.

The question of law becomes what legal right did the Albury Local Court have to hear this charge, and to have refused to consider any defence evidence which demonstrates that the Crown’s evidence was not obtained legally, and the transcript of the conversation between the accused and the arresting officer does not meet the requirements of Law and the Code of Practice for Crime?


  1. Service of a Final AVO Order

I understand the laws of service were changed and relaxed in 2017, but for the period from 29 February 2016 until August 2016 were police required to be in possession of a valid record of service of a final order to be able to bring any charges against me in relation to that AVO?

  • I believe an Interim Order being in place can relax that requirement, however it was never the case that police could not find me to serve the final order, they were at my home a few days after the hearing of 29 February 2016 but only bought one with them, and which I refused to accept stating that ‘it had been disproven by evidence’.
  • The arresting officers for the ensuring charges against this same AVO order quote the date of service of the interim order at first, and then none at all when they failed to find a record of service of a final order in their system. The one they tender as part of the Crown’s brief to the court and the accused, is fraudulent and not valid or real and only created after I had called for a dismissal of all charges of breach based on that issue.

A question of law becomes, did NSW police have the legal right to seek conviction for any charges of breach, when the Final Order of the AVO they apply to was never served on the accused, and who was not present in court on the day that order was made?


  1. Signatures and Legal Documents

I ask this Court to clarify the issue of the signature on the AVO application form not matching the name on the front, and whether or not that rendered the application invalid since the day it was made.

  • The Registrar and court claims it is legal for the complainant to have deliberately failed to show current photo ID when she did have it available when applying, and instead used a document so old it displayed her maiden name. However, when looking into making my own application against the accused, I recall the legislation stated that one must show current photo ID.
  • The complainant’s photo ID in the form of a driver’s licence was registered to an address in Victoria, and which would have disqualified her from starting any action at a NSW court house.
  • The Court then has to consider the actions of the Registry staff member who accessed the computer file and changed the name on the form to match the signature, and therefore the print outs of ensuring summonses and orders, as having been an act of misconduct and is another sign of collusion between the complainant and all court staff.
  • The Magistrate claimed at hearing on 14 September 2017 that it is only my belief that a signature on a legal document must match the name of the person who is to sign it. However, I believe that I am correct in that information and he is misguided if he does not share it.

A question of law is whether or not the application should have been allowed to proceed at all when the complainant was unable to show acceptable valid ID, and whether it can be considered to be a legal document able to be upheld, after the tampering of the name by court staff.


  1. Notices of Motion
  • The accused lodged a Notice of Motion on 12 December 2016 again this charge and others charges arising from the same AVO, due to collusion with the court mediator and intimidation of a witness for the defence.
  • A Notice of Motion had been lodged on 11 November 2016 against a charge bought against me by the court’s mediator for offence via telecommunications equipment, and which involved an assault by police on the accused and more false charges and more false evidence created by the NSW police acting on instruction of Mrs Bradley.
  • These are serious allegations of misconduct towards the accused and which were backed up by evidence tendered with those requests for a change in venue, and were was denied by way of more acts of misconduct, and which involved illegally delisting one of those applications unheard and replacing it with all of the criminal charges of breach associated with this AVO.
  • The Registrar has continued to refuse a change in venue in either of those complainant’s matters and insists that any appeals regarding same occur in the Albury District Court.
  • From my viewpoint, this makes appeal not possible and is now another violation of my legal and common law rights to appeal.

A question becomes; how many times can a Magistrate accused of misconduct dismiss notices of motion against himself, his colleagues and his court, before the accused is granted a change in venue?

Is there any legislation I could have called upon to halt these proceedings when the court continued to act in an unlawful manner towards myself?

I lodged complaints with the NSW Judicial Commission and I believe their investigator deliberately covered up the misconduct I pointed out in my complaints, but would have seen even more in the transcripts due to his legal training and knowledge than I was unaware of.

Which is why I will not take these matters to the Supreme Court of NSW as a Judicial Review, but will progress them to the Federal Court or High Court of Australia if they are not overturned as a result of this appeal.


  1. Intimidation of a Witness

This is a criminal offence as outlined in section 315A of the Crimes Act 1900, Intimidating Victims or Witnesses. The complainant herself lodged evidence with police which demonstrated that both herself and the court mediator were guilty of this offence.

  • The arresting offer for that charge of breach against myself, ignores the real crime, and tenders that evidence to the court in a charge against me.
  • The charge bought against me was to intimidate myself for continuing to defend and complain about these criminal charges being bought against me in rapid succession against an unproven AVO final order.
  • The arresting officers deliberately assaulted me, nearly broke my neck because they were unaware of the condition of my spine and which is the reason I am on disability pension, illegally detained me, illegally searched all of the defence evidence in relation to their continued false charges, and bought more false charges against me.
  • The Sargent on duty, wrote on my bail documents that I have a long criminal history and will be sentenced to jail for this charge over two emails.
  • The claim of a criminal history is not true and amounts to another count of the police creating false or tampering with evidence and of making false allegations against me.
  • The paperwork he created is fraudulent and therefore another criminal offence.
  • The duty Sargent and the arresting officer both advised me to leave town before the hearing, but had deliberately listed it on the same day as this complainant’s charges.
  • The Court has continued to list that charge alongside that of this complainant for all of the time since then, forcing me to appear in the Local Court in relation to charge which I have always been are invalid for a variety of reasons, and would have appealed any convictions to the District Court.

The question of law again is at what point does the law protect a person who is legally entitled to motion but being denied it, and by what process?


  1. Bail Requirements

I believe it would be considered to be illegal to use bail conditions assigned to one person’s matter, in relation to another person.

  • I was left on bail for what became an illegal amount of time while the complainant (mediator) failed to appear at any mentions of the charge, or for the Notice of Motion. The accused was never told what was creating the delay in the hearing of the charge after motion was refused.
  • The court has failed to list the charge for hearing or mention next year, despite having listed it for mention on 18 September 2017 and tried to use its bail conditions to force me to come into the court house and be served with new orders protecting the same complainants illegally granted at hearing on 14 September 2017 after I had walked out of the court house.

A question of law must become how much police and court misconduct must a person endure before something is done to halt it, and when do the people who are guilty of real criminal offences towards myself come under investigation and by whom?

What process should have occurred when the NSW Ombudsman and NSW Justice and the Police Commissioners’ Office were all refusing to conduct a proper investigation and were only interested in telling the complainant to go away unheard?


  1. Testimony Not Admissible and Procedural Unfairness
  • The Crown states at hearing on 29 February 2016 the accused had been phoning and emailing the protected person at her workplace. I believe he is referring to a witness statement given to police by Ross Griffin of BDS Huon on 16 February 2016, and which the accused was not aware of until many months later.
  • Has the court punished myself for the same phone call twice, in using it on 29 February 2016 to pretend the complainant was under attack, and then bringing a separate charge in relation to it months afterwards?
  • It is another police charge for which police have omitted the only evidence BDS Huon hold in relation to it, being the email sent as a follow up to that phone call and which shows it was about the issue of them having their employees accuser charged by police.
  • I hold evidence of the two complaints I lodged with the Tax Practitioners’ Board about that arrest and phone call showing the dates as being 19 and 20 January 2016, therefore that I contacted their authorities before they contacted police about myself.
  • Ward made this same exaggerated allegation on 5 February 2016 at the trial which was cancelled before I could address her statement and another false allegation regarding the court mediator and both of those remain unchallenged in the transcript and affects any appeals. The court refused to accept a Statutory Declaration prepared to refute those allegations.
  • The complainant’s testimony on 14 September 2017 is not admissible due to myself not having seen a copy of the documents she was being questioned about by the Crown, and therefore no ability to address them under cross examination.

