Magistrate Anthony Murray – An Act of Perjury While on His Bench

In court on 6 April, I described the following document as a fabrication, which didn’t reflect the true proceedings of that day. I’d only read it once, after returning home from the corrupted dealings on 13 February 2017, and only thought about the biggest errors in it.

In looking again though, it does actually still show Magistrate Murray committing perjury, from his bench, to protect his co-conspirator, the court house mediator.

He asserts he doesn’t know her, on the first page, but by page 5, has to admit that he works with her at the Albury Court House on a regular basis. On the day in question, he even smiled broadly as he spoke of her. However, at least one person was unable to stop himself from laughing out loud, when he did so.

Then he tries his usual game of belittling me, and pretending that I’m not following, and unable to follow, the proceedings.

Yet it was all simple to me. I’d lodged one application for motion the moth before, which was listed for hearing by Magistrate Cromptom on 11 November 2016, for 12 December 2016.

On 12 December, I arrived with a second Notice of Motion, and tried to lodge it at hearing, but then did as he said, and lodged it at the office. He then made me wait until the end of the day to deal with that one.

The office had changed that one notice of motion, into five, because it related to all matters before the court relating to one ADVO. They had to create a pile of paperwork, by insisting they make a different application relating to each charge. Each was a reproduction of my original. Only Murray pretends that there is just too many matters, and too much paperwork before the court, from him to be able to understand it all.

He most certainly did, and so did I.

On 6 April 2017, Magistrate Cromptom listed the first of the illegal breach charges for hearing again, with the others to be listed one by one after that, at the Albury Local Court, with himself as the presiding Magistrate, or an assortment of others who would be flown down at the tax payer’s expense, to cover for Murray. Meaning, Murray has agreed to be allowed to be disqualified from matters relating to the second set of applications, but still wants Albury Court House and a Magistrate he can control, to convict me of all five false charges, and against the evidence that would exonerate me.







From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 23 January 2017 11:43 PM
Subject: The Never Ending Acts of Corruption by Magistrate Tony Murray, Albury Local Court

Dear Mr Schmatt

Please find attached, as promised, complaint number 5 about Tony Murray.

Maybe its time you did something about him. Finally. As previously advised, I will be seeking a review of all of your decisions in the Federal Circuit Court next month, in yet another attempt to end the miscarriages of justice being committed against me, by your corrupt employees at the Albury Court House.

I will also be complaining to Mr Brandis about it all. He will really appreciate having me filling up his email inbox each day, until something is done about XXXXXX AND TONY MURRAY WORKING TOGETHER TO CONVICT INNOCENT PEOPLE OF CRIMES WHICH DID NOT OCCUR.

See you in the federal court, you condoner of injustice and unlawful court dealings.


I don’t seem to have a scan of the signed copy of this, posted to the Judicial Commision in January 2017.

Complaint Against a Judicial Officer

To — The Judicial Commission of NSW

I, Karma, of XXXXXX, West Albury NSW 2640, wish to complain against ­­­­­­­­­­­­ Magistrate Murray of the Albury Local Court.

My complaint is as follows:

At hearing in November 2016, Magistrate Cromptom listed an application for motion for decision on 12 December 2016. Magistrate stated at that hearing, on 12 December 2016, that he would disqualify himself from being able to hear it, but did not rule on whether or not he would agree to a change of venue. I planned to appeal any denial of the application for a change of venue, to the District Court.

At same hearing on 12 December 2016, I lodged a second application for motion, regarding five illegal breach charges, stemming from an unserved ADVO. Magistrate Murray stated that he would hand down a decision on that Application for Motion on 9 February 2017.

Against my wishes, he asked to be allowed to list one of the breach charges for mention on that same date, being 9 February 2017. I stated that none of those five allegations of breach should be listed for hearing until police have provided a signed statement of service.

In checking the court listings online, I found on 20 January 2017, that he has instead listed one breach charge for hearing, and the other four for mention on 9 February 2017. He has not listed the Application for Motion for decision, at all.

Office staff from the court house advised via email dated 23 January 2017, that Magistrate Murray has recorded that he dismissed that application for motion on 12 December 2017. That opposes my recollections of the events and decisions made at that same hearing. I believe this is yet another instance of corruption by Magistrate Murray, to protect his colleague XXXXXX.

I also do not consent to the first application for motion, having been settled without myself having the chance to argue that I had changed my mind about allowing a different Magistrate to hear it at Albury Court House, due to involvement of all staff there, in these conspiracies to bring false allegations against myself. Magistrate Murray will be seeking to cover up once again for his own illegal involvement in XXXXXX’s conspiracy to bring false allegations against myself, and will instruct the replacement Magistrate to rule in a way that brings that about.

When listening to the verbal transcript of the two separate hearings held on 12 December 2016, one in the morning and the other very late in the afternoon, you will hear Magistrate Murray denying knowing XXXXXX at all, and deny that she works at the Albury Court House. A few minutes later, he had to change his own words, and confirm that he does work with her nearly every day, and that she does in fact contract to Albury Court House through the CJC.

Magistrate Murray is now guilty himself of perjury, in his continued attempts to protect XXXXXX from being held accountable for perverting the course of justice in relation to matters involving her personal friends and intimidation of a witness for the defence in those same matters.

Albury Police, who illegally searched my possessions, put me on very questionable bail and once again lie in all of their statement of facts, will be seeking to have me convicted of all of these false charges to conceal their own unlawful actions. Therefore, there will no impartiality in the mind of the prosecutor, who will be seeking to cover up for these unlawful police actions, and to protect the person who instructed them to all act in that manner, being XXXXXX.

I will be once again seeking to take the NSW Judicial Commission to the Federal Circuit Court next month, by way of appeal against the last decision letter sent to me, exonerating Tony Murray of misconduct on 29 February 2016, when he granted two false ADVO applications, which had both been disproven by evidence, and by way of using a false allegation of breach, created by a police officer who was sent to deliberately frame me for same, and then by way of denying the accused access to the evidence police fabricated and then to used in court against me.

I have since become aware of evidence that Con Weekly did not submit to the court on that same date, which would have exonerated me, and therefore is again guilty of tampering with evidence, along with creating a false and tampered with recording of an unlawful interview with myself. I will submit that new evidence to the Federal Circuit Court, in an attempt to have all decisions made by Tony Murray on 29 February 2016, overturned due to corruption of processes.