The question of law is should the hearing of 14 September 2017 been stayed until the defence had a chance to receive a copy of those documents, and had issued a Notice to Produce in relation to same after that hearing, and before sentencing had occurred?

Another question of law is if that was in violation of the Public Disclosure Act which forbids a company or an employee to bring a charge against a person who has made a complaint against them, and also in violation of the Federal Regulations which require Tax Practitioners to be of good conduct and to protect their clients’ personal and financial information at all times?


  1. Perjury
  • While not required to give provide testimony or any evidence at the hearing of 29 February 2016, the arresting officer committed perjury on 20 June 2017 when asked to confirm that his statement of facts and recording and its transcript was true and correct and obtained legally.
  • The perjury is proven by the lack of a signature by the accused confirming that he had acted legally and confirmation by a superior officer when there was one present.
  • The complainants in both civil AVO applications committed perjury in their applications and their submissions to the court, both written and verbally at hearings. They swore under oath that their initial allegations contained in their applications were all true.
  • The evidence for the civil AVO applications this criminal charge stems from is not before this court, apart form in the form of my defence statements as tendered by police.
  • Please be aware that the handwritten notes on the right hand side of those statements made by the complainant are all false and are not to be considered in this appeal.
  • It is instances of her claiming something is a lie when I can prove it is not, and that she is aware of that, are issues which needed to be tested at hearing but were not.

While this appeal cannot consider the original acts of perjury on the part of the complainants unless it chooses to, I believe it must find that Officer Weekley is guilty perjury under oath and of creating false evidence, and both must be grounds for the dismissal of the charge and for the conviction and penalty to be overturned.


  1. The Changing of Transcripts

Transcripts of court proceedings are to be prepared in accordance with legislation. I understand that provision is made for the tidying up of same, to make the words of the Magistrate or Judge clear. However, what is going on in Albury is not that, but deliberate and calculated changing of the words said in court, and myself ‘dumbed down’ and key defence statements removed.

  • I lodged my first complaint about this issue with the Office of Public Prosecutions in Wagga Wagga after reading the first transcript I received being that of the appeal of 18 April 2016.
  • When I saw it had happened again in the transcript for the hearing of 12 December 2016, and that Notices of Motion were illegally delisted twice in the two months following, I lodged a complaint with the Federal Police about both issues.
  • I later mentioned the deliberate changing of transcripts in a complaint to the NSW Privacy and Information Commissioner regarding continued collusion between staff of the Court House and the complainants in particular in relation to their application to have both of those issued on 29 February 2016 to be extended for another two years.
  • The Office of the General Counsel took over that complaint and confirmed in August 2017 the two instances I had given as examples.
  • The issue affects the transcripts for both of these hearings which means the court has continued this practice even after that investigation occurred.
  • Obviously this makes an honest and impartial appeal not possible.

I believe the Albury court house itself has lost the right to hear any matters against me on these grounds alone.

At what point does tampering with court transcripts become a crime, and grounds to investigate the people concerned and question their reasons for doing so, and re-examine the hearings which it relates to?

At what point does an honest citizen have the right to walk out of a court house which is acting illegally, and not have to go back there?


  1. Slander of Myself by the Magistrate

On 15 February 2016, the Magistrate made an allegation against myself at hearing, that an incidence of violence had been committed against one of the protected people. This charge of contravene is what he is referring to and which actually involves an allegation of writing to BDS Huon, and delivering that letter to an empty house and involved no violence.

  • He implies that the incidence of violence did occur when he states it is why the contested AVO applications can no longer be dealt with by way of mediation.
  • The complainant O’Bryan confirms that I have been charged with a breach but fails to explain that it did not involve any violence. Magistrate then fails to explore the allegation of an incidence of violence any further at that hearing, despite acknowledging both of the potential victims being present in court.
  • The Magistrate mentions this allegation of an incidence of violence again on 29 February 2016, in his opening remarks for the hearing.
  • That amounts to slander and defamation of myself by the Magistrate, and comes very close to being perjury.
  • In convicting me at the end of that hearing, it is again implied that I was convicted of that incidence of violence. The Magistrate gives no description of the police charge against me when making his decision at the hearing, nor gives any reasons for making it.
  • I believe that is contrary to legislation which governs his actions in handing down judgements, but is the cause of the face of the record not reflecting the truth.
  • The levy for having committed a violent crime, also adds to the misconception on the face of the record.

My question of law is; should that hearing be declared a mistrial and the continuation of it ruled to have been the same and all decisions overturned, and the transcript containing those false allegations removed from the records?


  1. Charged Against One Interim AVO, Convicted Against Another Person’s

While this appeal appears to relate to having been convicted of a charge of contravene an Interim AVO held by Susan Ward, I was actually convicted of the charge after it was also applied to her mother’s AVO, and which the transcript of 29 February 2016 clearly shows.

That is the conviction I appealed, was set aside in the District Court and sent back to the Local Court for rehearing.

  • The statement of facts for this charge was handed up to the Magistrate and used to ‘prove’, O’Bryan’s AVO application, and then myself convicted of it. I believe that should be considered improper considering I had not been advised of that extra charge, nor been given a chance to defend it.
  • The Court granted Ward’s AVO application based on a court record that I have not been allowed to see, and was not aware had been created unless it is the Field CAN issued by the arresting officer on the same day he also issued a second CAN and a statement of facts for the same charge from the police station.
  • When forced to service the original penalty handed down on 29 February 2016, I noticed two items listed in the State Revenue Office’s online records, and both stemmed from the hearing on 29 February 2016.
  • One was marked as having a $560 penalty applied to it, and the other one was marked as attracting $0 penalty. That second entry made no sense and I assumed it was some kind of error. I did not take a screen shot and by the time I thought to the penalty had been set aside in the district court and I was no longer able log in to access those records.
  • Only the Magistrates records would show what record was used to prove Ward’s application.
  • If it was the allegation of breach lodged with the court by the complainant on 12 January 2016, and which she is questioned about by the Crown on 14 September 2017, it proves I was arrested and charged for lodging my defence against these AVO applications only.

Has there been a deliberate duplication of the same charge, but without a second penalty to disguise that? If there has, should the granting of that second AVO based on a duplication of the paperwork for one charge be overturned now?

The questions of law becomes why was civil procedure not followed properly by the court once all submissions had been lodged, and why did it defy the stay imposed by the order for motion and instead grant the Orders just so that it could convict the accused of this criminal charge?


  1. Freedom of Speech and Defamation and Libel

My rights to Freedom of speech are also being impinged and violated and these are Constitutional rights.