I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believe the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths Act 1900.

Declared at: Albury on 24 January 2017                      


From: Karma
Sent: Thursday, 2 February 2017 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: The Never Ending Acts of Corruption by Magistrate Tony Murray, Albury Local Court

Dear Mr Schmatt

I have been forgetting to post the signed copy of this complaint to you. Rest assured though that it will be posted before the end of this week. And this time, I will be seeking true justice, if not from you, but through the Federal Court.

Might I also remind you of the following statements taken from your own website.

Judicial officers

In a case of attempting to pervert the course of justice, a custodial sentence will be imposed where the offender is a judicial officer: R v Farquhar (unrep, 29/5/85, NSWCCA). The court stated at pp 30–31:

Where, as here, the offence is committed by a person holding judicial office in the judicial hierarchy of the State the attempt to commit the offence strikes at the very core of the integrity of the administration of justice. Such a person is in a commanding position to attempt to pervert the course of justice and when he seeks to abuse his position to achieve that end, public confidence in the judicial system will be lost unless it is made clear that such conduct will bring a prison sentence.

The court made clear that since the public is entitled to expect a judicial officer will be of good character and integrity, previous good character or reputation of a judge convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice will be of far less weight than in a different type of offence: R v Farquhar at p 31. In Einfeld v R (2010) 200 A Crim R 1 at [81], Basten JA said:

… it is beyond question that for a senior legal practitioner and former judge of a superior court to commit offences against the administration of justice is apt to give rise to public disquiet about the integrity of the judicial system. These were offences to which the present status of, and the offices formerly held by, the applicant were of great significance.

There is “a risk that judges will deal more harshly than some would think appropriate with those from within their own ranks”: Einfeld v R at [82]. Notwithstanding that danger, it is accepted that an offender’s status as a senior legal practitioner and former judge rendered perjury and perverting the course of justice more serious than they would otherwise have been: Einfeld v R at [82]. Basten JA also stated at [83] (Latham J agreeing at [196]; RS Hulme J agreeing at [195]) that the applicant’s former positions removed:

… an element of ignorance which might otherwise have diminished the degree of culpability. It was not merely a matter of knowing that it is a crime to lie on oath or seek to pervert the course of justice: it was a matter of understanding the significance accorded to such conduct by the law and the heightened seriousness of offences when committed by a person with the applicant’s background and experience.


From: Karma
Sent: Wednesday, 22 February 2017 2:00 PM
Subject: Complaint against Tony Murray of the Albury Local Court No. 6

Dear Mr Schmatt

Please find attached complaint number six, against Tony Murray of the Albury Court House. I refuse to address him using the term Magistrate, because he does not conduct himself with honour, or with any respect to the laws of Australia.

I will be seeking a permanent stay in all proceedings against me, at the Albury Local court, due to his misconduct, that of XXXXXX of the CJC and Constable Rowan Weekley, who arrested me in an unlawful manner and fabricated evidence, which was denied to the defendant in a deliberate ruse to have ADVO applications made by XXXXXX’s personal friends, awarded, without the defence evidence which had disproven both of those, being considered.

Yours in disgust of NSW Justice


From: Karma
Sent: Wednesday, 22 February 2017 3:49 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint against Tony Murray of the Albury Local Court No. 6

Dear Mr Schmatt

I realized after sending this that I had not attached any supporting evidence. I will scan the 14 pages of lies which have been written up, purporting to be a transcript of the hearings on 12 December 2016, and email those later tonight, along with the new applications from the ADVO holders. You will have it all by morning, along with a scan of the signed complaints, which I will post on Friday.


Murray 6 p 1 editMurray 6


I don’t have anything to hide, yet I am the one who has been found ‘guilty’.

I’m quite happy to have myself and my actions exposed on the internet. But only the truthful version of same, not the one others have been seeking to impose onto me.


You wonder why the other people involved in all this, seem desperate to seek some in appropriate gag orders, to cover it all up?


Justice in the Albury Court House?
– proven to be contrary to what they work towards there –

More Dodgy Dealings in the Albury Local Court

From: Karma
Sent: Monday, 26 June 2017 3:40 PM
To: Local Court Albury;; Premier;;

Subject: Illegal Bail Hearing

Dear Mr Howard

At hearing on 20 June 2017, the charge bought against me by your employee, XXXX XXXXXXX of the CJC, was not mentioned in court. It was listed to be mentioned, for a new date for hearing to be set. You might recall that I lodged my defence brief with the office that morning, and with the police prosecutor in between hearings. However, the charge was not mentioned at all, and no date was set.

In fact, the Magistrate was quite clear that we would only be dealing with one charge on that day, being one of breach of ADVO bought against me by your pal, xxxxxx xxxx.

I believe we have not only had police change the date of the offence on their paperwork, but submit evidence that is not admissible, since this is the re-hearing of the charge, and not the first hearing of the charge, where all of that information should have been submitted. Since it wasn’t, I fail to see how it is admissible now.

However, I have allowed it all to be introduced, because it convicts both of the arresting officers of lying, but also because I intend to address XXXX’s witness statements during my cross examination of her, at the hearing’s continuation in mid September. However, I believe that changing the charge from contravene ADVO to Common Assault is simply not acceptable.

After that hearing had ended and the Magistrate had left the court room for the day, the prosecutor sent a clerk to instruct him to come back to his bench, to hear my bail application. I had mentioned earlier that I did want that addressed at hearing, along with XXXX’s false allegation of XXXXXX her.

Magistrate Cromptom returned to the bench and made an order that bail would continue until a date in mid September 2017. I can’t find my paperwork at the moment, due to have to relocate in my living arrangements late last week. However, that hearing in mid September relates to XXXX’s charge, and to Magistrate Murray’s ADVO applications were are being bought against me as an Act of Parliament.

I hardly think that it would be legal for the Magistrate to bail me until the next hearing of someone else’s complaint to police about me. Especially when it is the same party who’s previous collusions with xxxxxxx were the basis of my applications for motion.

Therefore, he has continued this bail indefinitely, due to not setting a new date for the hearing of the charge I am actually on bail for. I believe it is not legal to put someone on bail indefinitely.

I will be defending Murray’s new false allegations, due to the fact that Magistrate Cromptom assured me at hearing on 6 April 2017, that Magistrate Murray would no longer be involved in any matters involving myself at your court house, before dismissing my three applications for motion, as a compromise. I would have appealed his decision in the district court, but took him for his word that Murray would be kept out of proceedings from here on in. My time period to appeal that decision, has now expired.

Therefore, I will defend those new applications for ADVO’s, and which are an Act of Parliament, by submitting the transcript which shows that Magistrate Murray committed perjury on his bench on 12 December 2016, to cover up for the same collusions between XXXXXXX, XXXX and XXXXXX, when he was originally refusing to grant motion. Something I am long past being legally due, due to the amounts of corruptions in these proceedings, and which began at the outset.

Therefore, you better change the transcript when you prepare it this week. Make sure you add in remarks pretending to be from the mouth of the Magistrate, that a date was set for the hearing of (your employee)’s charge, or all of the above becomes very questionable.

I’m sure you will be able to fix that error, before it comes back to haunt you all, and to cover up for unlawful and illegal actions by both of your Magistrates.



Magistrate Murray Has Commenced an ADVO Hearing Against me, As an Act of Parliament

Collected some mail tonight. Some incriminating evidence against police, which had been put in an enveloped marked as being from the desk of the Area Commander, was amongst it.

The other notices are from the Albury Local Court, that Magistrate Murray has started a hearing against me, in my absence, and during its continuation, I will be charged by police with more false allegations, and convicted for them by the corrupt Magistrates at the Albury local court house, seeking to cover up for their own misconduct.

It is noted on the paperwork that Magistrate Cromptom will continue the hearing.

Now back in April of this year, when dismissing my applications for motion, Magistrate Cromptom assured me that while Murray had already disqualified himself from hearing the charge against me bought by his colleague at the court house, he would also now be excluded from hearing any of the criminal charges bought against me, by her friend, the BDS Huon employee.

However, a month later, Magistrate Murray was conducting the hearing, that I chose not to attend, since it involved civil matters only. My spidey senses were also picking up on lots of foul play being put in place, to be sprung on me when I did appear. So I didn’t bother dragging myself out of my sick bed to do so.

So Murray is not allowed to hear any criminal charges against me. But he can issue two ADVO orders, personally vouched for by himself and which then makes them an Act of Parliament, due to his ‘authority’.

However, he will also be for be summoned as a witness by the defence against those same criminal charges, which are to be heard on the same day. Magistrate Cromptom will also be summoned by the defence. Looks like we are going to need another Magistrate.

I’d already been petitioning parliament for Murray’s removal, due to him perverting the course of justice against me last year, other assorted acts of illegal misconduct, perjury and because he has been nominated as having been involved in the murder of William Tyrrell.

So now he goes an advises parliament that I am such a bad person, that he has acted as the judicial officer to personally accept two ADVO applications on behalf of his buddy’s personal friends, and ensure they are granted by way of more false allegations by way of the NSW Police force.

Way to go Murray. Might have been easier to just drop all this bullshit, and vexatious proceedings.

Good thing I found that last piece of evidence which convicts you all of colluding with the complainants, including NSW police, and which will finally give me grounds for motion to be granted. I will be making that application to the NSW Supreme Court, and the additional grounds for same, will be the transcript displayed on this blog, which shows perjury on the part of Magistrate Murray.

The new matter of fraud by NSW police?

They have issued a hand written document claiming that I was facing a charge of common assault on 20 June 2017, and that the witnesses for that were Jon Williams, Constable Rowan Weekley, and one more person.

Yet I prepared a brief against an allegation of writing a letter to Jon Williams, part-owner of BDS Huon, and delivering it to any empty house. All the paperwork I received last year, in relation to the charge reference number they use, stated that arrest was for that letter.

I was convicted for writing that letter on 29 February 2016. I appealed that decision in April 2016, and that was denied. However, in the district court, on appeal in August 2016, it was ruled that the case had never actually been heard in the local court in the first place. Just myself convicted on the word of a police officer, who was refusing to produce any evidence at all to the court, or willing to show any to the accused.

And by a Magistrate who was already aware that it was a false charge, and that he was being asked to hand down a conviction that would enable his colleague’s personal friends, to win their false cases against me. The defence evidence which had disproven them both, was arranged to have been dismissed by the Maggot Murray.

The conviction was set aside in the District Court and the matter sent back to the local court. As I said, I prepared a defence against that allegation and original conviction.

Police should have had to rely on the only evidence they used last time to have me convicted. A three page statement written by a crooked cop. He didn’t even tender the letter he charged me for writing, to the court. It is supposed to be a re-hearing, of the same allegations, but this time in  my presence.

Yet the constable got busy running around gathering up witness statements, and having to write his own one long after he had obtained conviction without doing any of that. The arrangement had been in place, ‘she gets convicted, regardless of the facts, so don’t both too much with it’.

Police had changed the date of the offence, in their new paperwork issued in November of last year. However, that was understandable, since I was at home that night they orignally alleged that the ‘crime’ took place, and I have witnesses to prove that I was. So now they nominate a new time and date of the ‘crime’ against BDS Huon.

But changing the offence completely. I don’t think that’s allowed.

I guess that’s also due to the fact that they had originally imposed a levy on the fine for that conviction, for having committed a violence crime, and which I later appealed. There had been no violence, nor threats of same, made by myself towards anyone.

So now we have changed the offence, so that the levy applies?!?

NSW Justice. More corrupt than one could ever imagine. And continuing to get away with it all.

I don’t have my printer set up at the moment to scan the document. I’ve taken a photo of it though.



I’ll have to edit the arrest documents, and which show the same reference number quoted in the top photo, to remove any identifying names, before I can post it here.

Back soon with that.

Police have changed the date of the offence, and I have allowed that. The cop deliberately framed me, made an illegal recording of a conversation with myself then claimed I had confessed in a formal interview. The court and the police area commander both denied me access to their evidence against me, which flies in the face of Australian Law. However, I have allowed his false statement of facts to be admitted, at this stage.

But changing the offence, I don’t think I should have to put up with this shit any longer.