  • The complainants claimed a blog I had on the internet which was slanderous and libellous towards them, contained harassment and threats and an attempt to blackmail them for money.
  • Yet it was just a few true stories written and posted to the blog the more they threatened myself with physical violence and which became more embarrassing for the complainants.
  • The complainants sought additional conditions in their AVO applications that I must not mention any family members on the internet.
  • In granting their orders without considering their allegations and the evidence against them, the AVO final order restricts what I can say or publish both physically and on the internet.
  • The complainants were not aware I had been blogging for the three years prior to them seeking their orders and how much that order would affect me, nor had I ever blogged about them previously.
  • These original family argument did not involve internet offences, it was just a family argument being had via telecommunications devices being internet and text messages.
  • Without presenting any copies of text message and a few selected pages of the blog, they have seized control of and limited my right to free speech.
  • They seek to have me charged by police under these AVO Orders if I even state in public that I am innocent and being harassed by them or that BDS Huon do not protect their clients’ right to privacy.

A question of law becomes does the Local Court have the power to deny my right to freedom of speech, and without being able to provide valid reasons or any proof that my writings were criminally defamatory or libellous?


  1. Health Diagnosis by Way of False Conviction

The complainants both made false allegations that I was attacking them out of a long term mental illness. That is also not true, and there is no medical diagnosis or documentation that would support that. It is a lie they tell each other, and other people about me, and simply their own diagnosis.

  • In granting the AVO orders without considering the defence evidence which disproved this allegation, the court has ruled that I have a medical condition that I do not have.
  • Recently I attempted to issue Subpoena’s to both complainants asking them to provide proof of this allegation before the AVO’s could be extended.
  • The Registrar refused to process it, and a second time upon an appeal of that decision.

If the Court deliberately refuses to provide any evidence of this allegation, then can that judgement be legally allowed to stand? I did not consent to the order being made, nor was I given any chance to defend that allegation, yet it can adversely affect other areas of my life and any appeal.

Why am I not being tried under a mental health act if I am mentally ill, and why is that condition not being taken into considering when handing down convictions and penalties if the court want to pretend that condition is real and true?


Summary of Violations

The arresting officer was in violation of Section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) and the Code of Practice for Crime when he bought against me on 19 January 2016, and listed it for mention on 5 February 2016.

  • NSW Police and the Crown are guilty of not checking the evidence as required by Federal Law Evidence Rule 901 as required before that date.
  • The Registrar was in violation of both of the above when she allowed the charge to remain listed after being advised by way of a complaint lodged on 21 January 2016 regarding the circumstances in which the arresting officer obtained the recording.
  • The Magistrate of the Local Court was in violation of Section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) and the Evidence Rule when he revoked matters from mediation and listed the charge for mention in the Local Court on 15 February 2016 and when he listed that hearing to continue on 29 February 2016.
  • Also when he convicted me of the charge on that same date, without asking the Crown to produce the evidence they claimed to have for this charge for his inspection and consideration.
  • The Local Court was in violation of Section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) and Federal Law Rule 901 when it granted two AVO final orders based on this charge, while failing to recognize that the evidence was inadmissible.
  • The Local Court was in violation of the attributes of a Fair Trial when it summoned me to court on 15 February 2016 without advising that mediation had been cancelled, the awarding of the AVO’s already decided and I was now facing the hearing of a criminal charge stemming from one of those.
  • The Local Court was also aware that I had not been provided with a copy of that evidence before those hearings on 15 and 29 February 2016, and therefore it had no right to proceed.
  • The Local Court was aware that I still had not been given access to the police evidence when I appealed the conviction in April 2016, and supported the Crown when it refused to produce same at hearing.
  • I believe the Albury District court was in violation of Section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW), when it set the conviction aside and ruled on 2 September 2016 the matter be reheard in the Local Court.
  • The Registry was in violation of Section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) when it relisted the charge for rehearing on 4 December 2016 and every time it relisted the charge for mention or hearing during the course of 2017
  • The Local Court was in violation Laws regarding rights to motion when there is no chance of a fair hearing at the venue when it claims to have dismissed the Notice of Motion relating to this charge on 12 December 2016, and immediately listed this charge for hearing in February 2017.
  • The Local Court was in violation Laws regarding right to motion when it dismissed the Notice of Motion relating to this charge on 6 April 2017 without proper hearing or consideration of the evidence lodged with those after the Notices had been relisted for hearing by a visiting Magistrate.
  • The Crown was in violation of Section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) on 20 June 2017 when it tendered the inadmissible evidence and without giving defence an opportunity to signify it if objected or not.
  • The Court was in violation of section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 when it commenced hearing this charge on 20 June 2017 and when it allowed that inadmissible evidence to be formally tendered and accepted by the Court.
  • The arresting officer is in violation of laws against perjury and of creating and then tampering with false evidence.
  • The court was in violation of Attributes of a Fair Trial on 14 September 2017 when it failed to allow the defence to cross examine the complainant.
  • The court was in violation of its implied promise to hear this matter fairly when it dismissed the Notice of Motion but commenced the continuation of the hearing on 20 June 2017 in a way saw myself abandon those proceedings and which resulted in the defence being denied the chance to formally tender written defence statements into evidence, nor sum up my defence case.

I will not attempt to point any more breaches of Law and Legislation from my uneducated perspective, however those will be apparent to the Supreme Court Judges as they read through the transcripts for the hearings being appealed.

Please also notice the Magistrate claiming that the issues surrounding the legality of the recording of the conversation had with the arresting officer and his claim that it was an interview conducted in full accordance with the law, are an argument I must have with him, before that can be acknowledged by the court.

Yet the legislation surrounding that section of the ACT was created by people more learned about the laws and ways of police than myself, and it would appear himself, and were put into place decades ago. Those law were created specifically to prevent police from being able to frame people for a crime they did not commit, or to make their job easier by way of gaining convictions without conducting a proper investigation first.

I believe it is the Magistrate who needs more instruction of that section of that Act, what it means and that he was required to deal with the transcript in accordance with those laws, declared it to be inadmissible and dismissed the charge at the commencement of the hearing on 20 June 2017.

Too many people are using these orders for vexatious purposes, and that needs to be stopped. Especially in light of the fact that the AVO legislation in each state has now been made enforceable nationwide.

I believe the process might need to be re-examined to make it more fool proof, or a new level of order created which involves harassment but not threats of violence, and which carries lesser penalties for charges of contravene and more scope for counselling or other remedies.

I believe the role of mediators need to be examined, and their integrity more closely monitored and transgressions acted upon immediately and properly, due to the CJC failure to act against their employee, and who was perverting the course of justice and refuses to let that be overturned, to save herself from investigation for criminal offences.


Additional Questions of Law

How did the Magistrate on 5 February 2016 not see a crime in the paperwork before him when the Magistrate on 29 February 2016 claims that he did and that police supported his assessment when they had not seen nor investigated the content or allegations contained in the AVO applications?

Why did the Magistrate who saw no crime the first time he considered all of the submissions relating to the civil AVO process rule that when you fail to consider those submissions, the act of writing to BDS Huon it is a crime under AVO legislation and conditions?

Would mediation have provided a better result? The costs of the hearings generated by the miscarriage of justice arranged by the CJC mediator and the resulting false police charges bought against the accused to harass and intimidate her have cost this state a small fortune, and the defence to try to defend.

Mediation legislation was bought created to alleviate the workload on courts that hearings relating to AVO matters were creating. The CJC mediator has acted in direct defiance of that legislation.