I had taken the arrest documents off the blog, to ensure that the blog cannot be seen to be in breach of the gag order placed on me by Murray originally, to cover up the truth.

However, in light of this new disgraceful example of corruption between both police and the court, I now repost the arrest documentation for the charge which is now being classed as ‘common assault’ – Charge No: H60077075.

So … will Jon Williams be appearing court to bear witness that I physically assaulted his employee, or is his employee person the witness in a charge that I have assaulted Jon Williams?

The transcript for the hearing, which went on to convict me, clearly shows that Magistrate Murray had somehow become aware that someone had been assaulted in February of last year. But he wasn’t sure who was the victim was, and who was the accused was. The prosecutor had no idea that any assault had occurred, and later describes same as one email and one phone call.

Rather than sort that issue out, the Magistrate was merely told that I was the one charged for a breach … therefore I must be the one who assaulted someone. Therefore I was convicted and fined, with a levy added for having committed a violent crime.

Mr Williams was excused from cross examination this week, by the Magistrate who accused me of berating him, and asking him questions that he shouldn’t have to answer. The same favour was done for the lying Cop, Framer Weekley.

I’m thinking of asking to be allowed to recall both of them, just for the last few questions I had to put to them. I could also ask them about this ‘common assault’. Also funny that I’d advised the police commissioner’s office that I will be taking a civil matter to court, for common assault, against three of his police officers not long ago, so again, they are just playing games.

So now we have a police officer pretending that I am being charged with common assault instead, for writing a letter to Jon Williams, of BDS Huon, and advising him that his employee is mentally ill, out of control, and is about to disgrace his company’s name even further by way of her actions in the local court house.

Jon had me arrested for delivering that bit of advice to him. See you in the Federal Court Mr Williams, shortly after we take this charge to the NSW Supreme Court.


arrest 1 p2 - Copy

arrest 1 p3

arrest 1 p 4

Senior Cunstable Rowan Weekley, Albury Police (Not his real photo ;p)



IMG_20170624_105148 EDITIMG_20170624_105200 EDITIMG_20170624_105226 EDITIMG_20170624_105250 EDIT


The blog post on this site, which clearly shows Murray committing perjury while on his bench, seeking to protect the court house ‘mediator’ in December of last year, was published on 9 April 2017. The above court order is dated 22 May 2017. Now who appears to be seeking revenge?

I made the post, because the court refused to grant motion, after 4 or 5 months of jerking me around. It was made to prove that my application for motion, was valid, and should have been granted.

How can you rely on a Magistrate who lies to your face in court, and then gets laughed at by people in the audience when he has to admit to your face, that he was lying just now?

Why has Maggot Murray made this order 6 weeks afterwards?

Revenge and a strong desire to clear his own name, by having me convicted of more false allegations, even if he has to use one of his buddies to do it for him this time.


Murray also goes on to dictate some additional conditions on the back of the paperwork. He writes that from that point on, no one will be excused from hearings, unless they can provide a valid medical certificate.

Yet when I tendered a legal letter from my GP to explain my absence on the day that I was convicted, he simply refused to accept it. On appeal months later, the District Court Judge couldn’t see what his problem was, and ruled the letter to have been acceptable.

Murray knows that I am on disability pension, and suffer an ongoing illness. So these remarks being recorded now, are so he can make it hard for me to appeal, if I miss a hearing.

Yet when one of the complainants failed to attend a hearing last year, and without giving any valid reason why, he allowed that, and adjourned me until it was convenient for her to attend. She does work for BDS Huon afterall, and their staff do whatever they want, at the Albury local court, with the support of NSW Police.

He is also very aware that I set him up one day last year, by failing to appear. I emailed the court that morning, explained why I was ill, asked them not to hear the cases in my absence or to make any rulings while I was not there. I also offered a short defence, just in case, for two of them, but also pointed out that I assume the hearing that day would have to be postponed, until another application going through the court had been decided. If that had been decided in my favour, then the charges I was facing on the day I didn’t attend, wouldn’t not have gone ahead.

Murray used it as an opportunity to convict me of two charges, and fined me outrageously for same. So I lodged a complaint with the Judicial Commission about his actions that day. I knew he would do that, and the idiot took the bait, lol.

The convictions were easily overturned, during an appeal which they didn’t let go through to the district court, which was the other thing I was aiming for. Instead, the other Magistrate overturned them, after reading the email I had sent to the court but didn’t appear to have been put on file, or in the record. What a joke Murray is. So full of himself.

Actually I heard he was looking pretty sick and hung over one day a couple of weeks ago. Apparently years ago he was an alcoholic and would show up for court hung over and nasty. Then apparently he got his act together a bit, and appeared to have stopped drinking. Seems he slipped off the wagon recently. Maybe too much stress to deal with, coming at him through this blog.

What sort of image is that for the Queen to have representing her? A very ugly looking man, all sweaty and hung over, berating people from his bench, because he isn’t able to keep control of his temper, especially when he has a hangover.

On the days that he is in a foul mood, the sheriffs move around the foyer, quietly telling everyone to turn off their mobile phone. There are signs on display to do so, but after recesses or lunch, people often forget to turn them off, or didn’t see the sign. Any person who’s phone makes a noise in his court room is instantly berated, and moved to be last in line for the day.

I think the Queen needs to take a good hard look at some of these people sitting on ‘her’ benches in courts in Australia, and ask herself if she would like to be judged by one of them. Maybe she should have a good long look around parliament house too, and weed out some of the more corrupt politicians.

I’m going to write her a funny letter about Murray. I hope she enjoys reading it 😉

I’ll be sure to post it to the blog.




















Private Prosecution

Prior to having to remove some pages of this blog, it had on display some information about conducting a private prosecution against someone, in a criminal court room.

Its different to civil action, in that the person is actually convicted of a crime, in the same way as if police had taken the matter to court.

In fact, once the hearing is underway, and the proof is flying that the accused is guilty, then the police prosecutor would be expected to pick up the cause, and bring the matter to conviction himself or herself, on behalf of the state.

I have just prepared the paperwork to make application to the Albury local court, to conduct one of these.

I have also just had to advise the NSW Attorney General that I will be making that application, which is funny when he hasn’t wanted to hear about any of this corruption or perversions of justice, and false police charges, since taking that office.