Mediation is also known as dispute resolution or settlement by an impartial person. The mediator was in violation of any aspects of impartiality, and has fuelled a family fight into destroying that family unit completely, instead of bringing about any satisfactory end or cessation of hostilities.

Who is ultimately responsible for an innocent person have been convicted of false AVO applications by way of a false police charge? Who was responsible to investigate that?

Any complaints to other agencies which were forwarded to NSW Justice, ended the moment NSW Justice took control of same. The complains and their allegations were all ignored and the illegal conduct stemming from this one CJC mediator allowed to continue until she had not only enlisted local police to act corruptly to assist her personal friends, but she went on to corrupt two Magistrates and two Registrars for that same purpose.

The mediator and the complainants are the real guilty people in these matters, and the arresting officer for this charge just a pawn in their game of conspiracy to bring false charges and which led to false convictions. The mediator has now forced a serving NSW police officer to commit perjury to cover up for her own actions. I believe it is time I was exonerated of her crimes against justice.

Summary of Appeal

I believe the Crown has done nothing to prove its case of harassment of the protected person during the hearings of 20 June and 14 September 2017, and instead than BDS Huon received a letter from the accused advising of misconduct by one of their employees and assisted her to have the author of that letter arrested and charged to protect both the employee and their business reputation.

I still believe BDS Huon had no right to have assisted their employee to have me arrested for that advice, and certainly no legal right to assist the complainant to gain that order after the company had been advised of the breaches of client confidentiality and their employee’s questionable court actions designed to conceal them.

Cross examination of the arresting officer by the accused clearly demonstrates that the accused continues to assert the officer created the recording of a conversation with the accused illegally, has edited that recording extensively in the time since and has misrepresented the content of that conversation in his statement of facts made to the court.

I do not believe I must prove the transcript of that conversation was inadmissible in court when the laws of section 281 of the Crimes Act and Police Code of Conduct are already quite clear, and the court is fully aware that the document and statement of facts is in violation of both when the lack of signature, and the date that it was prepared and served on the accused, clearly demonstrates that it is not and never will be.

I believe the Crown’s witnesses also failed to provide any evidence that the letter was an act of harassment towards the complainant, and that motivation which the Crown’s case relies upon, was not addressed at all at hearing.

The act of writing to BDS Huon was not a criminal offence unless the standard conditions of a proven AVO order are attached to it. The AVO applications were not proven when I was charged, nor were they when I was convicted of this charge, and therefore the charge remains invalid and illegal.

Police bringing a charge for a document the court was already in possession of, along with admissions from the accused regarding its delivery, did not prove either AVO application.

I believe all the Crown has really proven is that there was an attempt to pervert the course of justice by way of this charge and the false allegation of an incidence of violence, and the people responsible for that attempt were successful while this conviction stands.

Please also notice that police refused to investigate my allegations of historic sexual assault by one of the complainant’s children, and that the Local Court failed to refer those matters to police when they saw them mentioned in the submissions presented as part of the civil AVO applications and their defence cases.

I do not believe that any court in NSW or Australia should have a legal right to hear a criminal charge of contravene AVO or ADVO until that order has not been properly proven in a court of law, and is backed up by legal evidence or admissions of guilt from the accused.

Relief Sought

I appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn the conviction and remove the inappropriate financial penalty imposed, and which include the court costs for this illegal hearing, and witness costs for a complainant who was protected from answering any questions.

I humbly ask that the court awards me some costs to cover the expenses of having to defend these matters over the past two years. This appeal has already cost me $50 in printer ink and paper, and photocopy and posting the documents to the court will cost around that same amount.

The court has shown no compassion for my permanent health issues and new ones being created by the stress and activity in having to defend these illegal proceedings and instead has deliberately tried to make these proceedings as long and drawn out as they can, in a deliberately attempt to wear me out.

The assault on my person by NSW police resulted in throwing the whole of my spine out of place, and almost broke my neck. I suffered continuous and deliberating migraines for the following three months afterwards and many days unable to walk due to the damage inflicted on my lower back.

I have been defamed and slandered by the false allegations and convictions for same. A home business I was trying to start early last year was ruined by these court matters and the time they take away from me. Two years of my life has been spent defending and trying to have the decisions made on 29 February 2016 overturned when that hearing was clearly in violation of all of the Attributes of a fair hearing, and in violation of section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986.

I humbly ask the court to show mercy, grant my appeal, and acquit me of these corrupt dealings which are not only abuses of process and abuses of power, but they are continued abuse of myself by a family of abusers.

I don’t believe that the same complainants would apply again, if they had to restart their applications in an impartial venue.



Criminal Appeal Act 1912





The appellant makes the following submissions to the Court:

  1. Firstly I ask that the Court bears with my limited knowledge of the law and being unrepresented while barely versed in the manner in which this application should be presented. However, I ask that you not reject this Appeal based on what it lacks and instead considers the conviction and inappropriate financial penalty I am appealing.
  2. I believe main principles of justice and procedure were deliberately flaunted in a deliberate effort to pervert the course of justice against me, and by way of this police charge in particular.
  3. I maintain the Court’s CJC mediator used her position to assist her personal friends’ to have civil AVO applications granted after they had been disproven by defence statements and evidence, which were lodged with the court on 12 January 2016.
  4. I believe that is why the Local Court chose to hear a charge that could not legally be heard in any court, due to its police evidence being clearly inadmissible under section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 and obtained in violation of the Code of Practice for Crime.
  5. The mediator’s collusion with the complainants becomes proven by the evidence shown in the Notice of Motion mentioned during the hearings of 20 June 2017. Transcript 20.6.17 p 1.30-45. Annexures A 1.
  6. I am appealing the conviction and penalty of this charge of contravene AVO (Domestic) prohibition/restriction, handed down on 22 November 2017 at a sentencing hearing I refused to attend, after the charge was heard over two sessions on 20 June and 14 September 2017.
  7. I abandoned the hearing of 14 September 2017 when the Court was showing provable bias by protecting the complainant from having to answer questions. Transcript 14.9.17 p 9.5 – p 11.15.
  8. I expected no fair dealings on that day and advised the Magistrate of same after he had behaved suspiciously when calling his list, but refusing to acknowledge charges or applications he was aware I wanted to lodge new Notices of Motion against. Transcript 14.9.17 p 8.25-35.
  9. The Annexures attached to this Appeal are divided into three sections.
  • Part A relate to the hearing of 20 June 2017 (Annexures A 1 – 17)
  • Part B relate to the hearing of 14 September 2017 (Annexures B 1 – 10)
  • Part C relate to the hearings in 2016 and Submissions Document (Annexures C 1 – 7)
  1. I am also appealing the original hearing and conviction for this criminal charge, which stems from an unproven civil application, handed down on 29 February 2016. Defence brief p 36-38.
  2. I also ask this Court to consider the hearing of 15 February 2016, which was the first mention of this charge. I walked out because I thought I had been summoned to mediation. Defence brief p 28-30.
  3. The certificate for this Appeal requested those transcripts, and one for the hearing of 5 February 2016 which shows the first listing of this charge. It was not called that day, and was then automatically stayed by the order for mediation made at that hearing. Defence brief 25-26.


  1. If those were not provided to this appeal, please refer to the defence brief where they are shown, if the Court wishes to explore those earlier hearings. The Crown states it has no objection to them having been tendered into evidence on 20 June 2017. Transcript 20.6.17 p 7.30-35.


  1. During the two year course of these events at the Albury Local Court I have never been directed to Legal Aid, nor able to engage legal counsel. I believe the Court has taken advantage of that, and it is another indication of the procedural trial I have experienced. Transcript 18.1.16 p 3.25)


  1. I was summoned to Court on 15 February 2016 due to a false allegation made to the Magistrate outside of the court room that an incidence of violence had occurred, and for which there is no evidence, no victim, police charge or a record. Transcript 15.2.16 p 2.30 & Transcript 29.2.16 p 1.15 Ward. Annexure C 1.


  1. Which is why I want those hearings examined, so this Court can formally rule that the civil AVO applications granted on 29 February 2016 were not proven in court during that hearing, and the Local Court should have recognised that, and particularly once the conviction for this criminal charge was set aside in the District Court marked as having not been heard at all in the Local Court.


  1. The summons kept on the court records suggest the civil orders had already been granted, however the copy I received listed the AVO applications as well, but then they were not listed outside the court room when I arrived, just the criminal charge. Transcript 15.02.16 p 5.0-5 & Transcript 18.04.16 p 2.30 – p 3.35. Annexure C 1.


  1. I am seeking that ruling because other vexatious charges were bought against me, or for collateral purposes, and those cannot continue if the AVO order is ruled to be invalid. The orders were also extended on 14 September 2017 against my objections to that venue hearing those, and without any hearing or myself given a chance to defend them.


  1. On 18 January 2017 an order for a hearing of the applications was made and listed for 5 February 2016. That hearing did not occur when that Magistrate made an order for mediation. Mediation did not occur when matters were revoked and the Orders granted without any examination of the civil submissions for and against those, and without any examination of the evidence for this charge.


  1. Until either of those things happen, the Court cannot pretend that those orders are proven and enforceable by law, and which creates criminal charges against the accused.


  1. I believe I followed procedure correctly in the Local Court and proved my innocence by way of lodging written defence statements and evidence prior to hearing, and which I am prepared to read out under oathbox, and be cross examined over.


  1. My defence evidence is continually dismissed or ignored and appears to have no relevance in the eyes of the Local Court. I remain convicted of a charge which was not legally able to be heard in any court, due to the Crown’s evidence not being admissible under section 281 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW), and which I have not been allowed to fairly defend.


  1. I had no legal representation to point out to the Court the police evidence was inadmissible, although I did continue to question that, nor that the Crown’s refusal to let me see the evidence in its case before hearings could begin, and then before the appeal, also illegal. Transcript 20.6.17 p 28.50. Annexure A 16 (a).


  1. I believe the Court must have been aware when it listed this charge for hearing on 15 February 2016, and without the accused being properly advised or given time to prepare or seek legal advice, it was in violation of the accepted Attributes of a Fair Trial.


  1. However I had lodged defence statements against that charge, prior to its first listing of
    5 February 2016, and those should have also been before the Magistrate on 15 February 2016. Defence brief p. 4-7. Transcript 20.6.17 p 23.30. Annexure A 13.


  1. I was never advised mediation had been cancelled or why, nor what had led to my conviction on 29 February 2016 which I was unable to attend due to ill health, and what triggered the granting of the civil applications until I received the transcripts in June 2016.


  1. I did not recognise the reference number the court was assigning to the charge of contravene, and was aware I had attended court for the first listing of this criminal charge on 5 February 2016. I had no way of knowing if it was a new charge, or the one I had lodged defence statements against and a complaint to the Tax Practitioners’ Board about on 19 January 2016.


  1. I sent an email to the State Revenue Office trying to find out when the court would not provide any real answers to my emails, and I tender that to this appeal to show the date on which I was convicted for having committed an offence and what that offence was – Knowingly contravene AVO (restriction) on 13 January 2016. Annexure A 3.


  1. The Albury Registry continues to claim after the hearing on 14 September 2017 that all appeals must occur in Albury.


  1. I believe that court house has lost the right to hear any more matters involving myself and have advised them of that, and the procedural and trial unfairness I have experienced there part of my grounds for appealing this conviction and penalty to the Supreme Court instead of their District Court. Annexure C 6.


  1. I am agreeable to this Court treating this as a request for motion and directing a District Court appeal occur, but only if that is in Sydney and not in the Albury or Wagga Wagga District Court, and the Judge has the power to overturn the decisions of 29 February 2016 and back to when the order for mediation was made on 5 February 2016.


  1. All hearings arising from the false allegation of the incidence of violence should be marked a mistrial, and which I was not required to attend.


  1. The contested AVO applications were also deflected from the natural course of justice and procedure by this criminal charge of contravene. However, the claims made by, and actions of the arresting officer, strongly suggest it was a deliberate set up bought for collateral purposes.


  1. The date of the arrest is also worth noting, a day after the contested applications were listed for their allegations and evidence to be tested or proven at hearing, and a week after the complainant had made her statement to the arresting officer.


  1. The Crown’s case was never to prove the accused wrote a letter to the complainant’s employer, BDS Huon, and delivered it in person to a house owned by one of the company’s partners. The letter was prepared for if he wasn’t home, and was signed with the accused’s name and gave a phone number with an invitation to call for more information.


  1. The Crown’s case that the arresting officer gained a confession from the accused during an interview recorded on his personal mobile phone, that I wrote and delivered the letter to BDS Huon simply to get the complainant fired from her job, and no other reason.


  1. The Crown claims the decision to write to BDS Huon and to have done so is classed as harassment of a protected person under the standard conditions of an AVO order.


  1. But is this a standard order when the applicant was not seeking protection from threats of violence, and only from the accused contacting her employer about her own misconduct towards them? Also allegations of slander and libel.


  1. Is it ‘harassment’ to blow the whistle on a person breaking a legally binding agreement with their employers and to have done so out of a need for self-protection? The defence evidence presented in the civil applications showed that the complainant had been threatening the accused with physical violence while the accused merely retaliated with words.


  1. The Crown only considers those standard AVO restrictions, but other regulations come into play in this case, for example the Tax Services Act and Federal Regulations outlined in the Tax Practitioners Code of Conduct, in particular Item 6 which concern matters of client confidentiality. Defence Brief p 16.  Annexure A 7.


  1. There was no approach towards, or attempt to contact the protected person. The owners of BDS Huon were not protected people, only their office space prohibited as part of any standard Order not to approach the protected person at their place of employment.


  1. The Crown continues to assert the accused wrote to BDS Huon out of a desire to cause trouble for the complainant yet the inadmissible transcript of the conversation between the accused and the arresting officer show the accused also made other statements which are in direct contrast to that claim.


  1. The transcript also shows that he put the words of the confession into the mouth of the accused who only then realized she had been tricked and framed.


  1. The admissions made to the deciding Magistrate by way of my defence statements lodged on 12 January 2016, and which the arresting officer quotes in his statement of facts, also say the letter was an act of retaliation and simply the accused’s turn to respond in a game of tit for tat.


  1. The letter to BDS Huon was an attempt to render the AVO application no longer warranted, as the question as to whether or not contact from the accused would result in the termination of the complainant’s employment would have been decided by her employers under Federal Regulations, not way of a court order which is quite clearly an abuse of process.