I’ll try to lodge that application online, on the weekend, to avoid having to approach the corrupt Registrar at Albury Court House with it. It will cost me $120 apparently, to get it started, but that will be money well spent.

Looks like its shaping up to be another year spent at the court house again this year. What a bummer, I’d been hoping to be free to go home soon.

It will also be interesting to see what happens in the next few days, prior to that application being mentioned in court.

Will the AG instruct Albury police to revoke my bail and put me in jail, before I can lodge the application?

Will the Albury local court suddenly issue a warrant for my arrest this afternoon, for some kind of false allegation?

Will Albury police track me down and assault me again, and drive me out of town themselves, in the boot of one of their highway patrol cars?

Anything can happen, here in Albury, where corrupt police run the streets, and a corrupt court house covers up for them by convicting the innocent.

I’d republish the document here, but can’t afford to offend anyone, now that they have been trying to put pressure on me for the past week. I have reacted to that pressure behind the scenes, with my approach to the Chinese embassy, and now this decision to finally go ahead with this private prosecution.

I’ve also sent the Local Courts of NSW a statement of claim this week. Asking that they cease and desist all of this corruption and illegal court bullshit, or I will take them to the civil court charged with failing to uphold my common law right to fair and impartial dealings, when summoned to any court house in Australia, next month.

Here comes da judge. 😉



To the Chinese Embassy

From: Karma
Sent: Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:34 AM


Dear Sir

I would like to come to your embassy in Canberra, to be given political asylum by your country.

The Australian government is trying to jail me for publishing information about their attacks on the sick and injured people in this country, by way of welfare agencies.

Also, for publishing information on a pedophile ring, which operates in NSW, and involves NSW police and other government officials.

I have recently been blogging about unlawful and criminal actions within the NSW Department of Justice. All of these things combined, mean that the government of Australia wants to put me behind bars.

Which is hypocritical of them, when they criticize your country for violations of human rights against your citizens. My human rights have been violated by way of being denied fair and impartial hearings, and which is a common law right guaranteed to me by having been born an Australian citizen.

NSW Police currently have  me facing six false charges, and intend to jail me on Tuesday of next week, without any evidence of any crimes having been committed. A corrupt Magistrate is ready to hand down that conviction against me.

I would like to come to your embassy this weekend, before that can happen.

I would like to shame our government about the fact that one of their citizens has had to take this step, to protect themselves from corruption within the NSW government, and to show they they do not value human rights either, nor respect those awarded by birth right to the citizens of Australia.

I would also like to publicize the corrupt actions of the NSW Judiciary and of NSW police, towards an innocent person, who they were aware was innocent, but framed for crimes as a favour to (edit). Her actions were illegal, and to cover that up, police have instead charged me, to silence me about it.

Please advise if you would consider allowing me to come to the embassy, and provide me with refuge.

Yours sincerely



I will be sending this to all of the embassies in Australia, today, to see if I can find somewhere safe to be on Tuesday of next week, when the whole staff of the Albury court house tries to sentence me to jail, to cover up for their own illegal actions.

Also posted to the Australian Police Watch Facebook Group.

With all the illness and computer problems I’ve had lately, I haven’t had a chance to send out articles that I am to be jailed by Albury Court House, to cover up for the crimes committed against me by their staff.

Maybe doing the above, will get the publicity I need, to have these matters seriously investigated, for the first time since they started.

I also have been too ill to prepare any official document to lodge at court next week to end this, but the court would just find ways to ignore that anyway.

Seeking protection from NSW police and the corrupt department of NSW Justice, which has the power to jail me, is the only option I have left now. I cannot rely on any Australian government department to act fairly towards me, so I can only appeal to foreign powers now.

However, I have just made it hard for myself, to head up the highway from Albury, and to try to get to Canberra on the weekend. The highway patrols will be given my car registration details, to prevent me from getting there. Which is why I have posted this information here.

If I don’t post on Monday of next week,  you will know that I have already been jailed.

Also just cc’d the above email to the Premier and Shadow Premier of NSW, so they are aware of the situation, and to the ABC.



Hiding out from Corrupt Albury Police

As commented elsewhere on this blog, I had to vacate the flat I’d been renting for the whole of these court dramas, being over 18 months now.

For the first time, in that same amount of time, I have not been harassed by corrupt Albury police, nor put up on any new false charges, designed to punish me for lodging valid complaints about their initial actions towards me, and that of staff at the Albury court house.

Somewhere in this blog is also an allegation that Magistrate Anthony Murray and at least one corrupt Albury police officer, were involved in the murder of William Tyrrell. I bet police are not investigating that. No one has contacted me about the matter either. However, it does leave me living in fear of what police would do to me now, if they got hold of me.

The only information I have about that potential murder of the missing toddler, was given to me by a man I met at the Albury court house. He told me that it is the word on the street here, in the housing commission area where he lives. I have no proof of what he says, nor has Magistrate Murray ever given me any reason to believe that he might be innocent.

One could accuse me of libel, in making that post to the internet. However, if it is the truth, the rumour needs to come up off the street, and into being officially investigated.

Magistrate Murray deliberately and unlawfully convicted me of false allegations on 29 February 2016, by perverting the course of justice against me. This resulted in large amounts of defamation of character, and slander and libel.

Maybe it is his own karma to have now been shamed on the internet, and not just for that issue, but for his corruption of court proceedings and unprofessional conduct while on his bench. He has held me up for ridicule and openly mocked and berated me in a public court room, while he was the one acting corruptly at the time. Now he is being subject to the same treatment.

However, he appears to not be interested in taking a civil case against me. Instead, he is preferring to use the previous false convictions that he handed down against me, to silence and punish me. And to put me into the hands of Albury police, once again.

Albury court house continues to insist on hearing a charge bought against me, by one of their own employees, at that same court house. It was to be heard before Magistrate Murray, and police had already advised him that he would be handing down a jail sentence upon myself.

For causing offence to the person who arranged for Murray to pervert the course of justice against me in the first place, in February of last year.

Police assaulted me during the arrest for that charge, and charged me with resist arrest. They added in a second charge of resist arrest on a day that I was not arrested, and hadn’t seen a cop for over a month.