  1. The Crown alleges it has a legal copy of that confession to harassment in a legally gained recording of the accused and its transcript, and that the officer conducted a formal interview with the accused in full accordance with the law.


  1. The Crown tendered that unsigned transcript into evidence as part of its brief to the Court, but also formally tendered it into evidence at hearing on 20 June 2017. Transcript 20.6.17, p 21.40-45. (The arresting officer is referred to as Wheatley in the transcript instead of Weekley)


  1. The arresting officer swore under oath that all of the claims in his statement of fact are true, and the transcript a complete and true copy of the whole of the conversation with the accused on 19 January 2016.


  1. Then why isn’t it signed by myself and a supervising officer, especially when one was present?


  1. In her witness of 25 October 2016 Snr Con Richardson does not confirm that any interview occurred, only that the arresting officer and I spoke briefly while she waited outside the flat. Transcript 20.6.17 p 24.35 – p 25.35. Annexure A 15.


  1. Why did Albury police hang up the phone when the accused rang to complain about the contents of the officer’s statement of facts, and why did they refuse access to the evidence, and even before the appeal of the conviction on 11 and 18 April 2016? Annexures A 19


  1. What might be the date the transcript of the recorded conversation was created has been redacted on every page of the copy supplied to the accused, and I assume to the Court.


  1. The Magistrate confirms at hearing on 20 June 2017, that he has the document in front of him and is looking at it. Transcript 20.6.17 p 28.0-5


  1. The Magistrate claims the accused must argue with himself about whether the transcript is legally admissible, and implies that the arresting officer would have no knowledge of the subject of admissible evidence. Transcript 20.6.17 p 28.10.


  1. The Court must have been aware that the lack of signature on the interview transcript and lack of any accompanying document verifying its authenticity meant he must formally dismiss the charge.


  1. The arresting officer claims to have checked AVO records on the police computer before going to the accused’s home and again from the police car before issuing the Field CAN. He states he confirmed an Interim Order against the accused yet appears to have failed to notice both times the accused also had one in place against the complainant. Annexure A 14.


  1. The transcript of the interview shows he turned the surreptitious recording off when the accused begins to talk about the complainant’s attempted assault on her on 6 November 2015, as witnessed by the accused’s landlady.


  1. He was aware that landlady was home on 19 January 2016, as his statement of facts shows, but he did not ask to question her about those events.


  1. Would that not constitute a flawed investigation? The officer did not want to discuss events surrounding either AVO application, or the letter itself, and only appears to have wanted to collect two specific answers from the accused to use as ‘evidence’ to bring the charge; did the accused write the letter, and did the accused write the admission in the defence statements lodged with the Registry on 12 January 2016.


  1. Or does it demonstrate collateral purpose and an attempt to affect the outcome of the hearing of the civil applications, and why he listed the charge on the same date?


  1. The defence case initially and still that the evidence must be illegal in that it was obtained by deception, the officer kept turning the recording device on and on leaving room for deliberate editing, and the accused didn’t believe that she had confessed at all, nor to harassment.


  1. The accused believed the recording only captured herself stating her full name and date of birth, and the word yes a few times, which were all to be used as investigation notes.


  1. I lodged a letter of complaint about the arrest with the court house Registry on 21 January 2016, because the complaints appeared in court in the company of the CJC mediator the day before it, the manner in which it was enacted and the false claims made in the statement of fact. I haven’t attached that, but it does prove the Registrar was aware the charge could not be heard in court from the outset, as the evidence would be inadmissible.


  1. I lodged defence statements against the statement of facts on that same date, being 21 January 2016, so they would be available for the Magistrate before the hearing on 5 February 2015. Defence brief p 4-7. Annexure A 13.


  1. Magistrate Cromptom stated at hearing on 5 February 2016 he had read all of the material before he came into the court room and decided on an order for mediation. The statement of facts for this charge and the defence statements should have both been before the Magistrate on that date.  (Transcript 05.02.16, p 1.40)


  1. When the Crown and the complainant submit the page from defence evidence which contains the admissions made by the accused in those documents, they only want the Magistrate to read one page of those, and in particular only the items highlighted by them.


  1. The Crown again asked the Court to ignore all defence evidence lodged against the AVO application, and convict the accused for a criminal charge of contravene stemming from that unproven and contested application, without considering anything else apart from the fact that I wrote to BDS Huon when an Interim Order was in place. Transcript 14.9.17 p 7.45.


  1. Which is what the Court did on 15 February 2016; formally discounted all defence evidence based on a police charge which contained no real evidence, no new evidence and was in no way a violation of the second AVO application made by the complainant’s mother. Transcript 15.2.16 p 3.45 – p 4.5 & Transcript 29.2.16 p 1.35-45 O’Bryan.


  1. The charge was a waste of time and resources and an abuse of that process when all it did was advise the Court that the accused had written to BDS Huon. The defence documents had already done that a week prior, and the complainant by way of documents lodged with the Registry on the same day, being 12 January 2016.


  1. The charge was a waste of time and resources when BDS Huon had already been advised of the complainant’s breaching of client confidentiality, and decided to take no action against her.


  1. The company joined the complainant in seeking that court Order, and tried to use it for damage control when I would not be silenced about the issue. Annexures A 9 & A 12.


  1. On 18 January 2016 the Magistrate judged that the applications must be proven at hearing. The police charge bought the following day should not change that ruling, especially when it contains the same information the Magistrate had before him when he made it. Transcript 18.01.16 p 3.30.


  1. The accused was provided with a copy of the typed transcript in a partial brief sent via email on 28 October 2016, and the recording on disc and the full brief via mail sometime after 11 November 2016 by the arresting officer, prior to the rehearing of the charge listed for 4 December 2016.


  1. That hearing was stayed after I was assaulted by police while being arrested for a charge of offence via telecommunications equipment bought against me by the CJC mediator, and then my applications for a change in venue, or Notice of Motion. Those were denied on 6 April 2017. Transcript 20.6.17 p 1.30-50.  Annexure A 1.


  1. That was when I first realized that officer did record most of the conversation without my knowledge, and I believe that is the issue police were trying to conceal when they refused me access to that evidence prior to hearing and appeal. Defence brief p 55. Transcript 18.4.16 p 8.30 – p 9.0. Annexure A 16 (a)


  1. I could tell when reading the transcript that some aspects of my replies had been omitted, either on the day it was recorded or when the officer transferred the files from his phone and edited them into being a continuous recording.


  1. Opening the file using sound editing software confirmed that it is short segments of various recordings strung together. Not all appear to have been recorded in the same room, nor in the same order. Transcript 20.6.17 p 26.10.  Annexure C 3.


  1. I included in the Annexures a Statutory Declaration created on 15 June 2016 for an Application to Revoke made in July 2016 to address false allegations made by Ward at hearing on 5 February, because the accused had no chance to address those and they remain unchallenged in the transcript records. Defence Brief p 63-63.  Transcript 5.02.16 p 2.15-50.  Annexure C 2.


  1. A witness statement by Ross Griffin dated 16 February 2016 is attached as the act of phoning BDS Huon about having been arrested and sending a follow up email is not only exaggerated by Ward at the hearing of 5 February 2016, but is mentioned by the Crown at hearing on 29 February 2016. Transcript 5.02.16 p 2.15 & Transcript 29.02.16 Ward p 1.35 & Transcript 20.6.17 p 16.10. Annexure A 9.


  1. The Crown does not tender this statement for this charge but bought a separate charge against it on 9 April 2016, two days before the accused’s Annulment/Appeal. Date of service of the Interim Order is quoted by the arresting officer, showing there was no record of service of a Final Order on the police computer.


  1. I was charged for the phone call but not the email which had been mentioned in court twice in February and it is not tendered into evidence by police. It will be by the defence when that charge of contravene unproven civil AVO (Domestic) is listed for hearing on 15 February 2018 in the Albury Local Court.


  1. I have included a copy of that email in this appeal to show the real purpose of that phone call mentioned in the transcripts. Defence brief p 91. Transcript 5.02.16 p 2.15 & Transcript 29.02.16 Ward p 1.35 & Transcript 20.6.17 p 17.10. Annexure A 11.


  1. An email to Mason Lloyd Accountants dated 5 February 2106 is contained in the Defence brief and mentioned during cross examination of Williams on 20 June 2017. Defence brief p 27. Transcript 20.6.17 p 19.25. Annexure A 12.


  1. I was charged for the contact with Mason Lloyd Accountants on 4 May 2016 by the same arresting officer for this charge, who once again made false claims in his statement of fact, this time that I instructed him to charge me without interview. He had not informed me what the allegation was, and I refused to go to the station for an interview with him. He did not quote a date of service at all, because I believe he noticed that rendered his charge invalid.


  1. The defence maintains the same motivations for writing the letter to BDS Huon given to the arresting officer on 19 January 2016, and in the admissions made to the Court in the defence statements; that I wrote and delivered the letter as an act of retaliation against the complainant’s continuing threats and slander towards myself, and which had intensified after her contacts on 6 November 2017, and to render the application itself unwarranted.
  2. Writing the letter was always an attempt to end matters. I assumed that BDS Huon would force their employee to abandon the application leaving only one to defend. It was obvious the complainants had made their applications in tandem so each one could lend some credibility to the other in lieu of any real evidence.


  1. The Local Court started applications for extensions of the orders on 20 June 2017 and refused to list them on separate dates for that reason, and despite my refusal to give the Court consent to hear any matters involving those complainants on 13 February 2016. Transcript 20.6.17, p 33.20-30.  Annexure A 17.


  1. I checked the legislation surrounding taxation firms and client confidentiality before writing the letter to BDS Huon, and was aware they had an obligation to investigate any leaking of their client’s information and were bound by Federal Regulations to ensure it did not happen. Defence brief p 16.  Annexure A 7


  1. I still believe I had the right to contact that company and about her behaviour, and that I avoided the Interim’s Orders restrictions and that the application would be defeated.


  1. If anything, the letter and act of delivering it was an unintentional breach, but the conviction states that I knowingly defied a proven AVO application and Final Order on 13 January 2016. Transcript 20.6.17 p 2.10 – p 3.50. Annexure A 2.


  1. It was not necessary for Jon Williams to give testimony. The Crown was not seeking to prove it was the accused who wrote the letter to his company, or even any of its contents. The hearing was the first time that Mr Williams and the accused had seen each other which is why he was not asked to identify the accused as the letter’s author by sight.


  1. This fact also makes the levy for having committed a violent crime also unwarranted. I delivered a letter to a garage of an empty house and did not encounter the letter’s intended recipient until 18 months later. How can that be classed as a violent crime and myself classed as an abuser because of it?


  1. The Defence insisted Williams appear in the hope that he might force his employee to drop the charge rather than appear in court in relation to this letter and its issues of breaches of client confidentiality.


  1. The company assisting its employee to continue to seek and then gain the order, once it was no longer needed, is questionable, but the complainant’s witness statement shows they were so worried by the letter initially, that they sought legal advice.


  1. I think Williams said enough at hearing on 20 June 2016 to demonstrate he is guilty of professional misconduct for failing to uphold client confidentiality Regulations by not reading the whole letter and giving his employee a warning.


  1. Williams assures the Magistrate that the protected person’s job is still safe, and implies she was never in danger of losing it over the letter I wrote to him two years earlier.


  1. The grounds of her AVO application were that she would lose her job and her income if the accused advised the company about her gossip sessions with her mother, and that has proven to have been unwarranted, and in particular by that very statement from Williams.


  1. Why is the Crown trying to convict the accused of writing that letter as a criminal offence when it caused the complainant no grief at all, and it did not harass her, nor her employers?


  1. Why I have been fined $4,000 for a victimless crime, apart from the consequences and expenses it has created for myself when it triggered the granting of the Orders?


100.The Crown and the Court were aware they had no illegal right to be hearing the charge, and accepting its false evidence as being valid nor proven? The Court had no right to hand down any conviction at all, and certainly not an inappropriate penalty that does not take my income as a pensioner into consideration.


101.Therefore I am forced to ask this higher court and its Judges to recognize that on my behalf, and overturn his judgement.


102.The paperwork posted to myself by Albury police on 19 May 2017 in the lead up to the commencement of the rehearing of this charge in June demonstrates Albury police were again relying on bullying and false paperwork to try to gain some advantage.


103.Those documents were handed up to Magistrate at the start of the hearing on 14 September 2017, and are attached to this Appeal as they were not formally tendered into evidence.  Transcript 14.9.17 p 2.25 – p 5.0. Annexures B 2, 3, 4 & 6.


104.I believe the Magistrate should have dismissed the police case at this point, due to this fraudulent paperwork and continued police misconduct towards the accused.


105.The hearing transcripts I have been supplied with for some of these matters have been altered by staff at Albury Court House. It is quite obvious to myself each time I read one. However, that will not be apparent to yourselves, although it is detectable when one looks closely for inconsistencies.


106.An investigation into two instances of these changes, by the Office of the General Counsel in August 2017, found that my allegations were true and the transcripts and comments identified did not reflect what was really said in court, nor its real meaning. My reply to that investigation is attached to confirm my mention of same at hearing.  Transcript 14.9.17 p 3.40 – p 4.5. Annexure B 7.


107.The instances quoted for that investigation both relate to this charge. One was the removal of my statement made at hearing on 5 February 2016 that I had lodged a complaint with the ICAC about the court mediator, and the other was that words had been put into my mouth pretending that I had admitted to the incidence of violence on 12 December 2016 at the hearing for my Notice of Motion, when in reality I had asked the Magistrate to provide some record of it.


108.The transcripts of these hearings have both also been affected by this doctoring of the typed transcripts, and which also makes any appeal to the District Court already biased against me, and another reason I wish to bypass the Albury District Court.


109.The transcript from 20 June 2017 shows the Crown objected my written defence statements, and claimed it can’t see them being allowed into evidence unless I give those statements verbally.  Defence brief p 9-15. Transcript 20.6.17 p 7.30.


110.I was not given the chance to read my defence statements onto the record on 14 September, but agree it was my own decision to abandon the hearing. I tender them to this Appeal so they might be considered now.  Defence brief p 9-15. Transcript 20.6.17 p 7.35-40. Annexure A 6.