The charge is illegal, due to it involving a legal complaint to the Ombudsman and NSW Attorney General, about police corruption in Albury, as organized by staff of the court house.

The charge also cannot be proven against me in a court of law, because police have failed to match the email address of the ‘offensive’ emails to an IP address or a valid telecommunications account.

Yet Murray plans to use this charge, to silence and punish me. That was put in place, before I made the information public, regarding the allegation of his involvement in this unsolved crime. He might have been aware that I had made the report, and I did go on to advise the Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission that I had done so, but no one else was aware of that ‘grudge’ he might hold against me. Which is why I posted it here, and to another location on the internet.

Slander and libel, against someone who had done the same to me? No, I made the post to protect myself.

After making a report about same to crime stoppers, Albury police showed up at the house the sim card I’d used to send the emails from, was registered to. They laughed off their visit, when it didn’t lead them to myself, but to another person involved in the matters before the court.

As stated elsewhere on the blog, if police had gone there in relation to the charge of ‘offence’ via internet, then they would have included that information in their charge sheet, and pointed out my relationship to the owner of the sim card, to the court.

Instead, they choose to keep that visit very quiet. They don’t seem to want anyone to know that my IP was in fact traced.

But maybe not from emails sent to a private email address, but from the IP that connected to the crime stoppers website, and nominated Murray and an Albury police officer as having been involved in the murder of William Tyrrell, after he had been abducted from the north coast of NSW.

I guess Murray can’t afford to have a conviction by himself handed down against the owner of the IP who made that report about him, on the record, in light of future appeals made against the sentence.

Which I guess is why he was happy to disqualify himself in the end, and rely instead upon another Magistrate to enact his revenge for me.

Again, I make this post as an act of self protection and self preservation. The police have not known where I have been staying for the past 6 weeks or so, nor been able to easily trace my mobile phone, as I have limited reception, made worse recently by clouds and rain.

They have had no way to punish me, or silence me, for making that post here on the blog since the time that I made it. I have stayed home, out of town, to avoid being detected by them, so that I could remain free to prepare for their upcoming cases against myself.

I did not appear in court the last time I was supposed to, on 22 May 2017, for the same reasons.

That hearing was for civil matters, and I’d been having such bad vibes in the lead up to that hearing, that I chose not to attend. I was also suffering a migraine headache from the stress of it all.

Whatever trap they tried to spring on me that day, was thwarted. I believe I have been sent some mail, relating to that day, but I have not yet been able to pick that up.

Now I find that an officer from the Albury police station phoned me a few days ago. I guess they are calling to instruct me to hand myself in, because they are revoking my bail. Her voice mail message was breaking up constantly, when I tried to listen to it. I couldn’t try again, as I lost reception completely after that.

I have lodged further complaints about staff of the Albury court house during the weeks that I have been in hiding, including concrete proof of the conspiracy to frame me for false allegations initially, and which involved a staff member at same court house.

I guess I have caused offence.

Yet I am the one who has evidence of Magistrate Murray deliberately perverting the course of justice against me, committing perjury during a hearing he was presiding over, changing decisions after hearings and listing criminal charges that are not even valid, and were bought against me illegally, by corrupt police working on instruction from his court house.

But yes, it appears I will be in jail before being able to finish preparing my defence, for any of these charges, because this blog, outlining corruption in a state run revenue raising business, is offensive to all of the people involved in it.

Yet it is my common law right to do so.

Maybe the cop is just phoning to say why the hearing of the charge at which I was to be sentenced to that jail term, has been delayed. I’d mentioned in a complaint the other day, that I might seek a permanent stay in that hearing, due to the delays being experienced and that I have not been notified as to why they are occurring.

However, its best to assume the worst when dealing with Albury police and court house.

I have to appear in the Albury court again next wee. I was originally facing two criminal charges, both of which just happened to be illegal.

One has been relisted for mention only, to set a new date for its hearing. Which also means the NSW Attorney General has still not acted to direct his employee to drop her illegal charge against me.

The other charge, is for writing to BDS Huon, in December 2014. If I can defend that successfully this time, and having been provided with the police brief has certainly increased my ability to do so this time, then all of the other charges stemming from it will just fall away, and I will finally be free of this shit.

I wouldn’t even bother attending that hearing, since it is an invalid charge which cannot be legally heard in court, due to lack of service of a final order, but they have me on bail for the one that has been postponed, so that I have to attend.

I need to go to where it is warm, for winter. I am sick, with other issues which have arisen during these proceedings, apart from my usual slipped discs and arthritic pain. I need some rest, and to recover from this 18 month long ordeal, and to find the strength to continue to fight it. I might have to ask for a three month adjournment.

While I have destroyed the melanoma, or potentially cancerous ulcer, which had formed on my chest last August, by using a natural remedy, the hole it has created in my skin will simply not heal and close up. It’s time I consulted a GP. However, I would have liked more time to continue to treat it naturally, before agreeing to having it treated with life threatening cancer treatments.

A bit less stress would go a long way to helping it heal. I have a different kind of skin cancer on my face, which appeared at the height of these proceedings last August, and which is also refusing to clear up.

That will also give some government agencies and the Tax Practitioners’ Board time to finally investigate all of the allegations of corruption I have been making since January 2016, and maybe end proceedings before any more injustices occur.

I can’t rely on the local court to do that, because it is the local court who is covering up for itself, and won’t let me out of its arena. Murray continues to try to convict me, to protect himself, and his colleagues, of allegations of proven misconduct.

I was also told in the final days of last year, that a person had called his connection at the Albury police station, to make enquiries about all of the charges I am facing. He was told that police were not aware of me, or any other charges. My friend was advised that the police are not putting them on the books, or the record.

I noticed with the very first charge, they had logged it with a police officer in Griffith, and two were later logged with an officer in Holbrook. One place I have never been to, and the second, I do drive through whenever I travel between here and Sydney, which hasn’t been often.

So once I am sentenced by Murray, and if those charges don’t actually appear in any real police records, where do I end up? Do the court records then simply disappear as well?

I did have all the transcripts published here previously, and which prove this all happened, along with all of the police arrest documents and defence statements, but had to take them out when threatened with a new gag order.