111.The Crown claimed on 20 June 2017, in that same paragraph, that my Defence brief was a bunch of material emailed to the officer in charge, but who was not in court on that date. Transcript 20.6.17 pg 7.30.


112.The Crown later asks Constable Weekley to confirm under cross examination that he is the officer in charge.  Transcript 20.6.17 p 21.5-10.


113.The ‘bunch of material’ was a pdf file containing a 91 page brief containing defence statements and its evidence. The two separate items attached to the email were documents his brief requested I sign and return as my own legal representative.


114.I have attached a copy of the email showing the defence brief being sent straight to Constable Weekley, as the officer in charge, and as a reply to the email he sent his partial brief to myself attached to, dated 28 October 2016.  Annexure A 5.


115.I attach the first few pages of the Defence Brief this appeal to show it was well presented, and the contents page so this Court can request any additional pages from that Defence brief lodged with the Court and police on 19 June 2017 via email.  Annexures A 5 (a,b,c).


116.Most of the documents in the Brief had been supplied to the Court previously, but some of it would have been new to the Crown. The Crown was free to ask for an adjournment to give it time to study the brief if it objected to that late service, rather than have it all dismissed.


117.Senior Constable Richardson was in court all day on 20 June 2016. Earlier she had been listed as a police witness and then removed. I assumed she would be called on that day, and then was not in court on 14 September 2017.


118.The Defence was denied the chance to cross examine Snr Con Richardson and I believe her absence at the continuation of the hearing was a deliberate attempt to keep that officer’s statements regarding the arrest and interview of 19 January 2016 out of the transcript.  Transcript 20.6.17 p 24.35 – p 25.35.  Annexure 15.


119.I believe the number of witnesses verbally stated by the Crown on 20 June 2017 and the number stated in the transcripts differ, and that is what created the issue above.  Transcript 20.6.17 p 4.5-10.


120.I believe Magistrate Cromptom should not have been allowed to conduct the sentencing hearing when I had made two informal requests for his recusal prior to it, and he is the reason I failed to attend.


121.I also lodged the Genuine Steps form with the court’s Registry to show that I would take matters to the Federal Court if convicted by way of further denial of my rights to fair trials, and the right to cross examine the complainant, as violations of my Constitutional and Common Law Rights.  Annexure C 6.


122.I was prevented from cross examining the complainant while she was being protected from answering questions by both the Crown and the Magistrate, chose to abandon proceedings at that point.  Transcript 14.09.1 p 8.40 – p 10.45.


123.The complainant has never been forced to prove her AVO application in court, never been cross examined in relation to it, and I was being denied the chance to demonstrate that this criminal charge did not prove that application for her, nor her mother.


124.The Registrar claimed that my questions were irrelevant and I have no grounds for complaint, yet I can produce a copy of the questions I had prepared, and all of them address the statements the complainant made to police on 13 January 2016 and 25 October 2016, as per instructions from the Magistrate at the previous hearing.


125.I believe the hearing of this criminal charge is not complete and will not be until I have read out my defence statements onto the record and been allowed to finish presenting my defence, including the summation I had written for the hearing of 14 September 2017, and tendered my objections against the transcript of the illegal recording.  Annexures C 4 & C 3.


126.I prepared new notices of motion before the hearing of 14 September 2017 after the discovery of more evidence of collusion between Ward and the AVO mediator, which was lodged with the Court and Crown on 20 June 2017 in a defence brief against the charge the mediator had police bring against me, and was not prepared to have any more matters heard in the Albury Local Court after the hearing of this charge involving those complainants.  Transcript 20.6.17 p 4.20-35 & Transcript 14.9.17 p 1.50 – p 2.5. Annexure B 1.


127.The Court has refused requests for motion since then and listed the other four charges of contravene unproven civil AVO for hearing on 15 February 2018. That is also in defiance of an offer made by the Magistrate on 12 December 2016 not to list all those charges on the same date anymore, and I confirmed that I did not consent to them all being heard on one day.


128.I attach a copy of the two Subpoenas for Production and to Give Evidence the Local Court Magistrate formally dismissed at hearing on 20 June 2016, before they could be served.


129.The first Subpoena relates to service of the final order and is dated 2 June 2016. Transcript 20.6.17 p 4.10 – p 5.35.  Annexure A 3.


130.The second Subpoena ask for a record of the incidence of violence which saw matters revoked from mediation after the hearing of 5 February 2016. The Magistrate claims that it was not issued in a proper form, yet the Registrar had issued it and addressed herself, as required.  Transcript 20.6.17 p 5.35 – p 6.10.  Annexure A 4.


131.I issued an Order for Production after the hearing of 14 September 2017 in relation to the documents the Crown questioned the complainant about. I was aware from her police witness statement that she claimed to have dropped something off to the court on 12 January 2016, I was not aware that she had been allowed to lodge anything, nor what those documents were.  Transcript 14.9.17 p 6.40 – p 8.0.  Annexure B 8.


132.I believe that no judgement should have been made until the defence had been granted an adjournment to inspect those documents and able to address them at hearing, if the Court wanted to hear the matter fairly. However, I still maintain the Court had no right to hear this charge at all, and has no right to pretend that the AVO application was proven to be able to hear a charge of contravene against it.


133.Attached to this Appeal are statements emailed to both the Wagga Wagga and Albury Court houses on the morning of 22 November 2017 for the sentencing hearing, advising of the discovery regarding the original conviction having been handed down against O’Bryan’s AVO and not Ward’s, and asking that the matter be restarted.  Annexures C 5 & 5(a).


134.However, I don’t believe that it should be restarted, but dismissed, overturned and ended.


135.I was hoping to lodge a Notice of Motion with the Supreme Court prior to the hearing of 14 September 2017 in relation to the applications for extensions of the unproven Orders. I had prepared an affidavit for that, date 7 September 2017 and attach it as the supporting affidavit for this Appeal. Annexure C 7.


136.I believe that the complainant’s application was legally negated from the day she applied for it, by the issue of the signature on the back of the application form not matching the name on the front. Yet it was not only enforced, it was extended for another two years on 14 September 20017.  Defence brief p 79-81. Annexure B 9 (a,b,c,d), Transcript 14.9.17 p 9.0 – p 10.15 & p 10.45.  


137.I humbly and respectfully ask the Judges of the Supreme Court of NSW to overturn the conviction and penalty handed down on 22 November 2017, and ensure that no more miscarriages of justice occur by ruling the hearing of 29 February 2016 a mistrial, and all judgements made on that day invalid, and the Orders overturned and unable to be extended.


138.I ask the Supreme Court to end these matters in a way which is fair and compassionate towards myself, instead of seeking to protect people who are guilty of misconduct, and which I believe is the reason for the decision handed down by the Magistrate on 22 November 207.



Signed by myself, Tracey Gwendoline Burt
on 19 December 2017, at Albury


Transcripts mentioned above:


Defence H60077075 Weekley pdf


Annexures A

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Annexures B

Part B – Hearing 14 September 2017, R v Tracey Burt, 2016/00020395, Magistrate Crompto

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 Annexures C

Additional Annexures Arising 2016 Hearings & Submissions Documen

Summons to Court, 15 February 2016, Contravene AVO Domestic. Submission p 2.15 & 17

  1. Statutory Declaration, 15 June 2016, 2 pgs. Submission p 8.78
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