Also, police assaulted me once they’d read the defence documents, and knew they would lose all of their cases. If I get the matters before an honest Magistrate that is.

Is there one of those in NSW? Please advise me if you know of one, and I will apply for a change of venue to his court, and have all this shit overturned, due to its corrupted processes.

There is also an investigation finally starting now, into the Registrar and matters of collusion. I’ll be asking the matters involved in that investigation be postponed from being heard until after that has been finalized.



I might also do some research into what Shane Dowling from Kangaroo Court is doing, and start advising all of the Attorney Generals, in each state, that violations of common law rights, and therefore federal law, is going on at the Albury local court and needs to be stopped.

Removing Murray from the bench would go a long way to fixing the problem. I’d already started petitioning politicians to remove him from the bench, so going through the AG’s might be a way of bringing that about.

Can I get him investigated, and/or fired, before he can jail me of false accusations and false charges? The race is on.


Its a shame he has implicated Magistrate Cromptom in this as well, and stained his career, at it outset, just to keep his own corrupt decisions in play.


The level of corruption on at the Albury court house, cannot be allowed to continue, if anyone is to have any faith in law enforcement in this area.

Law enforcement will not be honest, unless the staff of same are kept honest, by open investigations into allegations of corruption, and disciplinary acts being affected.

The NSW Ombudsman, ICAC and Police Commissioners Office all dropped the ball on this one and allowed it to continue, for reasons of their own.

Yet it has not yet gone away, it continues to throw itself in their faces, and will do so until they resolve it in a legal and honest fashion.

Not by throwing me in a jail cell, to silence me about their own illegal behaviours.


At least I can say I didn’t go quietly ;D

June 14 Stats


Nearly 100 new blog viewers, within just the past 9 days. I bet we make it to 700 today, due to the links I have placed on some facebook groups.

june stats.









Summons to Court – BDS Huon

Update 26 June 2017:

Five complaints lodged this morning with the Tax Practitioners’ Board about BDS Huon, and matters of misconduct arising from the hearing last week at the Albury Local court, into the charge they assisted their employee to bring against me, after I had accused her of misconduct towards themselves. 

I will be taking those complaints to the Federal Court, if BDS Huon do not cease and desist with this harassment, and corrupt and unlawful court proceedings.


To the owners of BDS HUon

As you are aware, I am unable to contact you to discuss our matters before the Albury local court.

I’ve also been experiencing computer problems recently, and lack of a private space to finish preparing my defence for the five charges you again have me facing this year, and so am behind in my paperwork, and still preparing my defence strategies against the first charge, bought against me on 20 January 2016, by Con Rowan Weekley.

Jon Williams was always required to attend that hearing, to be cross examined by the defence, as he is nominated by the ‘victim’ and the arresting officer as having been a witness to the ‘crime’.

However, the victim goes on to describe the actions of Ross Griffin and Leasa Brown, in relation to that same crime, and the actions they took regarding it, in her witness statement to the police. The defence had not had access to that statement until November 2016.

The defence has therefore decided to call Mr Griffin and Ms Brown to give evidence at that first hearing on 20 June 2016.

Mr Griffin was not going to be cross examined until the second charge is heard, when he appears as a police witness at that hearing. Ms Brown is to appear as a witness for the police at the hearing of the third charge.

I believe that we might be able to avoid some of those other hearings, if the Magistrate on the day hears the case honestly this time, and actually considers at least some of the defence statements and evidence.

However, that might not be the case, and those employees will be summoned, along with other staff, in relation to the other matters, over the course of the following four to five months.

Therefore, please consider this to be preliminary notice that you are required to attend the Albury local court on 20 June 2017, to give evidence at the hearing into the criminal charge.

I will get a copy of the notice to summon you, to police, asap. I have no desire to walk into their cesspit of corruption to give it to them, nor am I allowed to email Con Weekley or I will again be assaulted and arrested for ‘internet crimes’. I will try to get it in the mail this week, to the arresting officer.

It will be nice to finally meet you all face to face.

I will then confirm to the current investigation into these issues, by the Tax Practitioners Board, that you did all show up, and did all try to have me convicted of crimes that you are very aware were not crimes at all.


And yes, BDS Huon ARE under investigation as we speak, by the TPB, for issues which were not properly investigated last year.

BDS Huon claimed on the Google Review platform, that they don’t even know who the TPB are, and that they were investigated and exonerated, but also that they were never investigated and exonerated.

I think those police witness statements have provided the proof the complaint needed, to make it undeniable.

I must get around to sending the rest of them, now that I am back online.


Just for the readers information:

I was also facing another charge on 20 June 2017, bought against me by a staff member of the Albury court house, for lodging complaints about the police involved in all of these questionable charges surrounding BDS Huon. She claims those complaints are internet crimes, and victimization of herself.

However, in checking the court list last week, I see that the hearing of her charge has been removed, and replaced with ‘to be mentioned’.

Meaning, it has been delayed again, and without myself being notified, or advised what has created the delay. That’s actually illegal, but staff at the Albury court house don’t understand the word ‘legal’ anyway.

Police say I will be sentenced to a jail term, for those internet crimes which caused offence to one person. So my time in jail has been delayed for a bit longer.

I will continue to try to avoid that all together, by having a higher court acknowledge that it is an illegal charge, and for which police have not only tampered with the evidence, and acted unlawfully in other ways, but because police have failed to provide my IP and telecommunications account details in their arrest documentation, and therefore, the charge cannot proceed until they do so.

They are aware they would have to arrest and charge another person for that allegation of a crime having been committed from their telecommunications account. Yet they have chosen not to do that. I wonder why?


Tax Practitioners Code of Conduct

Confidentiality of client information

You must not disclose information relating to a client’s affairs to a third party unless you have:

  • obtained your client’s permission; or
  • a legal duty to do so.

This is one of the obligations (item 6) under the Code of Professional Conduct (Code).

‘Information’ refers to knowledge you have acquired or derived about a client, whether directly or indirectly. It is only necessary that the information relates to the affairs of a client. Further, the information does not have to necessarily belong to the client.

A ‘third party’ is any entity other than you and your client and could, for example, include entities:

  • to which you outsource your tax agent services
  • within the same service trust structure, unless the client is defined (for example, in the engagement letter) as the whole structure
  • maintaining offsite data storage systems (including ‘cloud storage’).

We recognise that tax practitioners are increasingly engaging in outsourcing or cloud storage arrangements. However, the obligations under Code item 6 have not changed – you must ensure confidentiality of client information, including appropriate disclosure of such arrangements to your clients to ensure you comply with your obligations under this Code item.

Failure to maintain confidentiality of your client’s information

If you disclose information relating to a client’s affairs to a third party without the client’s permission or a legal duty to do so, the TPB may find that you have breached the Code and may impose sanctions for that breach.


Failing to comply with your obligations

All registered tax practitioners must comply with the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA), including the Code of Professional Conduct (Code) and the civil penalties provisions. We consider allegations that a tax practitioner has failed to comply with the TASA very seriously.

If we receive a complaint that a tax practitioner is suspected of failing to comply with the TASA including the Code, we will look into the matter further by making preliminary enquiries. Where we consider it appropriate, we will initiate a formal investigation.

If we find that a tax practitioner has failed to comply with the TASA we may impose one or more administrative sanctions or seek a Court imposed civil penalty. Administrative sanctions for breach of the Code can include:

  • a written caution
  • an order requiring the tax practitioner to:
    • complete a course of education or training we specify
    • only provide certain services
    • provide services only under supervision
  • suspension of registration for a certain period
  • termination of registration.

The severity of a sanction depends on the nature and extent of the breach and the individual circumstances of each case.

If an administrative sanction is imposed (other than a written caution), details of the sanction are listed against the tax practitioner on the TPB Register.

Civil penalties

There are a number of civil penalty provisions in the TASA relating to certain conduct of registered tax practitioners, and certain activities of those who are acting as unregistered tax practitioners.

The Federal Court has the power to impose penalties of up to $45,000 for individuals and $225,000 for corporations for each breach.

More information

For more information, refer to:


Registrar Issues Subpoena to Self

I have received an email this morning from the current Registrar of the Albury Court House, being Elizabeth Leathbridge, confirming that she has processed a subpoena I emailed to the court house a couple of days ago.

The subpoena is addressed to the Registrar of the Albury court house. It requests that they provide the defence with a copy of the advice to Magistrate Murray that an incidence of violence had occurred, upon which advice he revoked matters from mediation, and went on to convict myself of false allegations without considering any of the defence evidence, or even the cases presented to support the applications made by two people against me.

So the Registrar of the Albury Court House, has had to process a subpoena directing herself to provide a record, which the court previously claimed to myself that they had not kept.

Going to be interesting this point, when it comes up in the court.

Murray could argue that he assumed that the allegation and charge of breach, involved an incidence of violence, since they related to an order which prevented violence from occurring. However, no threat of violence had ever been made, apart from by the complainants, in the lead up to lodging their applications to the court.

Which is the whole problem here. An AVO or ADVO is an order to prevent any acts of violence, or contact designed to instill fear, towards the protected person. The protected person, was never under any threat of that. So the ADVO was a misuse of process.

Then when the Magistrate claims to have seen that a charge of breach had been bought against the accused, he jumps to the conclusion that it involved an incidence of violence.

When it reality, all it involved was a typed letter to one of the owners of BDS Huon, and which had been left at an empty house, and was not found until more than a month later.

However, Murray makes those claims about an incidence of violence, and the charge of breach, at hearing for that charge on 15 February 2016. He had me summoned to court to hear that charge, and it was the only matter listed that day for hearing against me, on the list outside the court room.

However, he didn’t hear it. He didn’t read the letter either, because it was never tendered into evidence by the arresting office, Constable Rowan Weekley. If he read the charge sheet and statement of facts created by that same officer, then he would have seen that no incidence of violence had occurred at all.

The matter was adjourned, until 29 February 2016. You’d think that by then he would have read the charge sheet, and even asked the police to submit a copy of the letter, for his determination as to whether or not it constituted an illegal act.

Yet, he is still pretending that the charge of breach involved an act of violence, when he convicted me of it two weeks later.

How did the result of the hearing on 5 February 2016 come to his attention in the first place? He was not the presiding Magistrate, and the matters had been dealt with on that date. The applications for ADVO’s had been ordered to be sent to mediation, and the charge of breach ignored by the Magistrate, until it had been determined whether or not the ADVO’s were appropriate, and/or proven by the applicants.

Why did Murray revoke matters from mediation when he was not aware of the circumstances of the allegation of breach, nor what it really involved?

Why did he make a judgement on it, when the Magistrate who had read the defence statements which related to it, had ignored it completely based on those?

Why did Murray not read those same defence statements, and which had been lodged with the court prior to the hearing of the charge on 5 February 2016, before convicting me of it?

In fact, I never even got the chance to enter a plea. The charge was never mentioned in court in my presence. However, I had attended court on the day it was listed for hearing, and the Magistrate chose to ignore it, to be dealt with after 18 March 2016, when we were all to appear in court again, after mediation.

Is that legal, for me to have been denied the right to enter a plea, before being convicted, and despite having been in attendance on the day the charge was supposed to have been heard?

Why did Magistrate Murray award the ADVO’s just so that he could convict me of the allegation of breach, without considering any of the evidence surrounding them?

Because his colleague from the CJC had asked him to do so.

I have also emailed a new subpoena to the Albury court house this morning. This one is for NSW Police, asking them to produce a valid record of service of one of the ADVO’s, prior to seeking prosecution in court for alleged breaches of that same ADVO.

I have read that a signed record is no longer required in court, just an ‘electronic’ copy of it. Therefore the subpoena asks that if police plan to continue with these prosecutions, without providing a signed record of service, then the serving officers will be required to appear in court, on 20 June 2016, to swear in the witness box that they served two ADVO final orders, and not just the one on the day in question.

I wonder if the cops will commit perjury in court? All of the arresting officers so far have, so I guess I can’t rely on these two officers not to do the same.



While I was typing up this post, I received an email from the Albury Court house confirming that my second Subpoena has now been made official, and is ready to be served on NSW police.

I also stated in my advice to the Registrar about the first one, that I would expect her not to claim any witness costs, when she gives evidence on 20 June 2017, since she will be on paid duty at the court house anyway.

Lets see if the court tries to add it to my bill though, or your tax bill.